Minecraft Speedrunner VS Slayer

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS Slayer. This was super intense...
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is not a different rendition of it, where there is an assassin. This is similar to "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Someone Trying To Stop Them"
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 30,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

Vismaya Vipin
Vismaya Vipin 2 menit yang lalu
Bad: YES DRAGON YESSS WHAT how did you survive you little muffin?! Me: AWWWWHH 😭😭
Ben Kim
Ben Kim Jam Yang lalu
when jumping off of a tower into water to escape used to be a clutch move
Hdvjeff Jam Yang lalu
*Hey Badboyhalo Language* 8:35 did u just swear?
the_mysc 3 jam yang lalu
Badboyhalo: "Oh dream" Also Badboyhalo: *"PLEASEEEEEE"*
xlingx ,
xlingx , 3 jam yang lalu
Hi dream im from the philipines anD im gonna tell you a filipino word mahal kita -i love you. Salamat-thank you.. There
the_mysc 3 jam yang lalu
Every man hunter: *"OH DREAMM"*
the_mysc 3 jam yang lalu
Badboyhalo: I'm gonna make a bow Dream and Me: *WhAT???*
Axilty Juddy
Axilty Juddy 4 jam yang lalu
I wasted 30 mins of my life
Jaedyn Cunningham
Jaedyn Cunningham 6 jam yang lalu
Bbh: what does go deeper mean? Dream: uhh... Idk Me: PfFfFfffFfT 😂
I'm not quite sure but it's cod clips
I'm not quite sure but it's cod clips 7 jam yang lalu
Anyone notice the pirates of the caribbean music while he was near a ship in a boat getting away from bad
Junior Onyemaechi
Junior Onyemaechi 8 jam yang lalu
BBH sounds so innocent🤣
Parker Burrows
Parker Burrows 9 jam yang lalu
im jumping out of my seat :0
John Deere Gaming
John Deere Gaming 9 jam yang lalu
There is appearently a way to destroy end frames, so the hunters could do that
Neo Pearl
Neo Pearl 9 jam yang lalu
Ok finally watching this 10 months later and now it is boring. I’m not saying the video is bad, it is just Boring
Matteo Biagio Romanello
Matteo Biagio Romanello 9 jam yang lalu
team dream
Lps M and M
Lps M and M 11 jam yang lalu
Bbh is so cute and also kinda scaring me at the same time!
Nj for Life
Nj for Life 11 jam yang lalu
oh my goodness
9nboula yt
9nboula yt 11 jam yang lalu
Plz given skin
Wyatt Grobman
Wyatt Grobman 13 jam yang lalu
this is bad when dream is done with him 🔪🔴💀
Viryn Kelsey
Viryn Kelsey 13 jam yang lalu
are u happy wih the way this went
jie zhi
jie zhi 14 jam yang lalu
Why i feel this guys so noisely
Karen Nielsen
Karen Nielsen 14 jam yang lalu
The title of the video is slayer tho and not player 🤣 Hahaha....i like it❤👑🤣
Mordenon Aoni
Mordenon Aoni 16 jam yang lalu
Dream star wars fun confirmed
Blesson Cmp
Blesson Cmp 17 jam yang lalu
bad didn't win the ender dragon won
IAmTheSouk 18 jam yang lalu
This video was so good
ANGEL DELGADO 18 jam yang lalu
Shadic The Hedgehog [Fusion]
Shadic The Hedgehog [Fusion] 19 jam yang lalu
Slayer? You mean like the band?
Nawed Ayazi
Nawed Ayazi 19 jam yang lalu
Bad boy hello
Graice Plus Charlie
Graice Plus Charlie 20 jam yang lalu
20:42 what was that lol love your videos
Sebastian Lin
Sebastian Lin 20 jam yang lalu
Dream has actually changed quite a lot, from the way he makes the nether portals to the amount of big brain moves
Hi Won't
Hi Won't 21 jam yang lalu
For once the ender dragon wasn’t on dreams side but in stead with bbh
venus Ventic
venus Ventic 22 jam yang lalu
Ah yes the time that dream doesnt use axes
Parker Jex
Parker Jex Hari Yang lalu
I think you might be a lot better now then you were in this vid lol
kdesi kdosi
kdesi kdosi Hari Yang lalu
how does dream manage to lose against one hunter but win against 4?
Alif  gamer 2.0
Alif gamer 2.0 Hari Yang lalu
It funny
Fitnessgrampacertest Epik
Fitnessgrampacertest Epik Hari Yang lalu
Bad boy halo: you relies I have a compass that leads to you right? Dream: YoU ReLIsE I HaV bRAiN RiGhT?
Nicos Gaming
Nicos Gaming Hari Yang lalu
dream make a iron furnace lol
Delia Liew
Delia Liew Hari Yang lalu
Dream: How did I let bad beat me at my own game the rest of dream's friends: ALL HAIL BADBOYHALO
Matthew Borja
Matthew Borja Hari Yang lalu
I play that game manhunt with my cousins and brother were so happy thanks dream ♥️♥️♥️💖
Rasin 008
Rasin 008 Hari Yang lalu
Bobby Hosch
Bobby Hosch Hari Yang lalu
Hey I love your video
Demetrius Triplet
Demetrius Triplet Hari Yang lalu
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Song OUT NOW!!
Troy Fenix
Troy Fenix Hari Yang lalu
Dream why does your minecraft skin look like a frog
Lysander-The -Spearman
Lysander-The -Spearman Hari Yang lalu
Bad:I can out PVP you. Dream:I’m about to end this man’s whole career.
Owen Spence
Owen Spence Hari Yang lalu
Song at 8:49??
Edward Zhuo
Edward Zhuo Hari Yang lalu
Kauralie Bois
Kauralie Bois Hari Yang lalu
Omg I’ve never seen so many flowers in my life I didn’t know parts like that even existed in Minecraft so beautiful
Rising Sniper
Rising Sniper Hari Yang lalu
Minecraft manhunt but on bedrock 😂???
The Doggie Six - Official Channel
The Doggie Six - Official Channel Hari Yang lalu
2:30 Bad: did you go in the ravine? Dream: no but u did
simon zhu
simon zhu Hari Yang lalu
When Dream Sees Bad: COME HERE BAD!!! When Bad Sees Dream: Well Hello There Dream How Are You Doing.
tavi Hari Yang lalu
i just sat through a 12 minute ad for this man
Clara-Ly Duquette
Clara-Ly Duquette Hari Yang lalu
yoo the amount of times bad said ooooooh dreeeeeaaaam
Rayyan Allawati
Rayyan Allawati Hari Yang lalu
Am I the only one that laughs whenever I see dream’s skin thing😂😂😂😂
Colin Hari Yang lalu
Bads mission: trying to hunt down dream Also bad: did u litually jumped off? U son of a god
weatherwithwesley Hari Yang lalu
You have the best render distance!
Jan Niño Salen
Jan Niño Salen Hari Yang lalu
17:02 badlands
eclypse Hari Yang lalu
what is the entro music
IAmTheSouk Hari Yang lalu
For every like this comment gets, 1 person will be cured of corona.
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng Hari Yang lalu
Dumb Ass
Dumb Ass 2 hari yang lalu
He could’ve left lava on the spawn pad in the end
The tasty Food
The tasty Food 2 hari yang lalu
Dream vs 4 hunters: survive Dream vs 1 hunter: got killed by fall damage lol
Gaming with I am speed KACHAM
Gaming with I am speed KACHAM 2 hari yang lalu
Gaming with I am speed KACHAM
Gaming with I am speed KACHAM 2 hari yang lalu
the scariest moments is when bad tries to threaten dream
Samuel Sherrill
Samuel Sherrill 2 hari yang lalu
Hey dream are you a torch cause your opti-FINE
Naomi Dickerson
Naomi Dickerson 2 hari yang lalu
I love the music he plays when he 3,000 IQs
unhorsedbull 29
unhorsedbull 29 2 hari yang lalu
Runnn dream
Ayden Cooper
Ayden Cooper 2 hari yang lalu
What a underwhelming ending
Lxght Spiritz
Lxght Spiritz 2 hari yang lalu
“Oh dream I have curse of vanishing on my armor”
The Adventures of Genie Girl
The Adventures of Genie Girl 2 hari yang lalu
oof dream but GG
legend 2 hari yang lalu
What's difference between slayer and hunter?
Kier Morcoso
Kier Morcoso 2 hari yang lalu
Request:dream and George and sapnap vs terminator please🙏🥺
Bailey 2 hari yang lalu
Remember when dream would be cautious about 1v1s? Now even 4 v 1 is not enough
Beast boy
Beast boy 2 hari yang lalu
i guess badboy got lucky i love badboy he is funny
Reynaldo Garza
Reynaldo Garza 2 hari yang lalu
None gonna talk about the EXP at 8:59
Jaden Martin
Jaden Martin 2 hari yang lalu
16:44 why u pooping in the water🤓👺
Kirra Peterson
Kirra Peterson 2 hari yang lalu
Bad be out here playing mind games
Lucas Miglio Gontijo Chagas
Lucas Miglio Gontijo Chagas 2 hari yang lalu
this badboyhalo is so gay lol
L2 Losty_boy
L2 Losty_boy 2 hari yang lalu
Warum hat er keine Hungerleite mehr?
Rational Owl
Rational Owl 2 hari yang lalu
I remember that the first time I watched this video, I didn’t know who Bad was. I thought, “Man he sounds like he’s gonna be kinda mean and cuss a lot...” Just goes to show: never judge a book by it’s cover.
Paul Redican
Paul Redican 2 hari yang lalu
Is it just me or did bad just call dream a cunt... 2:37
Hardus Van Eeden
Hardus Van Eeden 2 hari yang lalu
Dream should make a locator map in the next manhunt
Gamer Trav
Gamer Trav 2 hari yang lalu
badboyhello is so bad
JCzester 2 hari yang lalu
Almost December? Anyone?
an idiot who animates
an idiot who animates 2 hari yang lalu
Sorin 358
Sorin 358 2 hari yang lalu
Bad: Are you kidding me? Dream: Yes Btw 18:00
Clark Dallas
Clark Dallas 2 hari yang lalu
SashaNotFound 2 hari yang lalu
You know for people that never played minecraft or even watched it it would sound weird when they say "im on 1 heart!" Or "how many hearts do you have??"
Gamer 360
Gamer 360 2 hari yang lalu
Who remembers when dream was a fan of BBH
Gamer 360
Gamer 360 2 hari yang lalu
5:34 BBH curses
an idiot who animates
an idiot who animates 2 hari yang lalu
"Son of a gun" is not a curse
odok581 2 hari yang lalu
Poor bad I feel bad for him (Get it? No?! Forget it)
[ Splashie SplashPelt ]
[ Splashie SplashPelt ] 2 hari yang lalu
this is sad you didn't win!
Shaan K
Shaan K 3 hari yang lalu
Dream has evolved and refined his skills... A LOT since this episode was made. His portal making was so slow haha
Zpeed O Wagon
Zpeed O Wagon 3 hari yang lalu
This is balance 13m subscribers 13m viewers
Adriel Esparagoza
Adriel Esparagoza 3 hari yang lalu
Dream, wins in 2 hunters wins in 3 hunters wins in assasins looses in a newbie in speedruner vs hunter stop now why dream, whyy ! how could do do this to us, You lost to someone new in your game
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 3 hari yang lalu
Badboyhalo is a potato Badboyhalo is a potatoo
alohaofficiants 3 hari yang lalu
Team boat👍👍
nightmare 3 hari yang lalu
Boss music then : knocking someone into a ravine Boss music now : jumping off of a big tower and killing sapnap and bad with frost walker
kym brown
kym brown 3 hari yang lalu
i know how u look dream hehe
kym brown
kym brown 3 hari yang lalu
hahahahahaa bad sucks bruh also bad i subed to u and u to dream i love your manhunts there the best and the dream smp u shold add some more people like rageelixer and AA12 they can help u build 1 more person u can add Eystreem to your smp u can make a whole city and everyone is youtubers and they will be online all the time so go add the to your smp there good at the game
GGweatherboi 999
GGweatherboi 999 3 hari yang lalu
Iron furnace was that did I see?
Scott Willis
Scott Willis 3 hari yang lalu
Did you just say "bitch you dead" at 3:22 3:20
an idiot who animates
an idiot who animates 2 hari yang lalu
He said "i bet you did"
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