Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go (Official Video)

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Get the extended edition of my debut album 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent' here: lewiscapaldi.lnk.to/DUTAHE_Repack
Listen to the “Before You Go” EP here:

Tickets: tickets.lewiscapaldi.com
Directed by: Kyle Thrash
Produced by: Stephen Buchanan and Krista Worby
DP: Frank Mobilio
Sasha Lane
Cypress Hayunga
Jack Luceno
Romey Morello
Production company: More Media

I fell by the wayside like everyone else
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you but I was just kidding myself
Our every moment I start to replace‘
Cos now that they’re gone all I hear are the words that I needed to say
When you hurt under the surface
Like troubled water running cold
Well time can heal but this won’t
So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make your heart beat better
If only I’d have known you had a storm to weather
So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make it all stop hurting
It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless oh
Before you go
Was never the right time whenever you called
Went little by little by little until there was nothing at all
Our every moment I start to replay but all I can think about is seeing that look on your face
When you hurt under the surface
Like troubled water running cold
Well time can heal but this won’t
So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make your heart beat better
If only I’d have known you had a storm to weather
So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make it all stop hurting
It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless oh
Before you go
Would we be better off by now
If I’d have let my walls come down
Maybe I guess we’ll never know
You know, you know
Before you go, was there something I could have said to make your heart beat better
If only I’d have known you had a storm to weather
So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make it all stop hurting
It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless oh
Before you go
Music video by Lewis Capaldi performing Before You Go. © 2020 Universal Music GmbH

DysFUNctional Family Values
DysFUNctional Family Values 19 menit yang lalu
My cat died a few years ago.
Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson 21 menit yang lalu
Who knew he was actully british
Edilma Reyes
Edilma Reyes Jam Yang lalu
Esta canción me hace bien cuando estoy depresiva :') Gracias Lewis🤧❤
Sachi Rodrigo
Sachi Rodrigo 2 jam yang lalu
I didn't feel this as a love song hence I haven't fall for so called love. When I saw this song in a fmv for KimJongHyung ine of the late Korean singers, I felt these words as if someone telling about his or her burdens to himself or to herself. As if I'm telling myself before my soul go I'm questioning myself was there something i could've to to make my own heart beat better. I know this is merely a one perspective with no initial connection with the original song and its meaning. But for me I felt these lines as such for that I'm grateful to hear these words ❣
DaNiya Crowder
DaNiya Crowder 3 jam yang lalu
I cried because my grandma dead
dom dom
dom dom 4 jam yang lalu
This song means a lot to me bc this is my nans song who died from suicide 😔
IseegAayIclick 5 jam yang lalu
when you're already crying and you come here to cry more
Victor Chachal
Victor Chachal 5 jam yang lalu
yağmur 6 jam yang lalu
Those who are tired of life but do not want to die:
『Gacha』 『。Moon。』
『Gacha』 『。Moon。』 6 jam yang lalu
You are better all singers. ‘Cause, you are a feeling{😁😅😂😊🥰😚😋🤪🤨🤩🥳😔😣😫🥺😢😤😡😳😱🤗🤔🤭🤫🤥😶😑😬🙄😯😴🤤😵🥴🤢🤧😷🤒🤕}
Bartosz De
Bartosz De 6 jam yang lalu
My fiancee left me 11 months ago. I miss her very much..
sniper lauren gaming
sniper lauren gaming 7 jam yang lalu
Little girl: what’s on your arm? me: they’re battle scars. little girl: you fought in a war? me: yeah. a long and hard one. little girl: that’s so cool! can i get one? me: no. please do not ever get any. but i’ll tell you what. whenever you see someone else with battle scars, i want you to hug them. okay? can you promise me? little girl: yes. i promise. a few days later we went on a short shopping spree. suddenly the little girl let go of my hand and ran up to another random teenager teen: why are you hugging me? little girl: because.. (*points*) you have battle scars just like my babysitter. the teen looked up at me, and i rolled up my sleeves to show her. with tears in her eyes, she said one thing to me.. teen: my war is far from being finished right now, but i am not done fighting. she bends down at eye level with the little girl teen: thanks for giving me the strength to keep . you are forever my war hero.
Danielle Pantoja
Danielle Pantoja 7 jam yang lalu
hannah nageeb
hannah nageeb 8 jam yang lalu
Try making people happy is a good thing but atlast u should always think for urself
A.D. Mariano
A.D. Mariano 8 jam yang lalu
I think this kind of hits us with the message that people can be dealing with awful things we have no clue about, so we have to always try to be kind, no matter what. The deeper message though is that sometimes there can be absolutely no clues, so we have to be sure to let people know we're going to be there if they have something they're dealing with and need love or help.
Badou Marika
Badou Marika 8 jam yang lalu
someone loved is.better
Bella 8 jam yang lalu
I’m so mad because I came up with the PERFECT choreography to this song but I don’t dance😭😭😭
Gabriela Bautista
Gabriela Bautista 9 jam yang lalu
Best song ever
Foodhunters 9 jam yang lalu
U are stronger than u think u are ✨ Don't end your life, no matter what 💞
Fíona Kral Soler
Fíona Kral Soler 10 jam yang lalu
No entiendo x q pero siempre q escucho esta canción me salen lágrimas ;'')
Amelia Giraldo
Amelia Giraldo 10 jam yang lalu
Very Good 👍👍👍
Naureen Gonzalez
Naureen Gonzalez 10 jam yang lalu
no sigas bajando el comentario que buscas en español esta aquí denada uwu
Las locuras de Eliianna
Las locuras de Eliianna 10 jam yang lalu
Probablemente nadie sepa español por que está música es en ingles pero la busque demasiado y si DEMASIADO!!! Y al fin la encontré la amooo💜💜💜
Stesinhaa Oliveira
Stesinhaa Oliveira 11 jam yang lalu
Sébastien Bagot
Sébastien Bagot 11 jam yang lalu
be for you its beautiful
Arthur Toribio
Arthur Toribio 13 jam yang lalu
In the last minute, I felt an The Amity Affliction tuch.
Liana Villariny-Gegan
Liana Villariny-Gegan 14 jam yang lalu
If your reading this and hurting you can fight through it never take your life it will get better worry about those who love you and talk to them before it’s too late
Pol Sorribas Mateos
Pol Sorribas Mateos 14 jam yang lalu
I just literally put "oooooo yo go" in the searcher
Lauren O beirne
Lauren O beirne 14 jam yang lalu
Normally I cry at this song because it reminds me of my dog that died but for some reason I can’t cry at this song any more and I don’t know why
Muhd Idham
Muhd Idham 15 jam yang lalu
When he say *before you go* i felt that
THE ASCENSION 15 jam yang lalu
secret smile
secret smile 16 jam yang lalu
Spend your time to the happy time not to the sadness time❤️ just love💕 and that's life!
brain mind
brain mind 18 jam yang lalu
I have to survive even you are not love me
Joanna Burke
Joanna Burke 18 jam yang lalu
My brother took his own life.This song hits hard
Ansh Mani Tripathi
Ansh Mani Tripathi 18 jam yang lalu
The girl in this song im pretty sure ive seen her in Utopia
Pranali Dhuri
Pranali Dhuri 19 jam yang lalu
I love how strangers in a comment section understand me more than anyone. Makes me feel whatever we go through we are never alone. I love you all for being so kind so wonderful you deserve the world you are worth it
Plachinsky harel
Plachinsky harel 19 jam yang lalu
Md Jayed Chowdhury
Md Jayed Chowdhury 21 jam yang lalu
This song deserves more views..
aryanie velasquez
aryanie velasquez 22 jam yang lalu
Quién al escuchar esto solo se acuerdan de "Silviaaaaaa" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nadifh Satritama
Nadifh Satritama 23 jam yang lalu
Ransacked Potatos
Ransacked Potatos Hari Yang lalu
This is my favorite song in the world.
Arnulfo Villaseñor G.
Arnulfo Villaseñor G. Hari Yang lalu
There is only one thing missing to make the video perfect. Message to prevent people from hearting them self and names of places to go :/
Cookie DTW
Cookie DTW Hari Yang lalu
I hope no one read this, but I lost a great friend of mine, by suicide, it's been two months, I alredy have done therapy, I'm fine now, but It's strange remember the times we have toguether, It seems like, nothing was real, she used to like strawberries with chocolate, a taste that I don't want to try, I still having pain, but It's a lot like, anger, I wrote this in january 25, she will be doing 18, in february 3, I was planning give her a bouquet of flowers, and singin beatles, but, I never could give goodbye, I have done hypnotherapy, helped me a lot, and the "hypnotherapy" give me a "false memory" of us throwing water on each other in the beach, the best memory I had, don't really exists, sorry for my poor english, I hope you understand my pain, I will do a music about this, hopefully I post on this channel.
RPG CH Hari Yang lalu
xGooDx Hari Yang lalu
ta re cheto pa
Harleigh Reichart
Harleigh Reichart Hari Yang lalu
Someone you loved and this song makes me literally 🔥 cry in happiness like now...
Dawid Pilipczuk
Dawid Pilipczuk Hari Yang lalu
•Michelle Torres•
•Michelle Torres• Hari Yang lalu
Ayer se estrenó la canción... Pero hace 1 año
Anabella Stefa
Anabella Stefa Hari Yang lalu
I fell by the wayside, like everyone else I hate you, I hate you, I hate you But I was just kidding myself Our every moment, I start to replace 'Cause now that they're gone All I hear are the words that I needed to say When you hurt under the surface Like troubled water running cold Well, time can heal but this won't So, before you go Was there something I could've said To make your heartbeat better? If only I'd have known you had a storm to weather So, before you go Was there something I could've said To make it all stop hurting? It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless So, before you go Was never the right time, whenever you called Went little, by little, by little until there was nothing at all Our every moment, I start to replay But all I… More. Me I LOVE THIS SONG
sheila luna Haedo
sheila luna Haedo Hari Yang lalu
hay que hermosa cansion ..........
Jack Magera
Jack Magera Hari Yang lalu
Think about it this way, the story tries to make you think that the boyfriend/husband is facing depression, when it's actually the female/mother at the end in the picture. It wants you to know that what's on the inside isn't always shown on the outside, that what people may feel they can hide it easily. (Stay safe, enjoy life and remember suicide is never an option but getting help is) We all love you! Thanks for reading
Emily Loios
Emily Loios Hari Yang lalu
Wait do you know what I smell....................CAP
logic clan
logic clan Hari Yang lalu
i swear the power in his voice is amazing
Love this sooo bad
Carlos Andres Quinchoa
Carlos Andres Quinchoa Hari Yang lalu
La amoo:3
Rian Hidayat
Rian Hidayat Hari Yang lalu
I wish u never go
Fabiana Silva
Fabiana Silva Hari Yang lalu
Qual o nome desse filme?
Lea Lane
Lea Lane Hari Yang lalu
Chad, I'm so sorry. I should have been there. I miss you.
Bung Pebam
Bung Pebam Hari Yang lalu
This song just made me cry
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Hari Yang lalu
This guy’s voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Do the world a favor and stop the noise pollution please.
Yazmin Tafolla-Chapin
Yazmin Tafolla-Chapin Hari Yang lalu
no one
no one Hari Yang lalu
Hi, I'm only 16 years old and I'm in a kind of difficult life period. So that's how I am in a rather confusing time for me. And I'm trying to please my mom but it's just too hard. I have a friend I talk to about my problems only this time he has no solution. And this time I thought seriously about committing suicide. I always thought the song was talking about me, but when I read the comments that people here write I felt strongly again that I was ready to fight back, and do everything to get rid of it. So please from you a person who is thinking about committing suicide think again because surely there is someone who loves you and if not then I love you even though I have no idea who you are! Always stay strong and never give up. And thank you people who write in the comments you saved me !
Erica Brown
Erica Brown 17 menit yang lalu
Pat Mcdonagh
Pat Mcdonagh 4 jam yang lalu
Stay strong fight on .it gets hard sometimes for us all but thats growing up for ya.someone told me you learn nothing on a good day its the tuff days you learn something .tell someone face to face how you feel .exercise.play music. .ask god to help you .your having a break trough not a break down your going to be ok
F4 Siblings F4 Siblings
F4 Siblings F4 Siblings 13 jam yang lalu
I love u❤️
Inés Gómez
Inés Gómez 13 jam yang lalu
its getting really dificult but i'll try
Mnor 16 jam yang lalu
❤️❤️❤️😩I love you from the Arab world
Cristian Mazilu
Cristian Mazilu Hari Yang lalu
The song would have been extraordinary if simply weren't there those stupid fragments of repeating!!! Dude, when you listen those passages, it gives you the stupid feeling of a broken CD, it's very, but very IRRITATING!!! I have to be sincere, everytime I hear this song on the radio, the next second I change the radio station, because it makes me nervous. Sorry, but for me, the effect was this one...
fidel valenzuela のッ
fidel valenzuela のッ Hari Yang lalu
si...soy un latino....al que le gusta las canciones en ingles y en ruso xd...por eso no tengo novia xd
Naeem Zainuddin
Naeem Zainuddin Hari Yang lalu
S. M
S. M Hari Yang lalu
The name of this movie please 🙏
Vibhu Hari Yang lalu
He likes to give heartaches to people.
Romelyn Espiritu
Romelyn Espiritu Hari Yang lalu
felt like this deserves to be played in lake and kim's airport scene
Je2021 Afonso
Je2021 Afonso Hari Yang lalu
I really love this song...
Tan Tra
Tan Tra Hari Yang lalu
i love u .
Side Face
Side Face Hari Yang lalu
When you Heard under the (ad pops up) Me:Ffffffff
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar Hari Yang lalu
That little... tiny detail at the end... That packs a punch.
BoltXZap Hari Yang lalu
this song is so good i just cry
Ellis krea kanal
Ellis krea kanal Hari Yang lalu
I love music
ONESHOT EXE.999 Hari Yang lalu
If you are watching this in January 2021 you r a legend
Cheshire Lee
Cheshire Lee Hari Yang lalu
뮤비 미쳤냐... ㅠ
Leonardo Miranda
Leonardo Miranda Hari Yang lalu
"The suicide is not the way. That will not stop the pain". It's true. But don't believe this 'cause other said that. Ask you this: Can I do this to my family? Or to specific, can I do this to me? Your family miss u. Your pet, this little (o big) piece of joy will miss you.Can you, really, do this to your little pet, that piece of love, by your pain, to end that? I only said one thig: "you can be better. You can change. I did". The most important path that someone can do is the NEXT. Yea... you will death, but why do to speed? Enjoy your life, learn of the bad times. Be better the next time. Do better the next path. *Life before death. Strengest before weakness. Journey before destination* Pd. Forgive my english.
Ashwika Biju
Ashwika Biju 2 hari yang lalu
ittt really hurtss my inner soull @$#
Chloe Bang
Chloe Bang 2 hari yang lalu
everyone say it with me: he is the king of making sad love songs.
Kitty G
Kitty G 2 hari yang lalu
Who else is crying
Jerry Michaud
Jerry Michaud 2 hari yang lalu
Jerry michaud boy 23
yolaine mota
yolaine mota 2 hari yang lalu
I loved this song the first time I saw it it cool and so cute and beautiful🥺
yolaine mota
yolaine mota 2 hari yang lalu
This song I heard it on the car now I search for it in my phone
João Victor Araujo
João Victor Araujo 2 hari yang lalu
sooou mi fario gooou skkkksksksk meme quem de 2021
Chloe Whiting
Chloe Whiting 2 hari yang lalu
i love this song but its just so sad
Imelda Joyce
Imelda Joyce 2 hari yang lalu
This song reminds me of my grampa he past away from canser
Zom Zom
Zom Zom 2 hari yang lalu
2021 ?😓
Underfell Chara Playz
Underfell Chara Playz 2 hari yang lalu
This song Played As My Dog Died :(
logic clan
logic clan Hari Yang lalu
Im sorry for your loss i hope you feel better soon
Min Bloop Gi
Min Bloop Gi 2 hari yang lalu
I never understood the lyrics until my online bff commited suicide this morning at 00 : 19 and i replied too late... I feel so guilty for it because i couldve stopped her.... Thats the worst part to me...
Mathias Gr.
Mathias Gr. 4 jam yang lalu
Stop fishing for likes and attention.
Crystal Helena.
Crystal Helena. 4 jam yang lalu
im so so sorry, its not your fault, you didnt know, you have to live for her and for u, she always will be with you, in your heart. stay strong, send u a lot of hugs.
Bella 8 jam yang lalu
Oh my gosh I’m so so sorry. I’m here if you need to talk .❤️❤️
Anderson De Souza
Anderson De Souza 2 hari yang lalu
Lovely song
Paula Lomahaptewa
Paula Lomahaptewa 2 hari yang lalu
I love you Seth and Meghan.
Belen Fernandez
Belen Fernandez 2 hari yang lalu
This song reminds me about my grandpa that died due to cancer. But he died 3 days after I was born I was born in 2007 and we are in 2021 long time MISSSSSSSSS EM so fucking much 😘😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💓
Claudia Jocelyn Romero Altamirano
Claudia Jocelyn Romero Altamirano 2 hari yang lalu
Before you go..!!!
BOOM BOOM 2 hari yang lalu
The Jevi
The Jevi 2 hari yang lalu
This guy and Ed Sheeran have to collaborate on an absolute heart wrencher. Make grown men cry.
xhoi joy
xhoi joy 2 hari yang lalu
I- 😔
Joseph Profaci, Jr.
Joseph Profaci, Jr. 2 hari yang lalu
Mutyaba Para
Mutyaba Para 2 hari yang lalu
This is a kind of songs you listen we your lose someone you love
•Asahi’s•HandBand• 2 hari yang lalu
I sing this all the time
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