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Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on IDpost since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Gazza 7 menit yang lalu
Another one!
Saw Hshroof
Saw Hshroof 24 menit yang lalu
You should name him (Rona) because you have already (Cora) to become ( coraona)🤣hhhh love you smile more .
Brandon Vlogs
Brandon Vlogs 35 menit yang lalu
How many more kids they gonna have? It’s like Romans like damn I need content uhhh let’s make another baby vlog😂
zander winter
zander winter 40 menit yang lalu
Man I’m so happy for you
Samuel Jones Gaming
Samuel Jones Gaming 40 menit yang lalu
Omg the sixth of Jan is my bday
Amari Sanders
Amari Sanders 45 menit yang lalu
Jessica Sarro
Jessica Sarro 48 menit yang lalu
he’s zeus reincarnated 🥺
Trae Chapa
Trae Chapa 53 menit yang lalu
their videos got boring not gan lie
Caleb Cannon
Caleb Cannon 55 menit yang lalu
Congratulations Atwood family!❤️
Katrina Trace
Katrina Trace Jam Yang lalu
a graduations on your baby and I know you guys going to be great parents and I know that perfect because I've been watching you for 7 years.
HudsonnPricee Jam Yang lalu
No Christmas vlog :(
JBTripod PIGE Jam Yang lalu
did she get plastic surgery?
Logan Dills
Logan Dills Jam Yang lalu
I love u guys
Cory & Jenn
Cory & Jenn Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations Atwood Family
Lexus Bolton
Lexus Bolton Jam Yang lalu
Omg she was pregnant?!
Arely Pena
Arely Pena Jam Yang lalu
daniel ace
daniel ace Jam Yang lalu
Im telling you he makes a video then not drops again watch he wont make another vid until 5 months later
Elijah Wilson
Elijah Wilson Jam Yang lalu
How many kids? Now 4
CA Asascene
CA Asascene Jam Yang lalu
Ronald Marty
Ronald Marty Jam Yang lalu
he fr said whoever watching knowing damn well we all still here 🤣🤣
Tishawn Progod
Tishawn Progod 2 jam yang lalu
God bless the baby to have a good life
CD Mack
CD Mack 2 jam yang lalu
Congratulations 🎉 Glad to meet you Knox!
Corbin Wait
Corbin Wait 2 jam yang lalu
Thanks Roman for posting. I’ve been at a new low in my life and two things have kept me smiling. Your video and my son.
stephen robertson
stephen robertson 2 jam yang lalu
Congratulations knox is an adorable chunky little boy
Kelly Fenton
Kelly Fenton 2 jam yang lalu
Abbey Mc
Abbey Mc 2 jam yang lalu
Congratulations to the Atwood family!! I'm glad everyone is healthy. I'm praying for you all. Welcome to the world Knox. I really like the name
gaily fl
gaily fl 2 jam yang lalu
Knox Atwood you're raising a freaking VIKING!!!!
Mr Boombastic
Mr Boombastic 2 jam yang lalu
tina sheets
tina sheets 2 jam yang lalu
Is it just me or did anyone else think they were going to name him after Zeus but Knox fits him better. Congratulations you two and welcome to the family little man
Cody Gates
Cody Gates 2 jam yang lalu
Colman Mathews
Colman Mathews 2 jam yang lalu
Is this y u haven't been uploading
Humza Imtiaz
Humza Imtiaz 2 jam yang lalu
Should have named him Justin cause he looks cracked at fortnite🥵🥵
Humza Imtiaz
Humza Imtiaz 2 jam yang lalu
Besides the jokes congratulations great name and can’t wait for your content to come back
LOG xBOSS1234 2 jam yang lalu
congrats brother
Elias Torres
Elias Torres 2 jam yang lalu
Roman, I got a German Shepard puppy, named him Zeus... I thought I saved him but he saved me. If you are an og hit the like button if you remember Zeus.
Bass hunter
Bass hunter 3 jam yang lalu
knox sounds like a dog name
Atena Rajaei Kermani
Atena Rajaei Kermani 3 jam yang lalu
The jumbled egypt randomly pray because soldier surgically slow midst a tasteful lace. drunk, straight experience
Lil Danny Games
Lil Danny Games 3 jam yang lalu
The people that disliked where the people that thought the Knox was to cute
Marley 3 jam yang lalu
Omg they had another baby 😭 congrats y’all!!
mikayle wilkins
mikayle wilkins 3 jam yang lalu
that's my birthday January 6th!!
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams 3 jam yang lalu
He is beautiful 💙 and I honestly love the fact that they told us the name right away, unlike other youtubers who make you wait weeks to find out lol congratulations to the family 🎉
Kalli Aunna
Kalli Aunna 3 jam yang lalu
Welcome Knox!! Your family and the subscribers love you so much!
One Day One Step
One Day One Step 3 jam yang lalu
Huge Congratulations to you Roman And Brit. What a ray of sunshine Knox is. All my love and prayers go out to you and the family. I can’t wait till you come back.
Seth St.clair
Seth St.clair 3 jam yang lalu
You will always inspire new things
Seth St.clair
Seth St.clair 3 jam yang lalu
I love the name that is my last name I love waching your videos still they will never get old I just see the smile in game and started playing the game agein I left off on floor 100
PURE SACHEM 3 jam yang lalu
That name is so 😎
Gamerchick90 fernandez
Gamerchick90 fernandez 3 jam yang lalu
Congratulations to you guys god bless you guys may god bless u and your family this year
Cory Lenihan
Cory Lenihan 3 jam yang lalu
Anybody realize the funny thing about the babys name.. Knoxs Atwood ( Knocks at wood) lol. congratulations guys. staring back up with a bang.
Cs.Charx69! 3 jam yang lalu
He piping 😳 Madly
Shhhparky Arky
Shhhparky Arky 3 jam yang lalu
the whole time y’all kept calling him fat lol
Moreno Family
Moreno Family 3 jam yang lalu
Omg congratulations 🎈
Dylan Samways
Dylan Samways 4 jam yang lalu
Yo congratulations Roman and brittny. Love these vidoes and I really miss the everyday videos :(
丂M!L乇乙 4 jam yang lalu
Welcome covid baby
Wood Vlogs
Wood Vlogs 4 jam yang lalu
Weird thing my papaw passed on the 6th to so yeah 😢
Daishauna nation
Daishauna nation 4 jam yang lalu
Wait they had another kid
JeLLi 4 jam yang lalu
i didnt even know they were having another child
Bryannah :Pulinario
Bryannah :Pulinario 4 jam yang lalu
Pls post when u show the kids him
Daniel Cronin
Daniel Cronin 4 jam yang lalu
Roman looks polish
Clash With Arnie Dennis
Clash With Arnie Dennis 4 jam yang lalu
Yrs later the baby will watch back on this video and see comments 14 yrs ago
Hypeee. Eva
Hypeee. Eva 4 jam yang lalu
emily knox
emily knox 4 jam yang lalu
yo that’s my surnameeee
Swag-_-Jayden 5 jam yang lalu
Jesika Battles
Jesika Battles 5 jam yang lalu
Welcome Knox! I’m happy to see you guys again! 😊
Brendyn Davidson-Walker
Brendyn Davidson-Walker 5 jam yang lalu
congrats yall
Elle Warbucks
Elle Warbucks 5 jam yang lalu
Soooo happy everyone is healthy!
Linc DeFerrari
Linc DeFerrari 5 jam yang lalu
Awe he’s so cute 🥰
Mike Q
Mike Q 5 jam yang lalu
Congrats on the new baby boy.❤🙏
brien periz
brien periz 5 jam yang lalu
Congratulations Roman. Love you and your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Hope you’ all doing fine. LOVE FROM MARYLAND
Potatolife 101
Potatolife 101 5 jam yang lalu
i knew she was pregnant but i still thought there were a few more months till he was born so when i saw this in my recommended i was like OMGGGG
Christopher Meyer
Christopher Meyer 5 jam yang lalu
its so nice that there is a new video I'm happy for you guys, stay safe :)
Christian & Ziya
Christian & Ziya 5 jam yang lalu
What a beautiful blessing, he is so precious. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Samantha Escobar
Samantha Escobar 5 jam yang lalu
I’m so sad that romans mom couldn’t see and hold the new baby 😭
Onikia Herme
Onikia Herme 5 jam yang lalu
Please continue posting this year😁
Paul Morbey
Paul Morbey 5 jam yang lalu
We need you back !!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧
Samantha Escobar
Samantha Escobar 5 jam yang lalu
I totally forgot she was pregnant I’m so happy that she had another baby 🥰
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 5 jam yang lalu
Congrats man!!!
Robyn Northey
Robyn Northey 5 jam yang lalu
Ajani Lynch
Ajani Lynch 5 jam yang lalu
Congratulations guys love you guys
Ashley Donnelly
Ashley Donnelly 6 jam yang lalu
Christian Franco
Christian Franco 6 jam yang lalu
Wait I thought it was going to be a girl?
asp_FH7 6 jam yang lalu
He’s born on my birthday
Missy Lena
Missy Lena 6 jam yang lalu
I want a baby too!!😔😔😔 but the world is such a hellhole by now so I decided to not put a baby in this world.
Ananas Boo
Ananas Boo 6 jam yang lalu
Does Elon Musk watch Roman Atwood?!
Just chilling
Just chilling 6 jam yang lalu
Can’t wait till you guys can start making videos and posting again.
James Hartline
James Hartline 6 jam yang lalu
Love you guys bless your family
Chris Pena
Chris Pena 6 jam yang lalu
Yo Roman back on the grind?👀
Silvia bukubuk
Silvia bukubuk 6 jam yang lalu
Lily Marron
Lily Marron 7 jam yang lalu
Mollie Zakrzewski
Mollie Zakrzewski 7 jam yang lalu
how did I know it was knox i watch a kid named that
cubby 6
cubby 6 7 jam yang lalu
If that was his name it would be funny. Edit:welcome to the world Knox I hope you enjoy it
DJ Crilly
DJ Crilly 7 jam yang lalu
So happy for you guys
Zaitxef Katari
Zaitxef Katari 7 jam yang lalu
You guys are amazing! What a beautiful boy! Congratulations on this handsome healthy Little chunk of a man! Love to you and your family what exciting times! And almost 9 pounds are you kidding me??!! 😳 girl you are a champ100% hands-down! I have 2 kiddos That are almost grown now both of them were under 6 pounds and I thought I was ABSOLUTELY & legitimately going to die !!! No joke! 😂so man much respect, ! What a way to closeout 2020 and bring in 2021! Sending all kinds of love and hugs to you & your family ! What a blessing little Knox is! ❤️
Melissa Crockett
Melissa Crockett 7 jam yang lalu
Knox is going to be a handful 🤣 Congrats!
Joe Batty
Joe Batty 7 jam yang lalu
When will you start doing vids again love you btw
Knoxthefox5671 7 jam yang lalu
Jazzy 2018
Jazzy 2018 7 jam yang lalu
i didnt even know she was pregnant tbh
Adalberto Favila
Adalberto Favila 7 jam yang lalu
Mi dicen el asscicino por hay
Rotary _Boy
Rotary _Boy 7 jam yang lalu
I am a fan for the first day love man and your family ❤️🥳🥳
Mackenzie Parker
Mackenzie Parker 7 jam yang lalu
The baby was born on2021 21 coincidence
tinydough 7 jam yang lalu
*Likes video before it even starts*
IlGonZo 7 jam yang lalu
He's huge!
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