riki gun
riki gun 18 menit yang lalu
narji pindah profesi jadi atlet 1:32
Burhan Udin
Burhan Udin Jam Yang lalu
Indonesia pasti juara 🥇
MrPainfulTruth Jam Yang lalu
This screaming and her whole behaviour is just so rude and disrespectful, nobody likes her or hopes she wins. What a contrast to the asian ladies who are so gentle in win and defeat.
2 Malachi
2 Malachi 32 menit yang lalu
@MrPainfulTruth No interest in football, or your opinion.
MrPainfulTruth 36 menit yang lalu
@2 Malachi I guess you are more football fan than badminton aficionado. Good sports are gentle, regardless of the sport.
2 Malachi
2 Malachi Jam Yang lalu
Boo hoo, don't be upset Mr, losers are gentle, tigers roar and eat the gentles. Marin, eats Asians.
Niko Jam Yang lalu
the first set was tough
POPPY 2 jam yang lalu
I'm waiting for the backhand smash. but there isn't :(
indonezziamerdeka 2 jam yang lalu
Samantha Gadet
Samantha Gadet 2 jam yang lalu
It looks like a deja vu, no? I almost thought it was a replay of last week, and then realized the difference was "TOYOTA", 😂. Nevertheless, an impressive performance by Marin, even if I would like to see Tai Tzu Ying win now, as I like her a lot!
Thanh Dong Vu
Thanh Dong Vu 2 jam yang lalu
46:50 Rally of years
Barnabás Szakál
Barnabás Szakál 3 jam yang lalu
if the challenge is successful, does it still counts as You used one of your challenges?
Sanchay Kumar
Sanchay Kumar 3 jam yang lalu
Japanese- insanely hardworking!
Yee Seven
Yee Seven 3 jam yang lalu
goh/lai求胜心很低,最后一分很可能是界外 连challenge的权益机会都放弃!
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 4 jam yang lalu
11:00 good rally
alan brayne
alan brayne 4 jam yang lalu
Seems a very unfair way of calculating who should take part. Why not base it on the rankings when badminton was more or less halted early in 2020? It's not the fault of the top 8 ranked players at that stage that they have hardly played since. Why should players get to the finals just because they played in a few more tournaments (mainly the Denmark Open)?
erinoify ID
erinoify ID 4 jam yang lalu
Kevin knp yak nyangkut kek 10x lebih
Peter Immel
Peter Immel 4 jam yang lalu
Why are women so loud this month? I really dislike Lai for shouting so much. Also not apologising for the net cord, really unsportsmanlike from the Malaysian team.
icedlatte 4 jam yang lalu
Any content with Marin in it should just be an automatic headphone/earphone warning :/
Peter Immel
Peter Immel 4 jam yang lalu
1:04:10 "... through the corridor of doubt...", so poetic.
Hidayat Aziz
Hidayat Aziz 5 jam yang lalu
The commentator need to talk less. We cant enjoy the game.. there are mix sound from the audience n from other court..
神鼬鼠 5 jam yang lalu
33:00 pretty embarrassing lol
Arum Puspitarini
Arum Puspitarini 6 jam yang lalu
25:13 😂😂😂
Raymond Ali
Raymond Ali 6 jam yang lalu
Al-ibn Tasin
Al-ibn Tasin 6 jam yang lalu
Kamura played bad.
water drops
water drops 6 jam yang lalu
great Taiwanese.... beat up the sucko wong.. 😂 😂 😂
Хелмй Хабниссина
Хелмй Хабниссина 6 jam yang lalu
Final rasa sparing hahaha
Al-ibn Tasin
Al-ibn Tasin 6 jam yang lalu
Haaay whoooo hayyyy who who
Ich Putra
Ich Putra 6 jam yang lalu
The minion 🥰
Stephen Petraitis
Stephen Petraitis 6 jam yang lalu
I was rooting for Verma! Great match
Parncheeva Rittagorn
Parncheeva Rittagorn 6 jam yang lalu
yasssssssss. What a wonderful game
puspita fatimah
puspita fatimah 7 jam yang lalu
Yoookkk di thai ini MD pertahanin gelar yoookkk....XD WD MS ikut2 juara yoookkkk.....AAAAAMMMMIIIINNNNNN
Deden Khandra
Deden Khandra 7 jam yang lalu
Si Tan gak mw salmn SM Kevin?? Gak blh gitu dong Tan?? Aq fans km lho gak mau klu km diblg gak sportif?? Klh dan menang dalam bertanding itu wajar-wajar saja..yg gak wajar itu jika kita sbg pemain kls Ats TDK sportif.. Jd kasian sama Kevin.. Sukses selalu ya pemain andalanku Minions.. GBU 👃👃
Saraswati candra
Saraswati candra 7 jam yang lalu
Palait Son
Palait Son 7 jam yang lalu
Fabulous 💖 fast & accurate shots from the top seed
RAULITO748 7 jam yang lalu
Поехали Каролина!
muhammad farhan mohd yusof
muhammad farhan mohd yusof 7 jam yang lalu
Tan wee kiong manusia paling bodoh kt dunia...
Arif Teguh
Arif Teguh 7 jam yang lalu
Rampungane Tetep Medhokk 😀 👍👍
Another Cereal Killer
Another Cereal Killer 7 jam yang lalu
Hard to see the kind of agility and skillsets nowadays. They are truly legends!
Muhamad Fiqri Ashidqi
Muhamad Fiqri Ashidqi 7 jam yang lalu
both of these teams are the best men's doubles badminton in the world today🏸
jh kim
jh kim 7 jam yang lalu
평소엔 공이 실수 좀 하더라도 김이 안정적인 플레이를 하면서 보완했는데 이번엔 김도 실수가 너무 많네.. 하지만 둘다 열심히는 했음.. 아쉽지만 태국이 좀 늘기도 한듯. 일본 중국 없는 마당에 실적이 저조하여 아쉽네.
Tom Chan
Tom Chan 7 jam yang lalu
xxWidex 7 jam yang lalu
Like a car, Ginting went full pace during the first 2 rounds, but lost focus and couldn't keep up with Axelsen on the third round.
muhammed esendemir
muhammed esendemir 7 jam yang lalu
helal bende boyle oynuyom
Giano 7 jam yang lalu
Rambutnya lbh miris dr performanya. Partnernya ardianto sampe nunduk malu punya partner bermental alay kuadrat
Pamangku Bumi
Pamangku Bumi 7 jam yang lalu
JMUDoc 8 jam yang lalu
Come on - Victor Axelsen's match-point shaft-snapper didn't make the cut?!
Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen
Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen 8 jam yang lalu
0:36 heiß
Cikgu Mohd Afiq Yusof
Cikgu Mohd Afiq Yusof 8 jam yang lalu
Merindui aksi DLCW selepas menyaksikan Thailand Open & Toyota Open 2021.
Fardi Abdillah
Fardi Abdillah 8 jam yang lalu
ditunggu lee/wang vs minions
Rhabita Ayu Sholihat
Rhabita Ayu Sholihat 8 jam yang lalu
Wasit tai anjing
water drops
water drops 8 jam yang lalu
great... lcw makes the idiot den coach vomited blood....😂 making sure they both learn a lesson
Deden Khandra
Deden Khandra 8 jam yang lalu
Aku bkne mau bela Indonesia.. Tapi aku merasa wasitnya memihak tu..servisi Malaysia ketinggian tp sah2 aja sama wasit..dasat wasit gak profesional
xi chen
xi chen 8 jam yang lalu
TETEW NsRl GAMING 8 jam yang lalu
Wkwk kaya komedian liat kevin
Fun Bronat
Fun Bronat 8 jam yang lalu
Mantap slur
Irdina! :D
Irdina! :D 9 jam yang lalu
I wonder what the intro name song is??? (Bad english sorry)
Kenari Af
Kenari Af 9 jam yang lalu
pasangan thailand ini lawan gresia/apriani jarang menang,gresia/apri lawan pemain jepang ini jg jarang menang. . .kok bisa gni ya🤔
Jupri Albukhori
Jupri Albukhori 9 jam yang lalu
Taufik Hidayat ,. Kebodohan nyh adalah masih muda udh gantung sepatu.
sijo lukose
sijo lukose 9 jam yang lalu
Support for LD at this match
Jupri Albukhori
Jupri Albukhori 9 jam yang lalu
Taufik Hidayat ,. Kebodohan nyh adalah masih muda udh gantung sepatu.
Chen Peter
Chen Peter 9 jam yang lalu
Delighted to see that! Taiwan men double, way to go!
YuanJie 7 jam yang lalu
Way to fly
Asyer05 9 jam yang lalu
1:10 when indomie gives him power
SINCE2551 5 jam yang lalu
must be mama
anak cugah
anak cugah 7 jam yang lalu
Ngakak wkwkwk
Ina Isna
Ina Isna 9 jam yang lalu
I Love U Taufik, I LOVE U INDONESIA 🇮🇩
Ieka 9 jam yang lalu
2021 and i still watch this thrilling badminton.. I'm minions fan actually but i respect endo/watanabe a lot for beating my fav for 6 times already... Wish minions can do a revenge in the future.. Btw, attack vs defence is always good formula for thrilling badminton... Ex. Minions vs endo/watanabe Ginting vs Momota I'm waiting for another thrilling badminton for this era...
YouBestDeath 9 jam yang lalu
marin よくここまで復活したね。
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le 9 jam yang lalu
41:46 it didnt make the play of the day so she has to eat her hat! XD
Elisius Yuliana
Elisius Yuliana 9 jam yang lalu
Msh ada yg nonton 25 januari 2021? like ya
Auli Zela
Auli Zela 9 jam yang lalu
Gimana mau semangat pemainya. Supporter china aja jarang banget bersuara berasa di kuburan padahal jadi tuan rumah
Anging Mammiri
Anging Mammiri 9 jam yang lalu
Maryamah Nurlaeli
Maryamah Nurlaeli 9 jam yang lalu
Tiba-tiba kangen match momogi. Yang nonton Januari 2021👍
양천펠프스 10 jam yang lalu
유정&승재 멋진 게임 잘봤습니다~
Mitsuha Miyamizu
Mitsuha Miyamizu 10 jam yang lalu
What a classic match, wish we could have more LCW vs Momota match, sadly LCW was retired
rizal alfareza
rizal alfareza 10 jam yang lalu
Super Marin ❤️❤️❤️
gulu gulu
gulu gulu 10 jam yang lalu
what happen with her? scream very loud, mau something stick fast in her
Looser 10 jam yang lalu
Luv from india
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen 10 jam yang lalu
Carolina has good strategy.....keep TTY waiting to serve so could throw her out of her rhythm If Carolina served, she certainly not waste any time there...
오분의힘 10 jam yang lalu
유니폼 진짜 촌스럽다....2021년 맞나?......충격이다
Cayote Lives
Cayote Lives 10 jam yang lalu
this screaming has got to stop.
Gesa Nalapunda
Gesa Nalapunda 10 jam yang lalu
Taufik is monitoring from a distance.
Shortcut to Spanish
Shortcut to Spanish 10 jam yang lalu
Wow... :D
frasen choy
frasen choy 10 jam yang lalu
I'm torn between two lovers. It would nice if both were in the Final. At least the 2nd winner picked up the US35000 Prize. What a sad ending to my ever humble Ratchanok Intanon !
S2미곤 10 jam yang lalu
0:42 이 샷 뭐임..? 둘 다 바라보게 만드는..미친