Xbox Series S - Unbox & Setup

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Just Vlad

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Xbox Series S
Introducing the Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen all-digital console at an accessible price point.Go all-digital and enjoy disc-free, next-gen gaming with the smallest Xbox console ever made.
Bundle includes: Xbox Series S console, one Xbox Wireless Controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, and power cable.
Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software. If you purchased Xbox All Access at Amazon, please visit the Xbox website directly for steps on how to upgrade at a participating Xbox All Access retailer. Amazon is not an Xbox All Access participating retailer for Xbox Series X|S.
Access your favorite entertainment through apps like IDpost, Netflix, and more
Enjoy over 100 games right out of the box with a 1 month Xbox Game Pass trial
Watch 4K Blu-ray movies and stream 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, and more
Play with friends and family near and far-sitting together on the sofa or around the world on Xbox Live, the fastest, most reliable gaming network
Xbox One games and accessories work together

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Zehra's Gaming Profile
Zehra's Gaming Profile Hari Yang lalu
Let me guess you searched this up because you don't know what game to get for Christmas.
lucas nowicki
lucas nowicki 2 hari yang lalu
The Xbox seemed very loud while you were playing forza
lil d beatz
lil d beatz 4 hari yang lalu
If I'm not wrong so you basicly just download the game you want like in the app store
lil d beatz
lil d beatz 4 hari yang lalu
I searched this up and I I'm now shire that I want this xbox
Alfie Whitney
Alfie Whitney 4 hari yang lalu
I have one of these
VDI_MOMENTOUS 6 hari yang lalu
This or the Nintendo switch is my new option cause the ps5 is being scalped and has not been available for 1 year and almost a half now
Shining Sylveon
Shining Sylveon 6 hari yang lalu
The console is good when you know 50% of it is a fan 不不不不不
Derwolo _mutter
Derwolo _mutter 7 hari yang lalu
my switch got broken so i buy a series s
Ishan Kumar
Ishan Kumar 8 hari yang lalu
That thing is more cute than my ex.
Ishan Kumar
Ishan Kumar 8 hari yang lalu
Get the ps5 digital.Its way better for 100 more
daEPICnoob 8 hari yang lalu
Can u set up with no internet
leanne 2020
leanne 2020 9 hari yang lalu
I just wish the fan was white with rest of it but look alot better then that ps5 think I'll be skipping ps5 I just really don't like the look of it x
Gloria Gutierrez
Gloria Gutierrez 10 hari yang lalu
We can't open the controller
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 10 hari yang lalu
All I play is call of duty so its great fast load speeds
Tiago Gamer
Tiago Gamer 10 hari yang lalu
I wish I had an Xbox series s but at least I have an Xbox one s
Bartek Kempa
Bartek Kempa 11 hari yang lalu
Im getting this xbox because i had the original black xbox for 8 years and i lag on everygame and my fps feels really low
Yuuji 11 hari yang lalu
Can't wait to get mine
sergei zavarin
sergei zavarin 11 hari yang lalu
Excellent IDpost. Looks awesome, but disappointing it doesn't have disk option
Ammar Bin Talat
Ammar Bin Talat 12 hari yang lalu
Im ps man got my first digital xbox. Its nice. Defo worth it
Duck Trucker
Duck Trucker 12 hari yang lalu
I pay 609 for x and s
kevin 13 hari yang lalu
my controllers not connecting
ImYoungAlan 3
ImYoungAlan 3 13 hari yang lalu
im getting worried because if i get it im gonna be with it for like 8 yeras for the next gen console to come out
Trenzy 15 hari yang lalu
That the Xboxs sound
Luigi Cotocea
Luigi Cotocea 16 hari yang lalu
If i live in europe and i buy the xbox does the power plug comes with an adaptor?
Flix4DayzOG 16 hari yang lalu
I personally would get 144 hz monitors over 4k-8k TVs cuz I care more about performance so it can still play 1080p HDR and most importantly 120 fps which is a huge plus for games like Fortnite, Halo Infinite and stuff like that
Moln獺r Robi
Moln獺r Robi 17 hari yang lalu
this is the only console (and the Nintendo Switch) that despite being scalped like crazy, they are cheaper than msrp on the used market. the 512gb ssd and the lack of a 4k blu ray drive are a deal breaker for me though. it would replace an xbox one s, and i want to play physical movies because netflix doesn't have anything here in Hungary aside from some old sitcoms and anime i already saw
Yt Trxxc
Yt Trxxc 17 hari yang lalu
Bruh he smacking that controller
RyzenLevels 17 hari yang lalu
Does claiming game pass games add them into Microsoft account library? On windows 10, it "purchased" candy crush and other junk and its permanently on my account. I want my library to be tidy. Will game pass mess up my library? thanks anyone ;)
RyzenLevels 17 hari yang lalu
@Delta oh ok. so i can install specific games and they are gone when the subscription runs out.. i see
Delta 17 hari yang lalu
no it wont because you choose what games you want to download
Lukas Gorol
Lukas Gorol 17 hari yang lalu
how can it be nextgen when the controller still has the battery
Miss Wonderland
Miss Wonderland 17 hari yang lalu
It doesnt do 120fps on Cold War. Makes me wonder if any new titles will do 120. Developers not wanting to take advantage of next gen 120fps and releasing it with lower FPS is one thing. But the same game doing 120 on the ps5 and Xbox x while not on the s is a complete different issue. Total BS by Microsoft, how are people supposed to know this when they advertise it as a 120fps console. Nowhere do you find a warning that games that does 120 on the x might not do it on the s.
Blitzwing Prime
Blitzwing Prime 23 hari yang lalu
I love my Xbox series s
Wraithborne369 24 hari yang lalu
Whats the song name at the start of the video? Im just kinda liking how the melody sounds! Also, nice review Vlad!
Marios GMarios
Marios GMarios 24 hari yang lalu
I am gonna to take this
I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas
I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas 24 hari yang lalu
If you take the battery door cover off and read the sticker that covers the security screw, it reads "hello from Seattle"
xd YehImHenry
xd YehImHenry 25 hari yang lalu
one of the reasons id get this over the 1x/1s is because of the charging port i HATE micro USB, also not everybody can afford the xbox series x, plus 120 fps for 瞿249 thats a deal. This console is probably the best choice of console if you're just a casual gamer and not looking to spend to much for a console. This is a great starting console, and easy to fit pretty much anywhere around the house, the only downside to it is the fact that it only has 512gb starage, but its an SSD which is faster than a HDD (Hard Drive) If you're a person who plays games like Warzone this is a good choice for the price. As a fast, cheap, small, powerful, console this is worth the price. May not be the best appearance wise but who cares about that, honestly if its your first time getting an xbox, and you DONT want to spend to much, get this. This console is very much worth it! Other people may not feel the same way as i do about the console, but that your opinion, if you were planning to get a 1x or 1s, i think you should have a look at this.
Osiris_ Gaming
Osiris_ Gaming 25 hari yang lalu
His setup videos for Series X|S and Ps5 are so satisfying to watch its pretty much ASMR especially with his voice i literally dont know why
Zach W
Zach W 26 hari yang lalu
when you get the series s does it always offer the first month of game pass for 瞿1 or is it limited time
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez 26 hari yang lalu
Lol still trying to get my hands on one , they all sold out
Marcelo Esteban Mauricio
Marcelo Esteban Mauricio 27 hari yang lalu
So you use Spectrum as an Internet provider... cool. I didn't know that until now because in the Series X video I didn't pause it soon enough
walter salvana
walter salvana 27 hari yang lalu
Great vid
AJ JustBeRolling
AJ JustBeRolling 28 hari yang lalu
Still Looking for one
Jola Mola :p
Jola Mola :p 13 hari yang lalu
Same I finally found a reliable place to buy it from and I want to try to go and get it there tomorrow
Jared Pagel
Jared Pagel 29 hari yang lalu
I need to find one
Jake Riffle
Jake Riffle Bulan Yang lalu
Definitely buying a Series S. I have an XBONE X Scorpio Edition which is absolutely fantastic, but I want faster load times and just smoother gameplay. How ever I will wait for the $299 Series S and not buying one online for $499 which is as much as a Series X. S should hold me over for a bit.
Aaryan Barjatya
Aaryan Barjatya Bulan Yang lalu
Joan Osorio
Joan Osorio Bulan Yang lalu
I'm into the idea but the only thing I'm concerned is the pricing for those games since you'd always be at the mercy of the online Xbox store also storage.
Rafael Nieves
Rafael Nieves Bulan Yang lalu
That system does 120fps why are you showing this in 30fps this is a very waist of time video to watch shit dont make any sense
Micha Bulan Yang lalu
this is the best console
Betray Bulan Yang lalu
This was my first upgrade since the original Xbox one in 2013, Ive been playing it for the past few days and Im blown away for such a small console it packs a punch definitely recommend if youre trying to get that comp experience on a budget
Leto Day
Leto Day Bulan Yang lalu
Just a quick question, I am a kid and am planning to buy this on my own. I saw some verrrry good games on game pass but I dont want to spend 15 bucks a month, if I join can I leave and keep the games or no?
Leto Day
Leto Day 10 hari yang lalu
@Jola Mola :p Yeah thanks I realized this
Jola Mola :p
Jola Mola :p 13 hari yang lalu
Tommie van der Donk
Tommie van der Donk Bulan Yang lalu
can you get 120fps with the included cable?
SP PlayinYT
SP PlayinYT 12 hari yang lalu
yes but be careful you should try to get freesync or hdmi 2.1
DylanDog5 Bulan Yang lalu
How did you get that theme for the Xbox?
ScrubTzero Bulan Yang lalu
Xbox series s can output at 4K at 60fps. There are a few games that run native 4K 60fps.
nigrum lux
nigrum lux Bulan Yang lalu
Drink some water bro.You talk too much, we can hear "dry " throat lmfao
Rat King
Rat King Bulan Yang lalu
lol he showed the sn
SINISTER Bulan Yang lalu
The only thing that didn't let me buy was that it's all digital
SteveGames Bulan Yang lalu
What I notice a lot of people fail to realize is that even for the systems that use discs, that storage would be an issue because of the fact that you still have to install that entire file size on the drive from the disc anyway. Take Master Chief Collection for example: if you play it from the disc, it takes up just as much storage on the hard drive as if you played it digitally because it installs that entire file to the system, seeing as the systems can read the data off the hard drive faster than it can read off a disc.
Ofri Ezra
Ofri Ezra Bulan Yang lalu
desent the new xbox series s/x comes with a use c charger for the remote controller?
Michael Glasses
Michael Glasses Bulan Yang lalu
Cannibal Bulan Yang lalu
Should i get ps4 slim/pro or series s?
Santiago Toro Restrepo
Santiago Toro Restrepo Bulan Yang lalu
Santiago Toro Restrepo
Santiago Toro Restrepo Bulan Yang lalu
Santiago Toro Restrepo
Santiago Toro Restrepo Bulan Yang lalu
Zachary Peterson
Zachary Peterson Bulan Yang lalu
You think they wouldve made more storage on an all digital console.. Ive been downloading games for quite a few years now and even 1tb isnt enough. Hopefully, a company will make USB expansion.
User495739207420 Bulan Yang lalu
Why are people bashing on the batreries? Whats so hard to get some rechargeable and use them for endless years? And when they wear out just easily replace them.... Plus, I can have endless rechargeable batteries ready to go in, so I wont be tied to a cable if they run out..... I much prefer this approach to the PSs
CBR 1000RR
CBR 1000RR Bulan Yang lalu
Shes a beauty! Just scored one the other day. Said I would by the first version I could get my hands on. The S was it. No regrets
Gherkim Bulan Yang lalu
I am cute bear
Speedie Truck
Speedie Truck Bulan Yang lalu
Xbox series x: mini fridge Ps5: WiFi router Xbox series s: box of donuts
Speedie Truck
Speedie Truck 19 hari yang lalu
@nie wiem google stadia: *nothing*
Xav Man
Xav Man Bulan Yang lalu
Xbox Series S: Speaker
邽 訄迣訄邽郇 苤郈迮邿
邽 訄迣訄邽郇 苤郈迮邿 Bulan Yang lalu
Do they have midtown madness on the pass?
Tapan Das
Tapan Das Bulan Yang lalu
My eyes are hurting after seeing this disgusting piece of hardware
Mikel Samara
Mikel Samara Bulan Yang lalu
Bruh. Who said it. A piece of indian. Talks about aesthetics of a console.
SomeRandom Youtuber
SomeRandom Youtuber Bulan Yang lalu
I want this for just for a few games that are coming to next gen
JOBOT345 Bulan Yang lalu
1 game takes up 1/5 of storage 唐
Sofia Collins
Sofia Collins Bulan Yang lalu
What Do I Do With My 40 Disc Based Games! If I Got This Console... Question?
Sofia Collins
Sofia Collins Bulan Yang lalu
@Ryza Buy The X...Ha!...No Way....
Team TDB
Team TDB Bulan Yang lalu
You can get a 120 fps gpu for the price of this alone
Nymsik Bulan Yang lalu
Shit console the X is better
SIR MOLDY YC Bulan Yang lalu
yes when i got a sx controller for my original xbox one i had to update my controller
Mani Mahbobi
Mani Mahbobi Bulan Yang lalu
I love gril
Mani Mahbobi
Mani Mahbobi Bulan Yang lalu
I lovr gril
BiomutantBTW Bulan Yang lalu
If you don't have game pass try it
swxxde Bulan Yang lalu
No more TikTok waiting for games to load
Harrison Chiu
Harrison Chiu Bulan Yang lalu
8:01 um
Locate Bulan Yang lalu
im a playstation person, but xbox looking really good
Lala Junior
Lala Junior Bulan Yang lalu
Why does everyone say this is a budget console when its that same price as the one s but they didnt call it a budget console I dont get
XxsilentpersonxX11 Bulan Yang lalu
@Lala Junior no problem
Lala Junior
Lala Junior Bulan Yang lalu
@XxsilentpersonxX11 alright man I see what your saying thanks
XxsilentpersonxX11 Bulan Yang lalu
Budget console as far as next gen. The one s was like the premium side for Xbox current gen which cost more than the regular Xbox one console so in that instance the one s wouldnt be the budge console
Uriel Ocampos
Uriel Ocampos Bulan Yang lalu
that car thoo
RAJANIGANDHA panda Bulan Yang lalu
Does it work without hdr tv
Noah Jackson 20
Noah Jackson 20 Bulan Yang lalu
I just got my console today
Trey 999
Trey 999 Bulan Yang lalu
The s is definitely going to outsell the x because its 200$ cheaper still can do 120 FPS and can still do 1440 p which is still good but not as good as 4K but the xtra res isnt worth the 200 dollars and the storage is only 512 gb but you can buy cheap terabyte cards at like GameStop or Best Buy. Or buy the sea gate one if u are willing to spend some money
Weirdthingsgaming Greg
Weirdthingsgaming Greg Bulan Yang lalu
I got one for Christmas
AhiAtt Bulan Yang lalu
Him: not how good EA games are Me: just done bother with fifa ...
AhiAtt Bulan Yang lalu
Do not know*
SC4RRXD Bulan Yang lalu
9:40 you didnt press "Instant on" look at what it says
Ethan W
Ethan W Bulan Yang lalu
Its actually cheaper just buying the Xbox series x, as your more future proof and you dont need to rush out to buy a solid state drive which could be 瞿200, that 瞿200 pays for the Xbox series x with a disc drive and extra storage and power
manic221 Bulan Yang lalu
I think having batteries in the controller is way better then being chargable. The batteries last a hell of a lot longer, plus you don't have to replace your controller if the batteries die, just get new batteries.
Mr Neville Jungle
Mr Neville Jungle 8 hari yang lalu
@manic221 ok thanks for the help man i appreciate it am new to xbox
manic221 8 hari yang lalu
@Mr Neville Jungle nah its fine, its designed to function that way too, when you plug it in with a cable the controller just thinks its a wired controller and so does the console. So wont do any damage
Mr Neville Jungle
Mr Neville Jungle 8 hari yang lalu
@manic221 can it break the controller or is it safe and use it for years?
manic221 8 hari yang lalu
@Mr Neville Jungle if you have a USB C cable long enough to reach to the controller from the console you can use it plugged in yeah.
Mr Neville Jungle
Mr Neville Jungle 8 hari yang lalu
Can you use phone chargers its the only way cause i cant afford baterries
Monster Saric
Monster Saric Bulan Yang lalu
Imma take mine apart and truck bed line the outside of the chassis
Matt Rowe
Matt Rowe Bulan Yang lalu
I dont know why people still complain about the batteries... just buy a battery pack and recharge as needed not very expensive...
BTW Itz Isaiah
BTW Itz Isaiah Bulan Yang lalu
Do u need xbox gold to watch IDpost on series s? Ik its a dumb question
BTW Itz Isaiah
BTW Itz Isaiah Bulan Yang lalu
@Ryza oh ok. I was asking because I used to have a xbox 360 and u needed live to watch yt and other streaming apps.. Thanks for your help
Furless3930 Bulan Yang lalu
Everyones like omg 512 gb thats not that bad But your forgetting about the system update thing which takes 200 gigs and I know because my friend has one and he told me he only got like 300 gigabytes
w h i t e .
w h i t e . Bulan Yang lalu
Um if i sign in my Microsoft account will it keep my fortnite account???
w h i t e .
w h i t e . Bulan Yang lalu
@Farkhanda Naz Shah thank you
Farkhanda Naz Shah
Farkhanda Naz Shah Bulan Yang lalu
If you're progress is on a microsoft account it will save you're progress then you just need to reinstall the game And then just log in with your fortnite account and everything is the same
DeadTon1c Bulan Yang lalu
10:01 u blurred ur name but at 11:44 ur name is vladik
Noah Bulan Yang lalu
2:38 thata what she said
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic Bulan Yang lalu
I love the fact it gives u the ssd option totally worth it.
Arshlikesgames Bulan Yang lalu
I just got it on Amazon it was available its coming in a month tho
Wyatt Box
Wyatt Box 11 hari yang lalu
@SP PlayinYT fr
SP PlayinYT
SP PlayinYT 12 hari yang lalu
Timydruus Mccune
Timydruus Mccune Bulan Yang lalu
you could allways update your controller but you had to do it from the xbox configure app
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