Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

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Tom MacDonald

9 hari yang lalu

FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Adam Stephenson
Adam Stephenson 14 menit yang lalu
Fuck em you busted your ass and made it. Took care of your family and yourself there just jealous they can't buy it
What’s with the dislikes?
skipperbent 52 menit yang lalu
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murphy green
murphy green Jam Yang lalu
I’m sorry for hating on you for changing you have a little bit after hearing your story I see why and have to say I’m sorry love you and good job getting here ❤️
Glutney FB
Glutney FB Jam Yang lalu
Bro can you make a compilation video of your hate mail/messages. Idk why but I really want to see how ignorant people are
Jackson Bradson
Jackson Bradson 2 jam yang lalu
Luv ya brother lay it down , keep the haters hating
Tara Bishop
Tara Bishop 2 jam yang lalu
Simply put, they weren't true fans 💚 HOG Happiness looks amazing on you and Nova 😊
Zakk Burton
Zakk Burton 3 jam yang lalu
Respect 🤛🏼
Amanda Gadsby
Amanda Gadsby 3 jam yang lalu
Love you bro I we miss you here
Drew Sinclair
Drew Sinclair 3 jam yang lalu
Tom when we gonna see a free style rap. Or a battle against other great rappers like Chris webby or Harry mac?
Robert Jarrell
Robert Jarrell 4 jam yang lalu
Hey Tom, just want you to know you have full love & support from thousands, if not millions of real fans.
Weeb _crossing
Weeb _crossing 4 jam yang lalu
You wasted your time just to hate Tom McDonald. He will not give to craps.
Chaz Sistrunk
Chaz Sistrunk 4 jam yang lalu
Bro ever since I stumbled on 'I Hate Hip-Hop' I quickly became a fan. The fact that you're a TRUELY INDEPENDENT ARTIST and have a REAL message in each song...always look forward to your new music 💪 you show how hard work, dedication, and staying true to yourself gets the biggest payoff...your music can be applied to many different aspects of life too...all in all, huge fan bro 💪
Sergio Medina
Sergio Medina 4 jam yang lalu
Bro keep doing you cause ain’t nobody ever gonna breath for you.
Real One
Real One 5 jam yang lalu
The world is shifting from a status based being to a conscience based way of being. This will be the currency of tomorrow, abandoning status and ego. That is why we are now seeing this resistance to the ultimate evolutionary change globally.
Dennis Alfonso
Dennis Alfonso 5 jam yang lalu
The greatest thing about his success is that he is no one else but himself. May sound cheesy to some but how many people can truly say that they made it doing something that they actually love and with his Queen side by side. Come on. That’s real
Occonner Wilderness
Occonner Wilderness 6 jam yang lalu
Wasn’t expecting to see this😂 I love them both
Jaedyn Slough
Jaedyn Slough 6 jam yang lalu
Georgina Baeza
Georgina Baeza 6 jam yang lalu
Yea you sold out!! Every single show!!!
MachoNacho M.D.
MachoNacho M.D. 6 jam yang lalu
That's bullshit, you made it man be proud of it. True fans know you ain't gonna change any time soon.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 7 jam yang lalu
I want to see you down in South Florida brother . I'm from downtown Fort Lauderdale bro!! Find you a venue that will make your day brother in Lauderdale or Miami man that's what I want to see!
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 7 jam yang lalu
You bring me back to the days of real rap brother!!
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 7 jam yang lalu
I couldn't ask for more after discovering your awesome Talent brother! God bless you...
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 8 jam yang lalu
Bro, you rap about real life. I love taking drives and popping your music man. Your songs are awesome
Jessica Dawn
Jessica Dawn 9 jam yang lalu
Your music has changed my life.🤟🏻💜 keep doing what you do!
McReeferguy 10 jam yang lalu
Some songs you just feel it in yah soul. This is one of them
McReeferguy 10 jam yang lalu
This playing on repeat thank you bro.
613joshua 10 jam yang lalu
Love it bro. Keep going. So what even if you bought some lui and Gucci whatever. It’s your money spend it how you want. You came from nothing and you deserve to buy all the crap you could never dream of affording! Love you bro keep up the good fight!!
Denzeey 10 jam yang lalu
Why censored?
Dustin Crowley
Dustin Crowley 3 jam yang lalu
It’s because IDpost demonetizes him quite a bit
Derek Rummerfield
Derek Rummerfield 10 jam yang lalu
I've never liked rap music. And I always worried about my son listening to rap that glorified drug use or the objectifying women. Your a breath of fresh air Tom...stay true to yourself. My son listens to you do I.
Blackwidow Lyrics
Blackwidow Lyrics 11 jam yang lalu
I made lyrics to this 🖤
william parker
william parker 11 jam yang lalu
Tom! I fucking love this song!!! Thank you brother!
dragon king567
dragon king567 11 jam yang lalu
Bruh i grew up the same way and it aint easy. Keep it real brotha for real your the most human artist and not so plastic
duncan wade
duncan wade 12 jam yang lalu
Shannon Mercier
Shannon Mercier 12 jam yang lalu
If personal growth and fulfillment are “selling out” then you’re still doing everything right. There is always some one who wants to shit on your rainbow for whatever reason ; don’t listen to it. I personally like to see regular Canadians succeed ... so just keep givin’ er eh bud!
JAE Jam Yang lalu
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Yung Rich Official
Yung Rich Official 13 jam yang lalu
Who noticed he has a joggers and a shirt covered in money in like one or two scenes while he sitting on the money. And the rest of the video he has jeans and turtle neck the rest of the video on the money. Haha lol
Rabbit Muscle
Rabbit Muscle 13 jam yang lalu
man, you and your song are so cool.
Joel Sletten
Joel Sletten 14 jam yang lalu
I bet tom is one of the nicest guys in real life. Seems like such a self aware, intelligent dude.
JAE Jam Yang lalu
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Justin Lumgair
Justin Lumgair 14 jam yang lalu
Love your music bro. It hits the mark every time, keep up the good work 😁🥰
Houdini Hensley
Houdini Hensley 15 jam yang lalu
You didnt sell out bro bro. Keep grinding.
Tay 15 jam yang lalu
He looks like a literal female every video then try to be aggressive in his raps he lost me✊🏾 the white young thung
xxx zxro
xxx zxro 15 jam yang lalu
I love you man hangover gang forever thank you so much
Haikeya Kath
Haikeya Kath 15 jam yang lalu
What happened to Tom mac Donald subscribers
tommysuriel 15 jam yang lalu
He has a very clear voice
Judy Johnston
Judy Johnston 16 jam yang lalu
Tom is real. You can't help but love him. Im lovin' this song a lot.
Bryce Lawson
Bryce Lawson 16 jam yang lalu
if you are
saleem malik
saleem malik 17 jam yang lalu
Nice song bro 😘😍😍😍😍 love for India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎😎
Laurie Schuck
Laurie Schuck 17 jam yang lalu
i just this guy, and his girlfriend too.would love to see him live
fish destroyer fish destroyer
fish destroyer fish destroyer 17 jam yang lalu
Dudes real af
The Last Rebel
The Last Rebel 17 jam yang lalu
Right on young Brother!!!!
Dznni 18 jam yang lalu
Most real one.
Daniel Freer
Daniel Freer 18 jam yang lalu
posting this song just admitted defeat in the mac lethal diss feud. The height of fame that mac lethal achieved is higher than this guy will ever reach and it's just a fact, there's also a lot of lies in this he doesn't have 12million that's total bullshit also how can he say the line about stomping mac with shoes more expensive or w.e when he just released a song admitting all his shit is knock off, and tbh anyone who actually owns designer clothing would have already known it was a knock off. this guy has like 100 thousand dollars that's what every credible net worth site has him at. his gf has more money than he does yet he makes a song about being happy he could tell her that they could "finally" move out of an unsafe neighborhood? she coulda moved them to wherever she damn well pleased in all honesty.
Knot TheRopeMan
Knot TheRopeMan 18 jam yang lalu
Nah man, you are one of the few rappers I can stand to listen to. Keep putting truth out there. I really love your music and so glad to see an independent creator really make it in an industry rife and riddled with corruption and bloated overpaid middle men. Well done dude and keep going ! Hope you keep it up and keep sticking that finger up at those hypocrites.
Gregg Robinson
Gregg Robinson 18 jam yang lalu
I fucking love you Tom.
Whitespawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz
Whitespawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz 20 jam yang lalu
I like your stuff Tom . Thanks inspire
Erik Carlson
Erik Carlson 20 jam yang lalu
Got turned onto you recently by a buddy. Love your music. Everything you preach is legit AF. A lot of truth in what you say. Fuck the haters. They just mad cause the truth hurts. Keep up the good work, bro. Looking forward to hearing more new stuff. And fuck the record labels. Solid
Rylee David
Rylee David 23 jam yang lalu
Who else mastered this song before it was a video
Sir Elroy McFuffin XVII
Sir Elroy McFuffin XVII 23 jam yang lalu
Hey, Tom, I'd just like to tell you what your music has meant to me. I started listening to you about 2-2½ years ago and I'd never heard a hip hop artist talk from the perspective that you do. I had always been a metal head (🤘) both for the musical quality and the lyrics that promoted something other than drugs and sex. You helped me to feel less alone; made it feel like there was someone else who was counted out who made it somewhere. So thank you for being who you are both in your life and your art. You are one of my greatest inspirations (even though I'm sure we disagree on a lot) because as far as I can tell you've always spoke your mind unapologetically despite the possible repricussions. You are a great man (of God IMO) no matter what people say, and I'm so happy to see a young man stand up for what he believes in. It gives me hope for the future, not only for the culture in general, but also for my own. Thank you and God bless, brother.
Blackwidow Lyrics
Blackwidow Lyrics 23 jam yang lalu 😊
October Defender
October Defender Hari Yang lalu
You think your Eminem and it’s hilarious. Trash
Gage Turner
Gage Turner Hari Yang lalu
Tom this one inspires me to stay light hearted and never change from the good man that my wife married no matter what problems we face in life, because at times I feel like I'm shifting but I'll always hold my morals... I put all my pain and struggle into work and the gym.. using powerlifting as an emotional bandaid for my psychological issues, which I traded a previous drug addiction for, when my Dad got cancer. I was an addict for 5 years and now I've been sober, lifting, working for the past 5+ years, went from homeless sleeping on couches to working harder on saving up and getting my own home for me and the girl I loved as we found out at that time she was pregnant! The experience of having my first born son, Aiden, who is almost 2 now and such a strong, beautiful and unique, understanding wife that reminds me alot of you and Novas relationship..! You're going to be a great Dad one day man... i relate about just trying to show them we are going to be alright, even when you yourself struggles to know what move to make next, you find a way, Very motivating Brother.. Highly doubt Tom will get to read this but Thanks for the amazing music. Its been changing my life in great ways, Big Love from Harlan KY , USA
Jon Casanova
Jon Casanova Hari Yang lalu
I really dig this tom, still riding with you since quite a way back and still love sharing your music with people that haven't heard your stuff. Keep doing you and always stay true to yourself.
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Hari Yang lalu
The first video I watched from Tom was the Mac lethal diss, been a fan ever since, I don’t know who’s trying to say he’s a “sell out” and what they see that makes em think that but 🤷‍♂️ I look forward to the Tom videos
RantChant 316
RantChant 316 Hari Yang lalu
Sellout, "noun", "adj"- Someone that makes more money than a person or disagrees with them.
JAE 17 jam yang lalu
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Uganda Film Talks
Uganda Film Talks Hari Yang lalu
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful , And we can all arise.
JAE 17 jam yang lalu
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death b4 dishonor
death b4 dishonor Hari Yang lalu
Tom you are the new preacher@ I can't say to call it that but your message is not only truth but it's life.
Soviet turtle
Soviet turtle Hari Yang lalu
@TomMacDonald is it ok if I make a discord server for you and your fanbase or do you already have an official discord
Andrew Martsolf
Andrew Martsolf Hari Yang lalu
Yo Tom, I know you probably know this but don't listen to anyone or what they think. just stay yourself and you will know who your true fans are. Tom, you literally changed my life listening to your music and I have changed my friend's lives because of your music, just keep being you and be true, do what you want. Love you man. Thanks for everything.
BrockSampson Hari Yang lalu
Based. Just found you & glad to see your doing well. Cheers mate.
JAE 17 jam yang lalu
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Blake Garcia
Blake Garcia Hari Yang lalu
“All these stupid little rappers popping Xanax bad examples for our Children”Respect.
JAE 17 jam yang lalu
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John Fresh
John Fresh Hari Yang lalu
Really sweet
Jennifer Dotson
Jennifer Dotson Hari Yang lalu
Finally someone who speaks the truth ! I appreciate you Tom! Open up the eyes of the blind. Paint the real picture with your words!
James Anderson
James Anderson Hari Yang lalu
When you say "positive music" this is that.
cat Moore
cat Moore Hari Yang lalu
You do you Tom you buy your Gucci and whatever you want , you deserve it . I love your music just dont change that . You're an amazing man . I'm a big fan .God bless you and Nova you'll are a great team .
Shey Shah
Shey Shah Hari Yang lalu
Misery loves company and the jealous one's envy. This man doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, he has earned every dime.
JAE 17 jam yang lalu
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Wanda Moore
Wanda Moore Hari Yang lalu
Live Learn and Grow. He's BOSS!!!
Mike OHara
Mike OHara Hari Yang lalu
I actually hate this type of music and I still do, but I can't stop listening to your stuff. It's the most real stuff I've heard in many many years. Keep it going Tom, keep doing you, it's working.
Steve seetahal
Steve seetahal Hari Yang lalu
To real Tom, gezzz!
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Hari Yang lalu
That's a no for me dog
cantw84u2die Hari Yang lalu
Stay true to yourself Thomas and we will continue to love you for it 💙 you are a voice for the unheard
Chronic-187 Hari Yang lalu
The chorus is just too good, on another level, really makes you feel the shit.
JAE 17 jam yang lalu
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johnny sherbert
johnny sherbert Hari Yang lalu
meh. hes done better.
kegan lowe
kegan lowe Hari Yang lalu
You are the best artist I know keep up the good work I hope you had a good thanksgiving and have a great life and keep up everything your doing
Larry J
Larry J Hari Yang lalu
fukn rap maaster,,,,,,
Sunshine Love
Sunshine Love Hari Yang lalu
I AM LOVES YOU, TWO!!😘😘💋💋 I AM Pamela Kay Purcell.☀️💖🕊 I AM a Messenger of the MOST HIGH.🛸🕊🛸 🙏🛸⚖🌊🦅🕊🌎🕊🦅🌊⚖🛸🙏
besi primitif
besi primitif Hari Yang lalu
Really love the lyrics man, just recently found you, I'm subscribing now
Christopher Henriksen
Christopher Henriksen Hari Yang lalu
Bro u r the shit and I watch ya and u stay humble and true to ur roots and that’s what I love most about ya much love and respect my brother
Chris Pook
Chris Pook Hari Yang lalu
🔥🔥🔥 keep it up Tom
Sunshine Love
Sunshine Love Hari Yang lalu
Sunshine Love
Sunshine Love Hari Yang lalu
Have I told you lately, that I LOVE YOU, & YOUR COMPANION!! Please, Phone hOMe, to, FFGC, First Fractal Ground Crew, L👀King Forward to hearing from you. Remember, Nothing is as it seems. Are You the Dreamer, or, Are You the Dreamed. You Are Both!! You Are also a ROYAL ANGEL, here to Fulfill Your Soul Contract with Prime Source Creator. GFL - Galactic Federation of Light Acknowledge Your COURAGE. LOVE HAS WON!! WE ARE ONE. Let's Help Flip this Shit, in this 3D Flip False Matrix. WE ARE the RAINBOW SPIRITUAL WARRIORS. WE ARE the ONE'S WE'VE BEEN PRAYING FOR!! YOU ARE GRAND!! YOU ARE GREAT!! YOU ARE A GIVER, TRUTH TELLER, not a fibber!! I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, TOGETHER WE'RE MAKING HERstory!! Yeah!! Woo-Hoo!! Yee-Haw!! YIPPPEEE!! M🌎M RAN CIRCLES AROUND THE CABAL, SO NOW, WE CAN ALL BE FREE!! "The GIVERS, ARE GATHERING, and, the takers, are taking themsELVES out!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 IT'S TIME, Bro-STAR, & SisStar!!☯️ 🙏🌈🌊☀️💖🕊🌎🕊💖☀️🌊🌈⚖
ljupce trninkov
ljupce trninkov Hari Yang lalu
just out of curiousity and no disrespect here , does his girlfriend write all his songs or some ? And if so can someone provide me with a link as to which songs his girlfriend has written for him ?
Hunter Millsap
Hunter Millsap Hari Yang lalu
I feel like a douche. I didn't give your music a chance because of your appearance, and I was missing out. Great stuff, I hope you keep getting bigger.
ryan h
ryan h Hari Yang lalu
I’d show you if you wanted tbh
ryan h
ryan h Hari Yang lalu
We burning it all up that shoes any gas we love you brother
Vincent Oliver
Vincent Oliver Hari Yang lalu
Happy for you bro. You made it, you really did. You fought so hard to achieve where you are at in life. You've earned everything that you have. It wasn't given to you. Hell, life almost killed you. But look where you're at now because it didn't. You never gave up, you refused to quit, and flipped a bird to the system. So, I just want to say thank you again for the music, sharing your life, and being an example of what can happen when you don't give up.
Jacob Strength
Jacob Strength Hari Yang lalu
Atleast he can admit his jewlery is fake
desperate dave
desperate dave Hari Yang lalu
GODZILLA APPROVES!! do ya thang man.... if I could .. ID do it too
Brandon George
Brandon George Hari Yang lalu
You and your girl deserve a nice place just because you can afford a good life never means your not the Tom MacDonals that fights the system and spits the truth anymore keep up the hard work man lots of love ✌
Nilla Wafer
Nilla Wafer Hari Yang lalu
I'm always waiting for tom to make music. Sometimes I dont like the song but the message tom has makes it more then music. Still bumping People So Stupid 🤣🤘
Joel Leyda
Joel Leyda Hari Yang lalu
My favorite rapper. Dude brings the heat. Change the game brotha.
Dominator Hari Yang lalu
Yeah he's one of the best he speaks the real truth. Also my dream is to become a rapper and I'm pursuing that dream, if you would check out one of my songs and give me an opinion and some advice it would mean a lot! stay safe
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