Rosalía and Pharrell Williams Discuss Transcending Culture Globally | Billboard Latin Week

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Rosalía and Pharrell Williams talk to Billboard Latin VP, Leila Cobo, about working together in the studio on new music and three things that they admire about each other: intention, commitment and conviction.
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Rosalía and Pharrell Williams Discuss Transcending Culture Globally | Billboard Latin Week

F. Y
F. Y 23 jam yang lalu
Entonces la música francesa, italiana, portuguesa, rumana, es música latina? Hay que diferenciar música en español (toda la música en este idioma) de música latinoamericana (incluida la música de Brasil, la de Haití), a música hispanoamericana (sólo la música en español de América). Esta terminología hay que aclararla. Rosalía hace música de raíces españolas y en español, pero no es latina.
Natalia Maria
Natalia Maria Hari Yang lalu
Nadie niega la dificultad que las mujeres pasan en la industria de la música. Pero todos los artistas deben de ver el privilegio que tienen y Rosalía esta robando la cultura Latino Americana y eso no esta bien. Si ella sufre como una mujer, imaginate una mujer Latina. Ella tiene una voz de angel y yo era una súper fan, pero el estilo y la musica de ella ahora tiene energia de culture vulture.Tambien ella diciendo que se siente "latina" y todo eso es literlamente ignorando la historia de la colonización de Latino America por los Españoles.
Steven A.
Steven A. 2 hari yang lalu
Rosalia’s passion shows in everything she does. It’s refreshing for the music industry for sure
Felix Martin
Felix Martin 2 hari yang lalu
Rosalia goes in blunt feminist discourse whilst Pharrell offers a nuanced cultural discussion on the topic. Pharrell is the thinker here, I am afraid. Rosalia is just a megaphone.
Ester Viana
Ester Viana 5 hari yang lalu
Is Pherrell actually trying to hit on her 😅
Travon Chappell
Travon Chappell 5 hari yang lalu
Protect her at all cost. Please, can we do that.
Zainab Khan
Zainab Khan 6 hari yang lalu
The hosts energy doesnt matches their warmth
Ramón Altamiranda
Ramón Altamiranda 6 hari yang lalu
Pharrell age finally comes🙃
LJ 7 hari yang lalu
Simp talk 101.
sillykitten202 7 hari yang lalu
America views the world sometimes in such a small scope. Everything spanish is latin and it really makes the spanish reach muddy and just become reggeton
M M 7 hari yang lalu
I hate the nickname Rose 🥀
Laura María
Laura María 9 hari yang lalu
Casey Orozco
Casey Orozco 9 hari yang lalu
shes a culture vulture
Casey Orozco
Casey Orozco 9 hari yang lalu
respect to rosie, but latinx culture now has no relation to the hispanics of spain. latinx is paving the way for spanish speakers of the americas. if anything spain is riding on our wave into american pop culture in the spanish speaking disguise
Ajie 10 hari yang lalu
Their chemistry, the conversation, the vibes, I love everything! ❤️
martina monje escanilla
martina monje escanilla 10 hari yang lalu
spanellaful 11 hari yang lalu
She speaks catalan, right?
Paloma Schall
Paloma Schall 11 hari yang lalu
Leila made me laugh so much omg the way she would explain in one sentence what rosalia and pharrell were cloudgazing about was hilarious
La Vibratariana
La Vibratariana 11 hari yang lalu
Not sure if Pharrell understands much about “Latin Culture” and Spanish language. It’s actually very sexist and Latina women are still struggling with machismo in all kinds of industries and systems. Rosalía knows what’s up with the sexism that exists. We have to work harder and I am glad she is doing as well as she is and keeping it real about the complexities of being categorized as “Latinx”🙌🏽✨
PSTuber 11 hari yang lalu
I think English is a good language at balancing gender neutral usage. The problem with gender neutral is that it becomes shifted to more of a masculine side because the society is patriarchal. The English language in its self is very neutral.
Colleen Jennings
Colleen Jennings 12 hari yang lalu
Ha servido el té con el tema Relación Remix, el mundo latino y sobre la misoginia de la sociedad 👏🏻
Dieguismama 12 hari yang lalu
Her voice is so beautiful, even just talking.
Laura Regla
Laura Regla 12 hari yang lalu
i love rosalía, but she's not fucking latin!! thank you
Leon E
Leon E 13 hari yang lalu
Not Lucid
Not Lucid 13 hari yang lalu
“ lots of fun 😏”
Camilo Digilio Calzada
Camilo Digilio Calzada 13 hari yang lalu
you don't respect women cause they give you live, you just respect them cause their are human beings
sij 80
sij 80 13 hari yang lalu
Love her nose
Ignacio Juárez Bourdieu
Ignacio Juárez Bourdieu 13 hari yang lalu
Una de las mejores entrevistas que vi en mucho mucho tiempo.
puk bijnen
puk bijnen 13 hari yang lalu
Wow Rosalia is soooo PUREEEE what an inspiration LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! This makes me feel so motivated!!!
cc centeno
cc centeno 14 hari yang lalu
i saw it more ( especially the relacion remix comments) as her using her white priviledge to demand more over artists and then covering it up with its because im a woman. she had a platform on billboard she could have also brought up how the western media especially bill board and mtv do their best to cut out latina artists but never fail to give the males and especially racially ambiguous and white spanish artists a platform on their so called latin apreciation weeks and awards .
Chloé Contemplates
Chloé Contemplates 14 hari yang lalu
First time I'm hearing her speak English and - 😍
Eduardo Pastor
Eduardo Pastor 14 hari yang lalu
Pharell: Rosalia eres la mejor Rosalia: No, tu eres la mejor x10000 que pereza
Jc Larcon
Jc Larcon 14 hari yang lalu
wow her English has really improved so proud of her
Chhoti Maa
Chhoti Maa 14 hari yang lalu
Nicole N
Nicole N 2 hari yang lalu
según la industria musical su música si lo es porque está en español . Así que stop
Jgamesl 14 hari yang lalu
pero at the same time
Qusev 15 hari yang lalu
Ingrid 15 hari yang lalu
What a refreshing interview! Just the right questions
Juliana Zaccone
Juliana Zaccone 15 hari yang lalu
Hi, I'd like to make a point. Quiero dejarles un mapa mundial pero como yt no soporta formatos de imagen, procedo a explicarlo del siguiente modo: ********************************************* ** * .* ** ****** **** * ***** R ******** **** P ********** ** ********* ***** L ********** * *** ** *********** ******** L ******** ******* * ******** ********* L ****** * ********** * ***** ********* L ********* *********** ***** **********L ********************************* That's a world map, right? Neither Pharrell nor Rosalía represent Latinoamerica. Being represented by two artists that have nothing to do with our culture is to systematically deny the access of opportunities to latin american musicians. Just like Rosalía says in the interview, there's still a lot of work to be done. Because of how the industry is built, I think that one, as an artist, has to be extremely careful of where you are standing and who or what you are representing. Let me just clarify that I don't have anything against Pharrell or Rosalia (i love them both!) but I'm from Argentina and I'm so tired of hollywood's bullshit of calling latino anything with a spanish word in it. Just stop calling them latin awards cause it gets nowhere near that.
Jaycov 15 hari yang lalu
Such great people, and so inspiring. Love and blessings to everyone
Simon Jacov Binder
Simon Jacov Binder 15 hari yang lalu
They're awesome, true inspirations
Federicooo 15 hari yang lalu
Pharrell b forgettin that Rosalia isn't latina
Sydyce 15 hari yang lalu
Damn just realized Rocky sounds like Pharrell. Cool.
Cameron Maxwell
Cameron Maxwell 15 hari yang lalu
so women are a different species?
Rhoda 15 hari yang lalu
Excelente contenido, se cortaba la charla con las preguntas ridículas nada más.
Claudia 15 hari yang lalu
why do i ship them sm
Claudia 15 hari yang lalu
as a spanish person-- from spain, which is what "Spanish person" means-- I am so proud to finally see a Spanish musician singing in Spanish and showing the world what flamenco is, even if she creates her own version. She doesn't sing in English to appeal to a larger audience. she is so special thank god for her
Monica P
Monica P 14 hari yang lalu
Si Claudia, no sabiamos que la necesitabamos tanto, verdad?
Pam R.M
Pam R.M 15 hari yang lalu
She's NOT latina, she's Spanish that's cultural savotage, plz make the difference, Spain in part of Europe Latinos are from latinoamerica or South America and Central America please make the difference she is from Europe / Spain
Nicole N
Nicole N 2 hari yang lalu
@Pam R.M porque te ofenderias ?? Si el término latino es súper amplio .
Nicole N
Nicole N 2 hari yang lalu
@Pam R.M yo igual soy latina y no me ofende que la clasifiquen como latina porque así ha sido la industria musical por años , desde Alejandro Sanz hasta Enrique Iglesias pero ahora que una mujer está siendo exitosa les molesta. y piense que no nos llamaríamos latinoamerica si no fuera por los españoles
Pam R.M
Pam R.M 2 hari yang lalu
@Nicole N I'm a latina and feel offended, cause we know the difference, she's Spanish from Spain Europe, that's cultural aproppiation, latinoamerican people are from South America that makes us Latinos/latinas and every time she says something she is clearly Not, it is cultural appropiation
Nicole N
Nicole N 2 hari yang lalu
baby girl she is not latinamerican obviously but she classifies as latina because she speaks Spanish which is her native language. In the musical industry spanish music is latin
All House Records
All House Records 15 hari yang lalu
Nobody wants anything to do with this artist brand.. Hit the streets Boi!
All House Records
All House Records 15 hari yang lalu
Pharrell is a looser with loose lips and an uneducated sensibility
bonginkosi nkosi
bonginkosi nkosi 15 hari yang lalu
She is so Goddamm beautiful, and that accent is intriguing
The Tribal Funkster
The Tribal Funkster 15 hari yang lalu
I don't think recording music has been the only thing they've been doing together...the eyes says it all
The Tribal Funkster
The Tribal Funkster 15 hari yang lalu
@Bapetown Jay Special friends that is
The Tribal Funkster
The Tribal Funkster 15 hari yang lalu
@JAQ BOI That hasn't stopped many before especially when temptations are abound in show biz
Bapetown Jay
Bapetown Jay 15 hari yang lalu
People can just be friends ya know
JAQ BOI 15 hari yang lalu
she has a boyfriend i-
shapdanone 16 hari yang lalu
They both make great music, but the chat was just utter bullshit full of cheesy tropes
Elke W
Elke W 16 hari yang lalu
she's so smart! Love her!
Martín Tena
Martín Tena 16 hari yang lalu
Such a great interview. I’m so glad that Rosalia has good company in Miami and that she is surrounded with professionals as her, cause it is what she deserves, and great music and thoughts will come out of this experience that she is living right now. Can’t wait to hear her new album and everything that she is preparing! 🖤 Te queremos Rosiiii 🌹
rabia helle
rabia helle 16 hari yang lalu
i think you can say anything in a spanish accent and it totally makes deeper sense.
Anthony 16 hari yang lalu
I am so glad Pharrell is working with her. He's top notch.
Razatiger Ault
Razatiger Ault 15 hari yang lalu
Top 5 producer of all time, and was pretty much the father of hip-hop produced beats from 2000-2010. The guys a genius.
Vile IX
Vile IX 16 hari yang lalu
potatoe 16 hari yang lalu
esta entrevista es un espanto. desde el mansplaining hasta las ideas baratas e inconclusas sobre la cultura latina. menos mal q son buenos haciendo música
S3 16 hari yang lalu
Joer que pesada con que las mujeres son victimas. Deja de quejarte y hazte tu empresa promocionala y gana el dinero que dices que no te dan, pesada.
I am sorry but as much as I admire Pharrell what he says from 11:10 after "the Latin culture is a beautiful culture" does not make any sense. He is wrongly mixing language, culture and almost identity to explain a conception on gender, which is totally inaccurate. Rosalia is kind enough and tries to save him but she is clear at the end of the interview when she states a conversation is necessary because there is so much confusion on the what is Latin topic.
greebat 17 hari yang lalu
i like them both but this shit was so gay.
Fitsum 17 hari yang lalu
damn rosalia is beautifull
David Kim
David Kim 17 hari yang lalu
Pharrell is 47 years old
Priscilla Zatarain
Priscilla Zatarain 17 hari yang lalu
a mi no me engañan, el pharrell esta enamorado
Alex Joshua
Alex Joshua 17 hari yang lalu
...ok but why 720p ?
Sun Fedez
Sun Fedez 17 hari yang lalu
Que Rosalía mejore su pronunciación en inglés XD!!!
G O-I 18 hari yang lalu
Her English is great for a non-native speaker. Her accent is even better wow!!
G O-I 18 hari yang lalu
Pharrell's smashing lol
eddyedutz 18 hari yang lalu
Pharrell is 47 btw
G thang
G thang 18 hari yang lalu
Pharrell williams is straight up flirting with her. He is spitting so much bullshit not even him believes it. Absolutely ridiculous.
Sehduwk WASD
Sehduwk WASD 18 hari yang lalu
Este señor no envejece
Neka006 18 hari yang lalu
Este video me recuerda a cuando haces el diálogo con el compañero de clase para el examen de certificado de inglés
Massimo Lisoni
Massimo Lisoni 18 hari yang lalu
No matter what language or mixture of languages you speak, what matters is that your message gets spread. Rosalia is a big inspiration.
Martín Calderón
Martín Calderón 19 hari yang lalu
this interview feels weird.
Nicolás Riquelme
Nicolás Riquelme 19 hari yang lalu
i saw two pigs
Hello World
Hello World 19 hari yang lalu
Well he calls Rosalia a LATINA, in the sense of the word she is a Latina, but usually that word is used for South American women. Rosalia is European.
Gilver Perez
Gilver Perez 20 hari yang lalu
I think Pharrell referred to her brilliant music video "Pienso en tu mirá". This interview was a delight to watch.
cuban fireball
cuban fireball 20 hari yang lalu
Rosalia, sí... yo entiendo que tú quieres luchar por los derechos de las mujeres en la música... pero en el mundo Latino no hay muchas mujeres que hacen música tan original y creativa como tú.
bizarrosito 20 hari yang lalu
Pharrell, the culture vulture who got lucky
vanessa 20 hari yang lalu
I'm loving this interview!
Kasia Las
Kasia Las 20 hari yang lalu
I fucking love this and if they were an actual couple I see that beautiful chemistry
AM to PM
AM to PM 20 hari yang lalu
i cant believe that he's 57 years old
Lauris Europe
Lauris Europe 20 hari yang lalu
JJ _
JJ _ 20 hari yang lalu
Pharrell and Rosalia are vibin on a level that the interviewer feels misplaced.
Aldo Cabrera
Aldo Cabrera 20 hari yang lalu
amo esta mujer but she made no sense que bola?
César Roca
César Roca 20 hari yang lalu
Latin week and neither of them are from Latin America...
Black Viking
Black Viking 20 hari yang lalu
This dude must be drinking babies blood to look that young.
Izzi Vicious
Izzi Vicious 20 hari yang lalu
She looks like she's in love man
AgiIeBeast 20 hari yang lalu
Anyone else noticed the Billboard interviewer trying to diminish or ignore Rosalia's points about women in the music industry? Pharrel had to literally go back to what Rosalia was talking about because the interviewer immediately changed to a tired question about their early days when rosalia stopped talking, lol. Fuck Billboard
ferran alcalde
ferran alcalde 20 hari yang lalu
8 21 hari yang lalu
pero como que Rose ni rous hostia?
Alexander Calderon
Alexander Calderon 21 hari yang lalu
Que bonita entrevista... mucho por hacer por las mujeres, pero que bonito.
swissivory 21 hari yang lalu
The interviewer did a great job, juggling between topics and languages.
Tommy Pickup
Tommy Pickup 21 hari yang lalu
Two of the most talented artist of our time period on a collab. I'm hype!
Camelot 21 hari yang lalu
Hopefully his wife was in town with him lol.
David DiMuzio
David DiMuzio 22 hari yang lalu
Hispanic accents when speaking English 😍😍😍
Paula Segura
Paula Segura 3 jam yang lalu
@Cristian Rosario Hispanic means Spanish-speaker so Rosalía is hispana. In fact, the word Hispanic comes from Hispania, which was the name the Romans gave to Spain when they conquered it.
Cristian Rosario
Cristian Rosario Hari Yang lalu
She not hispanis she is Spanish learn the difference
Jara 7 hari yang lalu
@Young Ay como se nota que no has estado en España mas concretamente en la costa del sol
Cristian ramos mañas
Cristian ramos mañas 15 hari yang lalu
es muy gracioso y bonito a la vez, mira la actuación de al pacino de tony montana con ese acento es espectacular
Claudia 15 hari yang lalu
spanish accent.
Javi Alonso
Javi Alonso 22 hari yang lalu
realmente Pharrell ha dicho que en el "idioma latino" se respeta más a las mujeres porque las palabras tienen género???sjkjsjsj what
Ghetto Rock The Hip Hop Rebel
Ghetto Rock The Hip Hop Rebel 22 hari yang lalu
ay una linea en el libro "el laberinto de la soledad" de octavio paz donde habla sobre la diferencia cultural entre los estados unidos (fundados en colonizadores anglosajon) y su relacion hacia la mujer contra la de Mexico (fundada por conquistadores Espanol), donde Paz dice hay algo deshumanisador en esta negacion. Quisas Pharrell toma un punto de vista similar donde ve que por lo menos en el lenguage espanol se le guarda lugar al 'femenino' (sin negar que hay aun espacio para anadir nuevos significadores de identidad) en contra del lenguaje ingles donde el lenguage funciona como terco mecanismo siginificador deshumanizante, el ingles con emphasis en El Hacer, contra leguaje romance espanol con emphasis en El Ser.
missy50505 22 hari yang lalu
Imagine meeting your idol, and you happening to be the idol of your idol as well.. And then you get this kind of superduperlove I think, they have such a nice connection !❤️
missy50505 22 hari yang lalu
No he is very mistaken about the feminine and masculine in latin language being more respectful, the discussion is actually there should be no gender in the words, because it is considered sexist. And the masculine version is more often used. I like how he's hopeful about it though :p also kind of generalising about latin culture, its so diverse
Ibrahim OmarMoktar
Ibrahim OmarMoktar 23 hari yang lalu
inspiring conversation amazing people
Lucas Fernandes
Lucas Fernandes 23 hari yang lalu
Rosalia nem latina é
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