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Jovial da Lopez & Andovi da Lopez X Bryan Furran X Ferry Irwandi X Sarah & Osi X Leyla Aderina
Di sketsa Dovi & Jovi terakhir ini, da Lopez bersaudara (Andovi da Lopez & Jovial da Lopez) membahas tentang kalimat yang diutarakan 5 tahun yang lalu oleh Jovial da Lopez. Apakah pernyataan IDpost Lebih Dari TV itu benar?
Dan hari ini tanggal 24 Februari adalah ulang tahun kajo.
120 hari lagi sampai dengan 24 Juni 2021.
Terinspirasi oleh film Social Dilemma di Netflix.
Instagram: @andovidalopez @jovialdalopez
Business Email:
No copyright infringement intended. Love you All.

Boby Sumarwiyoko
Boby Sumarwiyoko Bulan Yang lalu
ASLI! Menit 22:02 - sampai akhir benar-benar ENDING yang bikin MERINDING!!! Angkat topi buat semua yang ada di video dari mulai Andovi, Jovial, Sarah, Osi, Bryan, Ferry dan Leyla. GOOD JOB!!!
ཬཐཊዕཏཋར 7 hari yang lalu
B aja, kalian aja yg telmi dasar lemah
stfu you bitch motherfucker
stfu you bitch motherfucker 8 hari yang lalu
Ga sabar nunggu kalian bener2 tutup channel. Semoga dipercepat.
Hendra 9 hari yang lalu
@YOM KIPPUR WAR - ISRAEL 777 iya jin.
Hendra 9 hari yang lalu
Gila bener merinding,. Kata kata IDpost LEBIH BAHAYA DARIPADA TV
Marvin Yohanes
Marvin Yohanes 11 hari yang lalu
Gila ending nya
Fadhil Ilman
Fadhil Ilman 50 menit yang lalu
Pantek paja koo 🤣🤣🤣
Didi Fabanyo
Didi Fabanyo 9 jam yang lalu lebih dari TV..thanks Andovi inspiration for us..TOP
Fathan Jaya
Fathan Jaya 9 jam yang lalu
Dan algoritma ini jg bekerja pada instagram,tiktok dll..
H0K 4G3
H0K 4G3 13 jam yang lalu
gua kesini cuman pengen lihat bryan
Yonatan C
Yonatan C 17 jam yang lalu
Gue gk tau bro konten lu bahasa apaan
naufal Mahdy
naufal Mahdy 17 jam yang lalu
Yt old
Alvin Tv
Alvin Tv 18 jam yang lalu
#youtube lebih berbahaya dari tv
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Yahh 🤟
AR 19 jam yang lalu
Nonton 2x:)
Murka Bna
Murka Bna Hari Yang lalu
Konci..... ol
cholid habibby nosya
cholid habibby nosya Hari Yang lalu
Bahaya juga ya Kalau Pemerintah megang satu konten kreator yang terkenal. Pasti di Sayang2 tuh, sampe nikahannya pasti di hadiri president tuh. Ehm.....
cholid habibby nosya
cholid habibby nosya Hari Yang lalu
Padahal gue di suruh om om botak buat belajar algoritma, bingung
cholid habibby nosya
cholid habibby nosya Hari Yang lalu
"bukan urusan saya" is dangerous
Star7 Hari Yang lalu
pengetahuan gua auto 📈📈📈📈
waris winandar
waris winandar Hari Yang lalu
anj#ng lah tombol like nya cuman 1 biji doang. 🤜🤜 salut buat semua yg terlibat pada pembuatan karya ini. 👍👍👍
Ramadhani Al Khair
Ramadhani Al Khair Hari Yang lalu
3:06 kan emang dah di search, yaa pasti munculnya amazing
KADIKO Hari Yang lalu
08:09 - 08:23
Senahoy Ayay
Senahoy Ayay 2 hari yang lalu
Half-assed translation. Some of the words are left in its original words. GGS video opening IDpost IS MORE THAN TV [0:26] Andovi : Why (do you) watch GGS, that were uploaded five years ago? Jovial : Andovi, soon, we'll leave IDpost. From all the video we made; Modus, Bucin, and a lot of other videos, there is a sentence that still stuck in Kajo. Andovi : What (is it)? Jovial : IDpost is more than TV, is it true? WATCHER/NETIZEN [1:07] Jovial : Andovi, do you still remember, our 'Pamit' video yesterday? Ferry : Checkmate! Irwandi : Dih! This Skinny, said want to stop (from being a YTuber), (but) then still uploading video! Ferry : Ini nih, watch video until its thumbnail only. They already said, (they'll) stop on 24th June 2021. Read it, please. The literation. If you want to be haters, at least use your brain. Please watch the right video one day. Irwandi : Why do you make a fuss, huh? I'm free to choose what kind of video. As if you already watched the right video (N : This is a ridicule). Ferry : What a blockhead. Irwandi : Huh, I'm a blockhead? It's you who are a blockhead! Irwandi : Here, Skinny is a global elite. Bill Gates, Rothschild, Skinny! 24 is a devil number! Ferry : What a nonsense. Oh, I know. You don't believe Covid, do you? Irwandi : Of course I don't. As if you believe Covid (N : Again, this is a ridicule). Ferry : What a *****. Andovi : Wait, what's the relation between that story with IDpost is more than TV? And since when Kajo speak Minang (language). Jovial : Sabanta Andovi. That's the Minang word for "Wait a moment, Andovi." Our society is more polarized. Andovi : Ok, Kajo lebay. Ok, polarization, polariza-. Ah! Is this a physic lesson? Jovial : Take your HP, now. Check Google. Type in Google. Google has auto complete. Type "veganism is". Andovi : Why do we debate about veganism again? Yes, Andovi is a vegan, Kajo isn't. Let's we don't debate about this again, Kajo. Andovi is tired. Jovial : This isn't a debate. Just type it. Type that, "veganism is". Andovi : "veganism is"? Jovial : Yeah. Jovial : "veganism is dangerous". Andovi : Andovi got "veganism is amazing". Andovi : That's why Andovi and Kajo always have different opinion and always debate about this. Ah, that's dangerous, but. But Kajo lebay, there are only two of us that have different opinion and bickering about this. Ah, impossible. No, no, no. Jovial : Are you sure, it's only two of us?
Senahoy Ayay
Senahoy Ayay 2 hari yang lalu
CREATOR [13:28] Naruto : Are you ready, for "Epic Kite Battle 2"? Sasuke : Of course, I born for this. Father : Hey, what are you two doing? Naruto : Father, I'm in creating a video. Father : Father has read group news in WA (WhatsApp), that IDpostrs are rich. You created a lot of content, but you didn't become rich. Naruto : I create video just because I want to, Father. Father : Son of a *****! Try to make a content that will be trending. If you're famous, our family would have advantage, too. S****d. Naruto : Father's wrong. I will show that I can. This is my Ninja's Path. Sasuke : Hey, wait Naruto. If you think about it, your father has a point. Naruto : What do you mean? Sasuke : Yeah. We should go trending, to make ourself famous and a lot of money. Let's make easy video instead! Yesterday (when) we made kite battle video, editing, shooting, (it costed) 2 weeks, bro. It's tiring! Naruto : But there are a lot of people who like it! Sasuke : But that isn't trending, is it? We better make easier video that will be trending. Naruto : Then, how? Sasuke : Just look at article that your father showed. We follow their style. Naruto : But that are their style, not our style. Sasuke : But if (we) want to trending, (we) cannot do our style. People1 : Detached kite! (N : Kite has two major parts, the kite itelf and the spool of thread which kite attached with. It detached either near the kite, near the spool of thread, or along within the thread) People2 : It's mine, sir. People3 : Grunting. People2 : Yes sir, here. People3 : It's mine! Grunting. Bryan : Welcome to exclusive interview. I'm Bryan Furran with facts that aren't known before. My guest star today, that you all already know, that are being talked in social media. Let's we meet, Madam Layang. Bryan : Madam Layang, how are you feeling after being touched by a lot of people? (N: Pardon, but that's just a few of people) Layang : Uhm. Let's start the shooting, sir. My name is Leyla Layang, I'm around... Bryan : Are all of that planned? Layang : I'm not finished yet, sir. Of course all of that are planned. To make the video trending. So it must be planned, all of this. Bryan : What does it feel like to be detached? Layang : Yeah. what kind of detached first, sir? There are detached love, de... Bryan : Detached from thread, I mean. Layang : Oh, yeah. The thread is already been detached, it's about kite life. Especially children who are playing me harshly... Bryan : Is this the lowest point in Madam's life? Layang : Of course it is, sir. I used to be at the sky. Why am I at the ground, now? Sir, can you give me the mic? I'm still talking, sir. Please the mic. Huh, the mic, not the camera, sir. Why give me a close-up, sir? I need the mic, not the close-up. Please make it go away. Eh, it's not you, sir. I mean, the mic. Yeah, ok sir. So, I feel like... Ouch, sir! Ouch, the AC, sir, please. 24, low dry. Bryan : Is there anything that want to be clarified? Layang : There isn't any. Ugh, whose hand is this? Ugh... (I) don't want, don't like (it). Geloy (N : Could be understood as ticklish-disgusting, imo). Eh, why do you laugh, sir? I'm not joking. I don't like drama, sir. Bryan : There is (a drama, isn't it?) Layang : There isn't any, sir. I already said it. Bryan : Come on. Madam. Layang : Ugh, why are you pushy? I don't like drama, sir. Bryan : There is (a drama, isn't it?) Layang : There isn't any. Bryan : I heard that Madam is in a relationship with thread. Layang : Of course no. Bryan : Is it true? Layang : What? What a lie coming from media. Ugh, whose hand is this?! Bryan : Without Madam knows, let's we meet, Thread! Layang : Eh? Which thread is it? Bryan : Oh, I'm sorry, Madam. We already spooled the thread. Layang : Like minority who are spooled. (N : I use 'like' to describe 'emang(nya)') Naruto : Wow! The video shooting is fast, easy, and get #3 on trending, too. Sasuke : What did I say? If we follow algorithm, we will be trending. Get more money, our family become happy. Father : Bryan! Thank you, Bryan! Naruto : What kind of drama today? Sasuke : A new drama. Naruto : Ohhh... [18:42] Andovi : Ok, Andovi understands. This isn't fully creator's fault. That means algorithm is evil. Jovial : Algorithm isn't evil, Andovi. Andovi : Huh?! Jovial : Algorithm only wants Andovi watch as long as possible. Unfortunately, algorithm can't tell apart between good thing and bad thing. [19:06] Ferry : Okay, but you want to be vaccinated, right? Irwandi : Of course not. Heh, vaccine. Ferry : Why not? Irwandi : Chips. Open up your eyes. This pandemic is global elite's scheme. When we're vaccinated, in our blood we will be planted chips. So we can be controlled. The culprit, who is it if it's not Bill Gates. Ferry : Where do you get that thinking, huh? Irwandi : IDpost! What do you want? Ferry : Listen, same with Black Death, same with Spanish Flu, this pandemic need vaccine for 70% of our population have Herd Immunity. But if there are people like you who don't believe vaccine, when will it be cleared? When will we live normally, huh?! Irwandi : Hehh! Where do you know that? Ferry : IDpost! Irwandi : What a liar. Here, all video in my IDpost home(page) are talking about conspiracy. There isn't any thing that say herd imun, there isn't such a thing. Because this is clearly a conspiracy. Ferry : You who are the liar! Irwandi : Liar?! You accuse me a liar?! Wait! Ferry : Here, in my home(page), there isn't anything about conspiracy. There are only scientific, history, social economy, how to solve, projection. There isn't any left (about conspiracy). Irwandi : Then what is this? Can you explain?! Ferry : Done! I'm done with you! I'm done, where is your number. Irwandi : What are you doing?! Heh?! What are you doing?! Ferry : First, I block your number. Block. Irwandi : Huh, unfair! I'm the first one who blocked you. Hey! Ferry : Second, I disliked that video. Done! Irwandi : Hey! I'm the first one. I'm the first one, s****d! ****! *****! Go, go away! Don't come here again! Eh, this is his house. (N : LOL) [20:46] Andovi : Different homepage would give that much impact, huh? Watcher who are fed by the video, creator who are affected by the algorithm, brand who are only priotizing profit, and IDpost who is facilitating and let all of this happening. Jovial : And the crazier thing is, we all are the culprit and the victim. Andovi, Kajo, and billion of other users. (N : Million isn't equal to milyar. There is juta which means million, followed by milyar which means billion) Andovi : Then what is the solution? Jovial : The solution is we need another business model, that aren't exploiting our attention. This is same with TV business model, but it's more advanced and bring more profit to their customer. Do we want still to be trapped in the same system? Andovi : No, Kajo. Sh*t! That means what Kajo said 5 years ago was right. IDpost was indeed more than TV. IDpost indeed gave chance to creating. IDpost indeed gave freedom to speak. But now... Jovial : But now, unfortunately, if it's left as it is, IDpost is more dangerous than TV. [22:48] All of these critics are not based on hate. We did all of this because our passionate care about IDpost. And 'humanity above all' is our base action.
Senahoy Ayay
Senahoy Ayay 2 hari yang lalu
ADVERTISER [8:36] Sarah : Ossie!!! Ossie!!! Ossie : Madam. Sarah : Where did you go? Ossie : I have been here already. Sarah : What did you do? Ossie : I concalled with vendor. Sarah : Concall, concall. Ccc.. concall? Ossie : Mm-mm Sarah : What a long concall. Ossie : The duration is long~ Andovi : Why are we suddenly talking about k****l? What's the relation between this with IDpost is more than TV? (N : K****l means d**k or p***s. Switch concall with contall and that's how to pronounce k****l) Jovial : Concall. C and t. Conference call. Andovi : Ohh... Sarah : Ohh... No wonder it's long. Ossie : By the way, Madam. This is the ads video material that Madam requested yesterday. Sarah : Is the ads material good enough? We will post it into IDpost, you know? Ossie : Of course it's good, Madam. I'm sure people will not skip our ads video. Sarah : Sok tau. First, where will we post our ads? As a newbie, you should understand things like this. For example, there are two videos. First video is talking about celebrity gossips, divorce. Second video is talking about Indonesian cultures. In your opinion, which video is fitting for our ads? Ossie : Of course videos that are talking about Indonesian cultures. Our product, Rengginang Mentai. Acculturation. Isn't it perfect for our audience target? Sarah : Sigh. If people can't read the data, this is the result. There is a thing called audience target. There is a thing called audience target. *There isn't any difference, lol*. If we could reach larger audience target, our Rengginang Mentai buyer clearly would be more enormous. Now here, you see here. The people who watch celebrity's divorce is clearly more enormous than the people who watch Indonesian cultures. What is that, huh? Explain from here, (that) divorce video is more suitable for our ads. Ossie : But, Madam. Sarah : What's our purpose of posting ads? Increasing revenues. The people who buy our Rengginang Mentai is enormous! Sales! Ossie : But Madam, videos that are talking about Indonesian cultures have better quality than videos that are talking about celebrity's divorce. Are Madam sure, don't want to post our ads at videos that are talking about Indonesian culture? Sarah : If there is a lot of people, why it has to be better? [11:49] Andovi : Oh. So IDpost is collecting all of our data to let advertiser know where they can sell their product to whom Jovial : That's right. Andovi : IDpost is smart! They help advertiser to sell their product and they help Andovi's life to buy the product that Andovi want! That's smart! That's wow! Amazing! This clearly means that IDpost is more than TV! Jovial : Uh, yeah. Yeah, that's right. Like this. What's wrong with Andovi watch ads? In the end, Andovi only buy the product, right? Andovi : That's right! Jovial : That is a narrow-minded thinking. That if those data and power are used for selling purpose. What would happen if those data and power are used for another purpose? Politic. If they can make Andovi to buy product, Andovi thinks they couldn't make Andovi to do something else? Choose politic party, choose Andovi's leader, choose the President. Andovi : Ok, Andovi understand. This is very dangerous. But IDpost didn't make the video. Ads also didn't make the video. The people who are making the video are content creator. So, is this content creator's fault?
Senahoy Ayay
Senahoy Ayay 2 hari yang lalu
THE HEADQUARTER [3:29] (N : No need for translation. Smiley face) [5:52] Andovi : Oh. So IDpost give us these videos to make us stay, to make sure we're still watching IDpost. Jovial : And they want Andovi to watch as long as possible. Andovi : Ok, but why do they want us to watch IDpost in a long time, Kajo? Jovial : Because, as long as we watch IDpost, their income is increasing. Andovi : Huh? How? How they do it? Andovi don't pay to watch IDpost. Jovial : If that so, from where do they get money? Andovi : From IDpost Premium, no. There aren't many people who use IDpost Premium. Jovial : Andovi almost get it. What's the difference between premium and usual? Andovi : A lot, but IDpost Premium clearly don't have ads. Jovial : Yep. If Andovi use usual IDpost where Andovi don't pay IDpost, IDpost get money from? Andovi : From ads. Jovial : That's it! Now, do Andovi understand why should we watch IDpost in a long time? Andovi : To get more ads and more money for IDpost. Andovi : But what's the relation between all of this with IDpost is more than TV, Kajo? Jovial : Wait, wait, wait, wait. Ok, ok, ok. Who is IDpost's customer? Andovi : Andovi. Because Andovi is a IDpost watcher. Andovi is a IDpost user. Jovial : We already discussed, IDpost get money from? Andovi : Ads. Jovial : Customer is a person who? Andovi : Pay. Jovial : So, IDpost's customer is? Andovi : Ads. Jovial : If advertiser is the customer and IDpost is the store, then we are? Andovi : That means we are the product. Jovial : That's right, Andovi. As long as Andovi don't pay, Andovi is the Product. Andovi : Okay... but, product is sold. Andovi don't feel like to be sold. Jovial : It's not Andovi who being sold. It's Andovi's Attention who being sold. Andovi's attention into Andovi's HP screen. That's what being sold. Andovi : Dizzy (3x). (N : Lmao. I'm dizzy, too) Jovial : Andovi, this is important. Every time Andovi watch, they record Andovi's online activity. And that activity is the data for them. Without Andovi knows, the collection of that data is Andovi's behaviour. And that's what they're trading with. Andovi : But for what reason they need our data? Jovial : For ads.
wisnu tk
wisnu tk 2 hari yang lalu
Media apapun pasti ada plus minusnya lah, maka dari itu pendidikan harus lengkap, di sekolah, di rumah, di lingkungan, tidak bisa digeneralisir
Muhammad graviti Baihaqi
Muhammad graviti Baihaqi 2 hari yang lalu
Bang katanya berhenti yutub bang
Hi Za
Hi Za 2 hari yang lalu
Njir, iya jg y Bru nyadar gw Untung nongol d beranda gw nih video
AISYI AMV 2 hari yang lalu
Kata layangannya ahh yametehhh kimochi senpaiii
MUH TAUHID HIDAYAT 2 hari yang lalu
Belum Pens .Apakah ini seperti konten kreator yang lain?
SHADOW mZ 2 hari yang lalu
Sing g paham sumpah apa awal awal
akang Game
akang Game 3 hari yang lalu
Bryan furan akhirny...... Kirain g bakal ada, bnyk gua skip², buat liat dia..... Bnyk omong ny, bikin kepala 😵😵
Budi Priyanto
Budi Priyanto 3 hari yang lalu
Pemikirannya sejauh itukah. D buat film sumpah bagus ini
Angra Ardana
Angra Ardana 3 hari yang lalu
Pemikiran sngt Cerdas ❗👍
Lee GAMERS 3 hari yang lalu
Harusnya trending ini mah!
Ryu Aoinatsuki
Ryu Aoinatsuki 3 hari yang lalu
Dede Makoto
Dede Makoto 3 hari yang lalu
ke sini karena bryan
sans dustnust
sans dustnust 3 hari yang lalu
Yey Bryan furran :v akhirnya ada
Adehalu 3 hari yang lalu
Urang Minang ma
Ahmad Fauzan Hidayatullah
Ahmad Fauzan Hidayatullah 3 hari yang lalu
F4N YT 4 hari yang lalu
bagus ada brayen furan
green_edit 4 hari yang lalu
Bryan furran 13:28
Play Akun
Play Akun 4 hari yang lalu
7:49 mirip film the social dilemma. kita adalah produk
ikal667 ikal667
ikal667 ikal667 4 hari yang lalu
Andi Setya1
Andi Setya1 4 hari yang lalu
Oke kesini karena bryan furan😂 mantap lah
IAN BAPONTAR 4 hari yang lalu
1 kata, Cerdas...!!! Tp apalah daya kita terjebak sistem. Ingin keluar gampang, tapi masih tetap saja terikat. Ingin melawan tapi butuh kesepakatan dan persatuan. Tinggal diam? Maka generasi selanjutnya makin tertindas. Salam kreatififas menuju bangkitnya kesadaran. Yeaaah....!!!
IAN BAPONTAR 3 hari yang lalu
@Hudni Dwiyana Creator siaaap sodaraku :)
Hudni Dwiyana Creator
Hudni Dwiyana Creator 3 hari yang lalu
Eh ketemu pak polisi disini, salam kenal komandan
A.D Pras
A.D Pras 4 hari yang lalu
Dalem banget :'
Ray Succ
Ray Succ 4 hari yang lalu
pantes. Homepage i sering aneh. I nonton Anime, tiba tiba homepage nya terlalu ke Anime I Nonton sejarah: tiba tiba homepagenya ke sejarah dan saat ini cuman nonton video music, eh tiba tiba Homepage nya malah terlalu ke music
Vincensia Ve
Vincensia Ve 4 hari yang lalu
23 menit berasa sangat singkat ❤️❤️❤️
Holiday Indonesia
Holiday Indonesia 4 hari yang lalu
Merinding bang membukakan pemikiran
Margery Christevany
Margery Christevany 4 hari yang lalu
Y'all are genius
YANYAN AHBAB 5 hari yang lalu
Ahir nya yotube berbahaya dari tv Padahal saya pengen jadi youtuber 😂😂😂😢😢😢😢
YANYAN AHBAB 5 hari yang lalu
Mmantep bener kaya di layar lebar Boeh juga gan kalau lgi syuting di bikinn konten jugan mantap..mantap..Saya pengen lihat yg suhting nya Hidup anak bangsa berkarya terus
YANYAN AHBAB 5 hari yang lalu
Nyaman nontonya asik kaya di layar lebar😁😁😁
YANYAN AHBAB 5 hari yang lalu
SOI Futebol
SOI Futebol 5 hari yang lalu
Ricky TheSlizzer
Ricky TheSlizzer 5 hari yang lalu
Saya pikir IDpost premium solusinya, ternyata bukan ya 😂 maaf
Ahmad Rif'u Zuhri
Ahmad Rif'u Zuhri 5 hari yang lalu
IDpost mod tanpa iklan tanpa berlangganan nyimak
Muhamad Azhari
Muhamad Azhari 5 hari yang lalu
saya cuma mau bertanya Instagram , TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest juga seperti itu menurut saya sebagai konsumen . Apa yg harus disalahkan IDpost doang? kalo dari luarnya tidak bisa diubah kenapa gak kita ubah dari dalem, kalo kita gabisa ganti wadahnya kenapa gak kita ganti aja isinya. kalo soal Trending itu belom lama mas Radit bikin webseries bagus banget langsung Trending. Politik, Penonton, Kreator, Pengiklan, Media Sosial Semua itu pengen yg terbaik untuk mereka, Gabakal ada Kreator kalo gaada penonton , gabakal ada penonton kalo gaada media sosial, gabakal ada media sosial kalo gaada pengiklan. itu cuma mau nyampein aja yg untuk semua gaada unsur suka atau tidak suka namanya juga kita belajar diskusi :)) terimakasih :D :D
Master Mr Gaming
Master Mr Gaming 5 hari yang lalu
8:34 langsung iklan beneran ada yg sama gk?
MR.Ed 5 hari yang lalu
Konten nya kreatif bgt Bos
TANPA BASA BASI 5 hari yang lalu
konten cerdas
Brian alexander
Brian alexander 6 hari yang lalu
sumpah pembahasannya agak berat tapi klw nonton ampe abis pasti ngerti dah
vika Tristiana
vika Tristiana 6 hari yang lalu
15:18 cutscene kayak serizawa wjkwkwk
ADITIA SAPUTRA 6 hari yang lalu
Suka dengan ngomongnya njir
orang biasa
orang biasa 6 hari yang lalu
Charlie 6 hari yang lalu
Terima kasih untuk video yang masuk akal. Jadi lebih mengerti
Lamzz Gaming
Lamzz Gaming 6 hari yang lalu
Anjassss mantap isinya🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍 Ampe merinding
うずまき ナルト
うずまき ナルト 6 hari yang lalu
13:30 Bryan Furran 😃
seni menggambar
seni menggambar 6 hari yang lalu
Saya kesini karena bryan furran
TAC C-Observer
TAC C-Observer 6 hari yang lalu
DIY content creator be like : "hehe"
Siti Arbia
Siti Arbia 6 hari yang lalu
Video ini bagus banget tapi kalah sama video sampah yang suka pamer harta ✌✌
Yudha Nirmala
Yudha Nirmala 7 hari yang lalu
Bubble filter Read about it
JøKER JR 7 hari yang lalu
Sangat membuka pikiran🔥
ཬཐཊዕཏཋར 7 hari yang lalu
Kebiasaan TELMI udah tolol dari sananya negara dan rakyatnya yg lemah akan segera musnah😈
Nasir V
Nasir V 7 hari yang lalu
gini aja bro lu bikin chanel youtube terus lo sedekahin aja ama panti asuhan ato yang lainya bikin lagi lo sedekahin lagi gimana ....? istilahnya lo bikin sosial experiment sedekahin chanel anngep aja youtube itu barang sedekahan lagian gue geddek ama youtube karna adanya youtube mereka merebut attention keluarga dan orang terdekat gue bahkan istri dan anak gue, gue sih nyebut youtube(sosial media lainnya)itu dajjal ke 3, yang ke 2 itu hp dan(tehknologi lainnya)dan yang ke 1nya belum menampakkan diri!! gila emang!!
Gion Sabli
Gion Sabli 7 hari yang lalu
Hal yang lebih baik lagi bagi diri sendiri
Gion Sabli
Gion Sabli 7 hari yang lalu
Coba simak dengan baik asli bikin mereinding apalagi yang penonton adalah produknya gue berpikir 2 kali untuk tonton IDpost ( harga diri gue agak menciut )
Rischi Putri
Rischi Putri 7 hari yang lalu
Ketika yg berbobot malah lenyap :') so proud skinny indonesia24. I love you ❤
Aimar chanels
Aimar chanels 7 hari yang lalu
Saya kesini karena ada bryan furan
Isak Maulani
Isak Maulani 7 hari yang lalu
IDpost home itu tergantung org nyarinya sihh kek gw yt home nya riding motor:v
aswin pawila
aswin pawila 7 hari yang lalu
2015: IDpost lebih dari TV 2021: IDpost lebih berbahaya dari TV
omang item
omang item 4 hari yang lalu
@aswin pawila sekarang kebanyakan konten kreator lebih mentingin terkenal dan dapet duit dibanding kenyamanan penonton
aswin pawila
aswin pawila 6 hari yang lalu
Iya tau, jaman 2015-2016 itu jamannya youtube masih seru. Skrg ah gak taulah
oke 6 hari yang lalu
*2016 (2)
Zainaru JR
Zainaru JR 7 hari yang lalu
Noel Mangundap
Noel Mangundap 7 hari yang lalu
konten dan topik yang sangat berkualitas
Ary Miftakhurrozag
Ary Miftakhurrozag 7 hari yang lalu
Luar biasa !!!! Mungkin banyak video serupa, namun video yg ini sangat menyita perhatian, membuat kita berfikir ulang dan lebih jauh, mungkin tidak semua video saya tonton dari channel ini, tp ada 2 konten yg sgt berkesan, youtube's got talent dan video ini. Big applause
Reffy Linkinpark
Reffy Linkinpark 7 hari yang lalu
sekip sampai aktor nya bryan furran, males gua liat kealaian kaka adik ini.
Fale On
Fale On 6 hari yang lalu
Obrolan berilmu kok diskip, udah gitu comment lagi
anime fans
anime fans 7 hari yang lalu
Gara2 bryan furran
ABDILLAH AZIZ 8 hari yang lalu
Tujuan org kesini cuman bryan furran? Menghadeh🗿
kulit lumpia
kulit lumpia 4 hari yang lalu
Eh sorry typo maksud nya mengakak
kulit lumpia
kulit lumpia 4 hari yang lalu
Novrza 24
Novrza 24 8 hari yang lalu
Veganism is
Afria fandi andika 17_320
Afria fandi andika 17_320 8 hari yang lalu
Pantek pajako wkwkwkwk
near 8 hari yang lalu
Hendra 9 hari yang lalu
5 tahun lalu ane belum kenal IDpost hidup tanpa lihat video dan masih bisa ngobrol dengan teman teman, Dan sekarang, covid membuat orang orang berdiam dirumah sehingga IDpost, GAME, number one. Astaga 1 tahun sia sia hidup gua. HAPUS IDpost, Istiqomah ke puasa & ibadah. Terimakasih Skinnyindonesian24 ft Konten kreator ***Bryan furan***
cshalahuddin 9 hari yang lalu
Data mining..mengerikan...jangan mudah2 share data diri di internet...
Icung Ndy
Icung Ndy 9 hari yang lalu
Video ini sangat bermanfaat sekali mantap🔥
Muhammad Syaikh Syafiq
Muhammad Syaikh Syafiq 9 hari yang lalu
Saya cuma menunggu adegan bryan furran
Vara Dika Channel
Vara Dika Channel 9 hari yang lalu
Setuju sama kak andov dan kak jov
Vara Dika Channel
Vara Dika Channel 9 hari yang lalu
Bener banget aslii
Deri Andrigo
Deri Andrigo 9 hari yang lalu
Ke sini cuman pengen liat Bryan furan
chib beng
chib beng 9 hari yang lalu
Bryan Furran muncul di 13:31
chib beng
chib beng 9 hari yang lalu
Selama nonton video ini iklannya ga saya skip Karna emg ga bisa di skip
erland craft
erland craft 9 hari yang lalu
Mengubah pola pikir, iyemah uy. Tapi gimana kalo dengan musik.?
Sype Artz
Sype Artz 9 hari yang lalu
Emang benar IDpost jadi lebih berbahaya Kalo Gini Terus
Sype Artz
Sype Artz 9 hari yang lalu
Gua korban algorithm, tapi gua Harus berusaha, Karena Gak semua hal ini terjadi di Indonesia doang tapi America juga kena
Fadil Marthias
Fadil Marthias 9 hari yang lalu
Trus ngapain ikutan pake pasang2 adsense? Yg konsisten dong🙄
HoloNime 9 hari yang lalu
Jefri F Channel
Jefri F Channel 9 hari yang lalu
Mantap bahsa daerah gw
BEST SCENE CHANNEL 9 hari yang lalu
Ini vidio apaan sih.. bryannya mana ?... i didn't enjoy this video
JustSmile .___.
JustSmile .___. 9 hari yang lalu
mata ada ga bro? ada tuh di video..
Jessica Jane
Ditonton 2,5 jt
Ridwan Hanif Rahmadi
Ditonton 595 rb
Barat Lebih Dari Timur | SkinnyIndonesian24
Ditonton 2,2 jt
Bryan Furran
Ditonton 11 jt
Ridwan Hanif Rahmadi
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OH NO! Moment2 ZOOM Paling MEMALUKAN!!
Nessie Judge
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