Șerban Junior Brumar
Șerban Junior Brumar 18 jam yang lalu
2:35 You son of a witch
Zachary Berde
Zachary Berde 18 jam yang lalu
firecracker: allow me to introduce myself.
Tomás Pérez de San Roman
Tomás Pérez de San Roman 18 jam yang lalu
This only work in x7 elixir legendary
Kshitij clash Gamer
Kshitij clash Gamer 18 jam yang lalu
Dart goblin is best
The King of Patka
The King of Patka 18 jam yang lalu
Clash royale is better et BROWL STARS
Victoria Torres
Victoria Torres 19 jam yang lalu
I love the book of book but is not enough for all the cards that I need to upgrade. Do you need to bring back the Gold coins offers please🙏
sweden empire
sweden empire 19 jam yang lalu
Evry one simp to prinnces: NO ONE NO ONE SIMP TO ELEKRO THAT DESTROY SHE(sorry 4 bad english
Mirkos 19 jam yang lalu
In the old days, this was actually a good strategy
Yugioh-ProxyTV 19 jam yang lalu
Dragon... or anything
Aman Rampuria
Aman Rampuria 19 jam yang lalu
Blue had ha positive elixir trade
Andrei Popescul
Andrei Popescul 19 jam yang lalu
The day they destroyed the game...
murat baran inal
murat baran inal 20 jam yang lalu
Brock + (Shelly and Bull)=Penny
Gaming Life
Gaming Life 20 jam yang lalu
i love clash royale
raining acid
raining acid 20 jam yang lalu
i am here again in 2021.
Banana Boksh
Banana Boksh 20 jam yang lalu
This game sucks I’m level ten and in getting matched with level 12’s and 13’s this game is not fun anymore I don’t stand a chance against those maxed out losers FIX YOUR FREAKING GAME SUPPERCELL
dhhd sjjc
dhhd sjjc 19 jam yang lalu
E E 20 jam yang lalu
Meet the trash!
Viljo Kauppinen
Viljo Kauppinen 21 jam yang lalu
Im Finnish
Hisham Bin Anwer
Hisham Bin Anwer 21 jam yang lalu
Give us more anime. please!
ツKaljurotta 21 jam yang lalu
Is he talking with Goblin Giant’s voice?
Adeeb Mujahid
Adeeb Mujahid 21 jam yang lalu
Everybody gangsta till the tombstone starts spawning giant skeletons
Sören Ahlbäck
Sören Ahlbäck 21 jam yang lalu
After about a month I haven’t seen a Legendary Book yet.
Harrison Bell
Harrison Bell 21 jam yang lalu
big mistake
Daniel Navarro
Daniel Navarro 21 jam yang lalu
Unless youve been playing this game for a long time. This game isnt pay to win. This game is easy to learn hard to master