JET ENGINE CANOE! (World's Fastest!)

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We put two jet engines on the back of our canoe. Then we took it out for a rip der bud.
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0:00 Teaser
0:25 Intro
1:00 You need two things
1:25 Build time!
3:47 Learn How To Make DIY Projects!
5:07 Mounting jets
6:36 Test fire!
7:12 First test on water
8:26 Building the keels
11:15 Canadian Pride
11:33 The final test
13:40 Outro
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Joe Hanson
Joe Hanson 2 jam yang lalu
It needs a plate on the back to adjust the trim of the canoe , hinged once canoe is going it keeps the canoe flat instead of back in going down.
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper Hari Yang lalu
Get some foils on that puppy
R Marsh
R Marsh Hari Yang lalu
That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen.
Devil's Offspring
Devil's Offspring Hari Yang lalu
Twin engines definitely improve combat surviveability. Instead of Canada wasting tens of billions on F-35 fighter jets, this is what we need! When the terrorists invade Canada, they're gonna be greeted with great big ol' can of whoopass!
Tariq El Ageli
Tariq El Ageli Hari Yang lalu
Hum... I thought I heard something at my local lake... MOM!!! jet canoe look!
Eric W
Eric W 3 hari yang lalu
Its made of graphite!
Two Bear
Two Bear 3 hari yang lalu
bugatti314159 Hari Yang lalu
Mike Marino
Mike Marino 4 hari yang lalu
Make the thrust come out under the canoe it will haul ass
Vinko Franicic
Vinko Franicic 5 hari yang lalu
Colin fur... who?
SmokeyPillow 7 hari yang lalu
A lead pencil! Pretty dangerous!
Liam Croy
Liam Croy 7 hari yang lalu
it is a small speed boat
lmlmanonfire13 7 hari yang lalu
Get on plane!!
astrolover 95
astrolover 95 7 hari yang lalu
J-et + can-OE Let's call it JOE.
Nasir Ntege
Nasir Ntege 9 hari yang lalu
Wow This was on my Birthday, and I also live in Canada and this video is so calming. Well........ at least the beginning was calming. But now it’s exiting.
LolJewfish 11 hari yang lalu
rudder, hydrofoil, sit further towards the front and change pitch of the jets. hydro's to help help stability, rudder for steering and sitting forwards to change the center of balance to get on the plane and not be top end high.
Jon T
Jon T 12 hari yang lalu
instead of a canoe,why dont u use a catamaran design?
James Beatty
James Beatty 13 hari yang lalu
This reminds me of those drag boats in Thailand.
Suge212 15 hari yang lalu
That flat bottom is causing a lot of drag.
Flying Ryan - Drone Videos
Flying Ryan - Drone Videos 16 hari yang lalu
a sand bag in the front would of did it !!!
Nils-Bendik Mogan Olsen
Nils-Bendik Mogan Olsen 16 hari yang lalu
Did he realy need the computer to cut a pice of wood, or was it a joke?
Roch Boulanger
Roch Boulanger 18 hari yang lalu
Would have went twice as fast with a sand bag in the front.
Z Ack
Z Ack 20 hari yang lalu
Its the perfect anti-fisherman craft.. that thing gets anywhere near a fiserman, their gonna have a bad day..
AY4real101 21 hari yang lalu
wasting fuel for views
John Do
John Do 24 hari yang lalu
hahahahahahahaha awwww that was awesome. I was in stiches!!!!!
the backwards roofer
the backwards roofer 25 hari yang lalu
Sit in the front it needs waits
the backwards roofer
the backwards roofer 25 hari yang lalu
Put some on in the front
Amanda Salandy
Amanda Salandy 25 hari yang lalu
u just made a boat but still loved the vid
Addison Huy
Addison Huy 25 hari yang lalu
Nice to see such an awesome canoe in Canada.
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers 26 hari yang lalu
Try moving the jets back and a slight down pointing. Lift the stern gain control and a bit of ballast in the bow.
Simon Loughton
Simon Loughton 26 hari yang lalu
An adjustable horizontal forward mounted airfoil,maybe.
Jwayne Donkson
Jwayne Donkson 27 hari yang lalu
I think if you guys custom design a canoe or small boat that wont come up nearly as much and put some more powerful jet engines on it you can take the fun you had here and really go nuts.
CIA 27 hari yang lalu
I'm pretty sure that finding a way to mount the keels on ur jet engine canoe isn't a nineteenth century problem.
Cauê Corrêa da Silva
Cauê Corrêa da Silva 27 hari yang lalu
just put someone sitting in the front
Super Vaiski
Super Vaiski 28 hari yang lalu
would go like 100 km/h if you could drive
Charles 28 hari yang lalu
Canadians... Lean forward!
Cameron Carlyle
Cameron Carlyle 28 hari yang lalu
You should put a big foil or what every it is called on it
Siggy Retburns
Siggy Retburns 29 hari yang lalu
The problem is in the hull. Its too narrow for the water displacement Your best bet is to start over and use a dingy. Or something with one hull and a transom. It might start off plowing, but when it gets upto speed and levels off, its gonna haul ass. And try displacing some of the weight towards the bow.
Randal Parks
Randal Parks 29 hari yang lalu
You silly Canuckleheads, if you just move the driver's position forward a bit (like, 1m), that will bring the CG forward and you're less apt to swamp the canoe!
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 29 hari yang lalu
need to make thanos sword
Byron Scott l MTB YouTuber
Byron Scott l MTB YouTuber 29 hari yang lalu
put some weight in the bow
dieselwelds 29 hari yang lalu
Dude turn that canoe into a hydrofoil!
cLimber 29 hari yang lalu
hey man, sit in the front
Nick OConnor
Nick OConnor 29 hari yang lalu
Why not just exten the controls and sit in the front....these are the smartest dumbasses on YouTUBE?
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 29 hari yang lalu
Because if it hydroplaned, it would likely crash. $10k worth of jetengines destroyed immediately.
Bandit Quest
Bandit Quest 29 hari yang lalu
If he moved his body weight forward and flattened the canoe on the waters surface, the Canoe could get up on a plain and his speed would triple as the canoe slid over the surface of the water.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 29 hari yang lalu
And crash
lightningjet 29 hari yang lalu
Canoe's are not meant to go on plan pick a different hull i think you will b surprised
Waker Upper
Waker Upper 29 hari yang lalu
Now that’s Canadian!
flips dchannel
flips dchannel Bulan Yang lalu
13:48 the next is a submarine
thriftymeatpatty Bulan Yang lalu
It would be far more impressive if the engines weren't trying to do the equivalent of pushing Rosie's ass through the water fat-ways.
Margaret White
Margaret White Bulan Yang lalu
Dr. Pogger
Dr. Pogger Bulan Yang lalu
Clayton Binder
Clayton Binder Bulan Yang lalu
It need more weight in the front so it doesn't have to dig through the water so much, it can glide on top.
nightmare Bulan Yang lalu
Make a scuba suit with ai in the mask/helmet
mrsillyclips Bulan Yang lalu
jet engine surf board
Jim Bort
Jim Bort Bulan Yang lalu
love it
brady moritz
brady moritz Bulan Yang lalu
sit further in the front of the boat, but it likely wont be enough as the shape of the canoe hull is tapered in the back and not meant to get up on plane.
Calvin Brodhead
Calvin Brodhead Bulan Yang lalu
Just put a couple cinder blocks in the bow and bring the bow down. You guys are brilliant but you have no idea how to run a boat! Truly love the content and the channel. Vessel that runs flat is a vessel that runs fast. Run a lot of power boats down here in Florida. Keep them flat and keep them on top
Calvin Brodhead
Calvin Brodhead Bulan Yang lalu
You need a longer throttle handle so you can sit farther forward in the vessel. That'll bring the bow down and increase speed. Call that weight in the back on a canoe doesn't do any good. Awesome project love you guys
Fu Dog Whisperer
Fu Dog Whisperer Bulan Yang lalu
put some sand bags in the bow of the canoe.
marineimaging Bulan Yang lalu
Square stern boat made in the old racing style from 1/4 inch ply and redwood frames. 100mph or nothing!
John Lundgren
John Lundgren Bulan Yang lalu
I've been around all kinds of boats and get rid of the outriggers. But if you really want to go faster why not a little bit of ballast up front you are wanting to get the bow down Also put the driver in the middle of the canoe. By the way where did you find those small jet engines?.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries Bulan Yang lalu
They cost 10k. Didn't want to weigh the boat down in the front because a canoe would be unstable on plane
Scott Gressitt
Scott Gressitt Bulan Yang lalu
simply change the thrust vector of the jets to pitch the canoe level so that it can plane.
karl p
karl p Bulan Yang lalu
your too far back get forward more will go heaps faster bro
Dominic Glenn
Dominic Glenn Bulan Yang lalu
How do i join I would love to I'm a very creative engineer
kadmow Bulan Yang lalu
Why didn't the intrepid jet canoeist (er??) just sit in the front seat - extend the steering handle - much better "attutude" for high speed.. ??
Alexander Chokourov
Alexander Chokourov Bulan Yang lalu
It's hydrodynamics instead of waterdynamics
3DPDK Bulan Yang lalu
So any 12 year old that runs his daddy's 16 ft john boat would know; shift your own weight further forward in the boat. A 16ft canoe can only go *roughly* 3 MPH in "displacement" mode (look up "theoretical hull speed"). To go faster, the hull must "plane" out on the surface of the water. By moving the rider's weight forward it disperses the weight evenly over the entire bottom of the hull and so takes less speed to create the upward planing lift. By the way, the part you 3D printed in boat building is called a "skeg". They are used on hydroplane boats and surf boards and should be located either on the center line of the boat if only one, or symmetrically either side of the center line if more than one, and about 2/3 to 3/4 of the length from the bow, and for this canoe should be about 1/4 the size that you made. A skeg's purpose is to prevent "side slipping" or "yaw". In reality a canoe hull is designed to be an efficient displacement hull and is not really good at planing ... .... but a flat bottomed hydroplane is ... and there is a class of "mini" hydroplane .... ! How industrious are you guys? A jet powered hydroplane isn't unique, but a jet powered mini-hydroplane would be. Finally; the science of boat planing is not strictly hydrodynamics. It includes aspects of aerodynamics as well.
Tommy Jackson
Tommy Jackson Bulan Yang lalu
George boy is smart enough to move his weight forward to balance the boat !!!
Colin Donoghue
Colin Donoghue Bulan Yang lalu
Hydroplane rocket canoe!!
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller Bulan Yang lalu
Needs hydrofoils
grover casey
grover casey Bulan Yang lalu
He just needed to go faster and let his keel on step all boats do this
Joshua Sterling
Joshua Sterling Bulan Yang lalu
I would Gyro mount the jets with +-30 degrees, that way they are always level and you could use big servos to get it done.
Gene Bunt
Gene Bunt Bulan Yang lalu
Jet Engines the best!
Gregg Clarke-Lusk
Gregg Clarke-Lusk Bulan Yang lalu
Only in Canada would someone think of this. Lol
Sig Bulan Yang lalu
Water dynamics, also known as hydrodynamics 😁👍
Michael Wilder
Michael Wilder Bulan Yang lalu
Would have been way cooler if you used a jet from a jet ski
Da Bassmann
Da Bassmann Bulan Yang lalu
Ride with a Friend who sits in the front. More speed, and he can hold your beer while being scared to death
Robert Hachten
Robert Hachten Bulan Yang lalu
change the pitch of the motors & put some ballast in the nose of the boat. If you can get it up on plane, she should scoot...
Robert Hachten
Robert Hachten Bulan Yang lalu
A keel is actually part of the hull.... i believe rudder is what you were looking for.....
Daniel Landers
Daniel Landers Bulan Yang lalu
Hey man try sitting closer to the front n lengthening ure tiller handle an if u had a way to aim them up or dwn that would help tremendously
Douglas Hendriksen
Douglas Hendriksen Bulan Yang lalu
"How old is pencil"
ziv Bulan Yang lalu
Ah yes, an important engineering lesson: Don't go on vacation.
cool human 2008
cool human 2008 Bulan Yang lalu
now let's see a jet powered moose
Ashura D.
Ashura D. Bulan Yang lalu
Alex Toader
Alex Toader Bulan Yang lalu
You should just steer the boat in a traditional way - some sort of helm - no need to steer the engine. Hurts my eyes..
ShopsmithVsEvil Bulan Yang lalu
This is awesome but you're seriously missing out on some top end speed with the draft angle you've got. Might I suggest some wedges in between the jet mounting plate and the gunwales such that the jets are angled downward instead of parallel with the keel? That should bring the bow down so you cruise more level relative to the water. As an added bonus, having more of your keel in the drink should greatly improve stability at those higher speeds.
Stephen kazi MacMaster
Stephen kazi MacMaster Bulan Yang lalu
You need a little more weight in the front of the boat, and if I were you I would go ahead and just invest in building a hydroplane hydrofoil for it, and mounted about the middle of the boat maybe a little past midnight about 72% pass midpoint
Lewis Wereb
Lewis Wereb Bulan Yang lalu
If the Indians had these, we'd all be speaking Apache!
Lewis Wereb
Lewis Wereb Bulan Yang lalu
Put an adjustable aileron on the bow of the canoe,perpendicular to the long axis, and it should hold the bow down at higher speeds.
TrAvy_K_Malllo Bulan Yang lalu
All they had to do to make this better was sit further up in the canoe
chad limestall
chad limestall Bulan Yang lalu
Final test worse than 1st test?
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Bulan Yang lalu
All you need is about a 40 pound weight in the nose. A car battery
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Bulan Yang lalu
Oohhh Cannit Duuuhh
Margie Mouse
Margie Mouse Bulan Yang lalu
Need to build hyrofoils for it
KronosProGaming Bulan Yang lalu
This is very Canadian lol! I love it!
The Nightmare Before you
The Nightmare Before you Bulan Yang lalu
Pencil is not made from lead it’s made from graphite
The Nightmare Before you
The Nightmare Before you Bulan Yang lalu
U cld just use the paddle to turn. Just stick it in the water on the side u want to turn
Brother Django Dakota
Brother Django Dakota Bulan Yang lalu
If Colin Fruse had chill.
Don Maples
Don Maples Bulan Yang lalu
Good afternoon this is my first time ever commenting on IDpost tavatation is the problem you need to put a plate on the canoe so it can push back on the water it could be installed behind the engines level with the bottom of the canoe if you make it hinge slightly you can counter react the depression of the water align to push the nose of the canoe back down my name is Don God bless and thank you always for your content
Thomas Halley
Thomas Halley Bulan Yang lalu
Use cable linkage system so you can steer from the front so it stays in the water better. I have to bring weights if I solo canoe because the front is to far out of the water. The angle might be right for the jets cause you would probably wont the front to raise slightly when on full power.
bryant B
bryant B Bulan Yang lalu
Plz plz plz revisit could def could improve
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