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Happy Holidays from VIZ!
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Asuma Sarutobi | Naruto | VIZ
Meet Naruto! | Naruto | VIZ
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Zabuza's Rage | Naruto | VIZ
dews on leaves
dews on leaves 11 menit yang lalu
Who thought it's one punch man villain
N07 27 menit yang lalu
Nice to see Team 7 fighting again. Naruto, Sasuke and Sasuke’s Sword.
Chill Sunset
Chill Sunset Jam Yang lalu
Val Torres
Val Torres 2 jam yang lalu
I ship lmao
RM_Re4l_Me 2 jam yang lalu
Englisch dub is so cringy.the way they say things is so awkward. imagine watching englisch dub
Sayyed Makhdoom
Sayyed Makhdoom 3 jam yang lalu
Heyy Dumbo....VIZMEDIA ...why are the Boruto Opening 8 Videos Hidden now silly Dog#hit is this ....?!?!?!?!?
crystal peaches
crystal peaches 4 jam yang lalu
oh there it is i finally heard illumi alexandre blaidyyd
ZERO 70 5 jam yang lalu
When boruto dubbed finished?
Floppy Bird
Floppy Bird 5 jam yang lalu
That Beacause of the video u showed him guys😂
Elizabeth Moreno
Elizabeth Moreno 6 jam yang lalu
The pimple video reminded me one of his manga chapters, in it a character pops his whole creepy face full of pimples at the same time ugggh creepy and gross
ayo mide
ayo mide 6 jam yang lalu
Its like flash and zoom teaming up
EDB 445
EDB 445 8 jam yang lalu
Jorge Alan
Jorge Alan 8 jam yang lalu
In this episode kyle Hebert dubbing the voice of Jugo
this could be chris lopez
this could be chris lopez 8 jam yang lalu
Infamous FH
Infamous FH 8 jam yang lalu
Quando voces vai dublar naruto shipudo
Nathan Petiza
Nathan Petiza 9 jam yang lalu
The last one was so hard
Caramel Cappuccino
Caramel Cappuccino 10 jam yang lalu
I love Matthew Mercer since he voiced Tygra. His voice is so😍
Cássia Souza
Cássia Souza 10 jam yang lalu
Boichi talks Korean. I'm so suprised
Santiago Gonzalez Ortega
Santiago Gonzalez Ortega 10 jam yang lalu
0:48 *if I do that I just break my spine with my legs*
Zo_e178 11 jam yang lalu
"Why is it always all about Sasuke?" Now thats nostalgia there
Dakota Parker
Dakota Parker 12 jam yang lalu
I’m fourteen as of a year after this video posted
アモルー久岡町 12 jam yang lalu
No one can take hisoka from me >:)
Adriel 12 jam yang lalu
We finally made it to this shows prime time-IM SO EXCITED 😆
dean boyzx2
dean boyzx2 13 jam yang lalu
Yo he made the spirals into a manga!
Austin Hemenway-Gross
Austin Hemenway-Gross 13 jam yang lalu
Who else pumping the iron to this 🏋️‍♂️
uzumqki 13 jam yang lalu
i love how you can hear naruto’s voice in her normal voice 😭
Lord Goku mod
Lord Goku mod 15 jam yang lalu
I love English dub you know
Josephine Rodriguez
Josephine Rodriguez 15 jam yang lalu
i watch it in japanese y’all don’t watch it in japaneseee!!😂
Frosty 16 jam yang lalu
Everyone gangsta until Principal Perry uses sexy justsu
Black Beast
Black Beast 16 jam yang lalu
uselessness left the chat
Darkdayzz 16 jam yang lalu
Imagine how OP sasuke would be if he had BOTH arms
Kucing Sedih {Jojo Fan}
Kucing Sedih {Jojo Fan} 16 jam yang lalu
Please make Boruto op 8 available ;-;
kelly travis
kelly travis 17 jam yang lalu
How does she even know that he's peeping through his fingers ?
Dark phantom _yeet
Dark phantom _yeet 17 jam yang lalu
i gottem all right yessir
GodyGodierGOD 18 jam yang lalu
I disliked the video because Vizmedia is the one who took Shinobi Life 2 down 😒😒
Lawrence Guilaran
Lawrence Guilaran 18 jam yang lalu
**When you puase the video but the music is still playing behind the door:**
hedge hog
hedge hog 18 jam yang lalu
She does. Look like. The. Female. V from cyberpunk 2077
jasvir deol
jasvir deol 18 jam yang lalu
GNAW FLOG 19 jam yang lalu
0:59: Fun fact: this song was created by the same people who made Blue bird in shipudden, also. in blue bird at the mark of 0:27, this same scene happened in this opening.
LordKingDucky 19 jam yang lalu
What if these 2 took the chunin in exams 🤭
Rafael Ángel Casalins Hernández
Rafael Ángel Casalins Hernández 19 jam yang lalu
This animation is better than anime
Leah Abraham
Leah Abraham 20 jam yang lalu
he is so fine tho
Tai Yo
Tai Yo 20 jam yang lalu
The crying soup man made me feel disturbed when I watch it the fact he didn't find it creepy or scary makes me...wonder....but also when I watch it rn I could feel why he laughed if u think about it from another perspective
Daniela Sarmiento
Daniela Sarmiento 8 jam yang lalu
What makes the video scary to me is definitely the backstory and sequel
Athul Bijukumar
Athul Bijukumar 21 jam yang lalu
Momoshiki: Putting his chains on Sasuke Sasuke: UNO Reverse Card No Jutsu
iris siri brachiosaurus
iris siri brachiosaurus 21 jam yang lalu
I watch this as asmr the scratching part
Sad anime AMV
Sad anime AMV 22 jam yang lalu
She is not Naruto😑just because you do the English voice over doesn’t make you the original naruto
Aryan Choudhary
Aryan Choudhary 22 jam yang lalu
They are chilling in ending 15 and killed Naruto in Ch 54 That's bad
coopercop 23 jam yang lalu
I feel like he will make a lot of stories after this experience
Алина Сарбасова
Алина Сарбасова 23 jam yang lalu
0:36 My favorite moment.🚬🗿
SpiritWave Sage
SpiritWave Sage 23 jam yang lalu
I have been here many times..
Res Orbz
Res Orbz 23 jam yang lalu
I hope there is a lot of episodes..not just 26 episodes but a lot of episodes😍😍😍😍please😘
Introverted Potato ツ
Introverted Potato ツ 23 jam yang lalu
That’s scary
Giulia Robert Alex
Giulia Robert Alex 23 jam yang lalu
bruh sasuke would be so much more stromger if he hade his other arm
Spear Hero
Spear Hero Hari Yang lalu
I recently purchased a bug bulky book containing the whole collection of Junji Ito. Time to give myself nightmares
Mac Hodgdon
Mac Hodgdon Hari Yang lalu
Remember when naruto was so scared of zabuza he couldn’t even move? Now that’s character development
Raizel Estrama
Raizel Estrama Hari Yang lalu
I love Jigen/Shiki & Code
MORTAL GAMER X Hari Yang lalu
This is a copy of naruto openings
Uchiha Kaneki
Uchiha Kaneki Hari Yang lalu
“It isn’t about how the anime airs,but it is about how the anime ends” -Jiraiya,who has seen boruto anime
Crazy _Balla
Crazy _Balla 18 jam yang lalu
TheSalientBuoy Hari Yang lalu
the believe it at the end i love it
Bola Kampung
Bola Kampung Hari Yang lalu
Make it to 1M views guys
Kira Queen
Kira Queen Hari Yang lalu
Столько отсылок на Наруто, а песня просто классная
Gojek Satoro
Gojek Satoro Hari Yang lalu
This ending is underrated. It deserves 1 Million views
Dante Hari Yang lalu
Naru blue bird was better than this sorry boruto
samuel gaming YT
samuel gaming YT Hari Yang lalu
a message those haters you hated the wrong anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan99 Hari Yang lalu
I cant wait to see what will happen in future !!!!
Siko Hari Yang lalu
Anyone old Pokemon fans here
MGLTeam GRAV Hari Yang lalu
watch closely do u guys remember dis scene 0:15 ans: NARUTO OP6 How about this scene 0:58 yes it is from naruto op3 only naruto true fan will know
Channel JG
Channel JG Hari Yang lalu
He is the best
NineOneEight Hari Yang lalu
Do a full version please
Tumi Slapz
Tumi Slapz Hari Yang lalu
wow i got the most intense feeling of nostalgia watching this :,)
Pratibha Salve
Pratibha Salve Hari Yang lalu
Enusier Hari Yang lalu
1:00 bro this is blue bird reference lmaoooo
Bailey Ray
Bailey Ray Hari Yang lalu
Junji Ito is just a sweet, kind and polite man who loves to haunt your every waking moment until you slip into horrendous nightmares with his art and writing. And I have so much friggin respect for him, he's why I wanted to be a mangaka ever since i was a kid
DIEther KILLian
DIEther KILLian Hari Yang lalu
3:28 and that my friends is how long a Mangaka's pencil should be
MrTox Hari Yang lalu
jet smith
jet smith 19 menit yang lalu
@Sukuna Akuma same its not available in my country too but when i download vpn tomato its working and now i can watch boruto op.
Sukuna Akuma
Sukuna Akuma 2 jam yang lalu
Does it get over 1mil yet? I cant see cuz suddenly it aint available in my region
Arc Fire fist Hawk
Arc Fire fist Hawk Hari Yang lalu
IamNotSeng BG
IamNotSeng BG Hari Yang lalu
This is why naruto is so cool 0:37
anime girl
anime girl Hari Yang lalu
Just wait till boruto unlocks his mark fully it wil gross in internet in the top😄
me if luke doesnt return for hajimari
me if luke doesnt return for hajimari Hari Yang lalu
kinosaw kinoman