Xbox Series S Review - One Month Later!

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4 bulan yang lalu

Welcome back to Stu’s Reviews! Today I give you my thoughts on the Xbox Series S after a month of use, and discuss my honest opinion on whether it is TRULY a next gen console or not!
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Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews 4 bulan yang lalu
I know I mentioned quick resume as 15 seconds, it just so happened it loaded up in 6 when I went to film - *blinding* !
AJ121401 JJ
AJ121401 JJ Bulan Yang lalu
@woosaa Calmdown according to digital foundry war zone maxes out at 60. I just tried it yesterday bc I heard the same. I don't think it runs at 120fps
Stevo19801 3 bulan yang lalu
Was exactly the same as you, started on Xbox but went to ps last few generations and missed all the Xbox exclusives. Gamepass gives me everything I have missed. Few tips for the series s, buy the exclusive seagate standard HD £60 for 2TB, that way you can download everything you might be interested in from game pass and it’s ready to go when you get round to it. Some games need to be moved to the internal SSD to play them but that only takes 15-20 mins to move huge files like warzone around, small titles only a matter of minutes to move between drives. Also for buying games forget the Microsoft store and use to buy game codes you can use on the Xbox store, much much cheaper
Ven One
Ven One 3 bulan yang lalu
@Stu's Reviews Great video and review. I'm really happy you appeared on my feed after I was looking into the Series S as it will be a while until the Series X is available here where I am. My question is, can I copy my file from my XBOX ONE(which I installed from a disk I bought, COD MW WZ) onto a hard drive and install and play this game on this console? I've heard it's possible as long as it's played while the hard drive is connected, but will it work? Thanks in advance and you Sir, have a new Subscriber.
kevin02167 3 bulan yang lalu
@woosaa Calmdown it is worth it for the newer games coming out. I say that with the caveat that the series x is much more of an upgrade and much more worth it. Keep in mind that going from the one x to either the series x or s the games coming in the near future will no longer be on the Xbox one platform.
Luna Petunia
Luna Petunia 3 bulan yang lalu
What a beastly little console. For 300$, you cannot beat it. Especially with Gamepass... What a bargain!!! I still plan on getting a PS5 and Series X, but I would not complain about a Series S at all. It's a steal. 300$ and you get 1440p with solid FPS, HDR and Ray Tracing. I know PC elitist' can't make a PC do that for anywhere near 300$!!! But theyll say "spend a couple hundred more and yoy can plus its more versatile"... But by the time you spend that extra couple hundred on the PC, the Series X will outperform that. As far as a PC being more versatile, ive an HP laptop for 3 years. I've hardly ever touched it. Not everyone cares about PC's anymore. We have our phones that do most of what we need. And then a gaming station. I dont remember the last time I've seen someone on IDpost on a PC .... Or facebook... Or almost anything else. PC is for people with money to spend. Series S is for people lucky enough to have 300$ to spend
ns fishing
ns fishing 2 hari yang lalu
120 hz is the real gamechanger
ns fishing
ns fishing 2 hari yang lalu
it does do 4k
hipatrykk 5 hari yang lalu
This console is really good choice for PS people. Never owned Xbox before, but due to lack of availability and lack of exclusives at the start for PS5 I gave it a chance. I am in love with it after two days. For sure I will buy PS5 in the future, buy this is a good start for new generation.
TheFrenchy82 5 hari yang lalu
being a gamer for a long time now.... As a European, I suffered , of course of the PAL vs NTSC differences (50 vs 60 hz...). Animation is the KEY point for me.. i don't care about graphics, that much....
Ankit Borgohain
Ankit Borgohain 6 hari yang lalu
"Who INVENTED the name of this product ?"😂
iMysticFlame 6 hari yang lalu
I have 1080p 144hz gaming monitor I can get 120fps
Wollie Bolly
Wollie Bolly 8 hari yang lalu
If you buy games via the Microsoft store you are a idiot. Lots of cheaper options
sadra pezeshki
sadra pezeshki 8 hari yang lalu
i bought it then i sold it and bought a pc fuck consoles
NibblyJibbly 8 hari yang lalu
65 inch 4K tv with Series S and its lovely
Claudius Boasman
Claudius Boasman 10 hari yang lalu
Why are people making such a big deal about a console not being able to play all games at a native 4k resolution? I have a ps4 slim connected to a 4k tv and the image looks great. It's as if people forget or are unaware that whatever resolution the console runs at the image is upscaled to the native resolution of the tv which in my case is 4k and it looks great to me. And saying the series s can't run games at native 4k is completely false. For example ori and the will of the wisps runs at a native 4k at 60fps on the series s. People will argue it's not a demanding title but that's besides the point. The one x struggles to run that game at a stable 60fps at 4k which imo is saying a lot.
Paul 11 hari yang lalu
Great video by the Clarkson of Tech. As I only have a 1080p TV, limited budget & space plus most importantly I want the quicker load times for the few games I play regularly, this is for me. I have an early Xbox One, so older games on disc can be purchased cheaply. When 4k 120Hz TVs fall in price, next gen cosoles have next gen content and are widely available, then I would consider a better console but this could be 2 years away.
Aidan Doonan
Aidan Doonan 12 hari yang lalu
I actually have a ps5 and am watching this to decide if I want to go in on the series s so I can get the exclusives/game pass
Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson 12 hari yang lalu
My Series S gets 4K 60 easily and that’s all my tv can do anyways tho I’m still getting an X once available.
Diego Zulato
Diego Zulato 12 hari yang lalu
Just bought one. Never had an xbox before. For this price plus gamepass, i simply coudn't say no.
Castro 13 hari yang lalu
I’m getting it regardless because of the price plus i wanna jump into the xbox community since most of my friends are on there.
Darryl Bruce
Darryl Bruce 14 hari yang lalu
I had a PS4 gamer because that’s what all my friends play but couldn’t get my hands on a PS5 for retail so I seen a Series S on Costco online and went for it. Glad I did. I use to own a 360 so getting caught on gears of war and others game been fun. Plus the only way to play EA’s fight night on current or next gen is on Xbox.
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi 16 hari yang lalu
I am watching this as a sony fnatic but I don't wanna buy the ps5 with the controller drift problems
Jack Nisbet
Jack Nisbet 17 hari yang lalu
Coming from someone who was only able to get both performance and quality earlier last year, I personally prefer quality in MOST games. The only exceptions are competitive shooters, where I can tolerate 40-50 FPS at low settings, but really prefer 100+ at 60hz to reduce input lag.
Rockie Roberts
Rockie Roberts 17 hari yang lalu
Graphics...AND frame rate.
Jamie Rivett
Jamie Rivett 18 hari yang lalu
Just got one of these for some games I want that aren’t on the switch, but at the end of the year I’m off to uni for 4 years so the series x was a bit overkill and super pricey (for my budget at least)
Chris Spicer
Chris Spicer 19 hari yang lalu
i love the new Microsoft controllers, they went for comfort over flashy design, ive had the least amount of hand fatigue than any other controller ive ever tried
Justin Buckner
Justin Buckner 20 hari yang lalu
It’s funny cuz my series s can play at 4K 60fps on my tv lol
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews 20 hari yang lalu
Stuart Hunter
Stuart Hunter 20 hari yang lalu
Great video. I'm a PlayStation gamer mostly, and I'm so tempted to get a Series S as a Gamepass machine. However, I would kill for an updated Series S with disc drive. That console would be an automatic purchase. Gamepass is what sells it for me. I don't play multiplayer games, so going from game to game and experiencing loads of different stories suits me perfectly. If Xbox can nail their exclusives this generation, it's going to be very interesting to see who "wins the generation" so to speak.
A person who exists.
A person who exists. 22 hari yang lalu
I love the xbox naming rant
John Frick
John Frick 22 hari yang lalu
I just stumbled onto your review and was quite happy with your "outstanding" review of the Xbox series S console. I am a PS4 user, but lucked out in finding a Xbox series S and thought I would give it a try. In the USA both PS5 and the Xbox series are incredible hard to find at a decent price. Your explanation of everything Xbox series S was very informative and understandable and why I subscribed to your channel. All the best, john
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews 22 hari yang lalu
Cheers John - Welcome to the Club! 🥃
Naveed Hasan
Naveed Hasan 23 hari yang lalu
30 FPS is good enough because I am smartphone gamer 😭 any like me here
Light-bringer 23 hari yang lalu
Yup game pas is real game changer, when xbox series x will be available I will ditch my ps4pro and get xbox. I was never a fan of the particular console provider (I own in past Xboxes and playstations, switching between them if I feel I don't want one I'm owning anymore)
essum18 24 hari yang lalu
If you have eyes in your head you would see that a 4K TV is the best option with the console, yes it’s lower resolution, but i upscale to 4K, case closed. Some games looks very close to the same on Series S and Series X besides the texture load in, i dont use a microscope while playing games to see that the resolution make a element abit more blurry on very very small objects.
Phil Melrose
Phil Melrose 24 hari yang lalu
He obviously love's the Clarkson technique!
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews 24 hari yang lalu
It’s a brilliant presenting style.
Mr G
Mr G 26 hari yang lalu
Never seen your channel before but great review 👍 I thought you was genuine and honest was refreshing good job sir
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews 26 hari yang lalu
I appreciate that!
In the minority
In the minority 28 hari yang lalu
Im not playing in the lounge - im playing in the extended bedroom/office ala lockdown - 60hz 4k monitor 28inch - I but the series s runs like a dream
Dash DriverUK
Dash DriverUK 28 hari yang lalu
Prefer this console for looks and couldn’t get an X. This seems a leap forward from the original one and the new x/s optimised games are good on this. It upscales on my 4K tv and since it’s not a superdooper 120hz this seems a good choice and 250 it’s a bargain! Also I am Xbox because I like forza over gta and I was PS until Xbox one.
Shield-Games 29 hari yang lalu
I was ps only but I just bought the series s today get the ps5 later this year
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 29 hari yang lalu
Microsoft really nailed this console. Runs most games much smoother than than the ps4pro. Playing Skyrim, Destiny 2 and Fallout 76 at a 60fps lock.
Max Harrower
Max Harrower Bulan Yang lalu
Our main console is a PS5 but at this price we will get one primarily to play Forza Horizon 4 and maybe one or two other exclusives. 😎
MrHardcoreJustic Bulan Yang lalu
Genuine ‘this guy sounds like Jeremy Clarkson’ comment
C. Anderson
C. Anderson Bulan Yang lalu
Smooth Games all the way, hence my 4k 120hz TV. I've just bought a series s and will get the series x when available here in Scotland. It's annoying as I've got all you could buy PS5 wise but not the bloody console itself then boom, Xbox Series S says "yooou whoo, I'm available now"... Dick. 😂
John Horlock
John Horlock Bulan Yang lalu
Fifa 21 in march 21 is now £35 from £89 for premium in digital store . so games do get reduced
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
Very true 👍 like you say, there’s positives and negatives to both really! Glad you enjoyed 👌
John Horlock
John Horlock Bulan Yang lalu
@Stu’s Reviews True but i can play a digital download on my main account on my series s while my 10 year old can also on his series x . as i have his xbox as my xbox home .so we get it twice which would cost £50 for 2 physical copies . swings and roundabouts . thank you for ya reply and we both enjoyed your review . John and Jacob
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
But you can buy it for £25 second hand (CEX)... so point still stands. Cheaper to buy physical.
Paranormal Wales Uk
Paranormal Wales Uk Bulan Yang lalu
Great review going get one... Plus love the portal spirit box behind you we use one the same ourselfs
DragonSkull473 Slayer
DragonSkull473 Slayer Bulan Yang lalu
To me I would rather see performance rather than 4k graphics
MP G Bulan Yang lalu
I bought xbox series s and I absolutely love this console is fast and has great graphics on a 1080p screen love it love it
Matt M
Matt M Bulan Yang lalu
This an awesome review. What is the name of the song that played during the Haylo clip? That cracked me up.
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
Cheers Matt- it’s taken from a IDpost video of someone playing the halo theme on a recorder, I’ve edited and changed the tempo/pitch for added comedy! Glad you appreciate! 🥃
curtis lawson
curtis lawson Bulan Yang lalu
I'm in the performance over graphics side. I've got a 1080p 144hz monitor so the Series S is perfect for me. Coming from a One X, I could immediately tell a difference with load times and the games have performed smoothly and looked great. Very happy with my purchase
PrinceOfFALLEN Bulan Yang lalu
For me it all depends on the game. Some games I don't mind 30FPS. Others like a 1st person shooter or a racing game I want that sweet 60FPS no matter what cost I have to pay graphics wise.
thepidmeister Bulan Yang lalu
All I want and have ever wanted is 1080p at 60FPS, Microsoft & developers should have focused on that as an output option!
ChangingTheories Bulan Yang lalu
Wow the Jeremy Clarkson of consoles. Great vid mate, 30 mins and nver got bored once, great review!
Prashant Kumar Singh
Prashant Kumar Singh Bulan Yang lalu
The only non antique thing I can see is that Xbox.
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
Niel B
Niel B Bulan Yang lalu
Play it @ 1.25X speed & he really, really sounds like Jeremy Clarkson.
AJ121401 JJ
AJ121401 JJ Bulan Yang lalu
120hz tvs aren't that expensive anymore. I bought a LG nano cell 85 for $600. I mean why invest money in a great gaming system then play on a $200 TV. Always buy quality. Great tv btw fully compatible with series x
Cabbage Head
Cabbage Head Bulan Yang lalu
Just received my new xBox Series S from Argos ... great service. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own I've not been able to remove the battery cover of the controller. Apparently, this is a known problem and hasn't been fixed by Microsoft. Also, after I followed the instructions, plugged the xbox in and pressed the power button - nothing happens!!!
NotAsSexyAsItSeems Bulan Yang lalu
I’ve been with playstation ever since I was a child and never even considered changing to xbox. But this might be it, the cheap price (and availability) really makes me wanna give the series s a go. However I will likely still get the ps5 it a few years once sony releases a "ps5 pro" version or the price goes down beacause of the ps exclusives. So to me it wouldn’t matter if the series s were to be out-dated by then.
Corbin Toms
Corbin Toms Bulan Yang lalu
Well if you look at it you can still play Microsoft's original Xbox one with current gen games so I believe it would be the same for the series S and to top it the original Xbox 1 was made in late 2013!
mattyoblobber Bulan Yang lalu
Disagree on the digital prices vs preowned discs. I've been able to get a better deal digital than on disc many many times thanks to the constant deals on the stores. Yes release prices are more expensive but there are constantly deals on and discs can break.
Edgar Venzor
Edgar Venzor Bulan Yang lalu
Just order Series S from target for pick up, since I can't get my hands on a PS5 or a Series X!!!
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Bulan Yang lalu
Most of the TVs are either Full HD or UHD resolution. There are no 1440p TV that I know of. Xbox Series S's one third power is actually quite powerful enough to render Full HD since FHD is only 25% resolution compared to UHD. This is a more than capable machine for 1080p TVs.
TheAlmightyHux Bulan Yang lalu
I got the Series S as a secondary console to my PS5 for Halo, Gears and Game Pass
Breakup GoogleNow
Breakup GoogleNow Bulan Yang lalu
I have the SX, coming from the 1X and love it. The S/S is a really nice deal too. Great emulation station, top end audio and very good visuals. A tiny console too. It looks like a large sandwich. Btw, I see the only major drawback as large lack of storage, bc there's no way this is only 1/3rd as powerful.
Sasidhara Sarma
Sasidhara Sarma Bulan Yang lalu
How do we get it for free?
Dean7779x Bulan Yang lalu
$300 USD, with superior performance to my Xbox One S yet can still use it on my still excellent looking Samsung 55inch tv. Or do I go get the $500 machine (most powerful machine out there but no one can get their hands on) to play non-next gen games that are not out yet, and have to go by $1000+ for a 120hz OLED tv to truly appreciate "next gen"? I think I'll stick to the cheaper machine that will give me the same amount of fun in the meantime.
Derek Tweedie
Derek Tweedie Bulan Yang lalu
Most people cant even tell the difference between 1080p and 4k
Climbers Of Ice
Climbers Of Ice Bulan Yang lalu
I own the series S, it DOES support 4k for some games at 60fps. At 120fps, the series S will output at 1440p max. REVIEWERS NEED TO STOP SAYING THAT THE SERIES S CANNOT OUTPUT TRUE 4K, IT CAN!!! Just not always, and usually only at 60fps. If you have a 60hz tv, the series S will output a 4k signal more often than you might have expected. Again, it depends on the game. The series S is NOT capped at a max native resolution of 1440p/1080p, that's just the marketed target for next gen games. It could very well go over.
Local Fisherman
Local Fisherman Bulan Yang lalu
Great review, I was lucky to locate one recently and it should be arriving today. I’m a recent father so I won’t have tons of time to be playing on my Xbox so I went with the cheaper version because it does what I wanted to do without all the extra bells and whistle‘s that the X would provide. All at the same time giving us a great media player that the whole family can enjoy
marco rosselini
marco rosselini Bulan Yang lalu
i like cleara game image and faster download speed
Utwardzony Bulan Yang lalu
I don't know the popular opinion either but I don't consider 4k and high detail to change my gaming experience in any way. I grew up with consoles which compromised the arcade experience (Coleco Gemini, NES, Super NES and a variety of underpowered PCs) so the idea of having some cutbacks is ingrained in me. Let the spoiled brats have their 4k and high detail, I don't need it.
TimboJones Bulan Yang lalu
Microsoft themselves say it upscales to 4K
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
Yes. So 1440p. Not native 4k. Like I said...
Do FFM Bulan Yang lalu
I owned every Playstation there was but always played Halo at a friends house back in the day. And here I am owning a Xbox Series S and still waiting a few months/year before buying the new playstation.
Do FFM Bulan Yang lalu
@Stu’s Reviews Yep by choice :D Gamepass, Backwards compability and the price were just too good. And I want to play halo, Forza horizon and flight sim
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
By choice I hope and not by the hideous lack of stock!
Ravi Bulan Yang lalu
The naming for xbox went all wrong with Xbox 360. Since MS didn't want to name console Xbox 2 which will look pale in comparison to PS3. Playstation name in comparison is cleaner. Xbox name is now a mess. Microsoft shd simplify it before it starts looking really bad. Also yes, the video points 100% correctly on issue of Halo Waypoint. The visuals were not impressive for series x. As a previous owner of PS4 Pro, PS4 , PS3 and PS2, I will buy series s is tempting for exclusive but I can do almost all things the series s can on my gaming PC. So for Playstation + PC covers all major games.
Peak of the Apex
Peak of the Apex Bulan Yang lalu
6:40 well it depends if the game is supposed to look really pretty. In a game like minecraft id go with frame rate but with games like halo id go with visuals
Peak of the Apex
Peak of the Apex Bulan Yang lalu
Bruh 4k is so expensive is dont get why everybody thinks all kids have 4k
Dean7779x Bulan Yang lalu
exactly and mind you to truly appreciate "next gen" u need a 120hz TV so add another $1000 on top. To then have pizza and cheetoh stains all over everything and if u suck at competitive gameplay you're going to be so mad no matter how pretty your setup looks
Don King
Don King Bulan Yang lalu
X stands for Xtreme, S stands for Shit!
EldestTheGreat Bulan Yang lalu
*read in Jeremy Clarkson* The Xbox One X has exhilarating power but seems to be bottlenecked by a poor GPU. On the contrary, the Xbox series S has modest processing power but where it really shines is in its new AMD chip.
Sky Puma
Sky Puma Bulan Yang lalu
23:51 if they put it on gamepass that solves it though m8
The Patriot
The Patriot Bulan Yang lalu
Man I’m so sick of hearing these reviewers saying most people don’t have a 4K tv or one that supports 120 FPS...I mean to be fair those statements are probably many people that are actual gamers the people that are actually going to be buying these next gen consoles still have 1080p TVs? I would say not too many.
The Patriot
The Patriot Bulan Yang lalu
@Dean7779x hahaha damn something is wrong with you for real...I don't know where the hell your shopping but most 4k tvs 120hz are not 2000...furthermore I didn't make a bold statement about gaming I made a true statement about gaming there is a difference and another thing you just so happen to be our of touch with today is the fact that kids and parents are different today then they were 30 years ago so another words whatever Johnny wants Johnny gets but again nice try.
Dean7779x Bulan Yang lalu
@The Patriot u made a very bold statement about hardcore gamers not using 1080p screens when actually hardcore gamers or competitive gaming itself you’re more worried about FPS of which most high FPS monitors are still only 1080p and 120hz TVs are in the mid $1000 price point. Not everyone gives a shit about having the perfect setup nor does everyone have the money for it. Truth is most households still only have 1080p and guess what no matter how much little Johnny wants to play on a 4K 120hz tv mom and dad are not going to go buy a $2000 tv just so u can take full Advantage of ur $500 Console . Take care brother. Don’t be mad
The Patriot
The Patriot Bulan Yang lalu
@Dean7779x do you have some kind of point? That’s the dumbest thing to say anyway...I mean I damn sure consider myself a hardcore gamer since I own all the newer game consoles and the VR headsets and game all day long...guess what I don’t have though. That’s right a PC...furthermore the whole reason to buy a console is for gaming...not the same with a PC even if you do use it for games...nice try though I guess.
Dean7779x Bulan Yang lalu
@The Patriot read that sentence again bud I literally said “pc gamers” not “pc users”
The Patriot
The Patriot Bulan Yang lalu
@Dean7779x 😂😂🤣 most people I know that own a PC aren’t even gamers at
Dim Val's Games
Dim Val's Games Bulan Yang lalu
Great vid dude thanks! I have a question btw! I have a Series S and I play 2K21 next-gen of course and I love it even in a 1080p TV. Can I see better visuals for the 2k21 with the 4K upscaling and HDR in a 4K TV better than my 1080P that is good but I would love to have better graphics with my awesome best basketball game IMO. And with this console, I really care for sports games that you can't find on PC like NLH, and as I said the new next-gen basketball game, and older Xbox 360 games that I have but played very little the RDR1? But I am with a budget so I could buy a 4K TV with HDR 60FPS or 120FPS but only if I will see a difference and even better visuals from my 1080P!? Does it worth it did you play the basketball game 4K with the S.! Is it close with the Series X and PS5 too visuals and does it play well, fast and smooth!!?? Thanks in advance pal?
SMERSH Bulan Yang lalu
I have a one X and was thinking of upgrading to this but maybe there's no real point? It's so cheap though it's hard to resist
Bjørn Håvard Steinnes
Bjørn Håvard Steinnes Bulan Yang lalu
Definitely want the frames. 120 ftw
Siddhartha Bulan Yang lalu
My only problem is the price difference between PS5 and Xbox Series s is very less. And if you buy a new TV probably most of the people will do in coming one or two years . The TVs you get in the market now are all 4k TVs. So someone like me who already had the HD tv for more than 4 years who will upgrade the TV will definitely get a 4K tv . So I will probably choose PS5 over this one because the price difference is about buying one game for a console. But on the other hand if I want to play 120 FPS I will buy a monitor and probably HD monitor which will cost less than a 4k 120 Hz monitor. I play game on my desk and I will not put a TV on my desk. The price I think should be a little bit more competitive .
mark marlow
mark marlow Bulan Yang lalu
Cd keys will help with just digital only consoles there is other ways as well even cheaper with vnp
Gunnvardr Bulan Yang lalu
I get what you're saying about the digital only sales but when you have the family Xbox thing set up between two consoles you're literally paying for one game and getting it for two people me and my wife do that so I had no problems dropping 70 bucks on Cold war because I just look at it like oh well that's just $35 a piece for a brand new game not trying to fight you or anything but I just noticed you didn't say anything about that
Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum 2 bulan yang lalu
I have a ps4. I've come to realize, since I only have a 60 hz tv, I might as well go with the series s. I have like 150$ store credit at gamestop. I'm gonna cash that in asap. Eventually when I am making better income and have my own place, I can upgrade to cutting edge stuff. But for right now seems like the series s works for me.
Danny Jennings
Danny Jennings 2 bulan yang lalu
Went from a PS4 on a 4K 60hz TV and got a series s and an msi 1440p gaming monitor. Everything feels and looks unreal! Recommend the series S everyday of the week and twice on weekends!
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 2 bulan yang lalu
biggest money waste console i´ve ever saw. even the One X is better
Tarkan Huseyin
Tarkan Huseyin 2 bulan yang lalu
A thing Ihe failed to mention in this video is with game sharing this is a perfect console if your are a parent and go digital and share with your child or partner or anyone else as they will be able to use your gold/gamepass/EA play and digital copies on said console
Dane of Halves
Dane of Halves 2 bulan yang lalu
Subbed because your opinion and mine match on the naming scheme of all the xbox systems. The person in charge of naming these things need to be fired.
Sofia Collins
Sofia Collins 2 bulan yang lalu
We Have XBOX One X & Disc Based Games so we are happy with that still a great console...For The A Year Or Two More....
leatherwiz 2 bulan yang lalu
Good review, thanks, I like the selection of scotch in the shelf behind you. 😉
Nik Verschuren
Nik Verschuren 2 bulan yang lalu
Depends, 60 fps for quick gameplay shooters etc. But for Valhalla graphics off course! Ps. You have a fine taste when it comes to whisky.
Gabriel Pinilla
Gabriel Pinilla 2 bulan yang lalu
Just came here to say that I had a ps3 and a ps4, and I wanted a series S to play halo (had an OG xbox), then I got a job and because XsS was not in stock for weeks, I ended up buying a series X, no regrets at all
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans 2 bulan yang lalu
I prefer the FPS
Deron Baker
Deron Baker 2 bulan yang lalu
Frame rate over resolution. Also, I was skeptical about the little grips on the controller at first. It kinda felt like I had peripheral neuropathy. But once I got used to it I prefer it.
Duckington 2 bulan yang lalu
I’m in the middle... I have lots of games on disk, I have a 1080p 60hz TV. I don’t know what to do! I’m not planning on re-buying the games or buying a new TV as I have recently just bought it. Could anyone give some advice?
Deron Baker
Deron Baker 2 bulan yang lalu
Wait it out till the Series X is available for you. Even if you have a 1080p TV, you won't get 1080p 60 frames with many backwards compatible games on the Series S. When running a backwards compatible game on Series S, the console treats the game as if it's an old Xbox One S with faster load times. For example, Witcher 3 won't allow me to choose performance option on my Series S. Yes, Witcher 3 actually looks better on my Xbox One X than my new Series S, because Witcher 3 wasn't optimized for the new Series S. Anyway, series X can do anything the series S, the One S, and the One X, plus more for only $200 more that he Series S with double the storage of Series S. So unless you have money to spare, wait and get the Series X. Plus, there's no knowing of you'll get a 4k television a few years from now and your Series X will automatically take advantage of that. The best advantage of the Series X over the Series S is the faster frame rate option. Because, IMO 1080p at faster frame rate is better than 4k at lower frame rate. Series S makes best sense if you really only use Game Pass. If you have a lot of physical disk games, Series S is a non starter.
MRWHITE3535 2 bulan yang lalu
The speed has nothing to do with Microsoft.. it's to do with the SSD drive my PC boots up in less than 10 seconds...
Stu’s Reviews
Stu’s Reviews 2 bulan yang lalu
It absolutely has to do with Microsoft. SSD is only 50% of the parcel... the software is just important.
MRWHITE3535 2 bulan yang lalu
God I'm glad I seen this... as I thought it was the same power, I thought the only difference was it was a digital version, I don't think I'll bother now then I'll stick with a PS5..
Jonathan Foot
Jonathan Foot 2 bulan yang lalu
Thys Greeff
Thys Greeff 2 bulan yang lalu
i just dont want to play day z or call of duty game and my game lags and i get my ass shot off thats all like games like deadside scum and so on
Gabriel Lafrenière
Gabriel Lafrenière 2 bulan yang lalu
You're right about people who are not appealed by Xbox who would buy a Series S because of the price. I'm one of them ! I've own pretty much every PlayStation, but the price in Canada is insanely high for a PS5 (it would cost me with taxes 725$ CAD) while the Series S cost me 425$ CAD with taxes. That's 300$ less for a next gen console and I play on a 1080p monitor so for me 4k doesn't matter at all.
savefratton 2 bulan yang lalu
I,d prefere better graphics
Jordan McCraw
Jordan McCraw 2 bulan yang lalu
I own the Series X and picked up the Series S to compare. $299 is a very attractive price point. It may just end up being used for my previous gen digital titles such as Halo, Gears of War, it doesn't eat my the space on my Xbox Series X SSD. I look forward to comparing the two consoles.
BoxBeater 2 bulan yang lalu
fun fact - if you have xbox one games on a standard external HD, quick resume STILL works perfectly
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