Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

4 hari yang lalu

FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Yehokhanan Ishtar
Yehokhanan Ishtar 17 menit yang lalu
Keep em comin Tom.👊
Tristen Rubio
Tristen Rubio 19 menit yang lalu
Can you make a song about alcoholism.? I just turned 25 on the 16th October. I've been drinking heavy and every day since I was 13. I need some help. For me, my fiance and my 8month old child. I wanna change but idk how.
Jeremy Loneske
Jeremy Loneske 19 menit yang lalu
Awesome!! Good job Tom. My friend just told me an hour ago that’s she’s going through a divorce. My mom has pancreatic cancer and my brother just passes away. We all can relate!! Keep it up. Love your music
Lawrence Stenger
Lawrence Stenger 29 menit yang lalu
It's bad enough they have a cure but don't want the whole world to know I lost my own mother to cancer in 2013
Dave Culver
Dave Culver 30 menit yang lalu
Thank you. This intence. This helpful . This is painful. This is needed. I thank you. Though you may not believe I do, but God bless you. Thank you.
Ij_yama 777
Ij_yama 777 32 menit yang lalu
I like how he's one of the only rappers touching these subjects,at his level face it i think hes hokey sometimes certain songs,but he can rap his ass off...hey he's very successful numbers don't lie
Kory Moon
Kory Moon 38 menit yang lalu
I don't know what could be said that hasn't been said already about this video just in the past 5-10 years have probably lost about twenty people friends family loved ones the cancer of some sort and I've had a few beat cancer also but either way it's a struggle and it's real the table that has cancer out there you have people that will support you if you just open up and I am one of them and obviously Tom MacDonald and Nova Rockefeller and also Logan are there for you too
Kirby Griffiths
Kirby Griffiths 38 menit yang lalu
Thank you Tom MacDonald!
Blue marlin Plumbing
Blue marlin Plumbing 41 menit yang lalu
The greatest Lyrical rapper of all time hands-down anybody who says name is a fucking hater show me someone better
TheKingkhaotic 55 menit yang lalu
We get cancer from trying to keep our demons a secret. That is words from above.
BIGGAMER90-CodFacade 59 menit yang lalu
Who ever dislikes this video. Just how...
Chris H
Chris H Jam Yang lalu
Tom is a modern day hero. Keep up the fight! This man is a treasure
THIEFN 1 Jam Yang lalu
The dislikes must be from trump supporters
Dylan Talbert
Dylan Talbert Jam Yang lalu
Well shit.... i doubt many people expected this from Tom but f*** it. I personally appreciate messages like this, and I'm guessing there mightve been something that happened to him to spark this kind of motion. Well done man. Great message.
Terry Metsch
Terry Metsch Jam Yang lalu
Marty Patock
Marty Patock Jam Yang lalu
Jacob Loehne
Jacob Loehne Jam Yang lalu
Wish I could shake your hand for this song! thank you
Andy Comella
Andy Comella Jam Yang lalu
Wow Tom you hit the song on the head about cancer . My dad died and uncle has died from it ,they should have a cure for it but they won't make it .
Terrys Music with a Message
Terrys Music with a Message Jam Yang lalu
Rico Jam Yang lalu
❤️ Check me out
Jeffrey Luther
Jeffrey Luther Jam Yang lalu
Tom ty for this video I been a metal head from child hood but i love music with a message and all your songs have that so from an ole fat guy from NC ty you have given me a new push and that goes for you and nova both seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you i can't say it enough thank you and thank yall
Jose Colon
Jose Colon Jam Yang lalu
Lost my Father to it.
Brandy Babbs
Brandy Babbs Jam Yang lalu
This song hit me hard, cried. I'm a survivor and it was pure hell and still is.
SacTown916 Jam Yang lalu
The illuminati gonna try to “suicide” this man. The next Pac in this game. 💯💯💯💯
Tina Quairiere
Tina Quairiere Jam Yang lalu
This song is beautiful and touched my heart., thank you Tom.
Andy LA
Andy LA Jam Yang lalu
This is probably the realest song that has ever been in the history of music... Hate him if you want but this is real life shit and he has the balls to say it, I respect that
Ram Thorburn
Ram Thorburn Jam Yang lalu
I posted a reaction to this one but it seems like IDpost is suppressing a lot of my videos because I talk about a lot of conservative politics. It doesn't seem to be coming up in search results. If you'd like to check it out: Also my People So Stupid reaction:
Man Tom makes songs telling the truth but this is serious have faith and fight it you are brave.
be free, die trying
be free, die trying Jam Yang lalu
Tom, my mom died of Cancer 04.25.2020 my heart is broken like something I cant explain. I also had cancer last year. I had Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 2b. I was able to beat cancer, but Tom, it took my mom. Sometimes I wish it took me instead but then i remembered i promised my mom I would make her a proud grandmother and at the end of this month, I'm going to the doctor to do just that. I'm going to call my baby my mothers name if it's a girl or my uncles name (he died of cancer too) if it's a boy. Damn Tom this song hit me hard. Tears are rolling down my face. But thank you for bringing awareness. Thank you for making music that touches the soul. Thank you man, thank you. God bless you.
Ari Elman
Ari Elman Jam Yang lalu
I get what you were trying to do with this song Tom, and it’s an overall positive message, but I have to take exception to the first few verses. The suggestion that there is some cure being hidden away but the “cancer industry” is hiding it for money is preposterous. Many of the doctors and nurses who treat this disease also have the disease or friends and family with this disease. What a slap in the face to the thousands of medical providers and researchers who devote our lives to fighting this disease.
Angela Covington
Angela Covington Jam Yang lalu
I just lost 2 family members in the last 4 days due to cancer, so this hit home..
X Aragorn
X Aragorn Jam Yang lalu
I had cancer when I was 11 and 3 surgeries and radiation therapy and I have to take the pills for life and I feel good
Ernie Capell
Ernie Capell Jam Yang lalu
I lost my 3rd grade teacher who was a family friend to cancer. RIP Mrs. Baughman.
HighRider91 Jam Yang lalu
Currently growing my hair out to make a wig for a little girl with cancer. She told me "you have long beautiful hair, are you a prince?" She doesnt know its her hair im growing :,)
ebgbjo2025 Jam Yang lalu
God bless you and her!!
Colin Martin
Colin Martin Jam Yang lalu
Dope and true. Empire of cash on death makes billions.
Jamie Powell
Jamie Powell Jam Yang lalu
My grandma ended up with cancer. She lives on the other side of the country. We saw her a year ago and she got diagnosed this winter. I can’t go see her because of COVID and money. She doesn’t like calling, so I write her, she said it make her feel like people remember her. 🖤🖤
ZDL Hmar
ZDL Hmar Jam Yang lalu
the good might go to haven and the bad might go to hell,but no one wants to live here you can tell..damn man..👍👍👍
RIVR MUSIC Jam Yang lalu
Amazing song and message bro keep it up. 👊🏻
Josh Downs
Josh Downs 2 jam yang lalu
I'm gonna share this every day until everyone I know hears it this message needs to be heard
The Mr. Ree
The Mr. Ree 2 jam yang lalu
Bout time someone in the light finally said this not like a lot of us haven't already known this for a while now. If only at this point we unite and do something real about it. Need to tear down the door and stop knocking on it. Good job Tom.
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan 2 jam yang lalu
There's been a cure for cancer since the '60s and it was suppressed and the inventor was murdered. Electromagnetic healing apparatus or something like that. "If you want to know the secrets of the universe think frequency and vibration" Nikola Tesla.
James Armstrong
James Armstrong 2 jam yang lalu
I lost my dad to cancer great song Tom
The Real B Boy Productions
The Real B Boy Productions 2 jam yang lalu
Tom's a goat raps about stuff that really no one else will keep it up!
No True Scottsman
No True Scottsman 2 jam yang lalu
1 million love
David White
David White 2 jam yang lalu
Lost my grandmother a few years ago.. nana shortly before her. Now I'm watching my mother battle her second fight.... this hits home... Thank you
Drew Augustine
Drew Augustine 2 jam yang lalu
Tom you did a great job man thank you for this it’s what I needed to hear!! I know too many people who have been take cause of this terrible sickness. Thank you.
Jason Guinn
Jason Guinn 2 jam yang lalu
Amazing song - thanks for making me cry homie.
Misty Kinney2
Misty Kinney2 2 jam yang lalu
The Raging Viking
The Raging Viking 2 jam yang lalu
My dad died of cancer when I was 6. He fought for 3 long years and passed on June 19 2004. I think about him everyday. Now ive found some lumps on me and I need to go to the doctor now and get checked out. This is hits home Tom thanks.
Evan Rit
Evan Rit 2 jam yang lalu
My mom's best friend who is like my s cond mom was diagnosed with cancer but with hope she beat it. And great video tom ur an amazing pearson
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 2 jam yang lalu
Fuckin awesome Tom!!! Brought me to tears... My pops has leukemia got 2 yrs left... Love your music man thx
Steven Olson
Steven Olson 2 jam yang lalu
Some of the most powerful lyrics I've ever heard. You strike a chord with a lot of people with how you touch on the things we all secretly struggle with. Much love to you Tom and Nova!
Michelle Harmon
Michelle Harmon 2 jam yang lalu
There's no money in the cure of cancer. I've been battling stage 4 breast cancer for over two years. Went to Mexico for treatment, i arrived in a wheelchair and walked out on my own. Mexico gave me the strength to fight. Weed gave me my life back. Never give up. Keep fighting. God bless
benpglobe 2 jam yang lalu
I balled my fucking eyes out hearing this for the first time and it really made me think of the struggle my family members and others have gone through. Much love to anyone struggling with cancer my heart goes out to everyone ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Howe
Jessica Howe 3 jam yang lalu
I 10000% believe there has been or is a cure they refuse to let us have because of greed for money and how profitable the pharmaceutical industry is. It’s so incredibly sad.
Angel Of Song
Angel Of Song 3 jam yang lalu
I lost my grandma too soon to cancer.. she honestly should be here to see her great granbaby but cancer took her I watched such a strong woman who raised me and protected me from the abuse of my father he still abused me but she made it better...
Angel Of Song
Angel Of Song 3 jam yang lalu
She had colon cancer..
Gabriel Erdahl
Gabriel Erdahl 3 jam yang lalu
Almost all of his songs give my chills
david young
david young 3 jam yang lalu
Dude you broke me... i can’t even
Bryston J
Bryston J 3 jam yang lalu
I dont think I've ever shared someone's music to my social media before. Hell, I dont even know the true pain of losing someone to cancer but i have shared this for my friends to see... There was a very powerful message here and something about it made me tap into some sentiments that the military had taught me to lock away.. Good job man, and keep up the great work while all of us hurry up and wait for your next masterpiece 🇺🇲🍻
Colby Neklason
Colby Neklason 3 jam yang lalu
To address the metalhead Fantano fuckboys who literally came over here to spread hate, even on this kind of song. Really? Do you really think its not an asshole thing to hate on a song about cancer and the people who go through it? Kind of a shitty thing to do even though its a Tom Macdonald song, you aren't any better than the person you are literally hating on as well, considering the fact you would stoop as low to berating people who have gone through these events and show them no remorse no matter what they've gone through. Put down the phone and look in the mirror, you're the scum of the earth.
Michael King
Michael King 3 jam yang lalu
I took my mom to the stylist when she had lung cancer and was going through treatment. She was losing her hair and they were kind enough to offer free, professional wigs to cancer patients. I remember when she shaved he head. When it went into remission it was the first time I ever saw her natural hair color. She let it grow in naturally and I never realized how beautiful her natural hair color was. Cancer takes a lot from us, but it also gives *something* back. When you live through something like that you don't really take life for granted any more. Momento mori, my friends. Mono no aware.
realpurp daGOAT
realpurp daGOAT 3 jam yang lalu
I'm a big lil Wayne fan because on his mixtapes u lyrical cant touch him. But you tom have so much meaning and realness to ur music that your on a 2 pac level
Forsaken 3 jam yang lalu
Keep telling them the truth man I appreciate the bravery it takes to fight the system. And to all those fighting the fight against cancer I’m praying for you and my love is right there with you friend your not alone
2Snipes100Skill 3 jam yang lalu
My sis died to leukemia at 18. She had it since 3. I was born to give her my bone marrow to try and save her life. It gave her an extra 10 years.
BigKat 1990
BigKat 1990 3 jam yang lalu
Thanks Tom for this wonderful song. My father survived a horrible bout of testicular cancer for 5 years. He had over 70 chemo treatment during all that and I was only 5 at the time and never thought I would ever have my father but he survived for another 20 years and passed away in July of this year from a heart attack. I was fortunate to have him in my life and glad he stuck around with us. I miss him so much!! your song is an inspiration to a lot of people🤙🏻🤙🏻
Lachlan Pitcher
Lachlan Pitcher 3 jam yang lalu
Inspiring as usual my man, keep up the work, your fan base more of a family at this point 💯
Morgan Brekken
Morgan Brekken 3 jam yang lalu
Watching my aunt die from colon cancer was the hardest thing I’ve gone through yet. She had so much faith and was so loving towards me right to the very end. 💛 In a lot of ways, she saved me.
Henry Scherer
Henry Scherer 3 jam yang lalu
Kittie Lee
Kittie Lee 3 jam yang lalu
Max Xavier
Max Xavier 3 jam yang lalu
Very emotional man I love your music it has realistic base keep it up this is what the world needs
rossco 3 jam yang lalu
Mate this video/song really hits me hard, I lost my dad 10 years ago to cancer, for 3 months I was by his bedside slowly watching him deteriorate, I got the call from my mum 3am saying that she thought he was ready, I literally was 1 minute late for his last breath. Hopefully a cure is released someday soon. It's no way for someone to go out, id hate to think of my 2 girls watching me slowly pass away from this horrible disease. Sorry for the long comment and thanks for this great song bro. Keep up your awesome work. Cheers
Jordan Wayne Jr
Jordan Wayne Jr 3 jam yang lalu
Tom your a fucking legend no other words to describe!! It's true, if the president had cancer bet there will be a cure!.
Shirley Phifer
Shirley Phifer 3 jam yang lalu
Truth :-(
DANIEL OF SALA 3 jam yang lalu
Miguel Ruvalcaba
Miguel Ruvalcaba 3 jam yang lalu
Yo Tom ! My mother survived breast cancer she loved your video bro keep making good music 💪🏼 nice hope you read comments
Lian Gabriel
Lian Gabriel 3 jam yang lalu
To the 2.6k people who thumbed down.. why? For what reasons?
Steven Patton
Steven Patton 3 jam yang lalu
Awesome song and video. Keep it up Tom MacDonald. The system is the cancer and needs cutting out. Regards from the uk
F13 KHORNE BERSERKER 3 jam yang lalu
myt 98 yr old granma came down with breast cancer this year we started the kimo wish us luck
Danielle May
Danielle May 3 jam yang lalu
Thank u for making this song i lost my grandfather to cancer last year 😢 💔
RYNO DEBINO 3 jam yang lalu
Thanks, Tom. My favorite line was when you said/say, “Our best defense is living like we do not know what cancer is.” Cancer tests are at least 85% inaccurate according to Adam Conover from the Adam Ruins Everything TV show.
Kevin Redhead
Kevin Redhead 3 jam yang lalu
I can't listen to this's an amazing song..but it hits way too close to home. I love your music...keep them coming🥺
nikiwis3 3 jam yang lalu
remember bro ur changing the world i hope more people will wake up and maybe one day we will fight the system cos they doin aint right
Andrew Corbitt
Andrew Corbitt 3 jam yang lalu
Way to throw it down Tom. You are saying what we all want to be heard. You are a hero for that. Keep up all the good work man.
Cody Crown
Cody Crown 3 jam yang lalu
This one hits home i dont have cancer but I am very sick I need blood once a week and not going to live a long life I just got to be a fighter!!!
Avery Anderson
Avery Anderson 3 jam yang lalu
CollectorsLuck 4 jam yang lalu
I put off watching this because I knew it would bring tears to my eyes. Tom never disappoints.
Unarmed Vlogger
Unarmed Vlogger 4 jam yang lalu
God is with you all through the good and bad
GrI3fXツ x
GrI3fXツ x 4 jam yang lalu
I see this is an emotional topic but how can you even have that cold of a heart to dislike such a touching message. Thats sad
Sabrina Camis
Sabrina Camis 4 jam yang lalu
Amazing song and video again those who gave it a thumbs down you people are stupid as hell man
TheMisterFister 4 jam yang lalu
My dad just passed away from Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer on Wednesday morning this past week. Damn....
Justin Kasprzak
Justin Kasprzak 4 jam yang lalu
Tom my grandmother had cancer tumors 2 of them in her brain they removed them she forgot everyone and who they were but she always said I was her number one grandson and before we pulled the plug after weeks of helping her she looked at me the day before and said I love you Justin the next day she was basically gone had a breathing machine to breath for her so we ended her suffering but this song made me remember all the good times we had thank you Tom so much
The Butt Goblin
The Butt Goblin 4 jam yang lalu
So he’s pushing a conspiracy theory
Christopher Olive
Christopher Olive 4 jam yang lalu
Amazing as always love it
No copy No copy
No copy No copy 4 jam yang lalu
My favorite Rapper 💙💙
Matthew Erickson
Matthew Erickson 4 jam yang lalu
Bro. I'm speechless. This song did make me cry and I hardly cry. Ur gonna be a hero to the people who need it. We need to share this.
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 4 jam yang lalu
This was AMAZING!
Brett Mahoney
Brett Mahoney 4 jam yang lalu
Lost my great grandfather to lung cancer at the age of twelve he made me who I am today I was always excited to go to his house after a hunting trip to make him proud of the success of the trip by the end he would smile and laugh through the coughing he fought until the end never give up hope any of you we all care and we are with you.
Matthew 4 jam yang lalu
I know where I’m going when I die, because Jesus lived the perfect life that I was required to live, and Jesus died the death my sins deserved, and because I trust Him instead of me, I will be with Him in paradise.
Salena Stark
Salena Stark 4 jam yang lalu
Jesus is the man
Salena Stark
Salena Stark 4 jam yang lalu
That is right
Amy Mcdonald
Amy Mcdonald 4 jam yang lalu
Lost my grandma who was my best friend to pancreatic cancer thank you so much for this 😭😭
lmsmbassaddict 4 jam yang lalu
Amazing brother
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