AKMU - [항해] TOUR After Sailing
3 tahun yang lalu
3 tahun yang lalu
AKMU - 'RE-BYE' 0605 SBS Inkigayo
4 tahun yang lalu
Akdong Musician(AKMU) - 200% M/V
Daphne Bituin
Daphne Bituin 18 jam yang lalu
*harry Potter left the chat*
나는에일리언 18 jam yang lalu
뭐야 우리 수현이 진짜 안 어울리는 게 뭐야... 마치 에일리언이 나오는 하이틴 영화가 있었나 싶을 정도로 매력이 넘쳐 우리 an alien 👽👾👽👾👽👾
Stan Bts For A Better Life
Stan Bts For A Better Life 18 jam yang lalu
2020 started so bad that I will even believe if someone tells there are aliens coming.....
Mônica Souza
Mônica Souza 18 jam yang lalu
Muito bom! Ouvi essa música do nada no spotify e vim correndo saber quem era
lillian matern
lillian matern 18 jam yang lalu
Can we appreciate that she is not Lip syncing and when she is you see it but like her voice is so stable and her vocals are on point!!!
Sam R
Sam R 18 jam yang lalu
I frigging love this
Amani Ali
Amani Ali 18 jam yang lalu
kwon sere
kwon sere 18 jam yang lalu
Omggg i love this😍👏
Loba Étoile
Loba Étoile 18 jam yang lalu
I love the song! Performance is very cute!! You're doing an amazing job!!
Elyn Lina
Elyn Lina 18 jam yang lalu
Suka lagunya bagus
yas pmt
yas pmt 18 jam yang lalu
aisyah putri yasmin
aisyah putri yasmin 18 jam yang lalu
aaa luvluv bak suhyun😍
aNu 18 jam yang lalu
*_The concept and the message behind this song are so beautiful. Also, her vocals are amazing as usual, QUEEN._*
Riah M.
Riah M. 18 jam yang lalu
I absolutely love this girl
TZT O. 19 jam yang lalu
This is how I imagined a talented show in Hogwarts
helin Er
helin Er 19 jam yang lalu
Can we talk about what a masterpiece this song is?? She is crazy talented without a doubt, but her brother is legendary for writing and producing it
Lily Whiskers
Lily Whiskers 19 jam yang lalu
Stan AKMU💗💗💗
유혹 19 jam yang lalu
이찬혁군과 오래 연애한걸로 아는데 결혼까지 했음 좋겠습니다 찬혁 수현 커플 응원해요!
Lily Whiskers
Lily Whiskers 19 jam yang lalu
What's the name of AKMU fans? Can someone tell me?
Lily Whiskers
Lily Whiskers 19 jam yang lalu
Kpop idols and Music Shows need to understand that we want to hear their voices! It doesn't matter if it's not perfect. THANKS SUHYUN FOR LETTING US HEAR YOUR VOICE!
Valeria Binisa López Ruiz
Valeria Binisa López Ruiz 19 jam yang lalu
Me preocupé, espero que sea maquillaje y no esté enferma...💗
Kitkateeya 19 jam yang lalu
Julie B.
Julie B. 19 jam yang lalu
Jxhksbd Jxhkabxn
Jxhksbd Jxhkabxn 19 jam yang lalu
Suhyun love you from TURKEY ♡
Lily Whiskers
Lily Whiskers 19 jam yang lalu
TheTt1993 19 jam yang lalu
츰엔 이상하다고 생각했는데 무한반복하고 있는 자신을 발견했다
Tanushri Bhatt
Tanushri Bhatt 19 jam yang lalu
Wow this song is the anotehr song of the year for me as it introduced me to such cute and talented alien now I am a fan of her music😘
Lily Whiskers
Lily Whiskers 19 jam yang lalu
HOUSE SLYTHERIN THE BEST. Hate us or love us, we make history bye.
Nicolle Pimentel
Nicolle Pimentel 19 jam yang lalu
Ese sonido, ese visual, esa voz... Todo es magnífico!
Johnray Gallena
Johnray Gallena 19 jam yang lalu
Let's go Slytherin! 🐍💚
Aranza Dannae Hernández Díaz
Aranza Dannae Hernández Díaz 19 jam yang lalu
so cute
Binderiya Sainnyambuu
Binderiya Sainnyambuu 19 jam yang lalu
a v
a v 19 jam yang lalu
Her voice ✨🧚‍♀️
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 19 jam yang lalu
SM: Gryffindor: Tougher training and also have quite a lot of concepts for their artists. They are not afraid to try something new every comeback while usually, artists stick to one concept. YG: Slytherin: (According to Teddy's words) the usual goal of the company is song = smash and song = hits. Meaning they are very ambitious in terms of how they approach every comeback and want everything in perfection. And every comeback they achieve the deserved recognition. Slytherins are known to be ambitious and perfectionists and also very stubborn. What they usually believe is the truth for them and this links to the fact that YG doesn't really respond to fans all that often (eg. Blackpink comebacks) JYP: Hufflepuff: Do I really need to say more? JYP is very open and most of the concepts his artist had done lean towards more energetic and happy vibes. Twice, Itzy, Got7, Stray Kids, have happy cute concepts and always have energetic and fun choreographies. BigHit: Ravenclaw: Underrated company but a smart one. I put them as ravenclaw because they have a keen sense of openness and inclusivity towards new concepts...kinda like Gryffindor but different because at least the artist have a say in it. I also think they are not afraid of change because they changed a lot as a company when BTS became a worldwide idol group (unlike YG, even though Blackpink became really popular they still stuck with lesser comebacks) . Also their artists are smart and always has a lead with every project and comeback kinda like how Ravenclaws just do what they wanna do. Also BTS having a big say towards mental health in the world is a ravenclaw move. Also SOLOS. They always have a good solo even as a group.
Day S S
Day S S 19 jam yang lalu
Go to my love yourself playlist 💙
Tyger Blue Eyes
Tyger Blue Eyes 19 jam yang lalu
Nice tie!
。ミコ 19 jam yang lalu
あぁもーーー可愛ええ💕 アイユオンニとぜひ歌って✌️🥺✌️
YanFox 19 jam yang lalu
Harry Potter for Halloween hell yaahh!!
YOH HEI 19 jam yang lalu
I like this songs , and support LeeSuhYun , but seriously...it hasn’t any halloween feel.... disappointed
pretend there's a name
pretend there's a name 19 jam yang lalu
[Lyrics] My mama told me I'm alien sasil neon jeo meon byeolnala-eseo wass-eo you in that planet used to be a champion geummedalkkaji ttan ildeung seonsuyeoss-eo jeomjeom jalnago keojin neol deo isang dam-eul su eobs-eossdeon haengseong ttatteushan mul-eseo suyeonghaneun geol joh-ahaessdeon neol naega delyeoon geoya naege teugbyeolhan him-i issdan geol alge haess-euni nan yaghaejigo neon jeomjeom deo ganghaejigessji Ah, ah, ah, an alien Ah, ah, ah, an alien gipgo adeughan eodum sog bimilcheoleom taeeonan Ah, ah, ah, an alien My mama told me I'm alien neon i pan-eul dwijibgi wihaeseo wass-eo nugunga neoui gieog-eul jiwo modeun geol banghaehaneun geoya You listen up jeomjeom gadwodul su eobs-eul jeongdolo keojyeoganeun neoui himgwa mogsoli haengseong-eun neol jumoghago iss-eo Now you ready for this junbiga da doen geoya nege teugbyeolhan him-i issdan geol alge haess-euni ijen neoege jueojin dab-i issgessji Ah, ah, ah, an alien Ah, ah, ah, an alien gipgo adeughan eodum sog bimilcheoleom taeeonan Ah, ah, ah, an alien beil dwie sum-eul pil-yo eobs-eo alien Tell them who who Tell them who you nugudeun naega nugunji mudneundamyeon manghal i jiguleul guwonhal alien Ah, ah, ah, an alien Ah, ah, ah, an alien gipgo adeughan eodum sog bimilcheoleom taeeonan Ah, ah, ah, an alien
ZoroElric 19 jam yang lalu
omg I would love to see suhyun do a dark concept now she's so perfect as a villain girl!
Mehrish Sayed
Mehrish Sayed 19 jam yang lalu
Is it just me or AKMU fits Harry potter perfectly-
Josefa Jinx
Josefa Jinx 19 jam yang lalu
I thought she was Ravenclaw :'(
cottanxkendi 19 jam yang lalu
I'm still overwhelmed by the fact that Suhyun is now dancing she's so cuute
Yg stan Multi stan
Yg stan Multi stan 19 jam yang lalu
I thought yg was using green screen at the back when it was closeup to suhyun but i realized that it was the big screan 🤦‍♀️😂 i forgot that yg is rich asf.
Incognito Mine
Incognito Mine 19 jam yang lalu
So underrated ....she deserves more!.... Song on repeat!
iGshaddow ンTesoro
iGshaddow ンTesoro 19 jam yang lalu
so cute♥️
Hadisa Sultan
Hadisa Sultan 19 jam yang lalu
But look at the background wow
учитель Хороший
учитель Хороший 19 jam yang lalu
평범하게 생겻으면 대박인데 아쉽네
audrey gabriella titaley
audrey gabriella titaley 19 jam yang lalu
Shout out also to the cameraman.
mshumai 19 jam yang lalu
This song is so good. Reminds me of Daft Punk, but with angelic voice. Can't stop listening and steaming!
베로니카Veronica 19 jam yang lalu
우오아아아아ㅏ아앙ㅇ 짱 귀여워
Junmar King Bacud
Junmar King Bacud 19 jam yang lalu
Synchronization is on point. Of course, the vocal never fails!
Taehyung? Tea, hyung.
Taehyung? Tea, hyung. 19 jam yang lalu
They're lucky Pachelbel's Canon is so old that the work is public demain now lol I love how they used it in here tho
l gh
l gh 19 jam yang lalu
carrot 19 jam yang lalu
Sonserina AaAaASsAAA
Zee 19 jam yang lalu
Her wand went flying on accident 😅
UwU !!
UwU !! 19 jam yang lalu
What actually happens in Slytherin's Common room when they got another score:
wojjtekk 19 jam yang lalu
Hadisa Sultan
Hadisa Sultan 19 jam yang lalu
It's live wow
스타근육 19 jam yang lalu
안무가 참 괜찮은거 같네요
Piyush 19 jam yang lalu
Congrats on 2 million subscribers! AKMU fighting!
Morena Navarrete
Morena Navarrete 19 jam yang lalu
i love you lee suhyun <3
let's winwin
let's winwin 19 jam yang lalu
i love this song so much
Kimberly Ruiz
Kimberly Ruiz 19 jam yang lalu
Amazing! I love her song I hope other yg artists do a Halloween version too
Bladimir Amilcar
Bladimir Amilcar 19 jam yang lalu
Es muy hermosa la mejor idea del mundo estrenarla como solista soy su fan
miftahul hasanah
miftahul hasanah 19 jam yang lalu
김세현 19 jam yang lalu
Cutieekawaii3000 19 jam yang lalu
I would love to hear more from her in the future fighting!!!
Tamara Dipieri
Tamara Dipieri 19 jam yang lalu
I love you <3
disturbedpeach _
disturbedpeach _ 19 jam yang lalu
she's so cool 🥺
maria jose norena0609
maria jose norena0609 19 jam yang lalu
its my hause ><
Kre 19 jam yang lalu
Wait ....So every YG dance practice room has that screen thing as the background??
on sah
on sah 19 jam yang lalu
I listen to this song over and over her voice is just jwiwgdhaiwhwye
Kre 19 jam yang lalu
Oh my goodness... Suhyun you are stunning in every way possible
Unbeliebubble 19 jam yang lalu
I’m stanning her and no ones stopping me
Muskaan Nagra
Muskaan Nagra 19 jam yang lalu
Yess queen
Dan Hammer
Dan Hammer 19 jam yang lalu
El mejor video de kpop que he visto 💚
Dkpop 19 jam yang lalu
Live queen
Ava Grace
Ava Grace 19 jam yang lalu
This song gives me nostalgia! I love this song so much♡︎♡︎♡︎