2021-03-12 NCT DREAM 회의
15 hari yang lalu
Cafe 7 DREAM
15 hari yang lalu
NCT DREAM 2021 Back to School
Muhimah Saputri
Muhimah Saputri 16 jam yang lalu
eh ini tempatnya ko kek samaan ama WEi OUI GO UP season 2 kkkkk
Annisa Rohima
Annisa Rohima 16 jam yang lalu
episode 2 tgl berapa siiihhh gasabarr
P Buffay
P Buffay 16 jam yang lalu
Im trying too hard to listen to chenji's 'possible' spoiler @ 5:05 hahaha
Roan Cayanan
Roan Cayanan 16 jam yang lalu
I'm a quiet down enthusiast
I need subtitles in Spanish PLEASEE
Reno Febriano
Reno Febriano 16 jam yang lalu
Makasih karena udah ada 360😭😭
Roan Cayanan
Roan Cayanan 16 jam yang lalu
Hiba 16 jam yang lalu
12:40 gave me flashbacks to "pRiVacY JiguEm"
hyaohdahyun 16 jam yang lalu
That "Yo ream"
nAeGeUn nEo punyaAa
nAeGeUn nEo punyaAa 16 jam yang lalu
so children, this is where I met your father
mik 16 jam yang lalu
why is this in my recommendation i don't even watch/hear kpop
eri phoo
eri phoo 16 jam yang lalu
I kept pronouncing this as FALLING in the dream, I realize I must pronounce like CHILLING because of Mark
kpop thrash
kpop thrash 16 jam yang lalu
they are so funny
Annabelle Masudal
Annabelle Masudal 16 jam yang lalu
5:44 lmao jisung kicked the bear cause he said he was more cuter
trinxx 16 jam yang lalu
jaemin is me
chenle love22
chenle love22 16 jam yang lalu
i want jisung n chenle to be roommate, 😥must be exciting and keep on hearing😁, miss chenji
onyourm _ark
onyourm _ark 16 jam yang lalu
Thaisub please
도영찾아수만리 17 jam yang lalu
진짜 이해찬 미친듯;; 하루종일 듣고싶다
Dita Anastasya
Dita Anastasya 17 jam yang lalu
11:18 Inikah yang dinamakan spoiler omgg
Ara Fatima Gregorio
Ara Fatima Gregorio 17 jam yang lalu
13:06 Mark is me when I realized I forgot mom's tupperware or umbrella at the baggage counter legit gulat nya eh ㅋㅋㅋ
renjun neomucute
renjun neomucute 17 jam yang lalu
Please ask for Thai subtitles.
Ara Fatima Gregorio
Ara Fatima Gregorio 17 jam yang lalu
Question: how do you read the title? Sevenllin?? Help! Just curious Haha TIA 💚
Abigail Carcueva
Abigail Carcueva 17 jam yang lalu
summary of this vid - 19:07
Aulia R Putri
Aulia R Putri 17 jam yang lalu
17:54 WAIT..WHAT😭😭😂
Abigail Carcueva
Abigail Carcueva 17 jam yang lalu
this is the most *CHAOTIC* nct content ever
이태용 17 jam yang lalu
I can't believe this was 1 year ago😥😣
Abigail Carcueva
Abigail Carcueva 17 jam yang lalu
MY LIFE 17 jam yang lalu
i dont know why when i see both RJ & HC together its melts my heart bickering each other also can be sweet at the same time..their friendship is so beautiful and precious lately so many moment with these two cuties
day nim
day nim 17 jam yang lalu
Sayang mereka banyak banyak
tae ri
tae ri 17 jam yang lalu
i like jaemin hoodie
r3njee 17 jam yang lalu
04.02 My favorite scene
Nurli yanti
Nurli yanti 17 jam yang lalu
Ini lokasi yang sama, sama WEi oui go up season 2
p. ratchakham
p. ratchakham 17 jam yang lalu
7 dream
Ken Malvar
Ken Malvar 18 jam yang lalu
Welcome sa Zhong Mansion HAHAHAHAH😂 gusto ninyo apple juice?
Verla Christine Valdepeña
Verla Christine Valdepeña 18 jam yang lalu
Mark said they did a lot of spoilers already in this episode. Also Me: trying to find one.
Dwardy Bendaña
Dwardy Bendaña 18 jam yang lalu
jaemin ddnt brought a bag cuz thw siz brought aleeady that he can use. lol
Dwardy Bendaña
Dwardy Bendaña 18 jam yang lalu
tell me how to read 7llin? is it sevenllin?
Ahadiyatun Nikmah
Ahadiyatun Nikmah 18 jam yang lalu
Chillin'. 7 in korean is Chil.
lara 18 jam yang lalu
yt collecting us all with this video
10_galihakbaryoga 18 jam yang lalu
Lilin 🕯️ nct
Bayu Raharjo
Bayu Raharjo 18 jam yang lalu
Triyono 18 jam yang lalu
Haechan"mana", haechan melokal
Nct In the house
Nct In the house 18 jam yang lalu
Ga sabar episod 2 bsk😭
nur aulia
nur aulia 18 jam yang lalu
seru bgt kaya main rumah rumahan
oryza oktavia
oryza oktavia 18 jam yang lalu
chenle kek bule sumpahh
pumpkin Mr.
pumpkin Mr. 18 jam yang lalu
이거 2편 언제 올라와요? 겁나 재밌는디
sampada naik
sampada naik 18 jam yang lalu
When is the second Episode releasing?? ❤️
Xelvion Vizcai
Xelvion Vizcai 18 jam yang lalu
chenle being haechans favorite.
MBAK BUNG 18 jam yang lalu
Haechan + Renjun : *ngegass* Jaemin : *pawang😳
sarahaa 18 jam yang lalu
finally watching this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tamara Trifany
Tamara Trifany 18 jam yang lalu
Tr3nd1ng 18 in indonesian guyss ..
더블비Double B
더블비Double B 18 jam yang lalu
white periwinkle
white periwinkle 18 jam yang lalu
aaaa I love them so much..
Dessy Anggriani
Dessy Anggriani 18 jam yang lalu
Aaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RM Tuastomban
RM Tuastomban 19 jam yang lalu
Jeno: Why do you need privacy when you are sleeping? HAHAHHA 10:42
Roan Cayanan
Roan Cayanan 19 jam yang lalu
Loveu dream
bitter peach
bitter peach 19 jam yang lalu
can't wait for 1st dream's comeback,im sure guys already did great job😭💚
coomy 19 jam yang lalu
Chenle is so loud AAAHAA
ldk 19 jam yang lalu
CHENLE : AirPods MAX~ JENO : AirPods, MASK.
Adinda Elsa
Adinda Elsa 19 jam yang lalu
Lihatlahhh para bujank inii !!! Nampak sangat tampannnnn tp sayang gabisaaa digapaiiiii. Mubazirrr bangeddd ga sihh bujank kek gini kaga adaa ceweeee
poppy tartz
poppy tartz 19 jam yang lalu
my first and last
my first and last 17 jam yang lalu
dear dream by nct dream :)
s me
s me 19 jam yang lalu
when is the new eps come out?
my first and last
my first and last 17 jam yang lalu
i want to know too :8
Michaela 19 jam yang lalu
Joora Kim
Joora Kim 19 jam yang lalu
Dont know why seneng bgt kalo denger jisung panggil chenle ya😂😂
NASH. 19 jam yang lalu
Why do I feel like Haechan was talking about something (as a joke) when he asked Jaemin if he wanted to be on the top or on the bottom, and they all seemed to understand the whole thing-- 😂😂😂
revel Love
revel Love 19 jam yang lalu
Jaemin, i need more content of you playing piano 😭
Sharmaine Joy
Sharmaine Joy 19 jam yang lalu
Jisung and Jeno🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
Samantha_Kim 19 jam yang lalu
Feel so happy after hearing "Girl I'm your candy." Hihi....
lxlisa films
lxlisa films 19 jam yang lalu
robyn 19 jam yang lalu
i guess we'll be seeing loud renjun and haechan next ep,,, hsshsh istg they get loud whenever esp. when playing games with the dreamies
Pamellaaa Viviana
Pamellaaa Viviana 19 jam yang lalu
haechan's things
Carina Liton
Carina Liton 19 jam yang lalu
i just know that renjun must probably smell REALLY good with all his fragrance stuff
Sahilah Barnamij
Sahilah Barnamij 19 jam yang lalu
Videonya cocok banget di tonton pas puasa wkwkwkwkwk
Bianka Falka
Bianka Falka 19 jam yang lalu
NCTzens we're so lucky to have these funny guys <3
robyn 19 jam yang lalu
jaemin not bringing a bag is peak leo energy,, speaking from a leo's perspective ... he's so relatable and funny he isn't even trying
Nur Fatihah
Nur Fatihah 19 jam yang lalu
kenapa baru keluar sekarang ni
Anaya Joiclyne
Anaya Joiclyne 19 jam yang lalu
6:43 populer and favorite part
RHONNA MAE PENDEJITO 19 jam yang lalu
12:42 Privacy jigeum😂 13:05 kabado yarnnn HAHAHAHAHAHA I love their personality🥰💚
Pyongshin saram
Pyongshin saram 20 jam yang lalu
16:10 Did chenle just mimic mark headphone meme XD
my first and last
my first and last 17 jam yang lalu
Atiqah Azme
Atiqah Azme 20 jam yang lalu
I’m hear someone sang “candy” by baekhyun at 24:24