Ozuna Talks Working With Doja Cat And Sia, New Album ‘ENOC’ & More | Billboard 5-Minute Interview

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Ozuna opens up about working with Doja Cat and Sia, the meaning behind his new album 'ENOC,' why he hopes to collaborate with Drake in the future, and more in Billboard's '5 Minute Interview.'
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Ozuna Talks Working With Doja Cat And Sia, New Album ‘ENOC’ & More | Billboard

Jahaira 2 hari yang lalu
con toda la plata que tiene, debe conseguirse un profesor de inglés XD
Kelly Bosung
Kelly Bosung 4 hari yang lalu
Del mar is my best song on the album
Alejandro Tineo
Alejandro Tineo 7 hari yang lalu
so many good follow up questions to his answers but she wasn’t into that interview or feared to go off script
Andrea Escalante
Andrea Escalante 10 hari yang lalu
Veronica Valdez
Veronica Valdez 19 hari yang lalu
I didn’t know he would speck in English wow that’s awesome ozuna I’m impressed wow he knows how to speck it wow I’m speechless
Kuhle Ngambu
Kuhle Ngambu 25 hari yang lalu
Oh my gosh Ozuna is so sexy😭😭❤️
marcus henry
marcus henry 26 hari yang lalu
i like you ozuna
Rana Chokri
Rana Chokri 28 hari yang lalu
He is soooooo cuuute!! 🐻🧸💖💫
My Queendom Come
My Queendom Come Bulan Yang lalu
Ozuna dijo que SIA y Doja Cat le enviaron sus vocales de la canción en menos de 24 horas, mientras que otros artistas (Seguramente latinos) necesitan 2 o 3 semanas para enviar su parte, no entiendo de que se sorprende Ozuna si obviamente las mujeres somos mucho más responsables y diligentes a la hora de hacer nuestro trabajo, también dijo que está muy emocionado ya que nadie ha grabado con SIA en español y se siente orgulloso de ser el primer latino en lograrlo, dijo que para él DEL MAR es la mejor canción del álbum y que dicho álbum contiene toda su esencia como artista.
Gaston Vallejos
Gaston Vallejos 15 hari yang lalu
*Hembrista detectada*
analuciamol Bulan Yang lalu
Idk why people hating on his English he was fine. He will improve as needed. He's a hispanic singer, it's ridiculous for anyone to expect him to speak English like a native speaker.
19cosmo91 Bulan Yang lalu
Hurry up and send the NDA already 🙄 lol
Dior Fendi
Dior Fendi Bulan Yang lalu
Doja cat is the queen 👸 period
J K Bulan Yang lalu
We love you Ozuna😘
Keyley D
Keyley D Bulan Yang lalu
Hi guys🙋‍♀️. Does anybody know why the album is called "Enoc"?
Rosa Roja
Rosa Roja Bulan Yang lalu
Yes, it is. You're welcome 😀
Keyley D
Keyley D Bulan Yang lalu
@Rosa Roja Oh so it's an acronym! Thank u for the answer.😊🤗
Rosa Roja
Rosa Roja Bulan Yang lalu
I was wondering too. I looked it up on the internet. It means "El negrito, ojos claros"
Priscilla Pie
Priscilla Pie Bulan Yang lalu
Ozuna and Drake will be great.... more with Doja Cat 🙏🏻
Jorge Nicolás Rubio
Jorge Nicolás Rubio 16 hari yang lalu
If Ozuna and Drake gets together, I swear to god, I'm going to cry😭😭😭😭
Priscilla Pie
Priscilla Pie Bulan Yang lalu
Love “Del Mar” my new favorite song 💛
Rama The Key
Rama The Key Bulan Yang lalu
Emily Mojalli
Emily Mojalli Bulan Yang lalu
fire force
Juandisimo Bulan Yang lalu
Ozuna's English is not bad. He gets his point across. Most Island puertoricans speak the same way, including Bad Bunny.
LaVerdad911 3 hari yang lalu
The point of language is to relay ideas to others; so if you can do that, then your non-primary language is good
Nyota Asende
Nyota Asende Bulan Yang lalu
English muy malo
Cashmera Fresca
Cashmera Fresca Bulan Yang lalu
His English was great. I understood him perfectly ☺️
ka 903
ka 903 2 bulan yang lalu
I was shocked to know Sia speaks Spanish "I luv it" me encanta
N Gabriel
N Gabriel 18 hari yang lalu
Just for the song though. She doesn’t speak Spanish
Zareen Bulan Yang lalu
She doesn't actually "speak" Spanish but she wanted to do it for this song
Andres Bran
Andres Bran Bulan Yang lalu
She practiced with her bodyguard. He speaks Spanish. I love that she did it! The song is great.
Delia0692TV 2 bulan yang lalu
What a question: dead or life for real, this was out of contest.
Delia0692TV Bulan Yang lalu
@Jordan R right!!!
Jordan R
Jordan R Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah some of her questions were so stupid
Desiree Alicea
Desiree Alicea 2 bulan yang lalu
Loved this❤. The song is soo good. Loved the Colab with sia. 👍🏼👌🏼😁
Mariah Fleitas
Mariah Fleitas 2 bulan yang lalu
so gorgeous😍😍
Melzz 2 bulan yang lalu
Bruhh his smile- imagine havin a perfect smile. 😞
Nyota Asende
Nyota Asende 2 bulan yang lalu
Rip English de ozuna
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway 2 bulan yang lalu
Love from Toronto. Loved the album!
Yornis Bonalde
Yornis Bonalde 2 bulan yang lalu
Ozuna speaking in English? 🤮🤮🤮
Beauty Curly organic
Beauty Curly organic Bulan Yang lalu
Debieron entrevistarlo en español y hacer sólo la traducción.
mario garcia
mario garcia 2 bulan yang lalu
Did he also talk about the gay guy he had killed cuz he doesn't want people to know hes a dl gay guy ? Let me know I dont want to waste my time if he ain't talking about that
Hacker gov
Hacker gov 2 bulan yang lalu
We love this guy... He's so talented.
Ivan J
Ivan J 2 bulan yang lalu
Tiene q practicar mas el speaking ozuna, no domina tanto el ingles.. Mas el que es un artista internacional
Blake N
Blake N 11 hari yang lalu
Pero canta en español... y habló bien el inglés. Obviamente la gente que escucha a su música es hispanohablante. Hay gente que habla otros idiomas pero porque tiene q hablar inglés cuando la mayoría de su audiencia es hispanohablante? Soy americano y entendí todo lo que dijo
LM Bulan Yang lalu
Sólo saber decir LIKE...
Rocio SIA
Rocio SIA 2 bulan yang lalu
Sia cantando en español Yo:😮😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😱
LM 2 bulan yang lalu
Pero esa mujer habla perfecto español...por qué lo pone a like pasar vergüenza like that, eso no makes ton of sense...pareciera que ella misma se burla de él, like...siento vergüenza ajena right now...🙄😕
LM Bulan Yang lalu
@Chariel Ruz No lo es, es Billboard latino...en Telemundo...Ella es la conductora de ese programa...entrevista con los artistas...pero igual debieron poner traductor ó subtítulos...para que él no pasara ese apuro.
Chariel Ruz
Chariel Ruz Bulan Yang lalu
Pues la entrevista es para los americanos, "billboard"
Jessika Lazala
Jessika Lazala 2 bulan yang lalu
debieron hablar en español 🙄 both speak it fluently
juan pablo
juan pablo 2 bulan yang lalu
Thinking that Sia was force to do this song , no one should be force to do music with talking shit 😭🙄🙄🙄🙄
N Gabriel
N Gabriel 18 hari yang lalu
That’s a bit of a reach! “Forced”
Joshua S Ramirez
Joshua S Ramirez 2 bulan yang lalu
Funny af.. Really!!?
RayPosSiable 2 bulan yang lalu
At where did it mention Sia being forced to do this song?
Sequan Moore
Sequan Moore 2 bulan yang lalu
Where the song with him and Chris Brown
Brianna V
Brianna V 2 bulan yang lalu
Brianna V
Brianna V 2 bulan yang lalu
te amo ozuna!😍😍🧸🧸
Maurogood HD
Maurogood HD 2 bulan yang lalu
Ozuna el mejor 🐻🔥👏
Sequan Moore
Sequan Moore 2 bulan yang lalu
This nigga came a long way his English got better
Nada Nika
Nada Nika 2 bulan yang lalu
doctor: “you have 5 minutes and 16 seconds left to live” me:
Yokasta Brito
Yokasta Brito 2 bulan yang lalu
Anuel knows how to speak English better than Ozu Lol😂😂😂😂
Zareen Bulan Yang lalu
Who gives a f. He's trying and that's all that matters
Byron Terrill
Byron Terrill Bulan Yang lalu
Well duh they are different people and they speak differently and aren’t from the same area don’t point out someone’s flaws point out your own
Louis Oyola
Louis Oyola 2 bulan yang lalu
Anual spent a lot of time in Florida Ozuna didnt but either way thir both bilingual and smart and talented ppl stop hating
Laday Blues
Laday Blues 2 bulan yang lalu
Okay? No need to point it out
Kareem Salem
Kareem Salem 2 bulan yang lalu
@Albert Castillo too bad they both hate eachother now
soyunalindacncowner_26 soyunalindacncowner_26
soyunalindacncowner_26 soyunalindacncowner_26 2 bulan yang lalu
Cnco y daddy yankee y prince royce y mas that i supported for few years they're kings and talented too omg los amo 100% I'm glad to become their Fan for that long
Welbin vidal
Welbin vidal 2 bulan yang lalu
Arunima Dhara
Arunima Dhara 2 bulan yang lalu
Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoeseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS #BTSXARMY ❤
Arunima Dhara
Arunima Dhara 2 bulan yang lalu
@Jelly we are alive that's why we are alive if we didn't have a life we wouldn't be alive and if you hate us we have nothing to do we just love and support our favorite band bts Armys units and I think you don't even have a life opened your channel 6years ago and 25subscriber #armyforever #bts
Alita taetae
Alita taetae 2 bulan yang lalu
Bts and armys are up there 💜
Jelly 2 bulan yang lalu
Get a life
Setsabile Nkambule
Setsabile Nkambule 2 bulan yang lalu
😹😹😹you guys never rest, I love ya'll!
Ms. horololo
Ms. horololo 2 bulan yang lalu
Immanuvel Luven
Immanuvel Luven 2 bulan yang lalu
#delmar for good skin .....just stream and buy the album
Nesha Ade Nugraha
Nesha Ade Nugraha Bulan Yang lalu
Im indonesian
Immanuvel Luven
Immanuvel Luven 2 bulan yang lalu
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Trey Mathews
Trey Mathews 2 bulan yang lalu
I didn’t know he spoke English. And did she just say black kid ? Is he black?
N Gabriel
N Gabriel 18 hari yang lalu
Dios mío... 🤦🏽‍♀️
Erica S.
Erica S. 2 bulan yang lalu
Dillynger Archilla YOU might not be a black Latino.... but there are black Latinos.
Dillynger Archilla
Dillynger Archilla 2 bulan yang lalu
@Aspire That's bs fed to ya'll.
Aspire 2 bulan yang lalu
@Dillynger Archilla I hope you are joking...Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are European, African, and Taino. Also Domincan Republic and Puerto Rico don't have that much Taino compared to Central Americans.
Dillynger Archilla
Dillynger Archilla 2 bulan yang lalu
Get this black talk outta here. Hispanic is an ethnicity, and the islands are Taino descendents; we're NATIVES.
Alita taetae
Alita taetae 2 bulan yang lalu
Kim namjoon Kim seokjin Men youngi Jung hoseok Park jimin Kim taehung Jeon Jungkook Bts army
702 2 bulan yang lalu
Louis Myself
Louis Myself 2 bulan yang lalu
Stream "Del Mar" by Ozuna, Sia & Doja Cat!
Obsessed Furler
Obsessed Furler Bulan Yang lalu
Sia carried the song
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez 2 bulan yang lalu
Doja carried
Alita taetae
Alita taetae 2 bulan yang lalu
Bts kings
702 2 bulan yang lalu
Alita taehung oppa When they disband you’re going to cry and I’ll be laughing lol they don’t even care for you. HAHAHA.
702 2 bulan yang lalu
Alita taehung oppa Oh and let me say they are NOT kings that’s just their job okay little girl. How does it feel to know ur oppas will never know about you. HAHAHA.
702 2 bulan yang lalu
Alita taehung oppa And no one asked if they are Kings bc they aren’t and we all know that so sit yo ass down and pick up a dictionary with your grammar. If you can’t spell you obviously don’t know sh*t little girl.
Alita taetae
Alita taetae 2 bulan yang lalu
@702 should I laugh for u First no one asked for your opinion i name what ever I want "702" 2 even though if u were a grandfather My mind is bigger than yours bb I dont have to broov that bts and army are your kings But th 136 other million people will brave it 4u
702 2 bulan yang lalu
Alita taehung oppa LOL don’t talk when you have the word “oppa” in your name okay little girl. & No they aren’t.
Louis Myself
Louis Myself 2 bulan yang lalu
Sia Queen of Pop
Deo Ram
Deo Ram 17 hari yang lalu
@Yornis Bonalde she's not, she's way better loll
Yornis Bonalde
Yornis Bonalde 2 bulan yang lalu
She no Is Madonna o Lady Gaga ok
Fabrizzio Benítez
Fabrizzio Benítez 2 bulan yang lalu
Kookie Life
Kookie Life 2 bulan yang lalu
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