MeMeme ok
MeMeme ok 7 jam yang lalu
Lingardhino the greatest
Ahmad Suffian Ismail
Ahmad Suffian Ismail 7 jam yang lalu
I have watched this 20 times it is so funny. The weather?
Melz Rose
Melz Rose 9 jam yang lalu
I from malaysia and I love England.. because we are commonwealth country😊
Martin Nevey
Martin Nevey 10 jam yang lalu
Sunday league maguire. ..
Kayla-Jayne Drylie
Kayla-Jayne Drylie 11 jam yang lalu
What every keeper thinks in pro football : it’s my job to overreact when saving the ball
Diah Saraswaty 03
Diah Saraswaty 03 12 jam yang lalu
10:54 kicky ups 😂
Reno 12 jam yang lalu
7:33 that was awkward 😬
Rashad Taylor 15
Rashad Taylor 15 13 jam yang lalu
What’s wrong with his hair line
DeNFlix 15 jam yang lalu
Such a fantastic era for itfc, bobby robson cooper beatie wark mariner burley osbourne gates mills osman muhren thijsen butcher brazil talbot geddis, happy memories when i was 11-12yo
Ciaran Mitchell
Ciaran Mitchell 16 jam yang lalu
Would be great to see Lingard get called up to this squad next year.
Elis Davies
Elis Davies 17 jam yang lalu
Anybody know the name of the presenter here ?
B.o.b Gipps
B.o.b Gipps 17 jam yang lalu
The mumble😔
Saffron 18 jam yang lalu
You can actually hear Lingard's scouse accent leaking occasionally
Anton Hoffemeister
Anton Hoffemeister 21 jam yang lalu
he isn't faster than rashford
DarkbyDesign 21 jam yang lalu
I hope he crushes it and England can get another star in my life time! We came close in 2018 and congrats to a France on their second star!!
S.R.A Surapaneni
S.R.A Surapaneni 21 jam yang lalu
Y'aight Neymar, Sunny iññit?
PROSLY TV 23 jam yang lalu
Mahn he could have joined Real Madrid or Chelsea but he stayed loyal to Liverpool!
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 23 jam yang lalu
My all time team: Buffon Maldini Cannavaro Nesta Thuram Zidane Lampard Gerrard Messi Ronaldo Ronaldo (Brazil)
NEYMAR JR Hari Yang lalu
I was the 5 000 like
Evan Critchley
Evan Critchley Hari Yang lalu
Curtis Jones has one of the highest potentials of that squad he looks a serious player. Goalscorer, finesse shot on lock, great dribbler, keeps the ball well and seems to have a great attitude. EA are gonna regret that one in the coming years.
George Usher
George Usher Hari Yang lalu
These ratings are shocking, how is hudson odoi a silver
Jamie Tasker
Jamie Tasker Hari Yang lalu
This guy is a pure legend
Elliot Cringe
Elliot Cringe Hari Yang lalu
marcus is so cute
Nab by
Nab by Hari Yang lalu
VAR would have said that was a goal
AhmetA M
AhmetA M Hari Yang lalu
We beat Iceland 1-0 in the nations league
Hüseyin Güneş
Hüseyin Güneş Hari Yang lalu
Azerbaycan'a yapılan zulüm idpost.info/clone/video/m6mTyLyGzZ_CrsY
Yeshika Jimo
Yeshika Jimo Hari Yang lalu
Where is Wayne Rooney?
roy octa
roy octa Hari Yang lalu
Masih gua pantau
Oogway Fanbase
Oogway Fanbase Hari Yang lalu
She has to go blud
Kurnia Setiawan
Kurnia Setiawan Hari Yang lalu
Goal without process
Kermitt McDermott
Kermitt McDermott Hari Yang lalu
yoo , neymar sunny innit😂
Pier Bentsura
Pier Bentsura Hari Yang lalu
Hay más posibilidades de que juegue por Inglaterra que por la selección peruana
Edilson Sandoval Quena
Edilson Sandoval Quena Hari Yang lalu
rocket league
Gabi Hari Yang lalu
ai que delícia rever esse jogo
keshlin n
keshlin n Hari Yang lalu
Let's be real Jadon doesn't sound like how he looks 🤣
Jeriel Morales
Jeriel Morales Hari Yang lalu
I would love to train with these guys at least once in my lifetime😔
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hari Yang lalu
on the big four players which has become a joke over the last few years. This big four mentality need to stop!!!
Транс Аэро
Транс Аэро Hari Yang lalu
Кузьмичи с животами уничтожают профи.
Dale Steel
Dale Steel Hari Yang lalu
All leeds players got screwed by fifa
jay flangan
jay flangan 2 hari yang lalu
i would love to see henderson start as i am a man utd fan and he deserves his chance
Mo Mojammal
Mo Mojammal 2 hari yang lalu
England Cricket Love England Football Love England Country Love England Cricketer Stokes Boss England Player Dvid beckum Boss
Anonymous 2 hari yang lalu
anyone else notice that the ball at the start is an AFL ball
bitch is sexy
bitch is sexy 2 hari yang lalu
Czech is best im from Czech republic
WhiteArrow Scott
WhiteArrow Scott 2 hari yang lalu
“Y’alryt Neymar, sunny innit?”
DJ.11 N5
DJ.11 N5 2 hari yang lalu
Why is Nketiah on the thumbnail???
pacifique muyumbu
pacifique muyumbu 2 hari yang lalu
normaln'd 2 hari yang lalu
man ad a lickle race