What the Hell Just Happened to the Inner Circle? | AEW Dynamite

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All Elite Wrestling

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Marquez Jones
Marquez Jones 6 hari yang lalu
This looked botchy in a lot of spots or it takes too long to get into whatever move is coming like the guy waits too and pretends to be out of it and Jericho looking like mickey Rourke from the wrestler
Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin 11 hari yang lalu
Well done Sammy!!
Jean Santiago
Jean Santiago 15 hari yang lalu
Sammy did a really great job
met182 18 hari yang lalu
That was the ugliest lionsault I've ever seen (that didn't result in someone breaking their neck) Jericho either needs to get serious and get in shape or stop doing that move.
Stoney Galicia
Stoney Galicia 21 hari yang lalu
StoneyOnly TalkRadio
Big Macho
Big Macho 22 hari yang lalu
Sammy vs MJF at Double or Nothing.
M Nef
M Nef 24 hari yang lalu
That senton at 3:28!
Bobby Daubert
Bobby Daubert 24 hari yang lalu
Proud and Powerful need to break out of this and get in some big feuds by the end of summer.
kill shot
kill shot 25 hari yang lalu
Again my nigga's santana and ortiz don't win a waste of a good tag team
Tasvir Mahmood
Tasvir Mahmood 25 hari yang lalu
Sammy will definitely be the next breakout star, not MJF. His muscles are getting bigger. 💪
Eric Acton Jr
Eric Acton Jr 27 hari yang lalu
I love how all of you think Jericho should stop doing the lionsault. It was one mess up. Everyone messes up sometimes smfh.
Levi Norwood
Levi Norwood 28 hari yang lalu
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 28 hari yang lalu
Jericho it’s over
Kyris Eiden
Kyris Eiden 28 hari yang lalu
You don't know what happen to the Inner Circle? Duh, MJF is wrecking it from within. Just you watch. Thinking MJF cares about The Inner Circle.. Lol.
Tonys_003 28 hari yang lalu
Sammy is lame he needs to get removed from the main event
Tobias Meyer
Tobias Meyer 28 hari yang lalu
The match at the end a catastrophe
R Brice
R Brice 28 hari yang lalu
Who's out of shape Sebastian Bach lookin dude???
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 29 hari yang lalu
haha nobody and everybody wanted to win this match at the same time lol
Pelon Zobaz
Pelon Zobaz 29 hari yang lalu
At 1:57 that is no longer the lion sault ,like he used to do in CMLL that should be known as the Garfield (cat) sault.
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha 29 hari yang lalu
btw why's the Inner Circle fighting they own Team Members
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha 29 hari yang lalu
MJF & Chris Jericho has Chemistry as a Tag Team I'm sorry but they both Flamboyant dudes who wanna be Barbies
Donnie Johnson
Donnie Johnson 29 hari yang lalu
Hate to say it, but Jericho looks outta shape.
Derek Hawk
Derek Hawk 29 hari yang lalu
I'm just happy that AEW has thrown out the predictability of Face vs. Heel matches. Love the brilliance of seeing heels compete against each other. Where is FTR VS. SANTANA & ORTIZ THO. must see that match! 🤘
B E R C 29 hari yang lalu
Fat Jericho
Red Spiral Ray
Red Spiral Ray Bulan Yang lalu
Gotta love how some are defending the Bloated God and his failed Lionsault. The guy is CLEARLY out of shape now. If you honestly think that he just misstepped, or that everybody botches so it's ok for Chris to botch, you're wrong. You're just plain wrong. He either needs to hit some cardio HARD or step away from the ring. He's as gassed as can possibly be.
Emerald Forest Ecolodge
Emerald Forest Ecolodge Bulan Yang lalu
Thank god Sammy Guevara chose AEW instead of jobbing to Roman Reigns or even worse... BEING PART OF RAW ROSTER D:
Quinterro Bulan Yang lalu
Wow, Sammy carried the whole match
Graham Ryan
Graham Ryan Bulan Yang lalu
Complete botch fest. Fat boy Jericho needs to slowdown or he will end his own career
Dusto Bulan Yang lalu
Chris Jericho is an embarrassment.
Mobelisk Miniatures
Mobelisk Miniatures Bulan Yang lalu
Idk why but normally i hate a Spanish Fly. But man, when Sammy does one.... Fuckin phenomenal
dan theman444
dan theman444 Bulan Yang lalu
Sammy Guevara delivers all the time.😎👍
alexkurtbaker94 Bulan Yang lalu
This wrestling looks so slow & lazy, like almost in slow motion, sammy doesn’t even bother making his moves look like they actually hurt.
Liam Gibson
Liam Gibson Bulan Yang lalu
What happened to Santana and Ortiz , they were something really special in impact.. and that lionsault from Jericho was god awful. I love Jericho but he needs to step aside from ring action. Mjf is the biggest heel in wrestling and he's just lost in the shuffle. Sammy is a great athlete, they are all wasted in this group!
Aiden Comeau
Aiden Comeau Bulan Yang lalu
That ref is awesome.
Ryan Down
Ryan Down Bulan Yang lalu
Sammy complete wrestling talent
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho is just embarrassing himself at this point.
beantown_sportscards Bulan Yang lalu
Fat Chris Jericho needs to go. It’s just sad to watch
Sean Aitken
Sean Aitken Bulan Yang lalu
That was the worse lionsault Y2J has ever done in his career. Time to hang up that move
Derek Jeynes
Derek Jeynes Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho is fine. I think right now people are giving him a lot of unnecessary hate, and really it was one mistake over the course of almost 30 years. People have to look at all the cool stuff he's done and realize he hasn't made all too many mistakes
NORWOODShadow1854 Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho really is out of shape hard to watch
fozzy rai
fozzy rai Bulan Yang lalu
Haters jericho will reply with picture perfect liomsault next week idiot
Craig Smart
Craig Smart Bulan Yang lalu
What the hell was that lionsault. Please retire before you paralyse yourself. Jericho is clearly finished, he can't go anymore.
Joel Highlight
Joel Highlight Bulan Yang lalu
Ultimate look weaks thanks to Aew
Abrasive Atom305
Abrasive Atom305 Bulan Yang lalu
jesus jericho do some fucking cardio. you are a wrester for christs sake
VintageWrestling Bulan Yang lalu
This was a good triple threat tag-team match and much better than anything that is happening on RAW and Smackdown.
Jonathan Hudgins
Jonathan Hudgins Bulan Yang lalu
1:55 The worst "Lionsault" I have ever seen.
Frankie Rollins
Frankie Rollins Bulan Yang lalu
Trash wrestling
Sugar Tweets
Sugar Tweets Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho seems a bit rusty
Internet Tough Guy
Internet Tough Guy Bulan Yang lalu
The real loser is MJF because now he has to carry Jeriloads ass through more tag matches.
Rahaman Awelenje
Rahaman Awelenje Bulan Yang lalu
Exactly like tf is he even doing with this inner circle.
dougbrown04 Bulan Yang lalu
Fat Negan strikes again.
dizzy1369 Bulan Yang lalu
I'm asking that exact question, not for good reasons.
SneakerFetish420 Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho almost broke his neck another week another botch this is getting really sad at this point and you marks will still defend this terrible match with out Sammy this match is supreme trash
Rahaman Awelenje
Rahaman Awelenje Bulan Yang lalu
Macie Macie
Macie Macie Bulan Yang lalu
sad sammy rey fenix darby allinscorpio sky are stars they been stars
shave a Bullock
shave a Bullock Bulan Yang lalu
Sammy is the break out star from inner circle for me I'm pretty sure most can agree, just why and I mean why does he always take the pinfalls within the group
That's Good Bacon
That's Good Bacon Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho's needs to stop selling a little bit of the bubbly and start selling a little bit of the salad.
JustMicah Bulan Yang lalu
lol poor Jericho geez man
Nightwing84 Bulan Yang lalu
Sammy is a future face star !
Jack Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho's on the sauce, and by sauce, I mean chocolate sauce.
fmdof Bulan Yang lalu
rerik001 Bulan Yang lalu
they had a couple bad camera angles this match, Jericho looked tired, not every match is perfect
B G Bulan Yang lalu
Wait im late to the party, why is Inner Circle all fighting each other, did they break up finally?
YK361 Bulan Yang lalu
Sammy really carried everyone in this match and that says a lot .
Rahaman Awelenje
Rahaman Awelenje Bulan Yang lalu
Not MJF. He just in a bas situation Storyline
Chris Sparham
Chris Sparham Bulan Yang lalu
That senton!
Nabil Fallen
Nabil Fallen Bulan Yang lalu
You all need to book for Jericho last storyline and his retirement before fatal injuries catching up or even worse than that, his soul and mental are still steel strong but his body reached his limit already, please don't overworked Jericho's body
NK Shahariar
NK Shahariar Bulan Yang lalu
Jericho should retire
Aaron Monster
Aaron Monster Bulan Yang lalu
Jesus Chris wat was that.
Connor Wong
Connor Wong Bulan Yang lalu
Only Jericho and MJF entrance got Pyro
Erik Bulan Yang lalu
Its like jericho aged overnight. This is sad to watch as a long time fan of his.
Bobby Boyer
Bobby Boyer Bulan Yang lalu
anyone make any sense of that??
Vishnu Agrawal
Vishnu Agrawal Bulan Yang lalu
It was just a lionsault botch from Jericho and people forget who the daddy is
kallmehh Bulan Yang lalu
Calling it now. Sammy takes the TNT Title from Darby.
Henry Seldon
Henry Seldon Bulan Yang lalu
Never been a Sammy fan, till this match. He totally owned this match. Lightening fast, precision accuracy and strength beyond his size. Yea, Sammy rocked this match!
AWWEFAN99.9 Bulan Yang lalu
This match gave Sammy a chance to showcase his talent
RottenSpine N.i.S
RottenSpine N.i.S Bulan Yang lalu
03:29 - 03:35 SAMMY SAMMY SAMMY!!!! 👍
Jimmy Bones
Jimmy Bones Bulan Yang lalu
Can somebody please explain to me what's going on with The Inner Circle?
S10 Games
S10 Games Bulan Yang lalu
Jesus that lionsault was botched
Isaiah Watkins
Isaiah Watkins Bulan Yang lalu
I don't watch AEW at all but Y2J is old af, I remember his prime years when he was an A list superstar & is that Jack Swagger??? lmfao
Jesse Bennett
Jesse Bennett Bulan Yang lalu
Remember when wrestlers looked cool?
Anon Luxor
Anon Luxor Bulan Yang lalu
Why did it look like that he had a wig on in the thumbnail?
Closed Bulan Yang lalu
Nothing happened to them really...they just had a multi tag match...
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway Bulan Yang lalu
Everybody talking about Sammy having a great match but can we appreciate what a beast hager in this match was
Paranormal Gambler
Paranormal Gambler Bulan Yang lalu
Got to respect the hell outta Chris man allways loved this guy he is a true legend
Kieron Gordon
Kieron Gordon Bulan Yang lalu
1:04 and 1:21 Hager is the MVP of this match 😂😭🤣
Rabih Hmaissy
Rabih Hmaissy Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you AEW for making the best matches in all of professional wrestling
Collinz Bulan Yang lalu
1:56 Jericho.... Oh dear...
Mac Wheeler
Mac Wheeler Bulan Yang lalu
This match was absolutley amazing! Hell yes what a finish!!!
devilfacedjedi Bulan Yang lalu
This is made even worse by the undertaker taking about Jericho on Joe rogan. How far has this guy fallen?
ss ss
ss ss Bulan Yang lalu
currently,even christopher daniels deserve more attention than chris jericho
PBPROP Bulan Yang lalu
barbara Swingle
barbara Swingle Bulan Yang lalu
Honestly the group needs to go
Matt Warner
Matt Warner Bulan Yang lalu
The running shooting Star press is one of the stupidest moves there is imo. It might look good but no damage
Matt Warner
Matt Warner Bulan Yang lalu
Or who's with who? is there even a inner circle?
Matt Warner
Matt Warner Bulan Yang lalu
Okay guys somebody help me out I haven't watched aew for a minute is Sammy a face now?
Abbas Hussain
Abbas Hussain Bulan Yang lalu
Classic heel pull the trunks while pin 👌🏻
Trey Carrillo
Trey Carrillo Bulan Yang lalu
The liner circle what does this mean for the family of the circle
Aayan nd akrit Officially video
Aayan nd akrit Officially video Bulan Yang lalu
eni tpz
eni tpz Bulan Yang lalu
Haha so fail haha.. I like wrestling a lot but this?! Is not a pro wrestling that they trying to show
Corey Brown
Corey Brown Bulan Yang lalu
They shouldn't be done
Nathaniel Batista
Nathaniel Batista Bulan Yang lalu
Broooo what a match 🔥🔥🔥🔥
michael stasio
michael stasio Bulan Yang lalu
Whats with factions not using there actual tag team members for the tag title seth rollins did the same thing with his faction it makes those members pointless
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