Jackie Saturno
Jackie Saturno 8 jam yang lalu
Uh... You know what... He Just left :]
Billy 9 jam yang lalu
Pulse the new custard confirmed? 4ks and simping?
You are Mad
You are Mad 9 jam yang lalu
3 years later
Water Malone
Water Malone 9 jam yang lalu
perfect casting, her voice gave me goosebumps everytime kassandra walks into battle
Jack Fox
Jack Fox 9 jam yang lalu
I still think WD1 was the best of the series 🤷🏻‍♂️. Being about to start a mission only to find out you're being hacked by another player was a game changer back then and it would have been great to see that type of overlapped game modes now (SP + MP) in Legion too. These game modes shown are too "meh"...
Johnny Gatt
Johnny Gatt 10 jam yang lalu
Wtf?! More bullshit Nerfs on the defenders and more unnecessary buffs for attackers. Talkin bout make it more balanced for attackers. Attackers were always a step above especially with their weapons.
_ 10 jam yang lalu
Oh comon that cliffcatch at the end is soooo dramatisch but will never happen cuz tatcher and sledge are not on the Same site .... and they whould never fight each other
ImJustADog SoYea
ImJustADog SoYea 11 jam yang lalu
it will be alot easier if u could kill the albion boss with someone like for the guys who are getting started with the game.
BlackWipeout 11 jam yang lalu
you nailed with this new game ;)
Phantom_R6S 11 jam yang lalu
Yea this game was a disappointment, then again it's Ubisoft.. can't blame them
AyCorbin 12 jam yang lalu
"As good as me" lol
Random Russian
Random Russian 12 jam yang lalu
don't tell me you guys are reworking outback, i love that map
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 12 jam yang lalu
zelda ordered on wish
ShyNy 13 jam yang lalu
Kali or Ash?
REYAD EFTY 14 jam yang lalu
Release data
xzxvn 14 jam yang lalu
darak612 14 jam yang lalu
People still played this? Zzzzz
BЗ4ЯЬ0ЙЁ5 15 jam yang lalu
Imagine Twomad seeing this
Gibby Grimyer
Gibby Grimyer 15 jam yang lalu
proceeds to make light-spam even less blockable
Haritha Dilshan
Haritha Dilshan 15 jam yang lalu
Phantom Raider87
Phantom Raider87 15 jam yang lalu
I wish all my classes where like this
Bola Blanco
Bola Blanco 15 jam yang lalu
Porfa goly soy tu fan vean mis videos porfavor:(para poder aprender a editar y subirlos mejor
The Deputy
The Deputy 16 jam yang lalu
I’d like to see the black tusk try it. 2500 rounds a minute will take care of anything.
Dimon04 16 jam yang lalu
When you will give us Beyond Good and Evil 2 Release Date and Gameplay?
user name
user name 16 jam yang lalu
Lauren Platts
Lauren Platts 16 jam yang lalu
The only thing that would make this better is Michael Ironside
Sir Longshanks, The Longshank!
Sir Longshanks, The Longshank! 16 jam yang lalu
Fabián Muñoz
Fabián Muñoz 16 jam yang lalu
Just... i would like they bring back night maps...
Fresh !
Fresh ! 17 jam yang lalu
Good times
Veto 1440
Veto 1440 17 jam yang lalu
Everyone yells at me when in kali too
Sitzkrieg 17 jam yang lalu
ahhh why cant we get a bloody combat DLC
Meme God
Meme God 18 jam yang lalu
I'm glad we got a release date
Super Duper Paratrooper
Super Duper Paratrooper 18 jam yang lalu
This has gotta one of the best Siege trailers. I love every single second of it. Beautiful work Ubi.
Anthony Mazzella
Anthony Mazzella 19 jam yang lalu
Never fear death
Little Pepega
Little Pepega 19 jam yang lalu
Zero should be able to run through walls too
MydoggieSativa 19 jam yang lalu
I still can’t believe that this game was made 3 years ago.. the graphics.. the setting.. the story the game is a masterpiece I mean it’s one of the best damn games I played
Helen Planas
Helen Planas 19 jam yang lalu
Hau Spencerhau
Hau Spencerhau 19 jam yang lalu
Ha, nice version of cod rcxd
Uberphat 20 jam yang lalu
did you just say youbee and not oobi ?>!?!?!
Lawrence Reichert
Lawrence Reichert 20 jam yang lalu
AC Remake? AC Black Flag Remastered? Only two i need to be out!
Snaky Puppet91
Snaky Puppet91 20 jam yang lalu
I want them to do a Canadian one... just a thought
Hegemonia Legions
Hegemonia Legions 20 jam yang lalu
Anno 1800 is by far my favorite game in the series, and I've played them all since Anno 1602. The 19th century is the perfect setting for the series and you've really done amazing things with the dlc for the game.
The ClockWork Insomnia
The ClockWork Insomnia 21 jam yang lalu
Siege: These are the best of every military in the world Also siege: what’s clearing a room
Twenty 8
Twenty 8 21 jam yang lalu
Moment of transparency for the devs/ubi to answer: Did the ban hammer during the damage glitch days help or hurt the current state &/or future of this franchise?
Nicole John Tahup
Nicole John Tahup 21 jam yang lalu
2021 this trailer still amazing.
Leah's Moto videos
Leah's Moto videos 21 jam yang lalu
I really hope they bring out a reboot
Mukuro6993 21 jam yang lalu
This character, Asmae. Can she be any cringier in dialog? She is not talking like sales-person-trying-to-sell-me-on this-live-service-game enough! She sounds like one of those "THE REAL PEOPLE NOT A PAID ACTORS" kind of character. I like this game ubi but you are making it harder to do it just by promocional materials... WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
Joel Danielsson
Joel Danielsson 22 jam yang lalu
I fell asleep after watching this trailer lol
Rudy Jackson
Rudy Jackson 22 jam yang lalu
This trailer is Alexios as lead. However, I think Kassandra as lead fit is better - the script, character’s interactions, compassion, and story arc fits a female protagonist. Plus, Alexios as Deimos fits “hand-and-glove” as the ruthless and unstoppable villain profile. Much like how Darth Vader (Alexios as Deimos) carries out the sinister agenda of Emperor Palpatine (Cult of Kosmos).
Joshua Ortiz
Joshua Ortiz 22 jam yang lalu
Kinda boring
William Martinez
William Martinez 22 jam yang lalu
Where are the community managers? I have not heard from anyone on IDpost in a year?
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 22 jam yang lalu
Love the game but many of the puzzles are literally luck due to the physics you use. I've got 5 friends who own this game now and they all agreed that many of the puzzles are frustrating due to shoddy physics. Fix it
FLAME GOD 22 jam yang lalu
What’s next medieval assassin’s creed or Roman assassin’s creed
legion 23 jam yang lalu
it's been 7 months; is it too much to ask for a bit of gameplay??
Barok Michael
Barok Michael 23 jam yang lalu
Its 2021, but I still can't stop watching this!
SmithOnMe Hari Yang lalu
When will operators start looking like spec-op/ swat again?
Minion Hari Yang lalu
aaron Hari Yang lalu
The campaign is already fun so imagine online CAN'T WAIT
Michał Mórdas Żyliński
Michał Mórdas Żyliński Hari Yang lalu
Wait, I Just realised that the man who is speaking at the beginning is Aelfred of Wessex