korming 23 jam yang lalu
Ok, I'm pleasantly surprised. Haven't rolled my eyes once at anything stupid or cringy in the first episode. Plot moves at a good snappy pace and no time wasted on boring exposition. This is a promising start. On to ep2!
لجين نور
لجين نور 23 jam yang lalu
المسلسل روووووعه
Dj Juan
Dj Juan 23 jam yang lalu
yo estava por llorar sorry le dice anna que se valla
أّلَإسِـلَأّمً أسِـأّسِـ أّلَحًيِّأّةّ
أّلَإسِـلَأّمً أسِـأّسِـ أّلَحًيِّأّةّ 23 jam yang lalu
1:48 يببب انطيه ايدچ بليزززز 😭😭 2:38 يبببب اسمحيلله الللهه علييچچچ 😭😭😭 4:10 ييييسسسسسسسسسسسسسسس بموووووووتتتتتتتتتت و أخيرااااااااا گلللللللللووووششششششش 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥💞💞💞💞💞
hehheheeheh no
hehheheeheh no 23 jam yang lalu
both lady qiao and king ling are pathetic.... I pity them 😒
Yujin Toho
Yujin Toho 23 jam yang lalu
Pero que @#$$ministro de mi##$ 😠😡🤬
Augustin 23 jam yang lalu
am i crying?😭
odila 23 jam yang lalu
Good one all the good one okay there was too much okay have a great day a great night
Mansi Pilankar
Mansi Pilankar Hari Yang lalu
Please send me in Hindi
Ma Ria
Ma Ria Hari Yang lalu
When you already watch The Untamed for a couple of times in a diffrent apps and decided to go to youtube just to read comments and realized we have all the same thoughts knowing I’m not alone 🤣😂😅
SAKER SAKER Hari Yang lalu
this the best end ever its nice story love
Tunge Hari Yang lalu
That fricken office boy wants somebody to slap off his head 😠, fricken gossiper Omg am soooo f**king agitated and piiiised cause of the aunt!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡 Like I want to f**king slap the shit our of her my god man she is so eviiil!!!!😠😡😠😡😡😠😠
danielle lu
danielle lu Hari Yang lalu
Ugandan music الشهراني
Ugandan music الشهراني Hari Yang lalu
Wow this is the best ending of c drama have ever watched wow am so satisfied with this..... cheers to the writer of the drama with those romantic kisses leading to lovely twins.....😍
Merkhucy Hari Yang lalu
I really ² hate the attitude of the side girl
刘川枫 Hari Yang lalu
真的好会演 之前尝试很多相关教程,很多都不靠谱,而且f.cp46.cn/tfr2计数方式一直没摸透,这个播放量计数真的很诡异.今天刚找到个新的工具,比较干净
Gloria Gomez
Gloria Gomez Hari Yang lalu
Por favor en español
Nguyễn Dung
Nguyễn Dung Hari Yang lalu
Có ông kia dô ổng sợ mất cái tỏ tình liền 😂
員少霞 Hari Yang lalu
jordi qiu
jordi qiu Hari Yang lalu
arkadaki horoz
arkadaki horoz Hari Yang lalu
2:40 no weiying he’s so happy right now that nothing could bother him
Jie Zhou-krehling
Jie Zhou-krehling Hari Yang lalu
杨参谋长 不简单啊, 徒手抓 两大老爷们, 腻害呢。。
Carol Davis
Carol Davis Hari Yang lalu
Shadowgirlm 64
Shadowgirlm 64 Hari Yang lalu
Tang San getting angry actually scares me a little, it makes me worry he’s actually going to kill everyone
Ovani B.
Ovani B. Hari Yang lalu
She looks so much like Luhan to me
Ah Lin
Ah Lin Hari Yang lalu
Oh his smile
X Z Hari Yang lalu
Maria Tina
Maria Tina Hari Yang lalu
Lin Yi 😭
Ah Lin
Ah Lin Hari Yang lalu
Waiting for this episode
林民洛LAM MAN LOK Hari Yang lalu
LechugaWith Lav
LechugaWith Lav Hari Yang lalu
Me dió tanta pena Xue Yang :( le tenía afecto a Xiao xingchen
Homkumari Katwal
Homkumari Katwal Hari Yang lalu
the carrot scene😂
Nur Syifa
Nur Syifa Hari Yang lalu
Ah Lin
Ah Lin Hari Yang lalu
Please upload more bts clip
Ah Lin
Ah Lin Hari Yang lalu
Aww so sweet
silver dragonian
silver dragonian Hari Yang lalu
l love his majestys reaction to old hag about the coffins and stuff lol nice
Amrita Yipsam
Amrita Yipsam Hari Yang lalu
Curly gao Nene Zhang yifan
春天 Hari Yang lalu
TerLol Hari Yang lalu
must be me but Jingyi's profile reminds me of Gong Jun 👀
SHreya Sarkar
SHreya Sarkar Hari Yang lalu
This ep should be named pain
Tablet Pc
Tablet Pc Hari Yang lalu
How come there is no more continuation of the imperial coroner? Am watching how nice the story is a detective story.....
39:57 it is good to see bad people afraid😊
Marilyn Bergh
Marilyn Bergh Hari Yang lalu
I'm enjoying this drama
Diana Huerta
Diana Huerta Hari Yang lalu
Her friend is so fake like bruh your "best friend" wouldn't do that like she had the audacity to be like "expose you if don't forget about the money I owe you"😱
Minh Vu
Minh Vu Hari Yang lalu
57:20 I live his smile 😍😍😍
Jennie Kpop
Jennie Kpop Hari Yang lalu
I Will miss it😭😭😭😭😭
Weibin Zhen
Weibin Zhen Hari Yang lalu
Yean Sophanna
Yean Sophanna Hari Yang lalu
Title of the song plz
Kulsum Alif
Kulsum Alif Hari Yang lalu
da fuk was the very last sentence? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 i cant wait aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Betzabe Condori Estalla
Betzabe Condori Estalla Hari Yang lalu
Alguien está viendo en 2021 👇
22 11
22 11 Hari Yang lalu
Amaya Gonzales
Amaya Gonzales Hari Yang lalu
Nooo estoy llorando
Swostika Baral
Swostika Baral Hari Yang lalu
Some one plz recommend me some drama I can't find good one
Yujin Toho
Yujin Toho Hari Yang lalu
Que lindos todos y que decir de gordo todo tierno🥰🥰🥰 El príncipe 2 y el 1 ministro son ☠️@#$
Yaogen Jin
Yaogen Jin Hari Yang lalu
emma Hari Yang lalu
Por favor traduzcalan al español latino escribo desde Colombia me gustó mucho la serie es muy hermosa le doy un 💯 💯💯😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Merkhucy Hari Yang lalu
I hate their teacher they have a side feeling between their student ... And that girl with a long hair
Tolulope Jesulaja
Tolulope Jesulaja Hari Yang lalu
Please where can I read the novel of this movie
SHreya Sarkar
SHreya Sarkar Hari Yang lalu
Ugh I just wish they showed WWX and JC getting back together as brothers. People tend to forget JC was also there for WWX at a point when no one was, he also always believed in WWX until he couldn’t control the flute and his sister died. Like JC has lost almost everyone as well and he lost WWX too and always searched for him and when WWX did return he was different n had changed yet he was with him. It’s just sad seeing such a good brotherhood go to waste
Rachel Nogueira
Rachel Nogueira Hari Yang lalu
Lindinha! Estou apaixonada por ela...Parabéns ,já virei sua Fã💋💖
Carrie Lim Khai Li
Carrie Lim Khai Li Hari Yang lalu
Jarin Tasnim
Jarin Tasnim Hari Yang lalu
24:24 flashbacks of flashbacks
X Factor
X Factor Hari Yang lalu
Que papelón hace dong hua en este capítulo son todos muy buenos es una gran serie
Maria Arriagada
Maria Arriagada Hari Yang lalu
Gracias ❤nunca me canso de verla
Junkook Kim
Junkook Kim Hari Yang lalu
المسلسل جميل جدا 😍😍
SUSI _NIA Hari Yang lalu
Belén Ruiz
Belén Ruiz Hari Yang lalu
this episode is so cute my god🤧❤️🥺
Arlette Espinoza
Arlette Espinoza Hari Yang lalu
Estoy bien emocionada aunque no le entienda 😂😂😂♥️😽😍😘
Kinnisten Reachney
Kinnisten Reachney Hari Yang lalu
hahahah. he is charging
bangtanholic Hari Yang lalu
Me at the end of every episode: Okay I'm gonna sleep after this one Ep End : 🙂🙂🙂 And its gonna be 4 am now 🙃
Tasnima 123
Tasnima 123 Hari Yang lalu
Him and the present FL (not Lin Miao) are like siblings.
Chen Kyra
Chen Kyra Hari Yang lalu
1:26 "but i want to live a peaceful life with you" and 1:33 thats luo bing he's "dream" that they were talking about
Nemuri_Nezumi Hari Yang lalu
that reaction to fairy was way way WAy over the top xD
NG ZUN NAM Moe Hari Yang lalu
谁想吃千玺的 香蕉
Janz Ramos
Janz Ramos Hari Yang lalu
So exciting,i really love this drama,thank you From Philippines.
Nicoleta Negoita
Nicoleta Negoita Hari Yang lalu
Wow Amazing !
love bts forever
love bts forever Hari Yang lalu
I have no fucking clue of what's going on
bark _ sho sho
bark _ sho sho Hari Yang lalu
انا التعليق العربي هنا🙂💔مسلسل جميل