Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!
Piloting a GIANT MECH!
2 bulan yang lalu
4 bulan yang lalu
Wolverine Bone Claws VS CONCRETE!
6 bulan yang lalu
Building Iron Man's Workshop!
Upgrading our Server with LINUS...
Swinging From Web Shooters!
7 bulan yang lalu
We Made the ROCKET BAT from Fallout!
Just Cause Grappling Hook!
11 bulan yang lalu
Tahun Yang lalu
Can You Plant 20 MILLION TREES?
Thanos Sword Build!
Tahun Yang lalu
We Made Every Batarang Ever?!
Tahun Yang lalu
Flying a JET SUIT!
Tahun Yang lalu
Learning to Fly Like IRON MAN!
Spy Car Flamethrower Exhaust!
Building Stormbreaker: Part 1
Piesel Bero
Piesel Bero Jam Yang lalu
I did not know that in 2020 our civilization would make groundbreaking discoveries
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Jam Yang lalu
Now do ben 10 😳😳👀👀
M.Shariq Kamal
M.Shariq Kamal Jam Yang lalu
people: its impossible to make a head on fire hacksmith:Lets make a head on fire
moyetee2 Jam Yang lalu
That was clean I enjoyed watching yall make this project Ghost Riders the best
DrDajom Jam Yang lalu
the Hacksmith: Hi, I started a company and I wanted to get company inscurance. Insurance agent: Congratulations that is great. What type work will be done? the Hacksmith:
Maurice Harris
Maurice Harris Jam Yang lalu
Hope you still are that steak after branding with that BATMAN BRANDING.
adam Omar
adam Omar Jam Yang lalu
Can you make the mandolarin armor from the show pleas
Sc Gamers gaming
Sc Gamers gaming Jam Yang lalu
Hack-bat Wayne....😎
Jacob Hare
Jacob Hare Jam Yang lalu
Lightsaber pro tip: Cutting through things slowly and dramatically won't help you in the heat of battle, strike fast, if you need to cut through something, cut through it quickly, just... try not to set anything on fire, well, aside from whatever you want to hit, of course.
Livot Van
Livot Van Jam Yang lalu
Can you make engine V12
EEVEE POKE`MON Jam Yang lalu
When u said 10k volts volts only mean how much pressure the elect icity is under not the overall wattage soooooooooooooooooooo yeah sorry to burst ya bubble Edit: how did u not realize that like I'm a not even 11 year old kid and u a real machanic
ravinder kataria
ravinder kataria Jam Yang lalu
I also made this helmet but its so hot that it cant be placed on your head so i will try to make water helmet instead of fire one
Rylan Rodar
Rylan Rodar Jam Yang lalu
Hey I love you video I watch a one every day but can you please make the attack on titan grapple and sword
cesar fernando berrelleza
cesar fernando berrelleza Jam Yang lalu
1 800 can blow
Itsjammy Jam Yang lalu
This is dope
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Jam Yang lalu
He rides at night.
b o b
b o b Jam Yang lalu
*But why?..Why?*
Oliver Elgseter
Oliver Elgseter Jam Yang lalu
i did it
Nagulapalli. Abhiram
Nagulapalli. Abhiram Jam Yang lalu
very nice bro
sawyer flechsig
sawyer flechsig Jam Yang lalu
Week......week as hell
Alish Rai
Alish Rai Jam Yang lalu
ThAt dool is necked lol
OrdinaryGamer Gameplay
OrdinaryGamer Gameplay Jam Yang lalu
Technology invention is just getting scarier if you think about it.
Adari clutz
Adari clutz Jam Yang lalu
Congrats for 10m subs hacksmith!
Adari clutz
Adari clutz Jam Yang lalu
In video: *intense motor bike riding* Irl: *going a few meters per second so the flame doesn't go out*
Alish Rai
Alish Rai Jam Yang lalu
Can I get this
yanet castro
yanet castro Jam Yang lalu
Anilesh JNR
Anilesh JNR Jam Yang lalu
brooo please hold some one and say "look into my eyes" line
Siam Tonsing
Siam Tonsing Jam Yang lalu
Hacksmith your the smartest man I know
jeremy hogue
jeremy hogue Jam Yang lalu
You should try ruinsescape best game ever
Locklyn Clark
Locklyn Clark Jam Yang lalu
Could you make a mandolorin darksaber please
Siam Tonsing
Siam Tonsing Jam Yang lalu
Anshu Agrawal
Anshu Agrawal Jam Yang lalu
Can you make a full iron man suit
Fusion Badger
Fusion Badger Jam Yang lalu
"The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some may consider, *_unnatural_* "
John Cortez
John Cortez 2 jam yang lalu
Not really doing it justice. Calling it ghost rider is pretty clickbaity
Chesron Egers
Chesron Egers 2 jam yang lalu
Erica Steinfort
Erica Steinfort 2 jam yang lalu
Like this chanel
arkasom sanyal
arkasom sanyal 2 jam yang lalu
Oh wow that's really cool
Private: Hyatt
Private: Hyatt 2 jam yang lalu
Incoming Badass
Incoming Badass 2 jam yang lalu
I play pubg mobile! Also you could just say Pubg, Its been in the game since the og pc version, long before the mobile version. Lol Just sayin.
dino gamer
dino gamer 2 jam yang lalu
Hacksmith: talking about science Me:listening Hacksmith: start talking about laser g2 or some sort My brain:🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Edit Also my brain:my time has come
Caleb Anderson
Caleb Anderson 2 jam yang lalu
When are yall going to continue the power loader
Private: Hyatt
Private: Hyatt 2 jam yang lalu
Wait Ethonal is real I thought it was a made up currency in far cry new dawn
Mr.ScaryPasta 2 jam yang lalu
Disney if you're watching, PLEASE HIRE the AWESOME guy to play Johnny Blaze's Ghost Rider in the MCU and do the FX for it too. Don't question me! Shut up and take my money! Just DO IT!
Romeo Kato
Romeo Kato 2 jam yang lalu
Addy Charles
Addy Charles 2 jam yang lalu
Impossible is nothing here at Hacksmith
R.B Player
R.B Player 2 jam yang lalu
Literally the Hacker-smith
Finix destroyer
Finix destroyer 2 jam yang lalu
I heard a iphone alarm at 4:09
R.B Player
R.B Player 2 jam yang lalu
2034: I bought NASA and I Made a DIY rocket!!
Allison Chandler
Allison Chandler 2 jam yang lalu
This man owns an engineering company, build plasma guns and giant fists, and sleeps in a metal pod. He's basically Canadian Tony stark
Patrick Beaton
Patrick Beaton 2 jam yang lalu
haha...pretty freakin' cool ! 👊🍻
Salman Mahyuddin
Salman Mahyuddin 2 jam yang lalu
Everybody gangsta until DUM-E detects fire on james head
The Glamrock Raptor
The Glamrock Raptor 2 jam yang lalu
Why was I laughing so hard at the among us part?
Khalid Saifullah
Khalid Saifullah 2 jam yang lalu
How about trying the flaming motorcycle
Meteor Sarkar
Meteor Sarkar 2 jam yang lalu
This is a legendary making I have ever seen...🙂
Hayden Hellowell
Hayden Hellowell 2 jam yang lalu
call 1-800-beatmymeat
Sutanu Sahoo, Roll no-48
Sutanu Sahoo, Roll no-48 2 jam yang lalu
He can make anything ....... literally anything 🔥🔥🔥
Allison Chandler
Allison Chandler 2 jam yang lalu
Me: hey he must have a lot of spare time! My Brain: shut up mouth he has to make youtube
Allison Chandler
Allison Chandler 2 jam yang lalu
You should actually get Chris Hemsworth to see if he can actually lift it
vonnington von
vonnington von 2 jam yang lalu
So metal
R.B Player
R.B Player 2 jam yang lalu
Do the attack on titan thing that uses gas to make you "fly"
Patrick Sanderson
Patrick Sanderson 2 jam yang lalu
I must build one. That's even louder and brighter.
Nana Kopp
Nana Kopp 2 jam yang lalu
Doesn't look like it lol but OK the real one is way way way more super duper op cooler
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios 2 jam yang lalu
“Don’t try this at home” How could we james
Raisul Raj
Raisul Raj 2 jam yang lalu
US army suddenly one day: it's free real estate . 😝
Marc philip paculan
Marc philip paculan 2 jam yang lalu
Hey can you make a predator helmet
KingBryant 2 jam yang lalu
Ngl it looks stupid
Allison Chandler
Allison Chandler 2 jam yang lalu
5:41 do you play just shapes and beats
xXCRUMMZ87Xx 2 jam yang lalu
I feel like the ghost rider was probably one of the most underrated super heroes.
Jeffrie Fuentes
Jeffrie Fuentes 2 jam yang lalu
I want that helmet so bad I love iron man
Jeffrie Fuentes
Jeffrie Fuentes 2 jam yang lalu
I'm subscribed and notifications are on
gaming storm
gaming storm 2 jam yang lalu
I love how he has explicitly written on the thumbnail, "THIS IS NOT SAFE".
NovaTGN 2 jam yang lalu
Be honest you bought that tux just for that scene didn't you?
ThatVeganTeacher 2 jam yang lalu
Rumor has it he still likes comments on vids from three years back
Charity Faith Ileyagisiug
Charity Faith Ileyagisiug 2 jam yang lalu
Hack smith:we need this dummy for our video. His friend:What about the clothing. Hack smith: My merch His friend:..ok?
Surly Swine
Surly Swine 2 jam yang lalu
bad ass
Allison Chandler
Allison Chandler 2 jam yang lalu
Just be like "Hey man careful where you point that umbrella"
Senthil K
Senthil K 2 jam yang lalu
Happie Halloween
Hahaha Huhuhu
Hahaha Huhuhu 2 jam yang lalu
Kids in the back eating quiet kid in the back .......
Nati0us 2 jam yang lalu
Looking like one of them jewish candles
Hayden Hellowell
Hayden Hellowell 2 jam yang lalu
“haha canada harmless” *makes lightsaber*
Ty Tofflemoyer
Ty Tofflemoyer 2 jam yang lalu
i am also dressing up as ghost rider