Miley Cyrus ft. Noah Cyrus Perform “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Miley Cyrus, along with Noah Cyrus, performs “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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MTV 4 hari yang lalu
Check out Noah Cyrus perform at the 2020 #CMTAwarrds
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1 1 4 jam yang lalu
If you are looking for the truth and want to know how to go to heaven
megan Hari Yang lalu
Omg!! This makes me so happy, finally a duet!! ❤️❤️
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson Hari Yang lalu
This is so beautiful I’m crying
Homsira Tokbipi
Homsira Tokbipi Hari Yang lalu
I'm so happy they performed. It's so good to see Miley and Noah together. Those who criticize and troll Noah, see where she had reached. Nothing's gonna stop her from acchieving her dreams, when Miley is there to support her younger sister.
D. 2 hari yang lalu
Filter much ?
Charlie Chip
Charlie Chip 6 menit yang lalu
As soon as they started singing my whole body got covered with goosebumps 😍
Nino Arndt
Nino Arndt 17 menit yang lalu
Am i the only one who thinks that Miley is looking and seems like Dolly in this video?❤️
D S 19 menit yang lalu
I think miley is jealous tbh. Noah has turned out to be the better singer and musician
Ben Close
Ben Close 23 menit yang lalu
What a song🙌🏼beautifully displays the amazing qualities of both their voices
Henry Vorster
Henry Vorster 31 menit yang lalu
Dare I say Miley has some serious competition Noah can take the music industry and she should
Kelly Leal
Kelly Leal 33 menit yang lalu
Chills the whole time
Henry Vorster
Henry Vorster 34 menit yang lalu
Wow so similar yet so different and each one distinctive
Nicklas Childs
Nicklas Childs 39 menit yang lalu
Soy cute I can't!
Isadora Angelica
Isadora Angelica Jam Yang lalu
absolute perfection
Christopher Vinson
Christopher Vinson Jam Yang lalu
Please do an entire album of this.
Sasha Renèe
Sasha Renèe Jam Yang lalu
DiZamn!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!🤠💕
Logan Brown
Logan Brown Jam Yang lalu
What the heck is going on with Miley’s hair?! 😞
Eva Petrmichlova
Eva Petrmichlova Jam Yang lalu
Miley is like: Yeah, lets my little sister shine... Very nice performance!
Brittany Hoyle
Brittany Hoyle 2 jam yang lalu
I’m so impressed 😍 Noah really held her own and I’m so I’m love with the range of your voice! And of course Miley never disappoints... wow power duet
Matthew Milligan
Matthew Milligan 2 jam yang lalu
This is amazing
Rebecca Artes
Rebecca Artes 2 jam yang lalu
Beautiful twin voice. I love this song.
Olivia Godfrey
Olivia Godfrey 3 jam yang lalu
Farai Mudadi
Farai Mudadi 3 jam yang lalu
I'M obsessed with THIS
Irina Thompson
Irina Thompson 3 jam yang lalu
Great duet!
Leonardo Buitrago
Leonardo Buitrago 3 jam yang lalu
Noah Cyrus is so, PATETIC.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 3 jam yang lalu
Noah’s voice so soft I love it ♥️
Michael Choban
Michael Choban 3 jam yang lalu
Watching this again cause I love it so much!!! Miley loves and is so proud of her lil sister I hope they do make a song together be amazing
G R 3 jam yang lalu
I had no clue Noah’s voice was this good
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 4 jam yang lalu
Goosebumps. All the way through.
Cristine Aday
Cristine Aday 4 jam yang lalu
Beautiful sisters with beautiful voices
Wendy Alvarez
Wendy Alvarez 4 jam yang lalu
Love them so much! ❤️
Anez Etram
Anez Etram 4 jam yang lalu
I have never cried like this before. Never in my life. I'm not even Holy anymore. I lost God years ago when I lost myself. I'm in floods and these tears just won't stop. I can't listen to this song ever again. This has done something serious to me. Wow wow wow.
Aleah Parliament
Aleah Parliament 5 jam yang lalu
Miley held Noah's hand for the high note at the end aww
A rainey
A rainey 5 jam yang lalu
Noahs range is ridiculously good.
Yagmi 5 jam yang lalu
Kate Jessica
Kate Jessica 5 jam yang lalu
Can't stop playing this on repeat! So beautiful
Hdhdd Hdhdjd
Hdhdd Hdhdjd 5 jam yang lalu
I can’t tell if these lyrics are total blasphemy or not... smoking weed to find Jesus isn’t the way to find him. You find him through sober minded prayer. The Holy Spirit is greater then any high, I can tell you that in confidence. I used to be a heavy drug addict
raf Raf
raf Raf 6 jam yang lalu
Noah's voices its so high
Whyokay 6 jam yang lalu
Loco, que onda este vídeo, está a otro nivel
m. mache
m. mache 6 jam yang lalu
The champions in the world music industry number 2 actress singers super models bionic women a Queens sweet miley greatest hits performance amazing 100k times 50k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * strongly recommended for the world entertainment Hollywood musical movie plutonium albums congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?
Diana Hutchings
Diana Hutchings 6 jam yang lalu
ona 7 jam yang lalu
These kids??!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christo Abrie
Christo Abrie 7 jam yang lalu
damn, Noah is really channeling Cher with that very long black hair. interesting for Miley to take the upper harmony, since her raspy voice gives her the edge on the lower notes, just goes to show, Miley's a better singer than most give her credit. With her singing, Noah channels more Lana Del Rey. Clearly the Cyrus Clan can sing, so let's hope they decide to do a massive collab with Metro Station, Billy Ray, Miley, Noah and Braison
Swathi 7 jam yang lalu
They're voices are so alike. It's incredibly soothing and magical 😍😍
Scott 7 jam yang lalu
I'm in tears, 😭❤️
Maria Luna Nchama
Maria Luna Nchama 7 jam yang lalu
I gota so high that i saw Jesus
Neeta Manis
Neeta Manis 8 jam yang lalu
Its like if Ying and Yang were on the same side
Николь Мартынова
Николь Мартынова 8 jam yang lalu
perfect vocal
Fine Addition
Fine Addition 8 jam yang lalu
Miley looks so proud of Noah!
Eva O
Eva O 9 jam yang lalu
Their connection as sisters is so beautiful 👭❤️😭
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 9 jam yang lalu
Both are amazing...but Miley has something special in her voice...
Carlota Del pozo
Carlota Del pozo 10 jam yang lalu
I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus Yeah, they talk about the rivers running dry How pretty soon there won't be any water left to turn to wine Like a drunkard at the wedding Blindly raising Armageddon So, I'ma get high And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus (Jesus) Yeah, Joseph lost his job to a machine And Bary lost her mind to lines of code You can't see And if the angels are the air I'm gonna burn this whole thing down Well, I'm gonna burn one down right now I got so high that I saw Jesus (oh, yeah) He said it's all gonna be okay (all gonna be) You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus And sometimes, it hurts too much to look Like Moses said, the burning bush I tried to turn away, but I could see And he said, "Fathers, don't forsake your sons There's so much kingdom left to come Just let it fill your lungs before you leave" And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus
Rosie Bly Thompson
Rosie Bly Thompson 11 jam yang lalu
Their voices compliment eachother so well.
cherylb2008 11 jam yang lalu
Noah should be so proud of herself. She truly has proved herself and cultivated a beautiful singing voice. Really stellar.
1miller i
1miller i 12 jam yang lalu
It's absolutely beautiful 🙏
um no
um no 12 jam yang lalu
When they held hands I- 😭😭😭
zee qlb
zee qlb 12 jam yang lalu
I was sure its feat. Sheer ..!
dorene russell
dorene russell 12 jam yang lalu
As usual Miley looks like a kook....but the sound is fabulous!!!!
KD 13 jam yang lalu
Thank you Billy and Destiny but thank you too, Noah. Give us more, Noah. Miley... remember years ago that you said that you wanted to create some music Janis Joplin-like? Wasn't that you? Do it cause we know you can... But... all you did is good. And we love your Slide Away... Lounge and not...and we love Midnight Skys.... traveling music to me and my woman... La La La... La La... so,so top shelf again. Billy Sir... let's keep wearing mullets again til Jesus comes wearing one. Noah... aww... give us more. You're not shadow. Make us cry.
I am Nurse Jennie
I am Nurse Jennie 14 jam yang lalu
Anyone else think Miley looks like her Godmother here? Put a Dolly wig on and she could pass as young Dolly. Sometimes I hear it in her voice too. Noah’s voice and talent is so unbelievably amazing.
Christianna Whitton
Christianna Whitton 14 jam yang lalu
they sound so alike
Reyanne Cadima
Reyanne Cadima 14 jam yang lalu
I was NOT expecting that high note Noah holy GOODNESS😍 They're so incredible and talented my gosh🥰🙏🏻
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn 14 jam yang lalu
The way she looks at her 😭😍
Sage Burgos
Sage Burgos 14 jam yang lalu
their voices are so similar it’s hard to tell who’s singing what at times
Javier S
Javier S 14 jam yang lalu
Gabe le babe -
Gabe le babe - 14 jam yang lalu
This was 3:29min of pure joy.
Anna Stone
Anna Stone 15 jam yang lalu
Is it just me or does Miley look like Dolly Parton when she sings sometimes
Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams 15 jam yang lalu
Hello.. Jesus Christ wasn't in The Garden of Eden! But I was! Ps.. Cute making them look like 2 white bunnies... Found the rabbit hole! Thank you Thee Anti Christ
T M 15 jam yang lalu
This is really something special...
Lashane Hazzard
Lashane Hazzard 15 jam yang lalu
Simply beautiful
Kapu Ka hua
Kapu Ka hua 15 jam yang lalu
I adore both of you so much! Please, sooth us with your angelic voices together more often.
Ella Soliz
Ella Soliz 15 jam yang lalu
They sound great I just wish I was as pretty as they are hope they do more songs togather
Moody Misch
Moody Misch 16 jam yang lalu
They sing so similarly that at times I didn’t even know who was singing oh my gosh
Deyanira Medina
Deyanira Medina 17 jam yang lalu
That’s Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus
Jackie Wyers
Jackie Wyers 17 jam yang lalu
Janet Rahiman
Janet Rahiman 17 jam yang lalu
I love these sisters. They're so talented. ❤❤❤
marie MARIN
marie MARIN 17 jam yang lalu
Better pray your not so high when Jesús comes - that’s a serious note !
Diana Lupe
Diana Lupe 17 jam yang lalu
Diana Lupe
Diana Lupe 17 jam yang lalu
Q u e e n s
Debbie Lewellen
Debbie Lewellen 17 jam yang lalu
Noah seems normal. Is she?
Molly Martin
Molly Martin 17 jam yang lalu
i didnt know i needed this til now
It's Christy!
It's Christy! 17 jam yang lalu
👏 👏 Wow, I felt that. Powerful. 🥺
Saint Victoria
Saint Victoria 17 jam yang lalu
this was a spiritual experience for me....
Stef Rodriguez Bathgate
Stef Rodriguez Bathgate 18 jam yang lalu
Gosh Noah's range is amazing.
zuzu 18 jam yang lalu
That blood harmony though !!!
Lee Walters
Lee Walters 18 jam yang lalu
Beautiful harmonies 💕 but what is the song about, what's the explanation behind it?
tanyan313 18 jam yang lalu
Omg I have always wanted to hear them in a duet and it was absolutely beautiful definitely would love to see more! Your family’s talents are amazing!!
lis ka
lis ka 19 jam yang lalu
Coincidentally, I open this song to hear it and look at the clock, its 4:20 am lol. The synchronicity lol.
Araya Wethington
Araya Wethington 19 jam yang lalu
Literally in the beginning couldn’t tell who was who singing wow
water cate
water cate 19 jam yang lalu
No puedo decidir qué voz me gusta más, realmente... ambas son increíblemente hermosas.
monica johnson
monica johnson 19 jam yang lalu
She always makes me cry!! And seeing these two sing this song is making me cry more!! So Beautiful!!🦋
Adrienne Paora
Adrienne Paora 19 jam yang lalu
This gave me chills! Wow!
madison davis
madison davis 19 jam yang lalu
Wow, they sound great together
Jhennefer Lima
Jhennefer Lima 19 jam yang lalu
Cadê os brasileiros?
Lady Bhex
Lady Bhex 20 jam yang lalu
This is absolute church. This is the song I hope the good Lord comes back to. LOVE AND PEACE TO ANY WHO READ THIS!!! WE WILL OVERCOME.
Lady Bhex
Lady Bhex 20 jam yang lalu
Ene Grace
Ene Grace 20 jam yang lalu
Blasphemous song
Will Lima
Will Lima 20 jam yang lalu
ElvJG3 20 jam yang lalu
They killed it!
Sarah Kuhne
Sarah Kuhne 20 jam yang lalu
Noah is such an incredible song writer. I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for that
Tamera C
Tamera C 20 jam yang lalu
FYI you can download them singing this version on Apple Music 👌
Angie Alicpala
Angie Alicpala 20 jam yang lalu
Been waiting for this for ages! QUEENS!! 👑👑
Lise Edvardsen
Lise Edvardsen 20 jam yang lalu
Why does it say "Miley Cyrus ft. Noah Cyrus", and not the other way around..?
angelakate 20 jam yang lalu
Its hard for me to recognize miley voice cause they sound the same💖
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