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pageperpage 6 jam yang lalu
Hey Ryan, what's wrong with admitting feelings are hurt? There's a long line between whining vs expressing one's own feelings, regardless of age, gender, race.
Newguyontheblock 1
Newguyontheblock 1 6 jam yang lalu
Local legend wait a min... local legend? Within whom the sheep community?
Angel Pacheco
Angel Pacheco 6 jam yang lalu
oh man how I missed u guys!!!!
Shrish Shankar
Shrish Shankar 6 jam yang lalu
Ghosts are just a big confirmation bias
Summer Watson
Summer Watson 6 jam yang lalu
What if the kids were in the dirt covered basement? Did they ever check?
dumb kid who knows to much
dumb kid who knows to much 6 jam yang lalu
Man: don’t taunt them Shane: u mean taunt them
Nimisha Singhal
Nimisha Singhal 6 jam yang lalu
no one: literally no one: not even a single soul: le shane: acts possessed because the demon was not able to do it and shane didn't want to hurt it's feelings. shane has a golden heart
Dragoon V
Dragoon V 6 jam yang lalu
I know I'm late to the party here, but did anybody point out that Margaret Gibson actually confessed to the murder on her death bed?
Takisch Keana
Takisch Keana 6 jam yang lalu
I sneezed
Jack Bragg
Jack Bragg 6 jam yang lalu
Besides the murders he sounded like an genuine dude
SMITHW 6 jam yang lalu
Hey guys why don't you go Google the difference in the amount of mass shootings from the Obama administration and compare them to the Trump administration. It's very very very telling.
Almost Shawn
Almost Shawn 6 jam yang lalu
Person: I found human remains! Doctor: I don't think those are Amelia Earhart's, so let's just toss those in the trash.
Mia G.
Mia G. 6 jam yang lalu
To the 5.2K who gave these guys thumbs down.. 'BOOOOO YOU FUN SUCKERS' These guys are awesome :)
Chewiii 6 jam yang lalu
Do you think one of the P.P. Posse members watch this and laugh??
susan xD
susan xD 7 jam yang lalu
Q Min Potato
Q Min Potato 7 jam yang lalu
"Don't say we're wet"
Jo 2k06
Jo 2k06 7 jam yang lalu
Well it can’t happen when you don’t celebrate Christmas 😂
Jim COOK 7 jam yang lalu
How in the world did he dump bodys off the i55 bridge and not be seen?
Obsessed Fan
Obsessed Fan 7 jam yang lalu
18:30 It sounded like it legit said "don't leave" Before he turned it off
Brayton Ryan
Brayton Ryan 7 jam yang lalu
Y’all crack me up every time I watch y’all. Doesn’t matter if I am working and listening or watch on a late night after drinking. Especially Shane (whose hair is great, btw). So wish I hadn’t binged so many true crime episodes because now I find myself counting down the days left until the next new one is released.
Amna Hammad
Amna Hammad 7 jam yang lalu
I am not exactly a ghost believer but just imagine if the whole time they were talking to themselves or something. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣😂😅
Team In10sive FTW
Team In10sive FTW 7 jam yang lalu
D.B. Cooper survived, and spent the $200k in creating a company named 'IMDb' 😎
Bob Hulsey
Bob Hulsey 7 jam yang lalu
In the Old West, "He needed killin'" was a valid defense.
BathRobes Inc.
BathRobes Inc. 7 jam yang lalu
Bro you guys should spend a month in that house see what happens
shamono kayler
shamono kayler 7 jam yang lalu
*she fought the mothman*
Jackie Watson
Jackie Watson 7 jam yang lalu
So sad! Without religion she'd have had nothing to fear or anyone to torture her
O.N.E - Online Natural Education
O.N.E - Online Natural Education 7 jam yang lalu
I think it’s more likely she was working with another person, she was probably compromised, took the pills, then the other individual burned her remains.
SomeRandomFangirl 7 jam yang lalu
Jackie Watson
Jackie Watson 7 jam yang lalu
She obviously had schizophrenia caused from her formative years of indoctrination. 'Religious Dogma Syndrome' is now recognized as a real mental disorder
Nimisha Singhal
Nimisha Singhal 7 jam yang lalu
calling someone insane in front of shane is the funniest thing i have ever heard
RydiBoi AgaggahHAhaha
RydiBoi AgaggahHAhaha 7 jam yang lalu
5:05 dude lowkey looks like steve jobs
Stevie Lee
Stevie Lee 7 jam yang lalu
Around the 45:47 mark .... top/ mid left hand side, spotted an orb.
Ruby Bailey
Ruby Bailey 7 jam yang lalu
I was thinking that maybe they're just a bunch of copy-cats in different countries, but then seeing how the other panthers help one another to help their group break out of prison seem like it's more of a closer group :3 Also, if you steal an art or a diamond, would you be able to sell it though? Wouldn't they know that it's stolen goods? I don't think they steal to keep. And I guess they would sell it in dark webs or something but that means the one who buys them still can't display ... right?
ahana edith
ahana edith 7 jam yang lalu
Papas Reyes
Papas Reyes 7 jam yang lalu
You guys should cover the disappearance of Brian Shaffer.
Roman Hall
Roman Hall 7 jam yang lalu
Anybody else miss Shane saying “see you at the movies” over Ryan at the end lol
Sunlight Shadow
Sunlight Shadow 7 jam yang lalu
Shane: hunt me ghost Ghost: well i don't wanna do this now. Thank you for ruining my chance
farrahyazid 7 jam yang lalu
youre friend just like me i was doing joke if i go to haunted house
shownuscroptop 7 jam yang lalu
ryan sits like an anime girl
Lintang Ayu
Lintang Ayu 7 jam yang lalu
this is chaotic i love it
sbkna 7 jam yang lalu
Shane actually looks like a burglar by Daniel Stern from Home Alone
PJ KICKS 7 jam yang lalu
When Robert Stack left I left.
dan sagran1
dan sagran1 7 jam yang lalu
4:50 he kinda cute tho 👀
Deneesher Pather
Deneesher Pather 7 jam yang lalu
Matching shoes.
Savannah Belanger
Savannah Belanger 7 jam yang lalu
“Yeah, we’re gonna go through some stuff, I feel it coming” Shane? 👀👀👀
dumb kid who knows to much
dumb kid who knows to much 7 jam yang lalu
Annabelle is scared to go out because of Shane
Shut da hell up
Shut da hell up 7 jam yang lalu
8:44 "Yep that's a ghost" had me rofl 😂
LlamaBull 8 jam yang lalu
Who do you call ghostbuster..... Shane: Lemme introduce myself!
Unhipsnow633476 8 jam yang lalu
Damn phasmophobia irl 😳
Jewelry 8 jam yang lalu
petition for shane to cut his hair
Dice Mega
Dice Mega 8 jam yang lalu
Tell us something we don't know. This is all stuff they want us to know.
Lucas Delaney
Lucas Delaney 8 jam yang lalu
Because the guys have started up their own channel now, is the BuzzFeed side of things at an end with now, or are they doing the unsolved and true crime part time here and there, or better yet, are they transferring it all over to their new show? (But with less travel etc due to new budget)
Allison Mccormick
Allison Mccormick 8 jam yang lalu
I can totally understand skepticism however, I can no longer watch these videos because of how disrespectful Shane is being. It’s not funny.....
Sana Vafaie
Sana Vafaie 8 jam yang lalu
i like snakes
Adam 8 jam yang lalu
Squirt is great! Shane, have you had the Ruby Red Squirt?
Lisa 11:11
Lisa 11:11 8 jam yang lalu
Which goes to show you "panic" is alive and well. 😝
JackofAllSpadess 8 jam yang lalu
So why haven't they set up a camera in the kids room or anything like that? Or a microphone? It's simple actions like these not being taken that really makes me doubt the stories. Because if they wanted to find proof they're more than capable in our modern age. That being said, it makes for great content.
Emma Norton
Emma Norton 8 jam yang lalu
9:28 "Whitney sharted"
imhoooks 8 jam yang lalu
:Me laying down for bed: Let's see what's on IDpost Well time for coffee won't be sleeping now
Randall Nied
Randall Nied 8 jam yang lalu
I think they were referring to a death mask, not like a wearable mask... 🤔
Nostalgia Digital Film
Nostalgia Digital Film 8 jam yang lalu
i have watched this episode more than 10 times hahahahaha for some reason i love this episode..... mothhhhhh mannnnnn hahahhaha
Adela Hogarth
Adela Hogarth 8 jam yang lalu
Bath-hurst. You got Jenolan Caves and Goulburn right. What's weird, as a Sydneysider (same state as containing Bathurst and Jenolan Caves), I didn't even know about this story.
Nostalgia Digital Film
Nostalgia Digital Film 8 jam yang lalu
who else think mothman is the inspiration behind the JEPERS KREPERS movie?
Sam TropicsTM
Sam TropicsTM 8 jam yang lalu
Diamond A. Washington
Diamond A. Washington 8 jam yang lalu
The Bermuda triangle is one of the gateway to hell portal! 👀🤷🏾‍♀️😅🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️
TheMusicPpl 8 jam yang lalu
I loved that opera sequence. 😭
samantha schull
samantha schull 8 jam yang lalu
shane amping ryan up is my life juice
Paul Carpenter
Paul Carpenter 8 jam yang lalu
This is the movie with Gerald butler
Signe White
Signe White 8 jam yang lalu
I was just trying to watch buzzfeed unsolved at 2am on a school night, i didn't ask to be reminded of my number 1 celebrity crushes death. im gonna cry now
Nimisha Singhal
Nimisha Singhal 8 jam yang lalu
shane and the cameraman are the most brave men i have ever seen. whereas ryan is acting like a normal guy
JewelTears 8 jam yang lalu
So this guys adopted Dad was basically "the cheerleader"s father from Heroes
A Huffman
A Huffman 8 jam yang lalu
It surprises me that they left out a popular theory: The laziness of the perpetrator being explained away by the fact that the poisonings were a coverup. The poisonings of strangers being used to cover up the annihilation of the Janus family, conducted by the scorned and often bullied brother, Hugh Janus.
Boo Jag
Boo Jag 8 jam yang lalu
Was that really rhythm Ryan?
Christopher Bates
Christopher Bates 8 jam yang lalu
Ryan farts like my dog. He looks confused 🤯
jill sommerville
jill sommerville 8 jam yang lalu
Too much talking
Gouri Khede
Gouri Khede 8 jam yang lalu
Let me leave it here we are there they were trying to save a mermaid Who they was a woman drowning . It’s possible isn’t it!
Tea Spill
Tea Spill 8 jam yang lalu
Shane looks like a french hipster lmaoo
TheRockerProject -
TheRockerProject - 8 jam yang lalu
Hmm what if they’ just get caught smuggling some drugs? And aren’t given any media Or maybe they run into some 400ft waves 🌊 👀