TWICE Uncomfortable Stage, Aespa Accusation & Secret New Members, TXT & Oh My Girl Touching Backlash

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2 bulan yang lalu

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KPOP Junkee
KPOP Junkee 2 bulan yang lalu
Pwark Jihyo
Pwark Jihyo Bulan Yang lalu
@Rakshanda Oh ok great, guess it was just a rumor, thanks sweetie 😁
Rakshanda Bulan Yang lalu
@Pwark Jihyo Its 'MY' nothing similar to army Army is pronounced as 'mi' but its 'my' The meaning is also different
Jala Jackson
Jala Jackson Bulan Yang lalu
It's the Toxic so called "K-pop Fans" for me...Let the boy have some friends. I swear to god, Idols can't have nothing with these Toxic fans and Sasaeng fans around bro. I'm going to be a leader of Project Annihilation: Toxic and Sasaeng Fans, who wanna join because these idols need to be protected at all costs
d0llii 。.*
d0llii 。.* 2 bulan yang lalu
thank u!! 🥺💗
Hilda Lacbayo
Hilda Lacbayo 2 bulan yang lalu
But why
Randa Ouano
Randa Ouano Hari Yang lalu
Rameen Ahmed
Rameen Ahmed 4 hari yang lalu
about soobin and arin... they both have the same personality they are both shy but once they get comfortable so that means they are!! soobin doesn't mind he mentions arin on his Vlive I bet they chat on their phones this is just a loyal friendship..
emarts 5 hari yang lalu
I just learnt aespa s names...I hope they stay a 4 group but a 7 group would also be cool
Aisbun Meka Chullet
Aisbun Meka Chullet 8 hari yang lalu
Twice 5th year....6th...7.......I'm scared
Nicholas David Hutabarat
Nicholas David Hutabarat 11 hari yang lalu
Stans seeing Yeonbin cuddling: awww so cute Stans seeing Arin holding Soobin's arm to control her nervous and awkwardness: YOU ARE CANCELLED, ARIN.
Lorenza Velásquez Gallego
Lorenza Velásquez Gallego 14 hari yang lalu
i love twice but to be honest the encore was a disaster, such a cringe
MISS WHODa 25 hari yang lalu
Aespa's concept is sooooooo good and new! I'm digging it!
카Jamx. 26 hari yang lalu
SM should make a girl ver. of nct
L O U I 28 hari yang lalu
Its crazy that idols trained years and years and still dont know how to sing. Its kinda pathetic... theyre all just another empty looks.
haruxx Bulan Yang lalu
when we thought it was okay now for male and female idols to interact but we were wrong.
oiii!felixx says hyunjin!
oiii!felixx says hyunjin! Bulan Yang lalu
I'm Soo happy for soobin and Arin ...they are human too what's wrong when they are close together ...we dont own them ...stay calm and clean your mind
Aafia Abrar
Aafia Abrar Bulan Yang lalu
Arin and soobin's friendship is cute Arin takes care of him 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
M V Bulan Yang lalu
I hope arin knows moas dont hate her and dont see that as a problem bc its really not!!! Whoever said it was inappropriate tf???
Muhammad Thelakat
Muhammad Thelakat Bulan Yang lalu
am i the ony one who saw the KWANGYA in ncts song resonanace,if ur wondering when it comes up at 2 20
LittleAsianPotato Bulan Yang lalu
Honestly, if Soobin was uncomfortable about it then wouldn’t he have told her? If they’re upset about it because of COVID then I can see why, but if they’re upset just because they think having a friendship with the opposite gender then BRUVVV. Y’all seriously ain’t growing up.
Sadia Islam Prova
Sadia Islam Prova Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah when twice sings live y'all don't even pay attention
boa kwon
boa kwon Bulan Yang lalu
honestly, momo's failed live that one time is what ruined Twice's live reputation. she had a cringingly bad day....
Naoko Bulan Yang lalu
the aespa rumors about giselle sound like the ones against jennie like 2/3 years ago lol
Stray Kiss
Stray Kiss Bulan Yang lalu
soobin didn’t look uncomfortable at all stop gatekeeping him he’s not gonna marry you emily 😐
Raye's a Fan
Raye's a Fan Bulan Yang lalu
Guys, if you’re making these comments of “oh, I wouldn’t act like that”, I would ask how’s 5th grade going? Not hating any 5th graders, but it just seems very... inexperienced to be judging someone like this.
Neryssa U
Neryssa U Bulan Yang lalu
JYP once said in a show "Hand Microphones are focusing on vocals, while the mouth piece focuses on the dance". I think it's important to see the true vocal skills of these artists. I want to see members of groups sing acoustic/ballad without a backtrack because it shows their true vocal talent. If an artist can't sing their basic lines (which I've seen on a encore) then I can't say they can sing. Imagine paying for a concert and having the concert 100% lip-sync. That would make me mad.
Neryssa U
Neryssa U Bulan Yang lalu
@Bonks *say. Not every idol can sing in tune [on key] to their note without a back track, but they can sing. Constructive criticism is important for any artist. I know this information because my grandfather was a musician in a band and a singer.
Bonks Bulan Yang lalu
Wtf did you said bruh🤣 they can sing and thats it period stop aacting like you know better
Vantage V
Vantage V Bulan Yang lalu
Well some ppl have touchy attitude but they don't have much in their mind , but yeah its doesn't matter if we r 2020 or 3030 . ppl are not comfortable with touches ,it should not make so normal to not seeing if anyone is comfortable or not ,and just touch just bcoz we r in 2020 , but it doesn't look like she is going all along on him ,so it shouldn't be made huge difference
dichu• Bulan Yang lalu
Big Babie Energy
Big Babie Energy Bulan Yang lalu
2:27 this person obviously has no life lmaoo bothering about something that doesn't even concern them in the slightest. Smh
mayanaise Bulan Yang lalu
ooop Jules from Euphoria 4:31
Callie Bulan Yang lalu
jennie and hyunjin clearly werent looking at each other at all and for some reason because they stood in the same room theres a jenjin ship. this needs to stop.
taetae Bulan Yang lalu
i fucking hateee when companies add new members 😩
Bonks Bulan Yang lalu
Its your opinion
Alexander Lasian
Alexander Lasian Bulan Yang lalu
What do you expect from sm, they copied the loonaworld
It's a good game
It's a good game Bulan Yang lalu
Seriously, it's okay to get mad you want them to be more aware of Covid and avoid contacts.. But getting mad because of it's inappropriate?! Man, that's pretty childish tbh
It's a good game
It's a good game Bulan Yang lalu
Nct U's 90's Love also have the lyrics containing KWANGYA so now it's sooooo mysterious
neko2412neko Bulan Yang lalu
From Black Mamba to Boa constrictor... xD xD xD
mariana a
mariana a Bulan Yang lalu
i loved the way u explained the black mamba mv! i didn’t know anything about it so thank uuuu
Tenzin Choying
Tenzin Choying Bulan Yang lalu
Idk why it's a big deal for her touching soobin it's her choice and soobin is comfortable with it ....I mean they are the most interactive and bonded mcs I have ever seen in the shows ....they are the best mc choice taken by the directors And if its bcz of covid that she shouldn't always touch him but she would have ofc taken the covid test before coming to mc with him and same for soobin ....its unnecessary to just backlash anyone for evry little things that doesnt matter I mean even if it would have been like that...let's say that arin shouldn't touch soobin bcz of covid then the directors would have told them but they didnt u know why bcz it's nothing wrong to touch anyone you are comfortable with .... The media these days ugh
Spencer Bulan Yang lalu
But if you understand Aespa MV story it's actually interesting, despite the accuse plagiarism, if that true or not, I don't know you be the judge. But their story is actually very great and I haven't seen this type of story in any Kpop groups. It's like your watching an anime or reading a comic book.
aahana kulkarni
aahana kulkarni Bulan Yang lalu
"these sharks were going to strike sometimes" flashbacks to the dolphin cult 💀
Karina Bulan Yang lalu
I will forever fell kinda weird when I hear Karina's name cause it's weird for me to hear my own name said to me But I will also always stan aespa black mamba was a strong start
Sanjida Sultana
Sanjida Sultana Bulan Yang lalu
Why no one is talk about ENHYPEN??
San Sib
San Sib Bulan Yang lalu
Awww I don't want aespa to add more members
H Susmitha
H Susmitha Bulan Yang lalu
Hate towards aespa shows how awfully jealous people are 🙄
Soobin cheated on bread with ice cream
Soobin cheated on bread with ice cream Bulan Yang lalu
Okay so what do these people expect from Arin and Soobin? To act like robots? Emotionless?🙄stupid people😒
Teddie A.
Teddie A. Bulan Yang lalu
That japanese girl's face looks so different. Did they shave off parts of her jaw
Phantoms Bulan Yang lalu
"We Have An Army Of Digital Soldiers. What We Are Now, What We Call, I Call Them, Cause This Was An Insurgency Folks, This Was Run Like An Insurgency. This Was Irregular Warfare At Its Finest, In Politics.""And, And That Story Will, Will Be Continued To Be Told Here, But We Have What We Call Citizen Journalists. Because The, Because The Journalists That We Have In The Media, Did A Disservice To Themselves, Actually More That They Did To This Country.""They Did A Disservice To Themselves Because They Displayed An Arrogance That Is Unprecedented, And So The American People Decided To Take Over The Idea Of Information. They Took Over The Idea Of Information. And They Did It Through Social Media."
JoKenTin A'TIN
JoKenTin A'TIN Bulan Yang lalu
*Sees title* Me: What? Was Soobin doing something inappropriate? Like, did something iffy happen? The Issue: *Arin was just holding on to Soobin's arm* Me: ...ok but why is this bad
Believe in your intuition
Believe in your intuition Bulan Yang lalu
I love everyone is doing the narrative series songs now instead of just normal MV's 😍😍 Before only Gfriend, BTS and Dreamcatcher used to do it ❤️
OuFeiLiYa Bulan Yang lalu
I enjoy listening to kda and Aespa, and I noticed the similarities between the videos. I just wonder why the people who choose the concept for the mv, didn't think about the fact that there might be people that's going to point out the fact that it's similar to kda Popstars's mv. 😟
RESPECT BTS Bulan Yang lalu
"Laughs, lives" bruh exactly 😭💔
Alviliana Putri
Alviliana Putri Bulan Yang lalu
(halman terpisah)
Raden Mayasitha
Raden Mayasitha Bulan Yang lalu
my opinion on twice issue 1. There's no excuse for them to not get high note properly or sing properly while standing(not dancing) they been in Kpop industry for 5 years now. 2. If they can't hit the highnote properly on live performance(dancing/standing), why JYP made the song in the first place? They would be better if they sing in their range, not being forced Like this.
Raden Mayasitha
Raden Mayasitha Bulan Yang lalu
@Bonks okay i never throw hates, believe me, just stating the situation. i really like the song, so thats why as a casual listener, i just put my opinion. if they okay sing like that, and okay with them get hate, so okay, that's their problem, not mine. and which one is bullshit? my opinions?
Bonks Bulan Yang lalu
Its called trying put new stuffs and Twice members love it and even tho they know they will get hate for everything they do still they did it just for us and I appreciate that, i dont know why people always argue with that kind of bullshit
adoriu Bulan Yang lalu
I lowkey think mark is gonna be aespa's 5th member
pdf a file for storage
pdf a file for storage Bulan Yang lalu
Dude, I'm waiting for that one moment to come where the male and female interactions will be normalized permanently. Mark my words, that moment will come. MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!
Sydney Terrell
Sydney Terrell Bulan Yang lalu
I'm gonna be honest the concept Is very k/da and the visuals are amazing the song over all fell short of that but the theory behind it carried its weight I still give the song an 6.8 over all visuals a hard 9 only because they did allude to the fact that it was gonna be k/da inspired but that's just my opinion
AE C Bulan Yang lalu
The explanation 🤯
l k
l k Bulan Yang lalu
If she's a rookie, then she could be nervous and leaning/laughing/touching, calms and stabilizes her. I mean it would be terrifying to have to broadcast on live tv knowing you're being criticized. Leave them alone. He doesn't look uncomfortable or move away from her so it should be fine.
callme booboo
callme booboo Bulan Yang lalu
I wish Aespa won’t have more members i love them as they are now 😞
Baby Taehyunnie
Baby Taehyunnie Bulan Yang lalu
It's so annoying like no one cared that Arin touched Soobin it was just normal until these people who aren't even Moas come in and try to ruin it all like seriously wth. Like us Moas don't care so why do other people care
exohearts Bulan Yang lalu
the ONLY thing I don't understand about the flowers in the subway car plagiarism is that a shot of that car was shown at the end of an NCT video and many were excited thinking it was a tease of another NCT video and heard nothing about plagiarism. BUT now that Aespa is shown to be the ones that have that scene/setting, then Aespa/SM gets the hate. Why wasn't it brought up before when it was teased??? Not saying the accusations are baseless *at all* , however I find it odd that people called it plagiarism a whole MONTH after the subway full of flowers was shown.
Scott Scotty
Scott Scotty Bulan Yang lalu
Trash, making money from negativity. Pathetic
Scott Scotty
Scott Scotty Bulan Yang lalu
@Bonks don't care. can't stand sites that are negative rather than positive. Unfortunately people lap it up like dogs and that's why it makes money. It's sad.
Bonks Bulan Yang lalu
Wtf u talking about these are all real and if you want to talk shit go to kbuzz there it is the worst
TheICEgirl6100 Bulan Yang lalu
sm is notorious for stealing concepts, art, fashion so i mean...
Noman Bughio
Noman Bughio Bulan Yang lalu
so taking inspirations is a crime too now omg snowflakes cry way too much
ray martin
ray martin Bulan Yang lalu
aespa is trash
ray martin
ray martin Bulan Yang lalu
encore not ancore
TXT IS LOVE Bulan Yang lalu
Moas and miracle are not mad !! They both are happy with their interactions !!
Vera Ps.
Vera Ps. Bulan Yang lalu
Aespa is creeping me out, this is some dark staff Id rather pass. This industry is getting controlled by certain group of "people".
shaziie kay
shaziie kay Bulan Yang lalu
Lol, I thought that person coming out of that goo(?) was Navis because of the short hair... Crossing fingers🤞🏾she is the new member.. If not then it's totally cool
ur mum
ur mum Bulan Yang lalu
Cash Nelson
Cash Nelson Bulan Yang lalu
Mina Kuma
Mina Kuma Bulan Yang lalu
I love your transition between the topics
Mina Kuma
Mina Kuma Bulan Yang lalu
We moas support Arin more than anyone lololol we are her 2nd parents, you wanna fight arin, gotta fight moas first
Stop Don’t read it
Stop Don’t read it Bulan Yang lalu
I hate how people hate that kpop idols are just being best friends or friends lol
yolo yolo
yolo yolo Bulan Yang lalu
I thought it was Giselle not Jiselle ?
do you ever dream of dreams?
do you ever dream of dreams? Bulan Yang lalu
Those netz/knetz better leave people alone. They're not mature enough to comment.
Leighla Bulan Yang lalu
When I say that the people who write those kinds of comments are likely delusional or/and immature, I don't mean it as an insult. Just a fact. A lot of them are probably literal kids. Like 8 year olds.
dahyun bibimbap
dahyun bibimbap Bulan Yang lalu
remember TWICE's encore stages during DTNA era? They had so much fun... i wish I could see the girls have fun on encore stages again :(
Janet Umukoro
Janet Umukoro Bulan Yang lalu
“Sharks” is accurate
Unicorn _mya
Unicorn _mya Bulan Yang lalu
Is the giveaway over? if not I sent my email💜💜💜💜
stayonezy Bulan Yang lalu
Tbh, txt and oh my girl, they have different personalities and they are very close to each other. Those people who are attacking just want to make people’s lives worse. And they send death threats to arin for being racist. And arin is the only member of oh my girl who isn’t problematic
All that jazzy
All that jazzy Bulan Yang lalu
There are no excuse! 1st and 2nd gen are ashamed for that kind of excuse. Honestly 5 years of being a singer they should’ve been a better singer, for Christ sake 5 years, how is Itzy better than twice live? Stop making excuses. This is why they are doing bunch of crap while doing encore anyways, eating ice and tuns if things to avoid singing, please 🙄
Bonks Bulan Yang lalu
Lol and obviously you are a Thrice or a hater judging from the way u comment on other vidz
Bonks Bulan Yang lalu
No one even liked ur comments so no one agreed with you. Its funny seeing how you comment on useless things. And about the ice thing all idols go through celebrations in encores not and it wasnt even made for singin in the first place. If you truly cared for them why not praised their other encores after this one? I mean those were praised by knetz and 90% of Naver users and why not appreciate them? It just shows that as long as Twce lives u guys are here being stupid and entitled
Moonliqht Bulan Yang lalu
If they think that Arin leaning onto Soobin to cover her laugh is unacceptable then they should go to disappointment island and recreate their birth. Soobin even said, "Gwenchana Gwenchana" which translates to "It's okay it's okay". These are Knetz attacking them and they didn't even hear or see that Soobin was completely okay with the little mistake Arin made.
Becky Thrones
Becky Thrones Bulan Yang lalu
The train in AESPA is the same from SM STATION
Emilio Bellon
Emilio Bellon Bulan Yang lalu
Only haters will be like that
소피아Sophia Bulan Yang lalu
2:44 the last comment than if she is a fan of txt she will be pissed, she feel me bruh lol but my only problem is touching, why do they need to judge arin because she is always laughing lol she's just a jolly person
Hailey C
Hailey C Bulan Yang lalu
Bruh we can’t even enjoy shows anymore with opposite genders because people get triggered and make rumors about them
Taeguri Taeguri
Taeguri Taeguri Bulan Yang lalu
Twice were nervous because Onces werent there to support them :( STAY STRONG TWICEE
Scott Scotty
Scott Scotty Bulan Yang lalu
Focus of the positive and the love and ignore the negative and hate. If you don't like what a channel or site is doing don't subscribe and don't watch.
DreamOfMe Bulan Yang lalu
Im fuming on the Soobin and Arin thing istg if those idiots don't shut up about it like can't a male and female idol be friends?!! WTF?! smh i- TT TT
Samuel Raji
Samuel Raji Bulan Yang lalu
They just have great chemistry. I watched their introduction on a whim and they seem to be a great match. Arin mixes shyness and confidence well enough that the Soobin isn't completely overwhelmed or uncomfortable. I think some little girls a jealous. These people, don't matter how removed from real life they deserve to have joy in their life especially Korean celebrities. Since their culture seems to be especially hard on them.
Sani's Shiber
Sani's Shiber Bulan Yang lalu
I love ÆSPA
Zab Zab
Zab Zab Bulan Yang lalu
Gosh people love this childish drama - it's ridiculous 🙄 As if idols are not human...
Cutie Bubu
Cutie Bubu Bulan Yang lalu
Ana Severo
Ana Severo Bulan Yang lalu
In Ning Ning's sync video, she sings an aespa's song (Run) after scrolling through NCT's make a wish (a group that add a new member every time someone sneezes) and that song wasn't released so far (at least not on Spotify). Maybe this is the song in which new girls will be added? Also, I know they are really good and the concept is really unique, but I felt like aespa's debut song was like selling a car? They basically were singing about this new product sm is developing, and that made me kinda feel for the girls. Maybe I'm just overreacting but I'm under that impression...
A girl that cried over Joe Tazuna
A girl that cried over Joe Tazuna Bulan Yang lalu
Arin slightly touches soobin and now they getting backlash? Bruh
Lee Ice
Lee Ice Bulan Yang lalu
Giselle changed her ways already, she’s not the same liberalized girl anymore. She’s an artist who lives a new life now. Plus, defend Arin. She’s a very precious person
Mafuyu Kun
Mafuyu Kun Bulan Yang lalu
Guess who did the research on my homework uwu
Aisyah Here
Aisyah Here Bulan Yang lalu
If knetz didn't pointed out about arin being touchy, i wouldn't noticed it and i honestly thought it's NORMAL cause they're friends and friends should be comfortable with each other unless you're fake-friend with him/her
드림 캐쳐X프로미스X이달의 소녀
드림 캐쳐X프로미스X이달의 소녀 Bulan Yang lalu
It just so funny how people being jealous of Arin.Most miracle know Arin just being Arin there in the music bank.
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman Bulan Yang lalu
Twice is afraid singing on Encore stage cause they know antis are watching their every move but in the live concert I'll assure you that their vocals is 100% perfect cause they know that the ones who watching them is "ONCES" who never judged them even if they make mistake. We all surprise when Jihyo point the mic to onces to prove that their not doing lypsinc in the Concert and their voice is so good!
Mukherji Family
Mukherji Family Bulan Yang lalu
Arika Sandemore
Arika Sandemore Bulan Yang lalu
oh my gawsh, Arin is breathing next to Soobin, how scandalous! Dudes, just let them live! I dont know them but they seem to get along really well, so as long as he doesnt mind it, just let them be. Not only is it annoying to fans, hurting to the idols (constantly getting hate and feeling watched, scrutinized and critisized 24/7), it can also make their relationship become weird when actually, they are just good friends. Also, even if they had feelings for each other or one-sided, fans should keep their nose in their own business. they dont have to care about touching if the idols dont care. idols are still humans and have their own identity. they dont belong to their fans. In many regards, I love the Kpop fandom, but sometimes, i'd just like it if people stfu
æspacially Bulan Yang lalu
Istg didn’t Jennie go through the same bully accusations?
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