Relaxing Sleep Music + Rain Sounds - Relaxing Music, Beautiful Piano Music, Stress Relief

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The Soul of Wind

10 bulan yang lalu

Relaxing Sleep Music + Rain Sounds - Relaxing Music, Beautiful Piano Music, Stress Relief
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~ The Soul of Wind ~
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_The Soul of Wind_

Paisley Lewis
Paisley Lewis Jam Yang lalu
I have severe issues with my bipolar, chronic insomnia and severe PTSD I find this extreeeeeemely soothing. It actually helps me sleep and feel calm, not trapped inside a tornado in my own mind. However I do not why, despite everything that's been going on around the world, working the front line and having patients still physically and mentally attack me. Losing family left, right and darn centre. This just gives me back what I thought I'd lost. Hope :3
Ching Ring
Ching Ring Jam Yang lalu
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Esteban Jumbo
Esteban Jumbo 2 jam yang lalu
Cuando te das cuentas ya estas por lo hora 6 del video jaja
Lucas Hermansen
Lucas Hermansen 4 jam yang lalu
Hey if anyone gonna see this i am just going to say that my freind Benjamin is really depressed right now and because of these corona times i Can not give him a hug and i am also a Little depressed because i lost my dad to cancer 3 years ago and i Will never forøget him he was a Great dad we went on fishing trips and so and every time i smell smoke or something it just reminds me of him because he smoked everyday so if anyone could send me a hug that Will be Great
Spencer Elvis
Spencer Elvis Jam Yang lalu
Keep your friend close. I lost a friend on Christmas and I'm still pondering on what I could have done differently. I keep going back to the last conversation that I had with him. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over it. Just be there for your friend. Listen to him. Help him when he needs it. Seek help from others if you need.
i'd like to know the name of the piano piece at the begining
김사발 5 jam yang lalu
진짜 노래하나 하나 들을때 마다 힐링되고 그림마저 너무 좋습니다. 노래에 맞는 그림에 현실 같은 그림체 그리고 뒤에 있는 ARE YOU STILL IN PAIN?=아직도 아프니? 라는 단어가 가슴에 와닫네요 공부하면서도 듣고 자면서도 듣고 저는특히 그림이 재일 마음에드네요
Shizumi しずみ
Shizumi しずみ 6 jam yang lalu
omg please can someone help me i cant download this music
Aziz 6 jam yang lalu
My pain is in love with rain.
Phung Ngoc Quynh
Phung Ngoc Quynh 9 jam yang lalu
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selfless.xcx! 10 jam yang lalu
Things to do today 1. Get up 2. Survive 3. Go back to bed.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 10 jam yang lalu
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Mentally Not There
Mentally Not There 10 jam yang lalu
I procrastinate so much, i could stare at this art to the end, there's no motivation to keep trying whatsoever.
Martin Russell
Martin Russell 10 jam yang lalu
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Vanya Reut
Vanya Reut 10 jam yang lalu
People: DePrEsSeD😔 Me: it's cool to do lessons with this music🗿👍
daganio family
daganio family 11 jam yang lalu
all the pain... yeah im still in pain... thank you for everything
Teku Ira
Teku Ira 12 jam yang lalu
i'm stuck in the box tht i cant go outside..... i wanna make something useful for my life but at the same time...people make a fun of me..... am i living just a joke to anyone ....... even tho my love one treat me like im not existed ......its funny right
Nerta Thorsten
Nerta Thorsten 13 jam yang lalu
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Relaxing Chill
Relaxing Chill 14 jam yang lalu
Ani Work
Ani Work 14 jam yang lalu
Each person is a small world in with his memories, feelings, thoughts. So why is someone more important than another for some peoples? (im not have perfect english, im just try to write my thought)
Randy Khalaf
Randy Khalaf 16 jam yang lalu
I'm in physical pain everyday. And each and everyday I feel more disconnected from the ones I love because I am unable to achieve basic movements. Can't even play with my daughter. How I sit and watch the happiness go bye like passing wind.the feeling To be free from this broken body to enjoy my life is overwhelming. I'm only 31 :'(
leмon ғυcĸer
leмon ғυcĸer 17 jam yang lalu
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IdiotSalmon 18 jam yang lalu
Bunch of random stuff I made up. “Tell me, what’s the point of living if we’re just going to die in the end? What’s the purpose of anything existing?” “...Who knows? I’m no god or anything. This world is just filled with questions that can’t be answered.” “If only you weren’t born, then none of this would have happened!” “Don’t go! Please!” “We’re humans...we have to accept death...because that’s just how it is.” “Just- just hang in there!” “Shut up’re so...loud....” “You goddamn brat! Do you know how many lives were taken?!” “But this is heaven! We don’t have any more enemies, it’s peaceful!” “Heaven?! HEAVEN?! Nobody is pure evil, you idiot! You literally committed genocide!” “Stop, both of you. You two need to understand that natural in this world. Maybe it’s different somewhere else but here, everything is just a war. A fight for survival.” “So what are we supposed to do?! Tell me!” “...I don’t know....”
Mumoso 18 jam yang lalu
I wanna go back in time to the good times
Bart Jansen
Bart Jansen 19 jam yang lalu
No, really, WTF is up with all these "I'm 14 and this is deep" comments?! Fine, I'll contribute, don't try too hard helping those who can't help themselves, they'll just end up dragging you under with them, sink or swim bitch.
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
Good advise 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Bart Jansen
Bart Jansen 19 jam yang lalu
I came here for the music, not the depressed people in the comments.
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
Lolll I came for both
Curly Fries
Curly Fries 20 jam yang lalu
"The sound of a heart being broken is the loudest silence ever"
House of Vibes
House of Vibes 20 jam yang lalu
Love the music! One day I'll get as many subscribers as you :) gotta just keep at it!
mugmilks 10 jam yang lalu
@House of Vibes nice music tho 👍🏾
mugmilks 10 jam yang lalu
@House of Vibes If you ever want to check it out I make funny videos. Seeing people smile makes me happy
mugmilks 10 jam yang lalu
@House of Vibes thank you 😊
House of Vibes
House of Vibes 10 jam yang lalu
@mugmilks haha awww thanks buddy, I subscribed right back!
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
Guess what, you just got a subscriber
fernando cara de feijao
fernando cara de feijao 22 jam yang lalu
fernando cara de feijao
fernando cara de feijao 22 jam yang lalu
rodrex 22 jam yang lalu
All this comments about memories made me think that I am kinda glab i have them cuz they make me this way. Do i hate myself? Absolutely, do must of my family treats me like not one of their own? Yes. But if i wasnt this way i think i would never had the friends i have today and i love them, they saved me from the darkest place i ever saw. They are my light, if i have to suffer a little bit so i can smile and talk to them so be it. Every day i used to put a smiley face and go to school hoping for at least not being make fun of, all the laughs and the ugly looks that some of them gave me are still in my head, at the time i didnt know why did everybody hated me so much, eventually i started getting tired and with fear i backed away from my best friend since i didnt want people to make fun of him too. I told him horrible things so that i could be alone. I turn into the kid always alone at the library of the school reading. Eventually i found a guy and a girl that tryed really hard to be my friends, I pass a whole week mute just saying yes or no with my head, until we became friends. Eventually i told them about my ex-best friend and the girl (she at the time was really shy) just grabbed me by the hand put me out of the library and told me to go talk to him. I didnt really know who their friends where and where they hanged out so i decided to go see him in his home after school. Well in the end he opended the door and started crying and hugged me. I just couldnt hold it and i cryed so much that day as i was screaming " i am sorry, i will never leave u alone again". It has been about 7 years since that happen and there is no day that i dont send him a mensage or at least a meme, he is well aware that i am a person that had some ( i dont like to admited) battles with depression and i easily become very sad when remembering the stuff that happen to me that time so when we hang out and i seem a little off he tells me this story from his perspective (adding or forgetting something) but always finishes with " i dont care if there is a god or not, i dont care if its destiny but the only thing i know is that even if we go throw a storm, a tsunami or even a fucking zombie apocalypse we will be forever friends. I know that we will fail to be there sometimes or have our fights but god fucking dammit WE WILL BE FRIENDS" and every fucking time i say " Some fucking day i will find the fucking paper where you writed that" and cry.
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
Awwwww omg that is so beautiful I’m crying 😭
mugmilks 23 jam yang lalu
“You can’t go back in time, but at least you still have some memories.”
Kitsune Hari Yang lalu
The actions of those who have broken you are unforgivable. Burry that memory work hard to do what you want and to prove them wrong. and in a few years, remember it and have a laugh at it. Not because you could do what they said you couldn't but because you let it get to you but also because you wiped away all the badness from It and overall improved yourself because of their malaise. And if you see them again Don't laugh Don't make fun of them Instead take their hand And fix their wrongs By doing them good -Signing off Kitsune
David Whang
David Whang Hari Yang lalu
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Samson Jackson
Samson Jackson Hari Yang lalu
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Vivian Lopez
Vivian Lopez Hari Yang lalu
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Robo Hari Yang lalu
This comment section makes me cry😭😭
11 Bintang Wisnu Wicaksono
11 Bintang Wisnu Wicaksono Hari Yang lalu
When i 19 years old. I wanna commit scuidiece. I hang on my head to the rope and suddenly this song. This song just come out to my door. And i cut the rope with my knife in my pocket. And my mom open the door and says:"do what your heart do. But,you can fight your heart". And i fall assleep. I woke up in hospital. My mom said i sleep 3 days an not woke up. Howefer this song is saved my life. I now have a wife a children. Thanks to this channel.
that one weeb.
that one weeb. Hari Yang lalu
i always feel that one character in every good anime who serves no real purpose but is still there just to be there.
William Fread
William Fread Hari Yang lalu
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Matthew Ma
Matthew Ma Hari Yang lalu
I'm not going to lie, when I feel lonely and sad I always go through these comments just to make sure I don't feel alone.
Erick Nunfio
Erick Nunfio Hari Yang lalu
Not care about ads, that's relaxing, thank you so much.
IKAY VLOGER Hari Yang lalu
"What is life anyway, when my bestfriend is slowly losing interest on me.."
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
@selfless.xcx! LOL that was straightforward
selfless.xcx! 20 jam yang lalu
Is to suffer
Not only I'm an asshole But
Not only I'm an asshole But Hari Yang lalu
*insert depressed but deep comment*
Valentin Novac
Valentin Novac Hari Yang lalu
Hey you. Yeah, you random person i will never meet. I hope you have a good life and i want only the best for you. I love you💖, have a good day and don't throw your life because you are not alone✌💖💞♥️
?C4?J64?S14? 2 hari yang lalu
Rain sounds are the pain' sounds
oh no Yilu
oh no Yilu 2 hari yang lalu
Is it a loop? Sounds all the same
Dovid G
Dovid G 2 hari yang lalu
Maybe one of you nice guys can walk up to her and say ‘Hi’
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
@rodrex lollll
rodrex 21 jam yang lalu
purple burly
purple burly 2 hari yang lalu
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hanan kimie
hanan kimie 2 hari yang lalu
Losing while still loving. It's hurt, but that's the reality. - me&myself2021
rodrex 22 jam yang lalu
Love is like a fire if its controlled and managed can be good for everyone but if the fire gets out of hand it will hurt and burn everything - stupid things that i think about
manisha mukhia
manisha mukhia 2 hari yang lalu
Sleep deep sleep
johanne PH
johanne PH 2 hari yang lalu
I am scared...
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
Rookz TV
Rookz TV 2 hari yang lalu
I had real love from 2 different women. Once in 2014, and another in 2018... But I chose to fuck it all up. I still live through the pain that I could have been a father. But I just couldn't find the mature, and financial stability for it. I am now 26 years old, but it hurts so much that If I kept my word I would have had a baby boy or little girl. Those women were one of a kind...I don't think I will find any other like them again. My fellow men out there, if you are reading this...please show your lady all the love you can give. Even through the bad times...don't give not make the same mistake I did. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Much love.
rodrex 21 jam yang lalu
God i relate to that so much, i am 18 and i love 2 girls too and one of them really liked me too and we got on dates and stuff but at the time i was having problems and she eventually told me that if i wasnt ready to tell her what was bothering me that perhaps i just dont like her enough. I was so stupid to not talk to her or at least fight for her love. Now we are just friends she moved on and i still like her
Bruhify 2 hari yang lalu
*are you in pain?* me after not winning a single match of arsenal in roblox: *yes*
Alfie Solomons
Alfie Solomons 2 hari yang lalu
these comments are deeep you lot alright? remember to speak to others
Endless Waltz
Endless Waltz 2 hari yang lalu
Why do the people in your life constantly let you down. Im trying really hard so why cant you!
W A L K E R 7 4 3 1 7
W A L K E R 7 4 3 1 7 2 hari yang lalu
Guys may I know what is the title of this musical piece?
minh nguyen
minh nguyen 2 hari yang lalu
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AkaneVA 2 hari yang lalu
Does this have a Spotify? If so, please tell me- If not, you really should get it
danial iskandar
danial iskandar 2 hari yang lalu
"Dont cry because it's over , smile because it happened" -Dr Seus
Wnterblade 2 hari yang lalu
i dont know her and she doesnt know me not even my existence i really love her and she doesnt even know that a person does.shes got fame,happyness and more.while im over here letting my love for her becoming the death of me slowly eating my soul away.until i die.i keep telling myself will she ever come will she ever come through that door that i cry for her to know me.will she before i give up and go...
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
@rodrex that is so deeeepppppp
rodrex 22 jam yang lalu
Bro, god how i know what that his. Love is a fucked up thing, sometimes it us so hard and for introverts ( from your comment i imagine that you are a introvert) is so hard to talk to that person. I wish i could give u some advices but i am also not so good with love myself. I also fall hard for a friend of mine but i didnt want to tell her and to this day i still love her. I know that what you fell is a shit but even if this is not the one dont let that rotten your soul. My personal believe is that love does not need to be proved in a romantic relationship. Making the person smile and enjoy life with you is way more important. Love is about caring so much about the person that their happiness is more important that anything else. Sorry if it was too long, even tho you probably never read this, i hope that you find happiness. Keep ur spirits up king
Brayden Abbott
Brayden Abbott 2 hari yang lalu
Life is shit sometimes.. but staying in the shit is a choice. Pick yourself up and carry on, we’ve only got one life to live and I’m for damn sure not about to let something ruin what little of time I’m given in this life... are you?
Brayden Abbott
Brayden Abbott 22 jam yang lalu
@rodrex that’s not at all what I’m saying but you’re entitled to your own interpretation.. obviously we each handle our stuff differently. All I’m saying is it’s not going to get better if you don’t try to make it better. Wallowing in self pity doesn’t solve anything.
rodrex 22 jam yang lalu
Everybody has their problems and their own personality. Some people are more affected by things that happen in their lifes more because how they are. And also not gonna lie to you, your type of comment really makes me angry because once i read the same thing on a comment section where a girl told how she saw their mother being raped and became traumatized and depressed. With that comment what you are saying is "i know that what happen to you is sad but, dont be sad its not important what happen to you"
Gary Suarez
Gary Suarez 2 hari yang lalu
It's funny, I'm sad that I'm not sad anymore.
rodrex 22 jam yang lalu
Bro i am so sad that i am happy that i am sad
Avery Archerman
Avery Archerman 2 hari yang lalu
I just want to go home
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 2 hari yang lalu
Been trough a lot of rainy days, and only see fog😴
Kojin Storm
Kojin Storm 2 hari yang lalu
Alot of time I wish to disappear or to never have existed at the first place
V O I D 2 hari yang lalu
This is the kind of music that gets me thinking about what I'd try to do or say if I was dying of cancer and there were no options left. It's not relaxing, it's depressing. Beautiful piano piece but by god does it hit different than its supposed to. It's not comforting, it reminds me that the end to my life could suddenly be here in a moment's notice. I'm scared of what I'll leave behind. Maybe I should spend more time jotting down reflections of myself somewhere...
Donald Bean 22
Donald Bean 22 3 hari yang lalu
this helps me sleep
Saba face
Saba face 3 hari yang lalu
"I shitted in my pants" Hope this silly joke gave u smile on ur face ly
Nicole Weise
Nicole Weise 3 hari yang lalu
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厷ɴɪɴjᴀ ࿐
厷ɴɪɴjᴀ ࿐ 3 hari yang lalu
Templates name plzzz
Ayammi 3 hari yang lalu
Hi, I just wanted to say that I've been listening to this music since August and I read the comments below the video. And as a lot of people tell their story, I'm going to tell mine, it won't be long. I feel lonely, even with friends. It's not their fault, it's mine, I don't like myself, I always behave unpleasantly with them. And what hurts me is that they put up with this side of me, they rarely yell at me for the horrible things I say. I hate that part of me that says trashy things, that insults everyone for no reason. I tried to correct it but I couldn't help it. I hate what I'm becoming, always regretting what I say, and I try to isolate myself to avoid doing more harm. But then I feel even more alone. I don't know if you will understand what I am trying to say, I am writing this message without really thinking. I needed to say what I was feeling at least somewhere. Thank you for taking the time to read me. (By the way, I'm French, so if ever a sentence is badly written, sorry. )
mugmilks 17 jam yang lalu
I have the cure! 1. Don’t hate yourself it’s only going to cause every more damage 🌭 2. Maybe watch a lot of happy things, ex. Happy movies. The reason is you want to get influenced to be happy 😃 3. If you don’t say thank you loud enough or you don’t say thank you at all maybe you should practice in your room.🧸 4. Always say thank you, how are you this morning, good night, etc. ☺️ 5. Always believe in yourself, trust me it will change the way you act!!🌊 6. Try not to think negative things, thinking negative things also goes into your head and messes up the way you act.😌 7. Like I said, believe in yourself and don’t think negative things❤️ I hope you liked the advise I have you🌴⭐️😊
Nada 3 hari yang lalu
Yeah I totally understand that feeling, I think I'm harsh too.. I struggled and still struggling with that guilt of mine because of what I am at this point. But you got time, you will change without realizing it! Don't isolate yourself try to be your kind self you have that side! Deep inside of you! You are kind! You just can't show it sometimes because of experience maybe.... But i don't get that support so I think you'll make it through! I was here since January or something so yeah I've been in this comment section for a long time. But yeah believe in yourself, and that will never let you down! Have a good day! ~from a random Moroccan on the Internett~
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
Pain is the prove that I'm still alive -Brody
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
Kung pwede lang gawing anime ang real life ih kahit Wala ng kapangyarihan Basta Yung ugali ng anime sapat na saakin Yung pagmamahal Nila sa isat Isa kahit yun lang mangyari sa real life ako na ang pinakamasayang tao sa mundo
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
ang sarap balikan ang nakaraan na kasama mo sila nung sila ang tumulong sa iyo nung Bata kapag tapos nag aantay ka ng katulad Nila pero hanggang ngayon Wala parin Kasi bakit puro toxic na tao ngayon kunting mali lang viral na kaagad Hindi katulad dati na puro tunay na kaibigan ngayon generation puro jowa na kainis in ang masasabi ko lang salamat sa mga taong naging kaibigan ko dati ang nag pasaya at tumulong saakin at salamat sa mga magandang memories na Ibinigay nyo saakin I hope makita ko pa kayo someday😭
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
the saddest part for me is the more you have a happiness or good memories is the more pain you get
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
Are you still in pain? yes of course everyday
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
tsaka in real life maraming taong gusto nalang maging single dahil sa mga katoxican ng mga tao at mga panloloko ng mga tao sa mundo sa anime Wala kahit lonely ka mag kakaroon ka ng tunay na kaibigan sa real life kapag pangit ka at nakasalamin na parang nerd lalayuan ka kainis ih kaya masarap matulog nalang huwag nalang gumising
Soraxd14 3 hari yang lalu
anime is the best mapa romantic comedy at kaibigan ih sa real life Wala kang mapapala kundi puro ka toxican ng mga tao sa mundo Lalo na sa pilipinas puro jowa nalang tapos Hindi katulad ng dati na kahit opposite Yung gender pwedeng maging best friend pero ngayon iniisip ng iba simp tapos gf na kaagad ang sad ng reality ih sa anime kahit Sino ka tanggap ka tapos ang sweet pa sa real life Wala kang mapapala
Tijbds Biuds
Tijbds Biuds 3 hari yang lalu
The raspy level apically yawn because asparagus preoperatively heal barring a splendid state. hurt, faithful ear
maxi salgan
maxi salgan 3 hari yang lalu
In my case, my mother is the axis of my life, my greatest love and whom I have come to hate the most in this world. Until she leaves, I suppose I will continue to endure the pain that, it seems, goes hand in hand with love
Trixie 3 hari yang lalu
I got recommended in the middle of the night thx :)
Ren humtsoe
Ren humtsoe 3 hari yang lalu
We have lost too much, a lot, our precious one's and family and yet we have to keep moving forward...✊
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 3 hari yang lalu
The majestic glass concordantly exist because clerk commercially launch astride a purring dessert. easy, many court
Deoidre LewisZX75
Deoidre LewisZX75 3 hari yang lalu
I'm happy,creative and joyful on the outside but on the inside I'm Hurt,Sad and lonely.
AnneGiii 3 hari yang lalu
She was there to hide from the rain. The restaurant was dark and empty. She wasn't scared of the thunder, but she somehow felt uneasy when she heard it explode above her. As she took a sip from the sweet beverage, she suddenly felt the need to cry. She had made so many mistakes in her life. And at that moment, a bitter memory kept coming back in her mind. She could still feel the unbearable pain as she could see herself rejecting her first love. "I'm sorry, but it will not work between us. We're too different", she said as she gave him back his gift. She could still imagine his sad eyes, and his painful expression. If only she was a better person, a prettier and more intelligent girl, they could be together. Her face was pale and her look, empty. She wished he was there, with an umbrella, to pick her up. She wished she didn't make that mistake, the other day. If only he was there, with her... Now it's your turn to continue the story! What happens next? Does the guy come? Is she going to leave? Receive a misterious call? Everything is possible! (Btw I'm sorry if my english is not perfect, my first language is french haha!)
Shit Shit
Shit Shit 3 hari yang lalu
Sometimes you pick the wrong love like roses, beautiful yet slowly dying🥀💔
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 3 hari yang lalu
The devilish dash inevitably heat because creek optically amuse inside a psychedelic brochure. powerful, giant asia
Wolf Hound
Wolf Hound 3 hari yang lalu
When you're watching a movie or some series and you get immersed to a point where you stop thinking and forget you even exist? that's the best part.
Tierra Cyprien
Tierra Cyprien 4 hari yang lalu
Hi just want to tell my teacher plays this in class with lights on lol
Senpai 4 hari yang lalu
Come on Reznow freedom! For you Mason, not for me.
Karl Bekai
Karl Bekai 4 hari yang lalu
Like actually how could anybody live without music
Boi !
Boi ! 4 hari yang lalu
I am depressed from that art Just like me
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson 4 hari yang lalu
The pointless route clinicopathologically slip because rooster pragmatically tickle abaft a handy community. upset, fallacious ukraine
NUSRAT JAHAN SAYYED 4 hari yang lalu
I love to be alone, I am tired of people commiting and then leaving, and still trusting and hoping good from them.....So I love to be alone as I can be true to myself , and enjoy my own company with myself , loving myself.
Bored_G4ming 444
Bored_G4ming 444 4 hari yang lalu
Are you in pain they ask
blaizer 123
blaizer 123 4 hari yang lalu
как всегда
Sangita Singh
Sangita Singh 4 hari yang lalu
Is the girl depressed because she haven't got her food yet😀 Keep smiling don't be sad it will all be ok some day
Jyoti Tiwari
Jyoti Tiwari 4 hari yang lalu
When ur lyf go into the Depression just listen it's.. This music is relief of ur tension may be.. But not for me I'm still in ....... Don't know 🙂
Allen D. Campbell
Allen D. Campbell 4 hari yang lalu
Wanting to die yet still moving forward but if the time that I'm at deaths door i'll gladly let it happen
Rasyid rita
Rasyid rita 4 hari yang lalu
Kimi, ini ada yg tau aku sakit kepala, polisikan ya
Did he HACK the rarest pin in the game? 🌐
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Are You Still In Pain?
Shinobu Koori
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Shiloh Dynasty Relax Music With Rain
Sembilan Bulan Dalam Kandungan
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SZA - Good Days (Lyrics)
The Vibe Guide
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For You (Feat. Crush)
LeeHi - Topic
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