Are you okay out there?
16 hari yang lalu
Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG
Get On My Level.
29 hari yang lalu
The Dawn of Sketch Comedy
Fellas Like You
Bulan Yang lalu
Playing an RPG for the first time
I feel like such an idiot.
2 bulan yang lalu
Meet my 20 year old turtle Happy!
I'm Sitting This One Out
3 bulan yang lalu
Don't Stand By Me
3 bulan yang lalu
Am I in the right place?
3 bulan yang lalu
Ralphie, get down from there!
I Met a Most Peculiar Man Today
4 bulan yang lalu
How bad do you want it?
4 bulan yang lalu
The Giant
4 bulan yang lalu
Walking through the Spooky Woods
Colonial Court Summons
4 bulan yang lalu
Sully 2: Central Park
4 bulan yang lalu
he just peed back there
4 bulan yang lalu
Tucker's Last Stand
5 bulan yang lalu
Two hot girls on a park bench
This is Jeff
5 bulan yang lalu
Doctor's Orders
6 bulan yang lalu
It's just table talk
6 bulan yang lalu
The Asteroid Belt
6 bulan yang lalu
Portrait of Some Guy on Fire
Psycho Mode
6 bulan yang lalu
The N.A.T.E. Method
6 bulan yang lalu
Oi, Captain!
6 bulan yang lalu
Are those your dogs?
7 bulan yang lalu
You're Already a Filmmaker!
7 bulan yang lalu
Pretend That You Love Me
7 bulan yang lalu
7 bulan yang lalu
Joel House
8 bulan yang lalu
The End of Dating:
8 bulan yang lalu
Guys: I miss dating. Dating:
Girls: I miss dating. Dating:
How I Make a Movie Alone
9 bulan yang lalu
Comedian Podcast
9 bulan yang lalu
I Made Over 150 Films in One Year
The Bounty Hunter
9 bulan yang lalu
The Open Road
9 bulan yang lalu
Forget About Everything for Awhile
The Petyrs
10 bulan yang lalu
You're Lucky I'm Horizontal
10 bulan yang lalu
Dirty Distancing (2020)
10 bulan yang lalu
r/Tinder in a nutshell
10 bulan yang lalu
Bortuga 2: Moretuga
10 bulan yang lalu
oh word?
10 bulan yang lalu
Tame Your Intensity
10 bulan yang lalu
Chizoba Okeke
Chizoba Okeke 10 jam yang lalu
Is he using a kitchen sifter as a pop filter on a mic? 😂
Babbbs 10 jam yang lalu
I'm not sure if you knew this, but I'm actually a filmmaker. I make films, and I post them on
Jake Dizzle
Jake Dizzle 10 jam yang lalu
First full length movie I watched from you Joel. Then saw there a more. Fuck yes
Master B
Master B 10 jam yang lalu
a game that randomizes which characters are evil and which are moral is actually a pretty good idea
joseph charles
joseph charles 10 jam yang lalu
This was a great clip. I was obsessed with that movie as a child and I've bought crack in a similar fashion. I don't smoke crack, unlike hoel javier. 😎
Dane H
Dane H 10 jam yang lalu
10:58 If this scene isn't just the most giallo shit I've ever seen, then I don't know what is.
Scrumptious Lettuce
Scrumptious Lettuce 10 jam yang lalu
Excellent writing. Reminds me of an English class I took with this kind of material
Josh Guz
Josh Guz 10 jam yang lalu
Wait this isn't Telemundo?
Hayden Shell
Hayden Shell 10 jam yang lalu
You forgot the part where they turn the drugs name into a famously known song
sodothehivesonhisleg 10 jam yang lalu
Joel looks pretty hot in this video tbf. Hair, nails and top on point
Handsome Saitama
Handsome Saitama 10 jam yang lalu
F for big guy
Monsieur Ducks
Monsieur Ducks 10 jam yang lalu
How'd you manage to get Liam Neeson to be in one of your videos?
brideofall unquietthings
brideofall unquietthings 10 jam yang lalu
Was entirely not expecting that.
IizUname 10 jam yang lalu
My roommate and his SO are toxic
Liam Kay
Liam Kay 10 jam yang lalu
Hey Joel I think you could turn the brightness on your phone down just a smidge and your eyes will thank you a little bit. Love the bios though, very seductive.
Dane H
Dane H 10 jam yang lalu
Yeah, you definitely are.This was incredible, Joel.
Steven Bailey
Steven Bailey 10 jam yang lalu
Don’t know what GrungeMetal is but I think I think I like it!
nasseq 10 jam yang lalu
I think the chimp was more witty
Parham 10 jam yang lalu
Oh man, this made me cry. it was great. I think the greatness comes from the amount of realism in it. I didn't feel like watching a movie, I felt like observing someone's life. It was the most honest, simple, and straightforward thing I've seen lately. It was very relatable also.
Zippity Zoop
Zippity Zoop 10 jam yang lalu
Do y’all know how he animates these
Rory Ross
Rory Ross 10 jam yang lalu
Only humane choice there at the end 😆
Grumpy Sega Tech
Grumpy Sega Tech 10 jam yang lalu
I borrowed fallout 3 from a friend and played for about 3 hours grinding for xp. Every time I killed anything I would leave the bottle caps because I didn't know it was currency. Anyway I get to the first town after like 4-5 hours of gameplay, realize bottle caps are money, took the disc out and never played another fallout game.
Christopher Oliver
Christopher Oliver 11 jam yang lalu
I checked my hand just to make sure
Rory Ross
Rory Ross 11 jam yang lalu
This remains fact, brilliant!
williamthehammer1 11 jam yang lalu
"Marshal has no moral compass, he is a rat" I don't know why but that line got me good! XD
Maxattack414 11 jam yang lalu
Shit, I almost forgot to watch this today.
Corban Allen
Corban Allen 11 jam yang lalu
I just found your channel the other day and I saw a few vids with your dad in them. He seemed like a great guy. I know it's been awhile since he passed, but I just wanted to say sorry for your loss. Love the channel :)
Claymo 11 jam yang lalu
This makes me miss acid
c luyk
c luyk 11 jam yang lalu
I’ve been binging your videos for about a week. I don’t recognize your friend here yet. He was really, really good in this. One of the videos I’ve appreciated most so far and so few views considering your rise in popularity. I hope more watch this.
c luyk
c luyk 10 jam yang lalu
@Joel Haver wow. well, that just makes it that much more interesting. Very cool. Thanks for the reply. Currently watching “forget about everything for a while”. Great work, man. Your locations are insane.
Joel Haver
Joel Haver 11 jam yang lalu
Adam is great! I actually met him the day we filmed this, I was visiting a friend at their college and got introduced. Our mutual friend was busy for an hour or two so we made this and became friends!
Nathan D
Nathan D 11 jam yang lalu
Made it to the end and it was beautiful 👌
Heru 11 jam yang lalu
hey can we be friends i don't have space for a best friend as i love my girlfriend with all my heart and soul and she will ultimately remain my best friend until my final days?
Mr. Boombox
Mr. Boombox 11 jam yang lalu
I just got an Alolan Raticate... Guess what I named it?
Grand-daddy Wilcox
Grand-daddy Wilcox 11 jam yang lalu
My name is Nathan and I drink milk... Yikes
Tyler Steele
Tyler Steele 11 jam yang lalu
Was that guy listening to "Blue" out loud in Central Park? While being filmed for something?
The Man Behind The Poggers
The Man Behind The Poggers 11 jam yang lalu
G R O N K 11 jam yang lalu
where is E tier
Charlie L.
Charlie L. 11 jam yang lalu
They added the giant i love this video
Landon Hagan
Landon Hagan 11 jam yang lalu
Marshall, how could you?
Macarite 11 jam yang lalu
Lmaoooooo Michael Myers = Mike Myers = Actor who played Shrek
Gabriel Luhman
Gabriel Luhman 11 jam yang lalu
this was awesome! absolutely going to sub!
Gabriel Maciel
Gabriel Maciel 11 jam yang lalu
It's really cool how you made more videos on this, but at the same time the first one is so incredibly above the two others. The first lines in the first videos have the best delivery imaginable.
Travis Marx
Travis Marx 11 jam yang lalu
I'd def buy the dog, I mean what a deal right?
Ginmhilleadh 11 jam yang lalu
No I just play drums and also have ADHD
James T. Well
James T. Well 11 jam yang lalu
Going through your backlog. This one needs more attention.
S.A.A. Miller
S.A.A. Miller 11 jam yang lalu
Can't wait for Playing an RPG for the third time!
King John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Un IV
King John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Un IV 11 jam yang lalu
monkeyboy441 11 jam yang lalu
I don't get it
Joops 11 jam yang lalu
3:10 he said his line like how captain america said "avengers assemble" in the final battle of endgame.
David 11 jam yang lalu
As a pen tapper, I just did it because I was bored, the only reaction I expected was annoyance lol
storm apparition
storm apparition 11 jam yang lalu
He said pop i see the midwesterness
Ashe 11 jam yang lalu
There's a Model on VR Chat for Huzzah Guy now
Simon Fournier
Simon Fournier 11 jam yang lalu
Consider me subcribeded.
Alexis Mann
Alexis Mann 11 jam yang lalu
It all makes so much more sense now
Malia Artikaika
Malia Artikaika 12 jam yang lalu
the amount of videos of yours I have saved to my favorites list, is $200
King John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Un IV
King John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Un IV 12 jam yang lalu
every pet ever
Renan Filipe Detoni
Renan Filipe Detoni 12 jam yang lalu
Gosh, those MTG cards with no shields...
Nathan D
Nathan D 12 jam yang lalu
That lonely bit was 👌
Aegris Blackthorne
Aegris Blackthorne 12 jam yang lalu
I refuse to believe that Timothy Olyphant didn't overdub the dude's lines
Falxie_ 12 jam yang lalu
This is art
Matt Z
Matt Z 12 jam yang lalu
Adventure... awaits *Que Avengers Theme Song*
Bruce8331 12 jam yang lalu
I expected him to move her hair to hide part of her face like that "sky girl next door" trope. But the glass fit too.
SageofCancer 12 jam yang lalu
The scream running is so accurate.. I always glide on the sound of my rage without moving my arms or legs.
B R U H 2021
B R U H 2021 12 jam yang lalu
Me: Watching this video while my brother is showing his cringy face lmaoooo
Amanda _
Amanda _ 12 jam yang lalu
proud to be the 39:th person to like this
Kaiser Hertzen
Kaiser Hertzen 12 jam yang lalu
but does it have feet pics....? that's the million-dollar question!
Carl 12 jam yang lalu
I know so.
Robert Sobe
Robert Sobe 12 jam yang lalu
Damn i feel called out
Rudimental 12 jam yang lalu
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Watch. Duke. Nukem. Meme. Videos.
Super Secret
Super Secret 12 jam yang lalu
As soon as I saw Scooby I fucking lost it omg!
Zoltoks 12 jam yang lalu
Is this animation done by rotoscoping? Or whatever that term is,
spoods 12 jam yang lalu
i am so confused wtf i just watched but i love it
dylanheimer 12 jam yang lalu
after watching "Pretend That You Love Me," this video hits hard. at first i thought this was just a silly sketch comedy but there's actually some real emotion and symbolism here. thanks for making some of the best content on this website Joel. rest easy Jack.
Cora Gillard
Cora Gillard 12 jam yang lalu
I am, in fact, better friends with my friend’s parents than I am with my friends themselves
Bioshockaholic 12 jam yang lalu
Hahahaha "Do girls...not like me?........Do girls do that??"
Butchmiester 12 jam yang lalu
Goran Novakovic
Goran Novakovic 12 jam yang lalu
Dániel Ferenczi
Dániel Ferenczi 12 jam yang lalu
IS it free though?
TheSaviorOfSouls 13 jam yang lalu
Not even a kiss scene Joel?! Youre slipping dude! You hire 2 models and dont even give us the classic kissing scene?! Unbelievable. Next thing youre gonna tell me is it was just you in a wig.
T_hat 13 jam yang lalu
i don't even know if this is acting at this point it's insane. Your doing some great work here.
Jeremy Park
Jeremy Park 13 jam yang lalu
A happy ending.