Seli Anggiani
Seli Anggiani 13 jam yang lalu
Pelampiasan stres:)
NEO MooN 14 jam yang lalu
The best
Matias Mehl
Matias Mehl 14 jam yang lalu
She didn't sing at all :(
Dio Aio
Dio Aio 14 jam yang lalu
남돌 입덕직캠으로 입덕은 무슨 팬만 보는 컨텐츠 아닌가 했었는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 제가 입덕직캠으로 입덕해버렷읍니다 직캠 무한 재생중..
Hillie Zhang
Hillie Zhang 14 jam yang lalu
OMG!!! My boys!!
yuna a
yuna a 14 jam yang lalu
Kripa diyali
Kripa diyali 14 jam yang lalu
I want this guy back in pops in seoul!
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 14 jam yang lalu
Yayy I'm first
Sanimai Lama
Sanimai Lama 14 jam yang lalu
linnie :3
linnie :3 14 jam yang lalu
7:15 Okay but is no gonna talk about how Soobin smacked Yeonjuns butt to make him shut up for saying “the game is too easy” he hit it so hard lmao I heard the smack👀💀
Nicol Marchant
Nicol Marchant 14 jam yang lalu
Alguien más viendo las presentaciones en vivo xq los extrañan? 🥺🥺 Avísenme para ser amigas jajaja los amo sobre todo jacob ❤️
mila kyu
mila kyu 14 jam yang lalu
half milion views for rookie group variety show? JUST WOW :)
InLoveWithThat Panda
InLoveWithThat Panda 14 jam yang lalu
He pulled out Exo first... I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!
Hazell Sangalang
Hazell Sangalang 14 jam yang lalu
11:06 their synchronized footsteps sound so satisfying
Paqui Cortes
Paqui Cortes 14 jam yang lalu
Beatriz Torres
Beatriz Torres 14 jam yang lalu
Kwanniee is an amazing dancer/performer 🙌🏻👏🏻👑, stan Ace you won't regret it
Risna Rhmn
Risna Rhmn 15 jam yang lalu
He's insane
Rupali Tamrakar
Rupali Tamrakar 15 jam yang lalu
0:15 the height difference 😍🤣
Aimee Ong
Aimee Ong 15 jam yang lalu
bijali mondol
bijali mondol 15 jam yang lalu
The reason why I love them so much. 😍😍😍😘😍😍they are so humble and innocent
putri p
putri p 15 jam yang lalu
OMGGGG i can't waitt!!<3
ruga wu
ruga wu 15 jam yang lalu
りいそ 15 jam yang lalu
상연아사랑해나진심이야 15 jam yang lalu
코드다이아 15 jam yang lalu
다 좋은데 발캠아 왜 미연파트에서 공연장잡고 쥐랄이야
Naki Pautu
Naki Pautu 15 jam yang lalu
Silent part more like students making noise in a classroom lolol Stan TREASURE ❤️
Romy Albarracin
Romy Albarracin 15 jam yang lalu
푸곰돌 16 jam yang lalu
와 지금봐도 촌스럽기는 커녕 멋지다 스타일 대박..
Merry Aditya
Merry Aditya 16 jam yang lalu
U guys have to watch this movie and k-drama "my husband,mr.oh"....kim kang woo playing the opposite role,and u can see how great he is as an actor 👍👍
Merry Aditya
Merry Aditya 16 jam yang lalu
The taste of money 👍
WoollimEnt Stan
WoollimEnt Stan 16 jam yang lalu
Can't wait.. Drippin fighting!!
ella ang
ella ang 16 jam yang lalu
me being more talented to them but i'm ugliest my insecurities went so high.
dea adibah
dea adibah 16 jam yang lalu
I love exo
Bardo 16 jam yang lalu
3:07 Soojin be like : Why am i here
Intan Jung
Intan Jung 16 jam yang lalu
Lirik nae tteugeoun ipsuri neoui budeureoun ipsure dakil wonhae nae sarangi neoui gaseume jeonhaejidorok.. ajikdo naui maeumeul moreugo isseotdamyeoneun i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo neol saranghagesseo eonjekkajina neol saranghagesseo jigeum i sungancheoreom i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo eoryeoun yaegiro neoui hogisimeul jageukhal sudo isseo geu heunhan yuhuiro i bameul bonael sudo isseo hajiman naui maeumeul ijeneun arajwosseumyeon hae i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo neol saranghagesseo eonjekkajina neol saranghagesseo jigeum i sungancheoreom i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo neol saranghagesseo neol saranghagesseo eonjekkajina neol saranghagesseo jigeum i sungancheoreom i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo neol saranghagesseo eonjekkajina neol saranghagesseo jigeum i sungancheoreom i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo neol saranghagesseo eonjekkajina neol saranghagesseo jigeum i sungancheoreom i sesang geu nuguboda neol saranghagesseo
tanishkathapa 16 jam yang lalu
Wowwwwwwww Drippin (TT) Can't wait 💜💜
Zaki B
Zaki B 16 jam yang lalu
ASC never promote Everglow songs on their games 😭😭😭
Living by Design not by Default
Living by Design not by Default 16 jam yang lalu
Get to know this group from geonhee and hwanung and gunmin from pd101 Decided to stan them when i saw their RTK Lit Stage, they're so good!! I feel like they will be big just like their seniors in near future!!! Fighting ONEUS!!
Citra Kusuma
Citra Kusuma 17 jam yang lalu
Kalian pilih yang profesi apa nih🤭
Emily랜드 17 jam yang lalu
Ritcia J
Ritcia J 17 jam yang lalu
Waiting for the arival
ARIRANG K-POP 17 jam yang lalu
[After School Club Ep.448] 2020.11.24 1:00PM (KST) IDpost Live ☞ idpost.info/clone/video/Z5q3lbJ9qGSOraw
chrxsty 17 jam yang lalu
*They did not just invite Felix to show people his handwriting-💀*
Linh Nga Trần
Linh Nga Trần 17 jam yang lalu
I’m honestly addicted to Jinyoung’s dance moves. It may looks effortless, but it actually so appealing and catchy. Hard to express by words TT
Martine luna faye Whitear
Martine luna faye Whitear 17 jam yang lalu
So excited
Risefine Joliana
Risefine Joliana 17 jam yang lalu
asahi omonaaa😭😭❤❤❤❤
Nica Tumangan
Nica Tumangan 17 jam yang lalu
Baby Sun
Baby Sun 17 jam yang lalu
rodrigokita 17 jam yang lalu
I wish the mics had been better balanced. But Mamamoo can pull through in any situation. These girls’ talent is out of this world.
x1 one it forever one it forever
x1 one it forever one it forever 17 jam yang lalu
Yeah cant. Wait
Dam Rish Mi
Dam Rish Mi 17 jam yang lalu
Everyone at the back are pressure while JaeHyuk introduce his self. They might all thought why they let JH introduce first😁😁
임레아 17 jam yang lalu
Hikskrot gk ada sub indo:)
Dr Venkataramanaiah Kumbala
Dr Venkataramanaiah Kumbala 17 jam yang lalu
pls invite t1419 after debut in december pls
Sixthguns Rose
Sixthguns Rose 17 jam yang lalu
Other Rookie usually shy on their early year in variety show right? To think that Treasure already this shameless i couldn't imagine how chaotic they are when they get Older TAT
Tzu 17 jam yang lalu
성은이 17 jam yang lalu
이 곡 이안무를 톰 히들턴이 로키분장하고 나와서 춤추면대박일듯요 멋있어요!!
방구석1열 17 jam yang lalu
소개 온도 차 봨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ근데 나도 그래...^^ 오빠들 항상 열심히했었넼ㅋㅋㅋ게임 열심히하는거 봨ㅋㅋㅋ
진짜 이쁜 사람보면 댓글 담
진짜 이쁜 사람보면 댓글 담 17 jam yang lalu
나은 진솔 예나 채원이 완전 뽀시래기때네 진짜 졸귀다ㅠㅠ 현주도 이때 겁나 귀여웠는데 멤버들 다 사랑스럽다 나중에라도 언젠가 같은 자리에서 한번 볼수있게❤️
Daniel Bellon
Daniel Bellon 18 jam yang lalu
🍵🫖💛🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎻💕 just Lovelyz
Jaleeyah Atienza
Jaleeyah Atienza 18 jam yang lalu
Others: I hate my day Treasure makers: Sorry, but not for us Stan TREASURE for better life y’all keep safe💗🥺🥰
straybutterflystay 18 jam yang lalu
the video literally just started but OMG I DIDN'T KNOW HYUNSUK WAS THAT TALL????????? Making BX look TINY and I know as a Treasure Maker he's not that short.....
Andreza Barbara
Andreza Barbara 18 jam yang lalu
There must have an Line store at Iksan with Treasure characters,they will sold out everyday cuz Teumes Korean point is Iksan
かたわれ時 18 jam yang lalu
I guess ASC is the happiest one whenever TXT song come out with a long ass title, so they can torture all guests with this kind of game 😂 I give CIX standing applause for knowing the song on the first melody and also remember the long title while TXT themselves sometimes forget their own songs 😂
Karly Kan
Karly Kan 18 jam yang lalu
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 4 5 6 18 jam yang lalu
Finished weighlifting fairy kbj last week today I finished who are you school 2015, what drama of nam joo hyuk should i watch next? 😍
love soso
love soso 18 jam yang lalu
RoXana Molina
RoXana Molina 19 jam yang lalu
Yoshi te amoooooooo.
its peony petals
its peony petals 19 jam yang lalu
the rest member didnt expect for haruot flipping bottle success after jaehyuk said magical words "i'll kuss you" lmaooooo
ACE rules
ACE rules 19 jam yang lalu
I think green is my favorite color now.
The name is Lucifer
The name is Lucifer 19 jam yang lalu
Yeah NO , even if taeyong came himself to teach me I won’t be able to dance 🤣