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My NCT Stan

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0:13 NCT WORLD ep 3-4
0:19 nct u Blueroom live
0:41 NCT WORLD ep 5
1:10 나 SM 사줘 | 어사즈 특별편 [2] 윈윈🐥 지성🐥 (& 해찬🐻 헨드리🐴) | 어색하지만 괜찮아
9:36 나 SM 사줘 | 어사즈 특별편 [2] 윈윈🐥 지성🐥 (& 해찬🐻 헨드리🐴) | 어색하지만 괜찮아
11:55 Take #4 I ‘NCT - RESONANCE Pt. 1’ The Future ver. Jacket Behind the Scene
#NCT #NCT2020

My NCT Stan
My NCT Stan Bulan Yang lalu
I'm actually also INFJ- A, wow 😃 *original videos are in the description*
Anh Kieu Lan Do
Anh Kieu Lan Do 13 hari yang lalu
BeLisMamamoo yeah
BeLisMamamoo yeah 20 hari yang lalu
infp-t (≧∇≦)/
N Isyana
N Isyana 22 hari yang lalu
same 😂😂
Jâé Hwà
Jâé Hwà Bulan Yang lalu
Hey we are same then I am also INFJ-A😆
random random
random random Bulan Yang lalu
Is anyone here an INTJ?
Alex 14 jam yang lalu
0:57 Hendery lowkey agreed with the comment lol I mean its understandable this is kinda the first time they hanging out together with NCT members unlike Winwin, Ten, Kun & Lucas. That's why YangYang is cling onto Winwin, XiaoJun is cling onto Lucas and Hendery to Ten during this whole NCT 2020 era
Seonho’s twin sister
Seonho’s twin sister Hari Yang lalu
1:52 Hendery literally said: NCTzens are you jealous?
PhanefromBabylone 2 hari yang lalu
So Mark is not an extrovert, but an introvert ? I'm not surprised at all, I never saw him as an extrovert. Jungwoo gives me the ambiver vibes...
PhanefromBabylone 2 hari yang lalu
... And I thought Lucas was weird. No, Jungwoo IS weird. XD
leledoieyang 3 hari yang lalu
You hear that chenle? Jisung want sm buy it for him 💅
Emma Rossi
Emma Rossi 4 hari yang lalu
Masih jadi misteri... kenapa kalo mark ketawa kaga kelar-kelar mendadak kaki dia kyk gak bertulang 😂😂😂😂
sejsm 01
sejsm 01 5 hari yang lalu
Hendery remaining iconic
Alina Hary
Alina Hary 7 hari yang lalu
No one : Jisung : buy for me sm 👀 Winwin:😓😓😓
onna no secret uta
onna no secret uta 7 hari yang lalu
all I can say, JenoJaemin relationship truly beyond fate. They keep being together! Watching full Vlive of the three.. really, never I want it so bad to 'save and hug' Xiaojunnie~ NoMin chemistry to hard to handle! come to Czennie,Xiaojun!!!!!
munchkin lattee
munchkin lattee 8 hari yang lalu
everytime when mark laughing his leg will : ↘️↗️⬇️⬆️↖️↗️
Büsra 10 hari yang lalu
Hendery squeaking is one of the best 😂
Emily 11 hari yang lalu
The thumbnail of Taeyong feeding his kids will be forever iconic
pooja ** poo
pooja ** poo 13 hari yang lalu
Mark jisung and jungwoon dumb and dumbed duo
İnci Bayram
İnci Bayram 14 hari yang lalu
i really think that this video will stay as a legend context is soooo googogohogogod
randomactsofpastelle 14 hari yang lalu
Yuta new fling hendery we ship this bromance
randomactsofpastelle 14 hari yang lalu
Jungwoo vs ice cream
randomactsofpastelle 14 hari yang lalu
3:57 Nct forgetting each others names always will be funny
Yanina B
Yanina B 16 hari yang lalu
Hendery es el mejor, lo amo demasiado.
Dreamore 16 hari yang lalu
2:02 Taeyong's so cute, I really miss him, get well soon baby😘
Dreamore 16 hari yang lalu
Poor Xiaojun with nomin
toto 17 hari yang lalu
somebody save Xiaojun from Nomin, not even being in WayV could prepare him for them
Eveny’s Dumb Life
Eveny’s Dumb Life 17 hari yang lalu
Mark looks so tiny next to jungwoo🥺🥺 @4:00
Shannen Patricia
Shannen Patricia 19 hari yang lalu
Someone save Xiaojun lmao
Miss Nureen
Miss Nureen 20 hari yang lalu
0:03 look at mark's lip.. I know its weird but does it move towards haechan or im just trippin 😂😂
Rosekook 06
Rosekook 06 20 hari yang lalu
taeyong is like among us
Alvina Anjani
Alvina Anjani 20 hari yang lalu
Day🌞: Johnny Night🌝 : Jenny
Achu YYQX 21 hari yang lalu
Taeyong pampering Hendery is really cute. But he looks younger than hendery in that hoody 😃
Jula Zaworska
Jula Zaworska 22 hari yang lalu
Gordon Ramsey who?!?? I only know Mark Lee...
georgia tzako
georgia tzako 22 hari yang lalu
I still don't understand the 10th and 11th floor thing. And who lives in which floor?
Than Dar
Than Dar 23 hari yang lalu
0:23 To 0:25 cutteeee 😘😘😍#ten
YeetDamn 24 hari yang lalu
Im an INFJ-T Its like Im shy but Im also not scared to make my voice heard but after doing so i kinda become anxious of it but I try to remind myself that I dont need peoples validation. Its kinda confusion ,also we're supposed to be less than 1% of the whole population damn....
Taeyong's hapnes is my hapnes
Taeyong's hapnes is my hapnes 24 hari yang lalu
😂😂 Jaemin is really the worst at remembering things even his own bday🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Catherine Abena
Catherine Abena 25 hari yang lalu
10:18 I’m so confused aren’t they both jisung ? what is going on ?
Remy Trin
Remy Trin 26 hari yang lalu
Hendery is so beautiful....aaaaaah i'm in love💖💖💖
Meliani Anggia
Meliani Anggia 28 hari yang lalu
So funny🤣
just a fan
just a fan 28 hari yang lalu
It's been 1 month this happens
Mozzie 29 hari yang lalu
"3 of 23 were chosen as the best chefs" Sorry I choked on my milk
Carol F. Sena
Carol F. Sena Bulan Yang lalu
Yuta has all the gay energy of the entire kpop i stan
lc cc
lc cc Bulan Yang lalu
5:49 Can I be Mark for a moment?
Czennies we all so sexy 오우예아
Czennies we all so sexy 오우예아 Bulan Yang lalu
5:50 Xiaojun wiped his mouth with disposable gloves😂😂
Devyani Singh
Devyani Singh Bulan Yang lalu
Screaming in JohnTen pt. 2
Teenage Puke
Teenage Puke Bulan Yang lalu
omg jungwoo really read the comment abt wayv members being scared of yuta😳id be scared too, still love him.
Liling J
Liling J Bulan Yang lalu
Ten in NCT 2020 era Sitting on Jaemin lab. Being comfortable lean on Jeno. Being told by Haechan to be quiet. Treat Jaehyun like his sweet giant younger brother. Pruging feather on Cu Park wing. Getting tease by Heachan and YangYang about TNT. Laughing duo with Jeno. Team up with flerty members Johnny Jaemin Jungwoo Yuta. Being main everything in NCT U 90's love. Chaotic live with brat line Haechan and Yuta. Being iconic in NCT Wotld 0.2 Going to miss these a lot.
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast Bulan Yang lalu
Jenny hyung
Whisper Little Nothings
Whisper Little Nothings Bulan Yang lalu
jhyunflex Bulan Yang lalu
Is it just me who gets the "uwu" Vibes from junguwu💚😢
Snowyy Secret
Snowyy Secret Bulan Yang lalu
Hendery's squeaky laugh always has me wheezing 😂😂✨
IvanaBelinda Social
IvanaBelinda Social Bulan Yang lalu
even the first second of the vid got me 🤣🤣
Greg Soliven
Greg Soliven Bulan Yang lalu
And no one's talking about something BIG here ? 12:41 ooooopssss
Love Love
Love Love Bulan Yang lalu
Taeil:Sungchan is.... Sungchan mind:I know cute
jannet corpuz
jannet corpuz Bulan Yang lalu
Why so cute winwin ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Triya Mustika
Triya Mustika Bulan Yang lalu
Hendery + haechan = one frequency
Honey Caminos
Honey Caminos Bulan Yang lalu
0:02 johnny: i pretend i did not see that
dede 92
dede 92 Bulan Yang lalu
I need to say this. Hendery so cute
Leah Nguyen
Leah Nguyen Bulan Yang lalu
4:38 *”Aaahhhh~”*
Leah Nguyen
Leah Nguyen Bulan Yang lalu
2:59 they chose the three worst chef-
Danielė K
Danielė K Bulan Yang lalu
Whats with the 10th floor??😅 i dont get it..
young fairy
young fairy Bulan Yang lalu
jenny bro
MGwenn CD
MGwenn CD Bulan Yang lalu
I love genuine NCT content. Watching them, you never really know what's gonna happen but the best part is they have no clue of what's going on either Hahaha
Haechan 97
Haechan 97 Bulan Yang lalu
Kimberly Basa
Kimberly Basa Bulan Yang lalu
Someone save Xiaojun, please 😂 mah poor bby you'll survive nomin someday HAHAHAHA
Nadia Ruiz
Nadia Ruiz Bulan Yang lalu
As a fellow INFJ I can say this is very true when around more of us
BCLK Bulan Yang lalu
6:11 who is he?
Rin Sya
Rin Sya Bulan Yang lalu
I want to know Jeno's expression when he found out about the ice cream's history 🤣
rachel tran
rachel tran Bulan Yang lalu
please tell me why xiaojun is wiping his mouth with a glove 😭 (5:52)
Lira Bulan Yang lalu
Jisung asking Winwin to buy SM for him is so cute like do you not know Zhong Chenle?
Isabella S
Isabella S Bulan Yang lalu
man I feel so bad for xiaojun tho lmao. sucks to be the third wheel
Megan Tabique
Megan Tabique Bulan Yang lalu
Not at jisung squeezing the life out of the bottle but it's unsealed 😔
Lyn Anghay
Lyn Anghay Bulan Yang lalu
I didnt skip the skip ad because its resonance mv is the ad so i didnt skip 🤣
felecia louisa
felecia louisa Bulan Yang lalu
1:44 2:05 11:23 rip reply button 😂 edit - I just edited it too much😂
Gee Dee
Gee Dee Bulan Yang lalu
Did xiaojun eats the ice cream
rachel1120ify Bulan Yang lalu
Ok, my two bias, biases in NCT are Taeyong and Haechan, but I want to hug and squeeze Hendery so much, he'sso precious. I think Doyoung has gotten his tie for my 3rd bias spot. There are plenty of members and I have a huge heart enough for them all.
Johanna Casas
Johanna Casas Bulan Yang lalu
Wait a minute... Mark??? And introvert?? Idk why but that never came into my mind?? By the way im also an INFJ lmao, but a INFJ-T. Seems like i found my squad ?)
Grace B
Grace B Bulan Yang lalu
5:48 I just wanna hug Jeno like that :(
Sylva Lane
Sylva Lane Bulan Yang lalu
3:48 Jisung subtly calling out Mark for his lack of ability to fry an egg
moon taeil's fav
moon taeil's fav Bulan Yang lalu
if there is a JMJ show it is certain to be very messy and chaotic 😂
moon taeil's fav
moon taeil's fav Bulan Yang lalu
11:25 winwin effortless cute I cant 😭
faidatur rohma
faidatur rohma Bulan Yang lalu
seperti biasa markeu dengan kerecahannya😂😂😂
Sofia Huang
Sofia Huang Bulan Yang lalu
the ads is nct too so i will not skip it HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
kim 2100
kim 2100 Bulan Yang lalu
Yuta x hendery, Johnny x Xiaojun, Ten x Jeno, and Xiaojun x Jaemin interactions I didn't know I needed
{ clownshoes }
{ clownshoes } Bulan Yang lalu
leavin xiaojun to fend for himself with jeno and jaemin was kinda cruel. he really scratched his head while they were finishing each others sentences.
huang renjun’s snuggle tooth
huang renjun’s snuggle tooth Bulan Yang lalu
Hendery is representing us lmao
huang renjun’s snuggle tooth
huang renjun’s snuggle tooth Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahahahah hendery issa moooood
a Bulan Yang lalu
Xiaojun running away from Nomin lmao tired of thirdwheeling
abc defg
abc defg Bulan Yang lalu
Hendery and his expressions are gold
Elidiya FFF
Elidiya FFF Bulan Yang lalu
Thanks for the vid...just had RESONANCE AS AN AD... EVERYONE...STREAM XD!
Aya Yoya19
Aya Yoya19 Bulan Yang lalu
يوتا خلاص صار الدور الحين هلى هنري بطلنا وين وين هههههه
Amna Bilqees
Amna Bilqees Bulan Yang lalu
Wayv's dorm now seems normal 😂😂😂damn 😂
Siiri Bulan Yang lalu
0:14 YES that Johnny Xiaojun interaction is so cute nisk I'm glad to see it on the video
yoneine_2024 _
yoneine_2024 _ Bulan Yang lalu
Is taeil using iphone 11 cover instead of xr??😂😂
unicorns Bulan Yang lalu
I saw what happened with the other video and I hope you’re okay
star girl_fal
star girl_fal Bulan Yang lalu
I really love yt video that add on the title in every cut video !love it thanks for the happy fulfill of nct video
ISIS HERNANDEZ Bulan Yang lalu
4:39 here we have some JungWoo cAkE🎂 also listen carefully to JungWoo when he drops the ice cream :'}
Rasyiqah Rosli
Rasyiqah Rosli Bulan Yang lalu
Yuta here collecting dongsaeng ahaha
YeønBøøm Bulan Yang lalu
Every comment I see 2k + likes Weeeow
Feliz por dentro Sexy por fuera
Feliz por dentro Sexy por fuera Bulan Yang lalu
잔 들어 - 나나
잔 들어 - 나나 Bulan Yang lalu
0:03 focus on Mark's lips. 😂
Ran Ran
Ran Ran Bulan Yang lalu
Baby Jisung is taller than Mark now
no username
no username Bulan Yang lalu
They're soo cutee 2:01🥺💚
nct 2020 is getting crazier each day
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