Marjorie Taylor Greene scraps launch of 'America First' caucus after GOP blowback

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Conservative Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is scrapping the planned launch of her "America First" caucus after receiving blowback from leaders in her own party, despite confirming through a spokesperson on Friday that the caucus would launch.
Nick Dyer, Greene's spokesperson, told CNN in an email on Saturday afternoon the Georgia Republican is not "launching anything."
"The Congresswoman wants to make clear that she is not launching anything. This was an early planning proposal and nothing was agreed to or approved," he said in an email to CNN, referring to a flier promoting the caucus, obtained by Punchbowl News, that used inflammatory rhetoric.
He added that "she didn't approve that language and has no plans to launch anything."
This is a reversal from Friday, when her office said she would launch the caucus "very soon."
"Be on the look out for the release of the America First Caucus platform when it's announced to the public very soon," Dyer said in a statement to CNN Friday.
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dale padgett
dale padgett Hari Yang lalu
Give the HELL Marjorie Taylor Greene,,, your wonderful,, I stand with you and for you
Gary Wrobleski
Gary Wrobleski 2 hari yang lalu
Marjorie Greens remind me of empty headed Neanderthal exercise commercial what do you. I lift things.
Jeff 2 hari yang lalu
Cnn viewer's are all racist
Oliver Mosby
Oliver Mosby 3 hari yang lalu
.Eff treasonous democrats and ball-less republicans.....America and patriotic Americans always come first.
Alan Petersen
Alan Petersen 4 hari yang lalu
We have a new favorite in the “Who wants to be the next Martin Borman” contest. Standby for the the Jim Jordan, Matt Putz response.
batman robin
batman robin 4 hari yang lalu
Rychy St. Vincent
Rychy St. Vincent 5 hari yang lalu
ONCE UPON A TIME a slug, a bed bug, a spider and a roach were overheard arguing which of them should be allowed to sleep in your bed. They were all friends with the orange weasel recently tossed to the floor last year. All of them left disgusting stains and could be easily identified by them. “Woe is me “they lamented in rhyme. Witch of us shall sleep with you come bedtime.
steve C
steve C 6 hari yang lalu
She HATES America.
fitzgerald signs
fitzgerald signs 6 hari yang lalu
A message for all CNN misinformation agents. All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire that burneth with fire and brimstone! Rev.21:8. But that does not scare big media because you have had your conscience seared with a hot iron! We see what you're trying to spin in Arizona too. Smoke the truth at all costs right?
M L 7 hari yang lalu
Dude looks like Lady...
Omega Man
Omega Man 8 hari yang lalu
Taylor is Awesome cnn and Democrats are scared shitlesss of her!
Barbie Dahl
Barbie Dahl 8 hari yang lalu
So, let me get this straight. When you're a Democratic party radical you're batshit crazy but when you are a Republican party radical you're the rational one? Interesting way Republicans have of applying the same word to two different groups; maybe not this guy in particular but Republicans in general.
Aud Man
Aud Man 8 hari yang lalu
Anybody remember 'Large Marg' from the Pee Wee Herman movie.
Tee Pee
Tee Pee 9 hari yang lalu
This woman is a hero!! Liberals suck
Tom LaScala
Tom LaScala 9 hari yang lalu
I hope AOC never gets voted out as she represents the level of brain power of her followers. Blind leading the blind.
Tom LaScala
Tom LaScala 9 hari yang lalu
Using racist for everything. Who has debunked anything. CNN said they are propaganda pushers. FAKE NEWS.
Rob 9 hari yang lalu
Project Veritas will take you down CNN. It's already happening.
Someone New
Someone New 10 hari yang lalu
I hope this is approved. It would do so much good for the nation. I say this because I read the thing and can confirm it’s a good thing to support.
matteo gottie
matteo gottie 11 hari yang lalu
the fact the cnn turned this into some race bullshit and got caught lying and people still watch insane
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 11 hari yang lalu
Look at that face, and remember it I know it's hard but it's important. This is the face of our most dangerous situation in our country at this moment. Fear , lies maddness . That's what this face is attached to. She will tell your only salvation is in there lies. There's no compromise. There's no evidence to what she claims just blind faith. So remember and don't forget. The face of trump's puppets there are many in place so before you sign up for this shit show just remember.
mine 11 hari yang lalu
The 2 biggest problems facing America today is career politicians and the media.
unknown person
unknown person 11 hari yang lalu
America first not Chinese communist.
unknown person
unknown person 11 hari yang lalu
Oops was looking for a news site, not this place.
Jamie Butler
Jamie Butler 11 hari yang lalu
Hey commie news network. Why don't you show the footage of PV eating your lunch? You know, where one of your head guys admitted that you are propaganda? Also how you avoid certain stories to keep your narrative.
Q Sent Me
Q Sent Me 12 hari yang lalu
I love this woman! 🥰
Ahav Atar
Ahav Atar 12 hari yang lalu
This is DEMAGOGY: the action or fact of winning support by exciting the emotions of ordinary people rather than by having good or morally right ideas
Fred Omulo
Fred Omulo 12 hari yang lalu
This is how it begins. It happened in Germany in the 1920s. It happened in Rwanda in the 1990s. This is how it begins.
dj i CA nik
dj i CA nik 12 hari yang lalu
This new wave republican party just showing there true racist colors...and too much of white America is down with this crap
Pat Star
Pat Star 13 hari yang lalu
Perhaps Dems can launch a caucus called America Last. Oh wait that what we are living thru now. Solo lost money Bruce Jenner Rylos are weird
D J 13 hari yang lalu
Go Greene...sorry the Rhinos are skiddish... I would think they are racist since whites can't have rights...oh and by the way I'm hispanic.
Gui Tard
Gui Tard 13 hari yang lalu
Please issue warnings before putting that Hag Face on the thumbnail! I almost puked on my phone!
D-Canadian Listens
D-Canadian Listens 13 hari yang lalu
Welcome to the Commie No News channel. Makes me feel like throwing up!
michael fernandez
michael fernandez 13 hari yang lalu
Gob Smacked..? Really? After this Long.. There are no True Christians who believe in the TRUTH when You support a lie and Support ALL of them. Dirty VALUES of morality apparently. "DARK MONEY". You need to look at the Dirty Money from TAX FREE Affiliations...Churches..
michael fernandez
michael fernandez 13 hari yang lalu
Federalist society... There in CONTROL
sabin97 13 hari yang lalu
let me begin by stating the dems are crap and are evil. with that out of the way, the "uniquely anglo-saxon traidition" is one of the many reasons the republicans lose the minority votes. you make your party be a temple against minorities, then OF COURSE minorities will side with you competitors. which is quite funny because latinos are generally christian and conservative-leaning. all you need to do to entice them is drop the racism. literally just that. drop the racism and you'll see a significant increase in latinos voting for you. but you keep that rhetoric of hatred for everything and everyone not anglo-saxon......and you keep pushing them to the democratic party.
Tetta Zwo
Tetta Zwo 13 hari yang lalu
Hey MTG, when's the debate with AOC?
Concerned Civil Citizen
Concerned Civil Citizen 13 hari yang lalu
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS CURRENTLY IN A *COLD-CIVIL WAR!!!!! The sooner we acknowledge this state of the Union, the quicker we will be able to work towards and end or truce should I say... I believe many of you understand what I mean, though you may not have not fully contemplated the condition of our civil existence in this country. There is volumes of evidence that socially classify this problem; this video clip being one. Republicans leading the 73,000,000 Trump supporters, who apparently will stop at no lengths of dishonesty or evil-portrayed to grab back power in the our political arena. In opposition: a Biden/Harris lead Democratic Party supported by 84,000,000 U.S. citizen, who from what I have gleaned over the past 60 years, simply want to live in a diverse progressive country where all men and women are treated equal under the law; enjoying the same civil liberties as the predominance of the countries white population. What really seams to be at the core difference between both sides is the acceptance that Minorities (Brown and Black Americans including ALL Non-white Americans) have the right to exist without discrimination of any kind on the ground of their color or ethnic background. Republican seem to want keep Minorities to remain subject to THEIR terms and conditions of existence. (This is packed full of meaning!) They want to keep White American rule, White over-authority of the direction of where this country progresses or digresses more clearly described, irregardless of the desires of the rest of the population, specifically Black and Brown Americans. The problem comes when those presently in the minority find that they are no-longer willing to exist under this level of oppressive behavior. The forces that holds back all-out destruction through gun-battle: It is those White Americans that do NOT support the Republican, Trumpist ideology. They help to hold the fabric of this country together, avoiding physical Civil War! Thank God for those decent individuals who apparently value the U.S. Constitution enough to dare to fall out-of--ranks with their fellow White Americans. They do the good thing, they honor the words written on that New York Statue of Liberty. (look it up) So what's a solution? Democrats have fight harder at the Ballot Box, in-spite of all the voter's suppression. This means taking cases that violate civil liberties to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court acts and rules along Republican Party Lines, then Democrats MUST add additional Members to that Court. I continue to believe "Term Limits on Federal Justices" is a good thing. A lifetime on a Court, especially under the pressures of current partisanship, is unacceptable. Republicans, I'm afraid to say, will stop at nothing to initiate a U.S. Civil War all with the blinded belief that they will somehow prevail and eventfully subjugate the opposition in America. It's the Laws that hold them at bay. If they can change those systematically, them Civil War, I/m afraid, is inevitable.
MegaSmk 13 hari yang lalu
my god, who does her makeup?
Shparkel one
Shparkel one 14 hari yang lalu
start throwing these terrorists in prison. they are a threat to our Democracy. They are a threat to peoples lives.
Aaron Stinson
Aaron Stinson 14 hari yang lalu
No one believes the CNN propaganda peddlers anymore. America First is NOT racist. CNN falsely creating racial division is the problem here.
AMERICA AMERICA 14 hari yang lalu
Cnn making up more bull sh$t. Anything to trash a woman who has different views. We used to respect women in this country but not anymore. Now it's a democrat propaganda Nazi media. Good thing is dieing out.
Gary St Germain
Gary St Germain 14 hari yang lalu
Omg what an ugly woman
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips 14 hari yang lalu
What I like about ms. Greene is that she doesn't deny what or who she is and makes no apology for it. With that, lock her up.
Linda Flores
Linda Flores 14 hari yang lalu
Being against immigration in this country is ridiculous. This country was built on immigration. Even those Anglo-Saxons that she is talking about are not actually from here. Unless you just want to talk about planet Earth, then we're all from the same exact place!
Linda Flores
Linda Flores 14 hari yang lalu
Republicans never have any facts for anything. They use a bunch of rhetoric promoting their racism.. Crazy how she attacks the media so vehemently. Here's some advice Marjorie Taylor green stop doing stupid racist s*** and the media will stop reporting you doing stupid racist s***. It's really simple I would hope that somebody that actually works in our government creating laws for our country and the people that live in it would know that already.
Boxspring74 14 hari yang lalu
Trump is a big fat loser
Trump is a big fat loser 13 hari yang lalu
Keep believing Jewish space lasers
Santy Clause
Santy Clause 14 hari yang lalu
Teh GOP has gone completely batshit crazzzyyy.
Gonzo York
Gonzo York 14 hari yang lalu
Stay to 🐶 whistle 😙
Neil Stewart
Neil Stewart 14 hari yang lalu
Stop reporting on this woman. All publicity is good publicity for people like her. Ignore the bigot.
Losaiko Save the Earth!!!
Losaiko Save the Earth!!! 14 hari yang lalu
This is just wrong.
B. Flores
B. Flores 14 hari yang lalu
half man half woman
Katrina Winchester
Katrina Winchester 14 hari yang lalu
Marjorie Green needs to watch out where exactly those funds she raised is coming from. She could be coming up on a dollar amount that would start to be questionable because of amounts and sources.
Vary Olla
Vary Olla 14 hari yang lalu
It has become a model for monetization on the conservative Right today in the US for crass individuals to whip up people by pandering to their often facile and dubious beliefs and turn that into $$$$. Look at an example at Palin or Alt-Reilly who became millionaires telling people what they wanted to hear at the expense of what was actually going on. So people like this who pursue these wildly conspiratorial and nutso claims are most likely looking forward as to how they will spin that into money in their pockets. This sadly has become a business model for American conservatism whereby they push all manner of kooky claims which they profit from and then when caught they rationalize it away as _"not my fault - they should have known better."_ Have a nice day. p.s. - look at Alex Jones. For years he turned conspiracy propagation into a business and when he was finally hauled into court some years ago he admitted = _"it is just entertainment."_ Pity his disciples did not know that as they have taken the nonsense he spouts off as gospel for years. _C'est La Vie_
Tasha Williams
Tasha Williams 14 hari yang lalu
Are you sure she isn't a man dressed as a dwarf, look at that Adams Apple and that chin...
Gonzo York
Gonzo York 14 hari yang lalu
Janet Hart
Janet Hart 14 hari yang lalu
Americas first racist transgender person!
Andres D
Andres D 14 hari yang lalu
The KKK caucus.
John Roberts
John Roberts 14 hari yang lalu
European traditions? Got to be racist. OMG. Why can't white people just move to another planet and leave us in peace?
Ian Walker
Ian Walker 14 hari yang lalu
I think she meant to call it the "White People First" caucus
Terri Ouellete
Terri Ouellete 14 hari yang lalu
The Republican Party is going down. I am a shamed to say that I was a Republican for 40 years but but January of 2019 I had enough and am now registered as undecided. Trump and his sick minions need to go.
Jeff Dunlap
Jeff Dunlap 14 hari yang lalu
She's got that Neanderthal look
Janet Hart
Janet Hart 14 hari yang lalu
Protruding forehead!
yuk747 14 hari yang lalu
M.Greene wicked witch of the south.
Tonia Bowie
Tonia Bowie 14 hari yang lalu
Not letting them take it back. We see the crazy
Tonia Bowie
Tonia Bowie 14 hari yang lalu
She coming back, just quieter
JOHN BOBBIT 14 hari yang lalu
This Piru Ja looks like Chevy Chase
feralbear3615 15 hari yang lalu
She is showing her true colors. Russia first.
Jennifer K
Jennifer K 15 hari yang lalu
That tweet from McCarthy and Cheney is such a joke, a farce, who actually believes the bullshit that they’re still trying to pedal about being “the party of opportunity “ 😂
hodaka1000 15 hari yang lalu
Tarot Readings By Steven
Tarot Readings By Steven 15 hari yang lalu
The Republican party WAS the party of Lincoln. Big difference there in it's more accurate modern day form
Jared Knutson
Jared Knutson 15 hari yang lalu
I’m not worried about these congresspeople like her, Gaetz, Hawley, McConnell, or others; I’m worried about the people who voted for them. They live among is with their vitriol seething.
KAB 15 hari yang lalu
Awwww, I had the popcorn and soda ready to enjoy the show
Stiff Richard
Stiff Richard 15 hari yang lalu
I don't know the details of this caucus, but I think it's a reaction to western civilization being under attack. I don't believe nativism is evil, this country was in fact founded as an English colony with an English based educational and judicial system developed and built by western Europeans and for the most part, it still is. As an Italian who's ancestors came here around 1900, I don't have a problem with that. Why do you?
Gonzo York
Gonzo York 14 hari yang lalu
This country was taken by force by Caucasians.
Gerald Clancy
Gerald Clancy 15 hari yang lalu
MTG should quit the GOP and go to the GYM.
Tim Collins
Tim Collins 15 hari yang lalu
A head like a football and fake teeth like Gary busey...wait a second is she actually Gary busey...this all makes sense now of course shes nuts
Jay Boi
Jay Boi 15 hari yang lalu
have you acknowledged your staffer caught on camera claiming your propaganda at all? Or have you just relying on preaching to your demographic “gop” is bad and continue dividing the country. just wondering.
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 15 hari yang lalu
What's wrong with Anglo Saxon influence? If it wasn't for that we wouldn't have a Bill of Rights in our constitution or the Magna Carta which is was based on to protect people from tyrants.. People are so clueless about history.
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 15 hari yang lalu
BS as USUAL. Eugene just doesn't know how to tell the truth.
Jaymie Mason
Jaymie Mason 15 hari yang lalu
She dont even look like a human being
dannafe 15 hari yang lalu
Don't _any_ of you fools know what the 'America First' movement of the 1940's originally was?
tudorjason 15 hari yang lalu
Hopefully now everyone realizes what a racist karen MTG is.
Micah Rafferty
Micah Rafferty 15 hari yang lalu
Who is donating to her? She is on no committees and can have no effect on legislation. She is a Congressional troll--that's who gets GOP money1
JC 15 hari yang lalu
bona fide "looney" .... self-entitled racist (very dangerous)
Cree Akana
Cree Akana 15 hari yang lalu
Marjorie? I think it looks more like a "Marvin" than a Marjorie? Look at it really good! shes wearing a pritty good disguise? Thats ALL MAN right their!!!!!
Pete West
Pete West 15 hari yang lalu
The cracks are getting larger and larger with the racist, ignorant Republican wing known as Trumpers. I believe these new age Nazi’s along with the Trump family will be fully nuked by the end of 2024.
Orion Belter
Orion Belter 15 hari yang lalu
Watch out, these people don't lose gracefully.
Google User
Google User 15 hari yang lalu
is she trans? she looks like a man, look at her neck and face.
rick benny
rick benny 15 hari yang lalu
She's an absolute joke.
Mathy Don
Mathy Don 15 hari yang lalu
the "Anglo-Saxon" stuff harkens back to when Polish and Italians and Irish weren't considered "White"... The Republiklan is really desperate to shrink their ranks
Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett 15 hari yang lalu
The disturbing link between Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene Here's a visual: Greene Hitler Carlson
Casey F
Casey F 15 hari yang lalu
I swear to god, she looks like Shock from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
Suzanna Robinson
Suzanna Robinson 14 hari yang lalu
Its not nice of me to say, but she looks very masculine.
Grand Slamwich
Grand Slamwich 15 hari yang lalu
Hmmm, a literal fucking Nazi, can’t even exaggerate this.
Michael Slaney
Michael Slaney 15 hari yang lalu
Just another ugly politician
John Murray
John Murray 15 hari yang lalu
The so called “ Republican Party” has morphed so much through initially the Tea Party and now Greene, Trump, Desantis, Gaetz, etc that it no longer stands for the same values it once did. Either the GOP has to rid itself of these bigoted imposters or start a new party .
micheal shawn
micheal shawn 15 hari yang lalu
When are these career Politician's in Washington going to do away with the Federal slave TAX that keeps the poor in chains. While career politician's fly around in their own privet jets and live in multi million dollar mansions.
Jerseythedog 15 hari yang lalu
These dummies saw nothing wrong with this until now.
F&M 15 hari yang lalu
Bigotry, and political intolerance ultimately will bring this country down. If the trend doesn’t stop. Period.
Kenjionigod 15 hari yang lalu
Bruh, she needs to be thrown out of office with that bullshit. Along with everyone else that would have been on board
Randy Andrew
Randy Andrew 15 hari yang lalu
Hey Marjorie I've got some lunch for you it's in the back far corner of my yard it's a pile of my feces with undigested corn kiblets in it so when you get hungry you know where it is
Anthony Ellis Âû
Anthony Ellis Âû 15 hari yang lalu
"The only person who expressed any interest or enthusiasm about this was Representative Matt Gaetz." ~Wow
Lance R.
Lance R. 15 hari yang lalu
Greene has raised more money than any other Rookie congressman? Don't you get it, it shows just how many people are hate filled, racists in this country and are ready for another civil war.
BK VJ 15 hari yang lalu
Yeah real American donate to her!! Because they know the truth, not this biased ass media owned by the CCP and Israel
Kenzel Cold
Kenzel Cold 15 hari yang lalu
One way or another this evil must be dealt with.
Lord Of Linux
Lord Of Linux 15 hari yang lalu
Hey corporate owned CNN, why don't you quit tripping over yourself trying to fumble a position of logic coming from the right when it comes to this issue and race in general?
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