Will You REGRET Buying Xbox Series S?

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Xbox Series S is designed for a very specific type of gaming consumer. Let's dive into what a Series S is and whether or not you should consider buying one.
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Joe Tinkler
Joe Tinkler 10 jam yang lalu
The resolution doesn't bother me I have 2 TVs one at home and one at uni the uni one is old and nothing looks amazing on it but the one at home isn't brand brand new but it way better than my uni one and rdr2 on xbox one looks amazing on it
mad t0wn
mad t0wn 13 jam yang lalu
I decided to buy an Xbox series S. First off I cant find a series X anywhere. I also feel like the S is still an upgrade from the xbox one x. To me everything looks better reguardless if I have 4k or not becsuse of the ray tracing. I have two 4 k tv's. One has hdr support but I also have an hd monitor that can go up to 144hz. I bought it so I am future proof for new titles and I plan to buy a ps5 instead of a series x so I picked up one from amazon while it was in stock. I don't think I am going to regret it as long as i keep telling myself I will get a ps5 in the future.
Vthe Man
Vthe Man 15 jam yang lalu
Ok, seriously the "Next Gen" thing is basically a marketing tool now, theres no such thing as Next GEN, not since the previous generation of consoles. At the moment they are basically PC's, the only limitation being the actual cost that the console manufacturers are able to tank, it's great that they are advertising things like Ray Tracing etc on consoles, but lets be perfectly frank , its not exactly cutting edge. With how good software is getting(DLSS for example) the bottleneck right now is the Software and just how much the manufacturers are willing to lose per unit sold. It's a balancing act of licensing vs production cost...
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez Hari Yang lalu
To be frank you guys should change your name to GameFranks
Joe Hari Yang lalu
I had the original Xbox one so the series s is a large upgrade for me
Tyler powder
Tyler powder 2 hari yang lalu
I bought the series s because I don't plan on getting a 4k monitor anytime soon, it's great for the price and I already have a bunch of games I bought from the Xbox one plus all the games on gamepass
Alex Wang
Alex Wang 2 hari yang lalu
How do you have under 10 million subs. How
Ruben Solo
Ruben Solo 2 hari yang lalu
I just want it for my 360 games and I'm tired of having this big OG xbox one, I mainly game on PC
Catking98 3 hari yang lalu
It's just an Xbox one s on steroids
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 3 hari yang lalu
Problem is 4k is way too overhyped. It's good to have options on resolution. Any pc gamer will tell you 1440p is the sweet spot and many still prefer 1080p because of the high fps. Resolution has diminishing returns and drops are not noticeable. Xbox series s is not underpowered, it's perfectly powered for the target resolution.
Bravo's Drunk Gaming
Bravo's Drunk Gaming 3 hari yang lalu
I’ve had series S from day one and I’m still loving it. But I don’t have a 4K tv and all my games are digital so I think the series X would of just been a waste for me.
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos 3 hari yang lalu
This guy is gonna have to change his name to Frank at this point.
yaaser mohammad
yaaser mohammad 4 hari yang lalu
i don't really care about resolution so i would go for the series s!
HC838 !!!!
HC838 !!!! 4 hari yang lalu
Ive just orderd an xbox series S just before watching this video!
Kazzack 5 hari yang lalu
I'm getting the Series S as my second console just for the game pass, having the PS5 already. Since it's my first X Box i think that's a good introduction into the Xbox franchise. Also i got a great Deal for 3 years Ultimate converted from Xbox Gold. Really looking forward to my first X Box :D
SirAura et Angel God
SirAura et Angel God 5 hari yang lalu
I don’t care about the graphics, i just don’t want lags.
Carter James
Carter James 6 hari yang lalu
i thought this was a xbox one s the whole time wtf
Joseph Ramos
Joseph Ramos 6 hari yang lalu
The biggest problem is the storage
Net Speeds
Net Speeds 6 hari yang lalu
I'm just wondering if it's worth getting as a main console over the switch? Figured that's the real comparison I should look at since they are priced the same
Glorious Kev
Glorious Kev 6 hari yang lalu
One month since my purchase and do not regret buying my Series S. It does exactly what I expected it to. It's a great companion device for my PC, PS4 and Switch.
Julian Leitis
Julian Leitis 7 hari yang lalu
who else only wants series s because series x is impossible to get rn
Shining Sylveon
Shining Sylveon 7 hari yang lalu
I'm getting a Xbox series s for my birthday 😁😁😁
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter 7 hari yang lalu
The S is worth it. Im a pc gamer and I play with friends on games like siege and I also wanted to still have access to my xbox library moving forward. This console was perfect for me. Im on a 240hz 1440p monitor, but I have testing it on a 4k tv and both experiences are fantastic. If you put your eyeballs to the screen you may notice a little upscaling bugs in some games that devs chose to hit target frames rather than resolution, but that is about it. From a playing distance it is hardly noticeable if at all. This thing is a powerhouse of a little console. Im playing siege on console at anywhere from 140fps to 180 at its highs. Some of the X/S upgrade games and enhanced games are fantastic here as well. Im really enjoing Fenyx. It is basically a Breath of the Wild inspired type game. Overall great value and quality and YES it is better than the One X. Don't let what was said in this video tell you otherwise as I just came from the One X and everything runs more smoothly regardless of resolution upscaling on 4k. Only a few titles are noticeable where devs chose to have wonky scaling on previous gen. That is the devs fault, not xbox.
Mr Man
Mr Man 7 hari yang lalu
The S upscales to 4K on my TV and the 2TB expansion was only $69. I love mine.
Lisha Kalijee
Lisha Kalijee 8 hari yang lalu
$500 which is equivalent to R7000(Rands in South africa)which is pretty darn expensive for me
Lisha Kalijee
Lisha Kalijee 8 hari yang lalu
To late for me coz already own the Xbox one s
KING Fart 8 hari yang lalu
theophilus farmer
theophilus farmer 8 hari yang lalu
For the record the series s is false in the left. It’s more like the right. Your tv is the big factor. I’m pushing 4K on mine. Now 1080 is awesome too more vibrant. I have the option to choose 4K UHD on my Xbox because that’s what my TV pushes out. Now if I get a higher resolution tv it will do the same with no chopping. Now I did have to tweak my colors and contrast on my tv because 4K shows real color tones and not made up ones. It’s like iPhone camera vrs android camera. Android is better only because of the enhancements of color. iPhone show True Tone. Get you a higher resolution tv and trust the Xbox series s will perform!!
jaime benjamin
jaime benjamin 9 hari yang lalu
I like the series s I have a 4K tv
Sprite Gaming
Sprite Gaming 9 hari yang lalu
either make it cheaper, add more storage, add disk drive, add more fps and i mbuying
Mr Wizzo65
Mr Wizzo65 9 hari yang lalu
Just got it. Got ps5 too. But this thingy... With GAME PASS. it obsoletes PS5 for now. Got 300 games on ps4 but game pass and series S is like a gamers dream come true
Kris Higgins
Kris Higgins 10 hari yang lalu
Just tell me the console looks better than a pro and close to next generation and I’ll fucking buy it!
jasonpwilson01XFORCE 10 hari yang lalu
I love my Xbox series S, plays everything great.
Tha Meekster
Tha Meekster 10 hari yang lalu
I have a 4k tv (@60hz) and set my xb series s to 1440p...I also have 3 gaming pcs and have to say...I'm pretty impressed with the s.... It looks fantastic for what it has and what it offers..... My only complaint is storage...but was easily fixed by buying the seagate 1tb expansion for it. Other than that for the price it's perfect!
Keino 11 hari yang lalu
I really only want an Xbox again to be able to play old games like L4D2 and Mass Effect 3, Halo and other games so I’ll get the Series S np
Distrocate 11 hari yang lalu
My ps4 is on its last leg, and with scalpers grabbing all of the better next gen consoles, i am content with the s, and wait a few years once ps5 are more available
Ettnoll Bajen
Ettnoll Bajen 11 hari yang lalu
Yes/no. Play a lot of different games,but my main thing is 2k/FIFA/PES and those have steadily becoming worse by every new release,and I play 2k14-16 and FIFA 16-17 on disc,which I can't on this one. I'd buy it wifbit had a disc drive for older games
Sasan 11 hari yang lalu
I just bought a series s today and it’s gunna take a week to ship😔😔
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 11 hari yang lalu
At least you secured it bro 😀
Sokka 12 hari yang lalu
Im gonna order my series s tomorrow as my second console (my main is the PS4)
Andrew Maple
Andrew Maple 12 hari yang lalu
Got a 1080p tv still in my gaming room got the s s love it it a amazing little console
Radmehr Masoudzadeh
Radmehr Masoudzadeh 12 hari yang lalu
another important point is are you traveling a lot? i have to travel a lot between my college and home cities. so xbox series s it the best choice for me.
Read the Manual - PRO Evolution 2017
Read the Manual - PRO Evolution 2017 13 hari yang lalu
Know this is an old vid, but think there's a market you've not mentioned... those with a good PC that want something to go alongside that to play the games that don't come to PC. Hopefully I'll play most games on PC and be able to join my friends on xbox, but those games that don't offer crossplay or are console only...
Arturo Olivo
Arturo Olivo 14 hari yang lalu
I bought one today online from GameStop since my nephew got our Xbox One. Comes tomorrow or Saturday so excited! I have my 2TB Hard drive external so I am good to go for the older games.
Ingus Kurpnieks
Ingus Kurpnieks 14 hari yang lalu
whats better to buy series s or ps5?
Nic Flynn ニック フリン
Nic Flynn ニック フリン 14 hari yang lalu
Tbh i think it was really cool that they made that system given all the things that happened in 2020 so more people could have a new console at a lower price BUT, it really bothers me that it is upside down in my head lol like looking at that system standing up just gives me anxiety. the symbol is sideways and the fan just makes it feel like the system is standing on its head. LOL WHO designed it that way!!! LOL I miss the ps2 flippable logo but even if it had that the fan just bugs me being up there even though it makes sense because heat of course rises haha but still just bugs me. anyone else? lol
Esteban 15 hari yang lalu
Honestly, all I wished for was a digital Series X... Same 1tb ssd, same improved retrocompatible games, same power overall, just having the optical disc drive removed like the PS5 version. Sigh... I guess they're indirectly forcing me to spend the extra $200. I have no choice. It's just that... _there are zero consoles in stock right now_
Lee Gibson
Lee Gibson 15 hari yang lalu
I don’t have a 4k tv I just want the s for 120fps so am I not better getting the series s
Redux BG
Redux BG 15 hari yang lalu
Hmmm yeah the only xbox console I could get my hands on was the S version the X is going for like 800 dollars here in my country which is crazy...
Let's Play!
Let's Play! 15 hari yang lalu
2:07 Overwriting a response JSON wya?
Plastic Gamer
Plastic Gamer 16 hari yang lalu
The series s is smoother than my one x and loads faster 👌
Tarun Chadha
Tarun Chadha 16 hari yang lalu
In India Xbox Series S is $476.43. Completely no sense at all to buy.
Alexander Ismajlvo
Alexander Ismajlvo 17 hari yang lalu
eddie rios
eddie rios 18 hari yang lalu
This is perfect for me since playstation is my main console
sadra pezeshki
sadra pezeshki 18 hari yang lalu
The fortnite experience was good I havent tested anything else
Joey Singh
Joey Singh 18 hari yang lalu
This thing is great! But once i experienced my friends series X its now what i want
Darryl Bruce
Darryl Bruce 18 hari yang lalu
Lol I hope I don’t. Just ordered mine. This is like a before you buy episode all over again 😂
Miss Wonderland
Miss Wonderland 18 hari yang lalu
If you plan on using it for competitive online gaming like cod then yes you will regret it!! It doesn’t get you 120fps on cold war like it does on the x and ps5! I don’t care about the resolution, I dont play much games besides first person shooters so 120fps is all I cared about in next gen consoles. 1080 120fps was perfect for me. I did my research before I bought the s and it’s advertised as a 120fps machine. WTF how will I have known that it can’t do 120!!
F.O.D. Marshalla
F.O.D. Marshalla 18 hari yang lalu
I bought Xbox One X instead. The games look better (see comparison vid's for yourselves), it has 4K and X360 games play WAY better. The only downside X1X has to XSS is that XSS has SSD hard drive, but it can be replaced in X1X.
Nasos Chatziliadis
Nasos Chatziliadis 19 hari yang lalu
I am glad that someone explained why resolution is not the only thing that matters in a game to look good. I mean, take the ps4 and the switch, just for arguments shake. Both ps4 and switch run at 1080p (ok the switch occasionally runs at 1080p docked), but can you visually compare Hellblade between the 2 consoles? The switch is obviously inferior in this aspect, which is pretty obvious because other things matter too like shadows, textures etc. Personally speaking I got my Xbox series S pretty recently and I don't regret it one bit. Just like you said, I have a 1080p monitor in which I usually play most of my games, I don't own a 4k TV and I don't see myself getting one in at least the next 2 years, so the S makes completely sense to me, and I am telling you, I don't feel like I am missing out on anything.
Mylo McCue
Mylo McCue 19 hari yang lalu
I'm a PS Gamer but have my IRL friends on Xbox. It also has a couple exclusive games I want to play. Im gonna keep my ps4 and ask for the Series S for my bday in June (Im 13 and broke asf)
brandon christian
brandon christian 19 hari yang lalu
I have the series s and it's downloading is killing me. It takes freaking hours
Gabriel Hertle
Gabriel Hertle 20 hari yang lalu
I think the most important thing is that your happy with your decision and have a great time while playing your fav games
The Sound - Topic
The Sound - Topic 20 hari yang lalu
Me and my friends bought the Series S because we only play like 3 or 4 games and it only has 512 GB so it’s literally enough for those games and future updates
Kanu U
Kanu U 20 hari yang lalu
A lot of games on series s runs at 900p
Patdog34 21 hari yang lalu
It seems to be a tiny Xbox that can run games at 1080p at high frame rates. At least it’s fast. The old ones just ran slow lol
leon323 21 hari yang lalu
My TV is 4k but I'm still getting this for the Xbox exclusive games like The Medium
James Bedford
James Bedford 21 hari yang lalu
Short answer: probably not Me: Sold
Marqese Booty
Marqese Booty 21 hari yang lalu
WELL I ENDED UP SPENDING 500$ FOR MY SERIES S. And well I'm really happy with it lol. Ur boy got that 4k monitor yessir
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 21 hari yang lalu
I have an Apple TV box thinking off selling then getting this for my 4K tv mainly to watch Netflix etc but occasionally play games. 😏😏
Grey Man
Grey Man 21 hari yang lalu
Basically the series s is exactly the same as the xbox one x...... if not better cause it can play 4k games unlike the new series s... I need a straight answer on this one because this sounds like absolute bs and a rip off..
Metal Head
Metal Head 22 hari yang lalu
Xbox one point five. No thanks. X series and an elite controller is what you want.
Metal Head
Metal Head 22 hari yang lalu
Short answer: yes
Rickey Jackson
Rickey Jackson 22 hari yang lalu
I have a Ps5 I just want an Xbox since Bethesda got bought out by Microsoft.
bryman31 23 hari yang lalu
the S is better than my 12 year old 360 Elite. so im happy LOL
toddbod94 23 hari yang lalu
Everyone will regret getting the S when mid generation refresh makes it useless.
copied pasted
copied pasted 24 hari yang lalu
My only gripe is that there's no way to play forza horizon 2 on it.
Medvykk 24 hari yang lalu
TLTW: if you cant wait then get it if you can wait then get the Series X instead ( and be fast cuz last time it sold out under 1 minute )
Bogdan Radu
Bogdan Radu 25 hari yang lalu
I think I’ll wait until series X it’s available just because I can’t stand digital I’m an old guy ,I grew up with everything being phusical.And also the 4K is what excites me as well
Jai Mahadev
Jai Mahadev 25 hari yang lalu
How does gta online run on the series s in a 25 player session
Mike C
Mike C 25 hari yang lalu
It's a very good console !
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
To sum this up if you have 4K tv and buy the s the Xbox series s is gonna struggle but if you have 1080p tv/monitor the console will be smooth and fast as ever before
Lucas Booth
Lucas Booth 26 hari yang lalu
i’m only getting a series s cause the x isn’t available and i’m bored asf
Scott Goss
Scott Goss 26 hari yang lalu
5 months later and still can’t get an X so I bought an S for now.
Herman Falck How
Herman Falck How 3 hari yang lalu
If you're not a graphics snob you'll have plenty with an S for several years. I would honestly say wait with both the Series X and PS5 anyway for most people since there isn't that many actual new games to play yet, and the Series S is such a good deal. Get the other 2 when their prices have dropped and/or the storage has increased.
Net Speeds
Net Speeds 6 hari yang lalu
I have a standard 1080 tv and mostly play my switch docked, do you think it's worth an upgrade or should I just order an mclassic for the switch and be patient?
Future Society Of Kings
Future Society Of Kings 10 hari yang lalu
I'm a playstation sycophant.....get the series s if you see it in stock. Target is the best option. Storage? There is a $48-$53 difference between the Xbox Seagate Expansion vs the comparable alternate, Seagate Barracuda SSD 1TB. Basically it would cost you around $200 anyway for the same comparable drive. Samsung can be included in that evaluation. Anyway, get the S, or wait for the X, by searching on Target in the early morning hours.
Jola Mola :p
Jola Mola :p 12 hari yang lalu
@Máté Galgán I’ve watched a few videos and I’ve seen and heard some really good points. I really want a console that won’t hurt my pockets too much so definitely going with the s
Ishtar 14 hari yang lalu
@majnus Same! Just copped one from Gamestop. I've been waiting too long to get into Xbox and after the X's go out of stock instantly, I just settled for an S
Bailey Alexander Jones
Bailey Alexander Jones 26 hari yang lalu
I hated my ad.
GAMINGWITH JORDAN 26 hari yang lalu
What if you have a 4k 120hz would that be good
Jeffrey Price
Jeffrey Price 28 hari yang lalu
I have had 0 regrets with my series S. I picked up a 244hz monitor too (all for the price of a series X lol) and i play games 120fps at 1440p and my frames literally only drop during cutscenes or transitional screens which it literally doesn't matter during those times anyway. Had my S for a month now with plans to upgrade to an X when they are more readily available but now i dont find it necessary. My friend has an X and 4k tv playing our games side by side there is so little difference its almost laughable that he paid 800$ for his while i paid 320 for mine....psa to anyone planning to come to next gen unless you need a disc drive go with the S you wont be disappointed
TheIrishGamerGuy 28 hari yang lalu
I spent nearly 3k on my first gaming PC so the Series S is a nifty little gadget to have on the side to catch up with friends on classic Xbox games and to try out new Halo, Fable etc. or anything else on Game Pass. It's the thing for when I want to take it down a notch from the hardcore PC R6 Siege matches and kinda roll up in bed cozy with a chill browse of the Game Pass library or retro Xbox and 360 era games I missed out on 😊 And tbh it will be my streaming box as I haven't a smart TV but an old Panasonic 1080p in my bedroom.
diobrando 28 hari yang lalu
I literally just want 60fps
Prod .GregUpNext
Prod .GregUpNext 29 hari yang lalu
Well this better then my xbox one 🤷🏾‍♂️ being grown gotta think smarter
PhantomPain74 MZR
PhantomPain74 MZR 29 hari yang lalu
299 times ....
Kefe Aman
Kefe Aman 29 hari yang lalu
So wait...this is a downgrade on the Xbox one X???? I’ve just wasted my money
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
Xbox series x is s only worth it if you have 4K display if you don’t have 4K it’s a waste of money
micah Kiker
micah Kiker 29 hari yang lalu
I think its the Xtra Xbox you buy used for 200 and use to play emulators etc.
LaCroix 29 hari yang lalu
I'm afraid there will be 720p on this console. And it pains me to look at 720p, I hate it. I don't blame the console though, it's 300 bucks. Can you imagine pc for 300 that could run Cyberpunk and Valhalla? 300$ 'd be just the price of the case.
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
It’s not gonna be 720p Microsoft confirmed it’s got same stats as the x except the 4K the s is still fast and will put out better picture than the previous Xbox one
tifacloud 182
tifacloud 182 29 hari yang lalu
No regrets at all! Still get 4K 60FPS on my monitor and it looks amazing and even with the lack of space have managed to download 9 games from Game Pass.
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
@tifacloud 182 the speeds are minimal don’t think your gonna notice it 🤣🤣🤣
tifacloud 182
tifacloud 182 26 hari yang lalu
@R1-active No as it won’t have the speeds that the SSDs have. And just to put it out there, I’m not bro, I’m a woman.
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
Just by external hard drive bro you can get 2tb for £50
ThinkForUrself 29 hari yang lalu
In fact this is the „there is no x or ps5 for years to come so i‘ll go with this“-console for many ppl 😂😅
Infamous Icee
Infamous Icee 27 hari yang lalu
People that say that, give up to easy to scalpers, I secured a series x a few weeks ago from Target.
EastSpartan07 Bulan Yang lalu
the S also struggles to keep apex legends at 60fps lol and that pissed me off as well cause it felt like I was back on my PS4 Pro 🤣😂🤷🏾‍♂️
EastSpartan07 Bulan Yang lalu
aaaaaand I 100% regret getting this console. It’s not for someone who games a ton....I couldn’t fight through the muddy draw distance graphics. Bought Cold War not knowing it doesn’t run that game at 120hz, that was what did it for me. So I’m sending it back Thursday when I get my Series X lol. This console is for your kids or the super casual gamer.
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
@EastSpartan07 I’m using it on mine and the graghics look nice asf more nicer than the previous consoles
EastSpartan07 26 hari yang lalu
@R1-active what the fuck are you talking about man lmfaoo!? One I play on a monitor and the Series S had Poor graphical abilities. Only games it’s makes pop is last gen.
R1-active 26 hari yang lalu
Mate it’s literally more powerful than the current Xbox ones and your clearly using it on a 4K display hence why it’s struggling idiot
David Johnson
David Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
since i got one i love it and i have no regrets about that little powerhouse of a machine
Brantlee Molloy
Brantlee Molloy Bulan Yang lalu
I got em both and honestly since the series s is digital it loaded in games faster than my series x does with the drawback of heating up a lot more than my series x
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Bulan Yang lalu
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