Most Oddly Satisfying Video to watch before sleep

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Arabi S
Arabi S Jam Yang lalu
Arabi S
Arabi S Jam Yang lalu
kgskovu j
Celina C
Celina C 4 jam yang lalu
3:48 that's cacao and not a fruit😂
Sofia Kline
Sofia Kline 7 jam yang lalu
how do you make videos
MrFloppy 12 jam yang lalu
the fruit you dont know what it is i was cocoa thats how they get coco beans the fruit is called cocoa or cao in caribbean countries very yummy dont eat tthe seeds used to make cco for coco tea
M0nstee B
M0nstee B 13 jam yang lalu
It's a coco pod
Juliana 16 jam yang lalu
thats a cacaooo , the spine thingy , when u dried it w/ the sun you can able to produce a chocolate
HÄPPŸ 18 jam yang lalu
I’m about to fall asleep
Noorul Sanoofa
Noorul Sanoofa 19 jam yang lalu
This is making me hungry and im fasting
Rick Stegman
Rick Stegman 19 jam yang lalu
Who else noticed that she has freckles
Rick Stegman
Rick Stegman 19 jam yang lalu
Stranger: **jumps** Lia: That’s illegal!
MonikaGacha Reality
MonikaGacha Reality 20 jam yang lalu
The fruit was a cacao its tasty😊
Chevelle s
Chevelle s 22 jam yang lalu
you should add fidgets to most satisfying things or asmr feels so good
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 23 jam yang lalu
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 23 jam yang lalu
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 23 jam yang lalu
CHUNKY WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gio Lopez
Gio Lopez Hari Yang lalu
It's just started with me🤔
Agent Order
Agent Order Hari Yang lalu
anyone thinking about the lack of aloe vera in this vid?
Yesenia Ramirez
Yesenia Ramirez Hari Yang lalu
It Cacao beans what chocolate is made out of
Adin Bradford
Adin Bradford Hari Yang lalu
The grape made me sad because my BFF choked on a grape😭😢🥺
Felipe Bolonhese
Felipe Bolonhese Hari Yang lalu
me lol
AgentGoose Hari Yang lalu
That fruit was a cocoa bean
LBZone Hari Yang lalu
Who just here Wild West music in the backround
Rich Angelica Calub
Rich Angelica Calub Hari Yang lalu
2019-not much plastic on the car 2021-much plastic cause the virus is spreading😂😂😂😂😂😂
Peregrine The Falcon
Peregrine The Falcon Hari Yang lalu
I dont like the soap videos because I get parinod that they are going to cut themselves
Phoebe Knapp
Phoebe Knapp Hari Yang lalu
The fruit is a cocoa bean
azariah dyer
azariah dyer Hari Yang lalu
the fruit is called cholate
Phyllis Jolly
Phyllis Jolly 2 hari yang lalu
i love you
Natalie Maldonado
Natalie Maldonado 2 hari yang lalu
The fruit with the ´´ spin´´ is coco bean
Maya Person
Maya Person 2 hari yang lalu
is it just me but when they do soap carving i think there gonna cut themselves XD
Lexxii Films
Lexxii Films 2 hari yang lalu
3:48 Lia im pretty sure thats Cacao Beans... What chocolate is made of.
Fransico Hernandez
Fransico Hernandez 2 hari yang lalu
“Hey guys it’s me” always makes my day
thatssowhack 2 hari yang lalu
I think we found lady ga ga’s dominos
Maxwell Gumpert
Maxwell Gumpert 2 hari yang lalu
im pretty sure that fruit is a cacao pod
Camisquad 2 hari yang lalu
Rihanna With love
Rihanna With love 2 hari yang lalu
Lia first word : Da Her dad : she gonna say daddy Lia Dats illegal Her dad : are you kidding me.
Erin Clark
Erin Clark 2 hari yang lalu
You posted this on my birthday!!!!
Erica Anderson
Erica Anderson 2 hari yang lalu
you need to react to figdet toy tiktok vids !!!!!!!!!!!!
Anastasia Akhkamova
Anastasia Akhkamova 2 hari yang lalu
I came here for the soap
Hunter Tominello
Hunter Tominello 2 hari yang lalu
The fruit that looks like it has a spine is called a cacao pod
Ramil Pitas
Ramil Pitas 2 hari yang lalu
The fruit that has spine is called cocoa
Isaac Nguyen
Isaac Nguyen 2 hari yang lalu
She said wall Mario-
Adah Orags
Adah Orags 2 hari yang lalu
3:38 is cocoa fruit or cocoa pod. The lol, "spine", or what you call it, is the coco beans, wrapped in sweet membrane, very delicious. The cocoa beans when dried are used for processing chocolate or any cocoa product.
Erienne UWU =w= krew and ahpmau🖤*★✓
Erienne UWU =w= krew and ahpmau🖤*★✓ 2 hari yang lalu
I love satisfying stuff ❤️💗💖
Gaming with Praba
Gaming with Praba 2 hari yang lalu
3:38 Fun fact: that is a cacao pod, they use the seeds of the fruit to make chocolate.
Becs Johnson
Becs Johnson 2 hari yang lalu
This is cool Sssniperwolf😮😮😮😮😮
miyako 2 hari yang lalu
3:37 if u didnt know what that was it was a cacao pod its where chocolate comes from (fruit)
Emily Sou
Emily Sou 2 hari yang lalu
When you said the one with the spine but inside that thing is called coco beans
Anime 2 hari yang lalu
*Gamers : “we need Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from* 🇴​​​​​🇬​​​​​🇨​​​​​🇴​​​​​🇩​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇸​​​​​.🇨​​​​​🇱​​​​​🇺​​​​​🇧​​​​​
Maurice Brailey
Maurice Brailey 2 hari yang lalu
I can't be the only one who only just found out Lia is British...
I am stupid
I am stupid 2 hari yang lalu
That fruit it a cocoa its how u make chocolate
c0nFuZ1oNz 2 hari yang lalu
I love how sniper wolf decided to make the first half of the title like this “ Most Oddly Satisfying Video” and then the second half “to watch before sleep” what happened?
Jerri Bingham
Jerri Bingham 2 hari yang lalu
Would you don't mind giving me a shout out
Sonia Zelaya
Sonia Zelaya 2 hari yang lalu
Who else cant go through there day without a "⚠️THATS ILLEGAL⚠️"
Abby Gale Sabanal
Abby Gale Sabanal 2 hari yang lalu
It's cacao fruit
Andrea Sotio
Andrea Sotio 2 hari yang lalu
That fruit is call coco it is well-known in Trinidad and Tobago
cow and penguin army
cow and penguin army 3 hari yang lalu
You know weird fruit they make chocolate 🍫 with is. No cap I don't really like chocolate
•Strawberry lemonade•
•Strawberry lemonade• 3 hari yang lalu
6:04 that’s slime and the white stuff.. ya that’s clay
Celines Valerio
Celines Valerio 3 hari yang lalu
Sniper wolf: is that mud it’s a thick boy Me:gitl it’s wet concrete
Casey Johnson
Casey Johnson 3 hari yang lalu
thas a roof i thought that was a floor
Lunapanada Lunapanada
Lunapanada Lunapanada 3 hari yang lalu
Abigail Bell
Abigail Bell 3 hari yang lalu
Anyone think she is wearing a wig
NEANNA FRANCOIS 3 hari yang lalu
That's what chocolate is made of. It grows in the Caribbean and I have a tree in my yard.
NEANNA FRANCOIS 3 hari yang lalu
Its called a Coco.
Emma Bither
Emma Bither 3 hari yang lalu
Sssniperwolf: what fruit is thisit has a hole spine and everything Me: smacking my head because it chocolate No effects Sssniperwolf
Emma Bither
Emma Bither 3 hari yang lalu
Madison Caron
Madison Caron 3 hari yang lalu
I love people when they stick out there tounges before saying anything that starts with 'n' LOVE U LIA
gacha mocha
gacha mocha 3 hari yang lalu
When I said you could not eat it check @Austin Sprinz
Fred weaslybe
Fred weaslybe 3 hari yang lalu
Wow that looks just hmmmm Delicious
Meira Green
Meira Green 3 hari yang lalu
The stuff that you thought was styrofoam was actually soft clay and they put it into slime
Mattis Rommens
Mattis Rommens 3 hari yang lalu
06:50 its a food closed it realy is a food closed
Wiwinwinartist 3 hari yang lalu
3.49 it's cocoa fruit. Chocolate is made from cocoa seeds.
Ajha St.Prix
Ajha St.Prix 3 hari yang lalu
The tiny that looks like a spin is called Coco
Akagng47 C
Akagng47 C 3 hari yang lalu
That’s chocolate the one you didn’t know what it was
Samantha Vernon
Samantha Vernon 3 hari yang lalu
3:44 is coco use to make chocolate in Jamaica"Can be find in Jamaica 🇯🇲❤️
Elijah murray Murray
Elijah murray Murray 3 hari yang lalu
Dyllon McMillan
Dyllon McMillan 3 hari yang lalu
you are my fravret youtouber
blueberrymuffin 3 hari yang lalu
3:42 i now that frut
Ourn Pichsocheata
Ourn Pichsocheata 3 hari yang lalu
umm the among us toy is a popit that a satisfied toy
World wide Funny guy
World wide Funny guy 3 hari yang lalu
Me trying to look at Lia and the video like:👁👄👁
nara handugan
nara handugan 3 hari yang lalu
is in bohol it is cacaw
Dowitraw 3 hari yang lalu
the weird fruit thing is a caoco fruit. It is used to make chocolate or coco
Gia Mom
Gia Mom 3 hari yang lalu
“ Chunky water beeeeen” -Sssniperwolf, 2021
dorija gret
dorija gret Hari Yang lalu
*Gamers : “we need Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from* 🇴​​​​​🇬​​​​​🇨​​​​​🇴​​​​​🇩​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇸​​​​​.🇨​​​​​🇱​​​​​🇺​​​​​🇧​​​​​
Shante Lynch
Shante Lynch 3 hari yang lalu
The fruit is called a chocolate
Chris Angelica Abao
Chris Angelica Abao 3 hari yang lalu
3:37 It is called a cacao
Twiga Girl
Twiga Girl 3 hari yang lalu
its coco
Justin Heng
Justin Heng 3 hari yang lalu
At 3:39 is chocolate before it is made into chocolate
DUFUS KELPY G 1 3 hari yang lalu
3:47 is a cacao pod where chocolate comes from
Tღx⃟ic ᗯinͦɠֆ
Tღx⃟ic ᗯinͦɠֆ 3 hari yang lalu
If I was a rich girl na na na na na na na
Diesel Solution
Diesel Solution 3 hari yang lalu
Aryah Scott
Aryah Scott 4 hari yang lalu
I love your videos ive been watching all your videos and im upsested with you i subscribed abd i liked and you are my favorite youtuber in the world i love you sssniperwolf.....
Yeet God32
Yeet God32 4 hari yang lalu
Yeah it’s a cocoa pod
Q K 4 hari yang lalu
Andrew Herrera
Andrew Herrera 4 hari yang lalu
On the slicings soap one why you say it’s Better then cleaning a butt Hole the Second one
Student-Marta Kachanova
Student-Marta Kachanova 4 hari yang lalu
That fruit with the spine is called chocolate beans.
Brandon schade
Brandon schade 4 hari yang lalu
the furut id a cocpuro ait is delishus
Crispy hamster
Crispy hamster 4 hari yang lalu
Omg I thought mrbeast was famous dam😂
Fire Plays
Fire Plays 4 hari yang lalu
I did that with the scooped I made melon balls and mango balls mango was better.
Rachelle Platana
Rachelle Platana 4 hari yang lalu
me wondering why you say mozzarella all the time
Ryan Milojevich
Ryan Milojevich 4 hari yang lalu
Felix Fresh
Felix Fresh 4 hari yang lalu
when your mom finds this... 👇
Memez 4 hari yang lalu
If u dont know is not a problem but that beanie fruit is cacao or choclet bean PS sorry for my engles but im not from usa or uk
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