Neeraj Nj
Neeraj Nj 20 jam yang lalu
Bro it was clearly intentional..Luka should've been clever at choosing a better location to land his punch
Natalia Southerland
Natalia Southerland 20 jam yang lalu
Skip is narrating a Tim Tebow 30 for 30 right now🤣!
Slim Hardaway
Slim Hardaway 20 jam yang lalu
"Its Myyyyyyy Turn" 😂
AM W 20 jam yang lalu
No surprise, Shannon hating on Tebow. So shocked...🤦🏻‍♂️🙄
Jason Shampansky
Jason Shampansky 20 jam yang lalu
Shannon looks visibly angry in this segment 🤣 who cares, Tebow will probably be a good player for Jacksonville and a good locker room guy but this is Trevor Lawrence’s team and I’m predicting them making the playoffs at 9-8
Corey henley
Corey henley 20 jam yang lalu
I don't see the problem stop hating on another man bag cause that what they doin at the end of day its not like they just picked up some random guy walking outside the stadium if he got a shot big deal
Youtube Censorship
Youtube Censorship 20 jam yang lalu
Skip with a rare W
Cory Fields
Cory Fields 20 jam yang lalu
All this hate for Tebow
Mithica 20 jam yang lalu
These comments did not age well.
Anti Venom
Anti Venom 20 jam yang lalu
But dez Bryant or kaepernick can’t get a job? Caucasian privilege at its best. No hate but we all know what this is if we’re being completely honest
Tyese Johnson
Tyese Johnson 20 jam yang lalu
Skip is officially in a state of dementia
Steven Gao
Steven Gao 20 jam yang lalu
U know, I thought skips takes were pretty decent other than when it concerns lebron. Now I know I’m wrong
SM Taylor
SM Taylor 20 jam yang lalu
As much as I love Tebow, they should’ve hung on to the point Shannon made - Tebow should’ve accepted the trade to Jacksonville from Denver!!!
Lord DarkArtist
Lord DarkArtist 20 jam yang lalu
"Its my turn" = fast foward
Joe Kent
Joe Kent 20 jam yang lalu
Racism at is best .. white privilege, kap take a knee and he cant get a job and tebow get a call wow this is just wrong... 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
the one
the one 20 jam yang lalu
No matter what sport if skip doesn’t have a real case he will bring up the college stats
BlackAdam INJ1-2
BlackAdam INJ1-2 20 jam yang lalu
Jaguars + Tebow= desperate
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 20 jam yang lalu
Geechee Sean
Geechee Sean 20 jam yang lalu
Maaaan look at Shannon face while skip talking... Shannon keeps destroying Skip
Wesley Fields
Wesley Fields 20 jam yang lalu
Man! This Tebow guy can jump off the couch and play in the NFL?! Unreal.
Jay_ 12
Jay_ 12 20 jam yang lalu
@#StandYourGround how many years ago was that
#StandYourGround 20 jam yang lalu
Ya, he beat Mike Tomlin in the playoffs
Jimmy Early
Jimmy Early 20 jam yang lalu
This is the worst take I've ever seen from skip lol
William Smith
William Smith 20 jam yang lalu
Fairly sure there were more deserving journalists who would love to host a sports show but because Shannon played he got an opportunity.. see how that works? If Tebow sucks they will cut him.
Juan J Andujar
Juan J Andujar 20 jam yang lalu
Tell him Shannon
Darlington Obi
Darlington Obi 20 jam yang lalu
This is strange
Lucy 20 jam yang lalu
What in the world... :/ Hispanics don't even know what to do.
Ss Ss
Ss Ss 20 jam yang lalu
Trevor Lawrence will be the one coaching Tebow how to play, not the other way around lol
Viet-Tuan Nguyen
Viet-Tuan Nguyen 20 jam yang lalu
This is a blatant white privilege lol
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 20 jam yang lalu
"he didn't know 'em" - 😭😭
Sam Swain
Sam Swain 20 jam yang lalu
Skip bayless when u argue that Tim Tebow is a good qb I don't wanna listen to u talk about anything anymore cause I can't take u seriously smh
marquis watson
marquis watson 20 jam yang lalu
Stay off the drugs skip. You know it's for ticket sales
Jason Rahman
Jason Rahman 20 jam yang lalu
If Aaron has a bad game, it's his fault. Tom Brady plays bad it's always everyone but Brady's fault. Skip Bayless logic.
Santiago Ortiz
Santiago Ortiz 20 jam yang lalu
If Trevor Lawrence gets hurt and Tebow comes in Skip’s head will explode 😂
Nicholis Ross
Nicholis Ross 20 jam yang lalu
Skip should be ashamed!!!
litework P
litework P 20 jam yang lalu
Tebow getting high off Jesus...
darrell Jones
darrell Jones 20 jam yang lalu
Urban better sign Percy too lol
ADG 20 jam yang lalu
Skip spitting 10 year old facts.
Brandon Stowe
Brandon Stowe 20 jam yang lalu
White privilege point blank period.
Shelton Armstrong
Shelton Armstrong 20 jam yang lalu
A.D. Owens
A.D. Owens 20 jam yang lalu
Tim Tebow on special teams for the first time In his life.
ZxTreme Gamer
ZxTreme Gamer 20 jam yang lalu
His college years were so long ago skip
bruno ruvalcaba
bruno ruvalcaba 20 jam yang lalu
It’s never been of what you know, It’s who you know🤷🏻‍♂️ Sad But True
jokatech 20 jam yang lalu
The Tebow bashing was extremely nonsensical and made me lose a lot of respect for Shannon. The way people pull hatred for Tim Tebow from out of the universe is amazing to watch.
Elio Perlman
Elio Perlman 20 jam yang lalu
They will be fine
PatrickStarfist 20 jam yang lalu
Urban Meyer loyal to his guys and Tebow is one of his top guys. Millions of people got hired from through connections. Didn't Shannon give a speech how being connected can get you more opportunity a while ago?
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 20 jam yang lalu
This is why skip loses his credibility because he blindly defends people he likes no matter how ridiculous the circumstances are smh.
Kadeem Thomas
Kadeem Thomas 20 jam yang lalu
Someone lost an opportunity for Tim Tebow😒
seville101 20 jam yang lalu
Does this mean Kapernick will come back as a runningback in 2024?
Sidney Jackson
Sidney Jackson 20 jam yang lalu
He should've fought both of them on the same night.
mrmagic0229 20 jam yang lalu
Rico Gathers was drafted by the Cowboys out of Baylor university…played on their basketball team. This isn’t new.
BABA YAGA 20 jam yang lalu
Uncle Shannon speaking FACTS!!!!!
ifoif esw
ifoif esw 20 jam yang lalu
people need to understand shannon’s perspective. he was a 7th round pick grinding for a roster spot. imagine if shannon got drafted this recent draft. he could potentially lose a chance to make the team because a guy just conveniently wants to come out of retirement and will get a leg up because he knows the coach. it’s unfair. tebow is unqualified compared to the athletes that have been grinding to become a NFL TE
David Secker
David Secker 20 jam yang lalu
"They did it to themselves" 🤣said with a straight face. As if they scored in their own basket
Stephen Okawa
Stephen Okawa 20 jam yang lalu
I defended Tebow many a time but he’s done nothing to earn this.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 20 jam yang lalu
Sounds like Shannon is salty lol
Yellow Cake
Yellow Cake 20 jam yang lalu
Them young boys are going to hurt that old man
maxpopdeath 20 jam yang lalu
If clowney is such a game changer why was he a flop in Tennessee?
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 20 jam yang lalu
Y'all know Tebow is a different animal... Good leadership ... Good sign
Stephen Okawa
Stephen Okawa 20 jam yang lalu
He had one good stretch. I don’t doubt his leadership skills. But Shannon is right: no one is going to listen to this guy in the locker room. The man had his time. And it was eight iPhones ago
Skutta Skutta
Skutta Skutta 20 jam yang lalu
At this point skip is built on nonsense, if he likes you he will spill nonsense to help you… if he hates you he will spew nonsense to diminish you it’s really funny at this point..
Stephen Okawa
Stephen Okawa 20 jam yang lalu
It’s what narcissists do. Maximize errors and minimize accomplishments.
L Shaped Demon
L Shaped Demon 20 jam yang lalu
Skip: Are you finished yet? Shannon: I'm finished. Skip: Oh Good. Its my turn! 😂😂😂
Quail Banks
Quail Banks 20 jam yang lalu
When Lebron comes back he is gone be 🐐 uppercase
J Rock
J Rock 20 jam yang lalu
Shannon Sharpe is one of the biggest haters on tv
43DW 20 jam yang lalu
This might be one of the most interesting Off seasons in a while
zell 20 jam yang lalu
Hearing Shannon say someone is addicted to fame is the epitome of hypocrisy. Shannon is obsessed with the internet and his followers
Srivatsav Yaddanapudi
Srivatsav Yaddanapudi 20 jam yang lalu
Darius Leonard lickin his chops as Tebow comes over the middle, but fr as a Broncos fan I am happy that Tebow is back in the league doing something as his comebacks actually brought me into the game but again, them linebackers and safeties are licking their chops
#StandYourGround 20 jam yang lalu
he’s a big boy, strong Florida boy.
Live Love Life
Live Love Life 20 jam yang lalu
Shannon comes off as a hater
Noony 20 jam yang lalu
Shannon shook he know Tebow bout to move him down that Greatest TE list 👀
Stephen Okawa
Stephen Okawa 20 jam yang lalu
10 year, 1 trillion Dollar contract
Dubrea Sanders
Dubrea Sanders 20 jam yang lalu
That's a great joke bro lmao 🤣🤣
Joe X
Joe X 20 jam yang lalu
Jesus how many chances will these people give one of their own??
Stephen Okawa
Stephen Okawa 20 jam yang lalu
It might have less to do with race than it does with $$. All those Evangelicals who got butthurt about kneeling will be drawn back in.
bonymac23 20 jam yang lalu
And keep in mind colin kaepernick still hasn't been signed
Righteousgenius 1990
Righteousgenius 1990 20 jam yang lalu
@Naytster14 after he hasn’t played in 6 years, don’t matter what he did he shouldn’t have got the chance
#StandYourGround 20 jam yang lalu
hasn’t played pro football in 5 years. Let it go, he sucks.
Open Minded
Open Minded 20 jam yang lalu
"But hE haSnT PlaYeD in tHe lEagUe iN yeArS!"
Naytster14 20 jam yang lalu
Tebow actually showed up to his scheduled tryout without a camera crew
Mac P
Mac P 20 jam yang lalu
i remember skip tweeting that tebow would have a game winning drive this year in a game for broncos instead of drew lock (i think it was the broncos)
John Pestano
John Pestano 20 jam yang lalu
this is some BS dude hasn't played in 9 years and he gets a opportunity just like that bc of his relationship with Urban Meyer talk about bias.
DreyGames 20 jam yang lalu
When you hear that patented skip "it's my turn!!! 😂
55giantsfan22 20 jam yang lalu
Tebow kneeling before it was cool
steve clapper
steve clapper 20 jam yang lalu
So? He either can do it or he can't.
Surge Kratos
Surge Kratos 20 jam yang lalu
Tim Tebow is the manziel that actually got the league lmao. Guy loves the fame and being an pro ath but does he love ball?
parnell saint preux
parnell saint preux 20 jam yang lalu
Skip would take Tebow over Aaron Rodgers to win a Super Bowl and also in clutch situations.
Pittd t C
Pittd t C 20 jam yang lalu
White Privilege
Jerome Marshall
Jerome Marshall 20 jam yang lalu
Skip boy is back. "All he do is win"
Erixoz 20 jam yang lalu
Both are exciting players to watch.