ZippY 2 menit yang lalu
Best episode in awhile imo
Rafal Moniuszko
Rafal Moniuszko 5 menit yang lalu
Vancouver in a nutshell
Michael-andrew ,WATERS
Michael-andrew ,WATERS 16 menit yang lalu
Arrrrr yes thy millennial ..... single handedly responsible for a decimal point now being needed to gauge the modern IQ .....
ู‹ 37 menit yang lalu
0:18 Is that Jerry's voice actor from Rick and Morty?
Uwe Walter
Uwe Walter 40 menit yang lalu
Wasnโ€™t this an episode of american dad a couple of seasons ago??
Wilted Brainz
Wilted Brainz 47 menit yang lalu
Denver Randy
Denver Randy 47 menit yang lalu
So that's who left my new pants in the 7 eleven bathroom.๐Ÿ‘ Circle of Life.๐Ÿ˜œ
Darbuckle11 49 menit yang lalu
Iโ€™m pretty sure Seth did the middle aged parents hangs out and lies to a younger couple about how many kids they have on American dad
Eric Black
Eric Black 53 menit yang lalu
It would be fun to watch if I wasn't getting commercials ever 30 45 secs
Angel Garces
Angel Garces 53 menit yang lalu
SSSSSSSS *CLICK* i couldnt control myself ๐Ÿ˜‚
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams 55 menit yang lalu
Is it just me or does That lady in the pink blouse sounds just like siri
Denver Randy
Denver Randy Jam Yang lalu
Lol Uncle Grandpa, good name drop
Mr Redeyes
Mr Redeyes Jam Yang lalu
Simpsonโ€™s and American dad did it first
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams Jam Yang lalu
Did you realize that every other baby looks like there parents expect for stewie
Jordan Coggburn
Jordan Coggburn Jam Yang lalu
hey, Poopy finger!
Stephanie Wong
Stephanie Wong Jam Yang lalu
First of all, thank you so no cuts no zooms โค๏ธ BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL BABIES IN THE POOL?
Highrever One
Highrever One 2 jam yang lalu
Broom handle poked tapioca hahaha
Denkyi Clifford
Denkyi Clifford 2 jam yang lalu
Whoever uploaded it Thank you
McNielEntertainment 2 jam yang lalu
It's great to see Neil again
Throwback Black Cat
Throwback Black Cat 2 jam yang lalu
Hereโ€™s to silently hoping we get Hipster Chris and Meg figures in the near future
Blake Bramley
Blake Bramley 2 jam yang lalu
The pool net call back to the bullfrog was great
ThroatHead! 2 jam yang lalu
Anyone notice Chris sounds slightly different? Maybe it's just me
The Great Dutch Crusader
The Great Dutch Crusader 2 jam yang lalu
This isn't gen z, gen z people are way more racist
Cherunabogu 2 jam yang lalu
That aren't gen z they are Millennials
Eric Criteser
Eric Criteser 3 jam yang lalu
Meg actually looks good! Lol!
tfs202 3 jam yang lalu
Tight, cuffed jeans, manbun capable haircut, intentional 5:00 shadow, and thick rim glasses. Im guessing they all have a meaningless japanese tattoo also?
triynizzles 3 jam yang lalu
what happened to all the kids in the pool?
L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard 3 jam yang lalu
PussyMoneyWeed758 3 jam yang lalu
Omg lool that nipsey line was true for white ppl
Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon 3 jam yang lalu
Hey bung sudahlah hapus semua video curianmu
Adrianne Jones
Adrianne Jones 3 jam yang lalu
What ever happened with those parents at the complex whose children all drowned in the pool
Anthony 3 jam yang lalu
3:53 weird angle for Lois
King Pap
King Pap 2 jam yang lalu
Ew, it is. Her neck
tina nickerson
tina nickerson 4 jam yang lalu
Why does this episode feel so real
TxBuzzkill 4 jam yang lalu
Stewie trying to pick up the kid with the net was a throw back to when Peter was trying to pick up the frog with the box lid.
Lamb Lore
Lamb Lore 4 jam yang lalu
wow, this reminded me why i stopped watching this years ago
Cooler. 4 jam yang lalu
Mila Kunis has been saying "No" with the same annoyed, beaten down tone for nearly 15 years now.
Jeon Chili
Jeon Chili 4 jam yang lalu
There was a cut ๐Ÿ˜ก
StrengthOver40 4 jam yang lalu
I like the mile long down scroll in the description for the music.
Cooler. 4 jam yang lalu
This may be their worst episode yet, let's see if anything improves so I can edit this comment. Edit: Chris and Meg getting along and making decent jokes was the only good thing about the episode.
What Is This ?
What Is This ? 5 jam yang lalu
I thought it was just chris
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill 6 jam yang lalu
i've never wanted to kill more people than the ones living in this apartment complex
tlig 6 jam yang lalu
This is unfunny. FG should wrap up now.
Dimmitris 6 jam yang lalu
When did Chris get so smart?
falcon 2567
falcon 2567 6 jam yang lalu
19:07 me
Exploding zombie
Exploding zombie 6 jam yang lalu
Only two cutaways, This is why family guy is dying/
Aizakku 6 jam yang lalu
Padre de familia
Kamodo games
Kamodo games 6 jam yang lalu
day 2 of being up without being copywrited
cmilla111 6 jam yang lalu
Definitely a higher quality episode than most lately. Feels like they actually gave a shit.
Jack Adams
Jack Adams 7 jam yang lalu
Lois is a horrible mother sheโ€™s the one who Peter pretend heโ€™s young than made him abandon the kids
Emir Levy
Emir Levy 7 jam yang lalu
Omg this kid who called stewie poopythumb is jerry from Rick and Morty lol
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 7 jam yang lalu
Lois voice is annoying
cmilla111 7 jam yang lalu
The teacher on edibles was perfect!
Koziba 7 jam yang lalu
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ how many times do I have to say it , Reminds me of fart in a jar martin - cyanide and happiness โค๏ธ From ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ผ
slumped Shinobi
slumped Shinobi 7 jam yang lalu
so are we not gonna find out what happened to the kids in the pool???
Emily Newman
Emily Newman 7 jam yang lalu
Why you diss nipsey๐Ÿ˜‘
Georgie Roberts
Georgie Roberts 7 jam yang lalu
SneezinTits 8 jam yang lalu
Might be the best episode of this season so far
Kai The Gamer
Kai The Gamer 8 jam yang lalu
"WE'RE GONNA VAPE!" "IT'S CAUSING DEATHS BUT NOT THAT MANY YET!" It's sad that some people probably justify vaping like that.
The One
The One 8 jam yang lalu
I love how they say no cut, but they cutted the song๐Ÿ˜‚
Kai The Gamer
Kai The Gamer 8 jam yang lalu
3:00 I literally choked from laughing so hard
R O M 8 jam yang lalu
Lois is so lame in these newer episodes lol
Jason KH
Jason KH 8 jam yang lalu
I died at 8:46 ๐Ÿ˜‚
Somehow Lucky Gaming
Somehow Lucky Gaming 8 jam yang lalu
Copyright Videos are a dangerous game. I've uploaded new Spongebob episodes on a different account before. No cuts, edits, or branding. The quality wasn't even a direct rip. It was of CamRip (aka from a cell phone). I wasn't earning money off it and that channel got shutdown before i even saw the notifications that i was about to be shutdown. Not to mention the copyrighted music. If you're in it for money, you're already earning nothing. This show's gone downhill. Horrible plot. Updated but used jokes.
devildog5811_ 8 jam yang lalu
What the name of that song
pee head
pee head 8 jam yang lalu
the chlorine jokes are shit
Ahmadou Dieng
Ahmadou Dieng 8 jam yang lalu
CIA 8 jam yang lalu
Isai 9 jam yang lalu
Anybody else just watch these all day because their a social life went out the window when you put all your effort into friends and they left and now they are alone so they just watch cuts of Simpsonโ€™s and family guy episodes all day and do homework once in a while? Or is it just me
Jack Connolly
Jack Connolly 11 menit yang lalu
It could be worse. You could be 70 years old like me :)
TundrazZ R
TundrazZ R 29 menit yang lalu
Sorry bud, but it only gets worse from here for social rejects like us. Take action now, I recommend getting a small hobby, something away from the computer. Weightlifting or hiking is a good start, and maybe a part time job. You may be a loner; but if you have money, valuble skills, and a healthy body it will do a lot to ward off the suicidal thoughts. But yeah, you're not alone. Do something now or you'll regret it.
Serpentine Fire
Serpentine Fire 4 jam yang lalu
They left because you're a whiny pussy
Samer 8 jam yang lalu
Nah mate you ain't alone, and you should try american dad.
Touchii 9 jam yang lalu
Now family guy is copying themselves
Ashton Thompson
Ashton Thompson 9 jam yang lalu
6:52 Chris should have said he finished just to mess with Brian
Skid the official
Skid the official 9 jam yang lalu
Why am I watching this I OWN DISNEY +
Krista Teague
Krista Teague 9 jam yang lalu
I just watched this last night, I died lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love how they just ditched Meg & Chris lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
crusty dusty dog
crusty dusty dog 9 jam yang lalu
Do morrrrrreeee
El Mago
El Mago 9 jam yang lalu
I like how chris is so business savvy now
Josh K
Josh K 9 jam yang lalu
The horse joke is funnier when you remember Peter once actually bought a retarded horse
Takouachet Amir Gr A1
Takouachet Amir Gr A1 10 jam yang lalu
Don't check the description I warned you
Somehow Lucky Gaming
Somehow Lucky Gaming 8 jam yang lalu
It's just a copy paste to "bypass" copyright.
Temani Lungu
Temani Lungu 10 jam yang lalu
When Lois lies on the floor and is just done.... ME! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚
Emperes Smith
Emperes Smith 10 jam yang lalu
Absolutely lovvvvedddd....every second of it ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Œ
R33C3 10 jam yang lalu
What happened to all the kids in the pool?
Somehow Lucky Gaming
Somehow Lucky Gaming 8 jam yang lalu
Welcome to the horrible plot writing of this show. They don't stick to the plot of the episode and would rather stir it leaving guessing then to make it flow.
Kawaii the Band
Kawaii the Band 10 jam yang lalu
This is so awful, family guy is trash wtf
JupiterBct 10 jam yang lalu
With a lot of advertising, he's been making money the wrong way. Thieves channel !!!