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We’re unveiling out-of-the-box innovations for your changing lifestyles, tastes, and needs.
All designed for viewing, playing, working, and making your own.
We’re redefining the role of screens. #UnboxAndDiscover it all.
#SamsungTV #Samsung

00:00 Unbox & Discover 2021
00:38 Opening speech from JH Han, President of Visual Display
05:10 Screens Redefined
06:50 Lifestyle TV
07:28 The Frame
08:59 My Shelf
10:56 Make your own TV, The Frame
11:32 The Serif
12:06 The Sero
13:30 The Premiere
17:04 The Terrace
19:28 Monitor
20:04 Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor
21:06 Faker's Vlog
22:40 Smart Monitor
24:55 Flip
26:30 Neo QLED
31:20 The official TV partner of Xbox Series X
32:11 AMD Partnership
33:09 Neo QLED: In-home Activity
34:51 Neo QLED 8K
36:26 Soundbar
37:46 Dolby Partnership
41:34 MicroLED
43:54 Closing Speech

Jander Carvalho
Jander Carvalho 23 jam yang lalu
According to the Samsung website, the Corining Gorilla Glass screen is highly resistant and without any explanation my breakage, without any fall or any other form of misuse, and when I activated the warranty, I was denied the repair. Service protocol: 3102102923. The screen is more sensitive than crystal and I will have to pay for the repair even if the misuse has not been detected. Here is all my indignation and disappointment with the product and service. you
Kalamala 4 hari yang lalu
thanks samsung
Welton 5 hari yang lalu
Unfortunately I bought a Samsung tablet that HAS a chronic defect which is the INFINITE BOOT, and after letting my tablet be upgraded to Android 10 it started giving this problem, unfortunately it was already out of warranty and when making contact with Samsung it was request to send for a technical assistance and I did so, but in the assistance they gave me a much, much higher value than what I had paid for the product so I refused the quote and the assistance sent me back the tablet, and to my surprise the tablet returned without even calling. I tried to contact the assistance and she said that it is anyway, the problem got worse. Now watch SAMSUNG update its products and then they are defective, and when trying to ask for assistance, technical and authorized assistance, they make the product even worse, because now you don't even call it. I would like at least my tablet to be returned to me as sent, but not. Who knows what technical assistance did that the product stops turning on. PESSIMO AFTER SALES, I request intermediation by SAMSUNG. I also request that the responsible technicians of samsung do a search on google and see the thousands of reports with problems identical to mine. VERY CAREFUL WHEN PURCHASING PRODUCTS FROM THE MANUFACTURER, MAKE A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR INFINITE LOOP
Savage Guy
Savage Guy Hari Yang lalu
From where did u buy it. I hv been buying samsung products from years now i never got anything defect.
Andriel Cadore
Andriel Cadore 9 hari yang lalu
Ok......samsung visual production Inc.
Mike Tawana
Mike Tawana 9 hari yang lalu
if you want the best, spend that money on the best products...
Bert Mcalister
Bert Mcalister 10 hari yang lalu
Samsung TVs are honestly so bad. There all made with the worst backlights known to man, after about a year, just when your warranty runs out half your screen won’t have light and it will be unusable. They also won’t help you when that happens
Harris games
Harris games 11 hari yang lalu
How do you work with Google
Pierre-Jean De Villiers
Pierre-Jean De Villiers 12 hari yang lalu
What's next samsung, the future is,exiting!
Pierre-Jean De Villiers
Pierre-Jean De Villiers 12 hari yang lalu
Enjoying myself with this tech,any geek and gadget lover's dream!,Stunning!
Pierre-Jean De Villiers
Pierre-Jean De Villiers 12 hari yang lalu
Watching on my samsung s21 ultra,samsung is just the best hands down
Arjun Vinze
Arjun Vinze 16 hari yang lalu
Do we have a rough date for when the flat g7 is getting released? Trying to decide if waiting is worth it ...
Albert Riera
Albert Riera 17 hari yang lalu
Samsung these products are very good but not all the Korean people can buy in Nord Korea, they have a dictator ship. this people they don't have job, food, water, gas, electricity, broadband, flat, car etc... LG, Sud Korea democratic government and not Nord Korea totalitarian government. Hyundai etc. Nord and Sud Korea = Korea ( Samsung products, job, food, water, gas, electricity, broadband, flats, cars)
Savage Guy
Savage Guy Hari Yang lalu
How does north korea come here. Samsung is south korean
Seyıt ahmet Yurdakul
Seyıt ahmet Yurdakul 18 hari yang lalu
Could be better if it were Samsung's gaming desktop
Mohamed Tarek
Mohamed Tarek 18 hari yang lalu
I'm bought Samsung Galaxy A71 and the phone restart by itself auto and I go to the customer service many times and every time They told me the responsible Said no problem and I filmed a video of the problem and have some screen shot and the serial number is shown in this go and come back to them three months ago with no progress And the man in the customer service saw the problem and told me that "the responsible will tell me no problem" although the man saw the problem And that was real happened
José Luís Patricio
José Luís Patricio 29 hari yang lalu
Uau Like Beautiful adoro gosto muito 😀❤👍👍 e $ $ $. Bom era uma oferta da SAMSUNG POSSO CONTAR COM A VOSSA OFERTA. Seria uma grande felicidade. Xau
Γιαννης Γιαρμαδουρος
Γιαννης Γιαρμαδουρος Bulan Yang lalu
if i coul aford a f..... tv 8000$
RM 713
RM 713 Bulan Yang lalu
I wish they could get presenters that speak clear good English for these videos.
Александр Владимиров
Александр Владимиров Bulan Yang lalu
darius Banu
darius Banu Hari Yang lalu
@Savage Guy 😂😂😂
Savage Guy
Savage Guy Hari Yang lalu
@darius Banu bro he is isheep he just spams apple on samsung vdos. Ig bcoz apple doesnt let people comment on there vids😂😂😂
darius Banu
darius Banu 24 hari yang lalu
Bro I think you're on the wrong channel
Paul_e.d Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung is incredible 🔥🔥
MinerBloxer64 Bulan Yang lalu
Ok so now we know that anything that isn’t called unpacked is just your other ventures
This is the same as last year
Google translate for me
You need a English teacher first
Shreeram Bhat
Shreeram Bhat Bulan Yang lalu
What is he saying? I just can't make out his pronunciations
darius Banu
darius Banu 24 hari yang lalu
Then just use subtitles it doesn't take a genius
Abdulkader Khojema
Abdulkader Khojema Bulan Yang lalu
18:44 Really?
The Confused Llama
The Confused Llama Bulan Yang lalu
What's the point of having someone do sign language on a screen when you can just do subtitles
SM Sim Racing
SM Sim Racing Bulan Yang lalu
Because maybe some deaf people can't read? Not hard to figure out 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Coroplex Bulan Yang lalu
Do I understand correctly that there are coming flat versions of the G7 ? That would be great 👍
Hatice Bakir
Hatice Bakir Bulan Yang lalu
J'ai le Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5G 128GO android 10 et je suis très déçu car en 4 fois il est allé en réparation j'ai eu des problèmes avec le logiciel de Samsung et des problèmes avec les capteurs photos
Maude Murphy
Maude Murphy Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung is good but Huawei is top tier
Lelouch Demaisip
Lelouch Demaisip Bulan Yang lalu
why don't you creat a mobile gaming phone..just like other company's...
abdul Bulan Yang lalu
🇸 🇦 🇲 🇸 🇴 🇳 🇬
Martin S
Martin S Bulan Yang lalu
HECTOR E. RUIZ SOTO Bulan Yang lalu
Realizar un Unboxing es la mejor sensación del mundo 🤩 y más cuando es un producto de Samsung 🥳🤯 estoy listo para recibir mi primer unboxing gratis, como uno de los ganadores de esta actividad.
Gamer Tube
Gamer Tube Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung is the best phone and this is my feedback Samsung
Lissandro Chonay
Lissandro Chonay Bulan Yang lalu
Para los que se preguntan si se podrá conectar con solo un toque del Smartphone a la pantalla, lamentablemente solo se puede hacer en la serie S y Serie Note
Bithiya Yemilana
Bithiya Yemilana Bulan Yang lalu
21:01 faker
James Flanagan
James Flanagan Bulan Yang lalu
No one likes you
Tectonica Bulan Yang lalu
I want a MicroLED 32" 4K monitor with 120hz, 1ms, 1000R curve and FreeSync........
Nevetz Tapiador
Nevetz Tapiador Bulan Yang lalu
Awesome features!
Chakosci Eeeyan
Chakosci Eeeyan Bulan Yang lalu
When will the latest G9 be released???
Henrique Oliveira
Henrique Oliveira Bulan Yang lalu
aaaaaaaaaa atualiza o a10 aaaaaaaaa
ahmed ramiez
ahmed ramiez Bulan Yang lalu
maytree made a samsung sound effect video check it search on youtube maytree plz check
Bill Hubbard
Bill Hubbard Bulan Yang lalu
The TCL Series 8 Mini-LED has 1,000 Dimming zones with everything under the sun including Dolby Vision.. $2000 for 65".. SAMSUNG can't beat these TVs.. Cause these Companies are OPEN AN HONESTLY WITH CUSTOMERS about how many of their ports support HDMI 2.1 and how many dimming zones their TVs have and priced correctly. Samsung is more of a capitalistic corrupt conniving company Who Lies or says nothing at all and employs marketing tactics instead of Truth.. Makes me wonder if Samsung is in North Korea instead of South Korea..
Wes C-W
Wes C-W Bulan Yang lalu
fix your broken phone update!!! doesnt work on wifi anymore thanks samsung
Adam Lester
Adam Lester Bulan Yang lalu
Do we know yet when the new G9 will be released or ready to pre order?
Michael Hubert Lamla
Michael Hubert Lamla Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you, Samsung!
Arthur De Cristo Rosa
Arthur De Cristo Rosa Bulan Yang lalu
Malditos tiraram o carregador do s21, e aida zoavam a Apple, hipócritas!
Tushar Hadikar
Tushar Hadikar Bulan Yang lalu
A32 g80 at 22k samsung lost its mind
ALL Restoration
ALL Restoration Bulan Yang lalu
Bill Hubbard
Bill Hubbard Bulan Yang lalu
Check out QUANTUM TV Channal.. he is destroying what Samsung is trying to say about their NEO QLED QN90A VS QN85A..
mr loord
mr loord Bulan Yang lalu
tattiast fingerpring ever in j and a and s models
Tomasz Wrzos
Tomasz Wrzos Bulan Yang lalu
Who cares only about new products. You have support for old devices somewhere. 3 years from the purchase and this is scrap :( You are deaf to the requests of users.
Derek Wong at BAKO LED Display
Derek Wong at BAKO LED Display Bulan Yang lalu
Wow... I just want to say amazing man;)
문방구필름 Bulan Yang lalu
근데 진짜 볼수록 잘만들었네요 완전 내취향'♡
James Coleman
James Coleman Bulan Yang lalu
2 words people....The Frame!! :) :)
Ash lynx
Ash lynx Bulan Yang lalu
wow, this amaizing >:3
PRO PLAYER Bulan Yang lalu
Would you gift me a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra smartphone
jiseung ryu
jiseung ryu Bulan Yang lalu
Does Samsung ever cease to amaze us? Their innovations are years ahead and always so inspiring. Thank you Samsung for helping through this pandemic. 👏
Lutito Gamer
Lutito Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
I want a samsung phone
Lutito Gamer
Lutito Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
Hello samsung
Valentin Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung, after you removed chargers and headphones from boxes, I suppose you increased amount of plastic waste because both new charger and new headphones come with their own packaging. And 1 plus delivery route also count.
Cold Lampin 216
Cold Lampin 216 Bulan Yang lalu
Vaker360 Japxd
Vaker360 Japxd Bulan Yang lalu
Hey Samsung you are billing apple just wait for the iPhone 13 pro max
Tatiana Bautista
Tatiana Bautista Bulan Yang lalu
21:11 Faker is a baby, I love him!
SL DARK SHADOW Bulan Yang lalu
Actually what's this?
Marilu Soler
Marilu Soler Bulan Yang lalu
Quisiera un s21 porfavor si lo sortearan porfiss😍😘Amo Samsung❤
ALI ESSA Bulan Yang lalu
Will the new G9 have HDMI 2.1?
The unknown soldier 89
The unknown soldier 89 Bulan Yang lalu
respect from iraq please make applock in next samsung update
Nonth Suriyan
Nonth Suriyan Bulan Yang lalu
This feels more like a really long ad than a product announcement.
Daniel Sohn
Daniel Sohn Bulan Yang lalu
*‘You know, Samsung, they make Great T.V’s’* -Donald J. Trump, Former President of United States, G-20 Summit
Siddhu C S
Siddhu C S Bulan Yang lalu
i dont know why apple users hate samsung Samsung is always the best and will be the best in mty home most of my products are samsung
Gary Brown
Gary Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Can't shoot sports , wild life , or action (kids playing) so what good is it ?
Σπυρος Παπαδιας
Σπυρος Παπαδιας Bulan Yang lalu
why make the g7 flat tho thank god i baught the last one
Song WH
Song WH Bulan Yang lalu
오 정말 멋지네요~!!
DeoxySS YT
DeoxySS YT Bulan Yang lalu
Send me an s7+ tablet Samsung
Tazboy Bulan Yang lalu
I never knew faker was a korean
DOODLE XENOS Infopinion Bulan Yang lalu
Ravindra Singh Pawar
Ravindra Singh Pawar Bulan Yang lalu
Remove chargers for flagships but give it in budget segments.....
Shijas Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung the king of displays 💪🏻
Mohammed Alsaggaf
Mohammed Alsaggaf Bulan Yang lalu
Wow 👏 !!
Shahar Rozenbloom
Shahar Rozenbloom Bulan Yang lalu
The First will be LCD iTV with FaceTime Camera in this September. For 25K on wall or Shelf with Two Cut Circles left to right with 2 Models for or with Wheels for 50K even with Zoom for 300$ a Year in Patent.
Avarosa Bulan Yang lalu
Definitely not “Screens for All” lul.
Doc Tv
Doc Tv Bulan Yang lalu
Easter egg!! Did they just reveal a phone that conceals the front camera?? Guys look carefully!!
Can I run it
Can I run it Bulan Yang lalu
I predict at least 768 zones local dimming on the new G9 (1152 zones could be more preferable while 2304 zones may lead to too expensive price). Perhaps better dark to grey response time. Combining this with HDR 1400 and this is the ultimate monitor.
jean carlos muñoz
jean carlos muñoz Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung lo mejor🙂
Tornacense de futuro
Tornacense de futuro Bulan Yang lalu
Kang-dong Kim
Kang-dong Kim Bulan Yang lalu
첫 시작은 유튜브광고였지만 넘길수 없었습니다. 좋은 영상이라 몰입감있게 50분에 가까운 광고를 스킵하지않고 보았습니다 매번 기술발전연구를 통해 삼성이라는 국가이상의 세계적 브랜드를 가꿔주셔서 감사합니다 아부다비에서도 삼성을 응원합니다 I couldn't skip this video even i met this as youtube ads during watching other video I am always proud of samsung, world class brand over the nation Thanks for innovation and Research.
ashraf daniel
ashraf daniel Bulan Yang lalu
wow!!!! Terbaik!!!!
ohhh k
ohhh k Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung really motivates me to work hard and become super rich so that i could buy their products
subhaay thevar
subhaay thevar Bulan Yang lalu
With the frame , your electric bills will go up by %50
Dragão Ball Super
Dragão Ball Super Bulan Yang lalu
AMD GPU?????? cadê?
Gavin Wardrope
Gavin Wardrope Bulan Yang lalu
I just want a 32" G7 with 1600R - I don't like the 1000R, it's just too much. I have an 1800R, that's fine. Anyway, when will we see these new displays? The G7 (even with that curve) is at the top of my list. Definitely interested in a 2021 model, and having flat / less curved options is great!
Jester Natosha - Official channel
Jester Natosha - Official channel Bulan Yang lalu
13:10 can you make tiktok video with the sero?
Anjalo Samarakoon
Anjalo Samarakoon Bulan Yang lalu
I always choose samsung....and thats not even a doubt....
Daniel Yang
Daniel Yang Bulan Yang lalu
국뽕 차오르네. 사고 싶다 4k 최상위 75인치 모델로..
파닥파닥펭귄이가 Bulan Yang lalu
21:07 Unkillable demon king, Faker 😍😍
Smartunz Trends
Smartunz Trends Bulan Yang lalu
SAMSUNG please give me a S21 Ultra
sako Bulan Yang lalu
Tazboy Bulan Yang lalu
Yes hope its mini lead and 1000 nit brightness with like 500 plus dimming zone and fald
Dee pes Pokharel
Dee pes Pokharel Bulan Yang lalu
Why Samsung gives too late software update in Nepal. When gives update in India Samsung gives that update in Nepal after 10,15 days why.......
Glowing Sunshine
Glowing Sunshine Bulan Yang lalu
21:01 Faker 😍
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