Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson Via Second-Round Knockout (FULL FIGHT)

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Jake Paul

Jake Paul

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I told you.
Park South Freestyle Ft. Mike Tyson idpost.info/clone/video/osPZsNqWjp7Sz9I
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Ion care
Ion care 39 menit yang lalu
All they doing is hugging
THE KING 39 menit yang lalu
^😧Tal vez todos me ignoren😕 pero escribo, con la esperanza de que alguien de buen corazón lo leera mi sueño es ser IDpostr👑❤ todos sé burlan de mi por ser MANCO😣 trabajo en esforzarme pero no puedo😕si quieres ayudarme a cumplir mi sueño se parte con seguirme porfa❤🍀^
theo wainwright
theo wainwright 39 menit yang lalu
really titled the video the result 🤦‍♂️
xxl skies
xxl skies 39 menit yang lalu
jake fighting mike tyson
نور القرآن
نور القرآن 39 menit yang lalu
انا اعلم ان 99 ٪ سيتجاهلون تعليقي ورغم ذالك سأحاول وأحاول بفضل الله وقدرته ثم بفضلكم ودعمكم، ان أنشر القرآن الكريم و الإسلام طوعا، لعل الله سبحانه وتعالى ان يُصخر لنا عبادًا يُحبهم و يُحبونه ويدعمون اهل القرآن. فلا تبخلو علينا ولو بدعاء ♥ اللهم اعز الإسلام والمسلمين ♥
Judge Grimrod
Judge Grimrod 39 menit yang lalu
The music is just horrible
Miss Daisha
Miss Daisha 39 menit yang lalu
I can’t seee the fight, the music is too loud ❗️Turn it down so I can focus lol
Ultra Superior
Ultra Superior 39 menit yang lalu
This dude legit did the worm wtf
Marcin Hibner
Marcin Hibner 39 menit yang lalu
Zcash❤️😊"Z" 💰🤑
ethanostorey 39 menit yang lalu
KSI is gonna fucking demolish Jake
Gabriel Loza
Gabriel Loza 39 menit yang lalu
im tryna watch the fight. turn off ya trash music in the background
Emerson Sorto
Emerson Sorto 39 menit yang lalu
Am in Seattle Washington but I still like jake pual
I don't know
I don't know 39 menit yang lalu
Prepare for the kSi HaS No cHaNcE Commets and also kSi iS sCaReD
Jay Billz
Jay Billz 39 menit yang lalu
Nate can't box! I see that early. This aint street MMA
Cliff Leatherby
Cliff Leatherby 39 menit yang lalu
I love hearing the punches land, but i cant hear'em cuz that music volume is cranked. Good music just wish i could hear the fight ya know
Alfredo Gonzalez
Alfredo Gonzalez 39 menit yang lalu
how do i mute his “song”
iamMaster 40 menit yang lalu
All I saw was two pretty best friends hugging 🤗
SweDishTard Gaming
SweDishTard Gaming 40 menit yang lalu
Looks more like a hugging contest.
yeetomasgito 40 menit yang lalu
I’m only here to see snoop dog
Jovann Pena
Jovann Pena 40 menit yang lalu
Dude got flattened by a dude who was on Disney Channel lmao
0000 0000
0000 0000 40 menit yang lalu
Cut the Fucking Music! Please! And Cut Snoop!
chalino sanchez
chalino sanchez 40 menit yang lalu
Theres a difference between a man who throws balls to a man that throws punches
Kadar Dew
Kadar Dew 40 menit yang lalu
I thought I had music playing in the back
Charlie 40 menit yang lalu
nate robinson logic: if I"m hurt, I gotta rush in because I need the knockout
Jim C
Jim C 40 menit yang lalu
Get rid of Snoop and the music next time
PrimusLogic_Gaming 40 menit yang lalu
why there is music in the background nobody want that it so annoying like i know is your song, but why dude
jxcobenas 40 menit yang lalu
what’s this garbage music playin in the back
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus 40 menit yang lalu
NATE can’t fight for us again 💯
Devour Sparks
Devour Sparks 40 menit yang lalu
Dragon Rai
Dragon Rai 40 menit yang lalu
Ez win. Nate just kept coming in to eat the overhand counter. But against some1 tht knows how to box JP is guna take the L
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 40 menit yang lalu
fred koblan
fred koblan 40 menit yang lalu
Lastnight my friend payed 50 dollars to watch the fight today it's free on youtube so I invited him over.
Ahvulon 41 menit yang lalu
Jay Leaf
Jay Leaf 41 menit yang lalu
Still waiting on that Soulja boy vs Jake Paul
Jacob Elwood
Jacob Elwood 41 menit yang lalu
get that trash music outta here
Ethan Healy
Ethan Healy 41 menit yang lalu
He dead
Greg whitehead
Greg whitehead 41 menit yang lalu
literally the most terrible fight I've ever seen.
Toren Mintern
Toren Mintern 41 menit yang lalu
They were mostly hugging lol
Sainik Ghosh
Sainik Ghosh 41 menit yang lalu
8:40 is prolly the part your looking for
Buddy 41 menit yang lalu
Lisa 41 menit yang lalu
Who all knew he was gonna win
Shane Wood
Shane Wood 41 menit yang lalu
Can take the shitty music off da fight
nelson swann
nelson swann 41 menit yang lalu
Lmfao who taught this man how to fight
404 name not found
404 name not found 41 menit yang lalu
They hug so much I think they be froends
Its Grinder
Its Grinder 41 menit yang lalu
Girl I actually said Jake Paul I am a big fan of you
yung diner
yung diner 41 menit yang lalu
losing to jake paul in a boxing match is worse than death
Cha Boii Luke
Cha Boii Luke 41 menit yang lalu
If Nate didn't clinch every 2 seconds, he wouldn't have lasted the first round
joshua sonier
joshua sonier 41 menit yang lalu
just nocked his ass out
Buddy 41 menit yang lalu
This gonna be the mean of the year
chalino sanchez
chalino sanchez 41 menit yang lalu
They might aswell of fucked
Zoe Blacer
Zoe Blacer 41 menit yang lalu
Ngl Nate seemed like he was high or drunk or sum bc he was always going in for a hug
gaming with pro dude123 4
gaming with pro dude123 4 41 menit yang lalu
Bro I left a message on the other vids but we beat on fights with Tyson so we beat u would win bc I watch your vids
Mukhtar Jibril
Mukhtar Jibril 41 menit yang lalu
Jalen Smith
Jalen Smith 42 menit yang lalu
Can we please have a moment of silence for Nate🙏🏿
Broadsidejohn 42 menit yang lalu
Can’t stand the rap noise. Too annoying.
Kareem SPX
Kareem SPX 42 menit yang lalu
8:48 *OH LAARWD* 😂😂😂
SlanginBricks23 *
SlanginBricks23 * 42 menit yang lalu
Nate Robinson wtf was that 😂😂😂 you trash 🗑
The Rock
The Rock 42 menit yang lalu
The music is so annoying omg 🙄
Prod. by BranMill
Prod. by BranMill 42 menit yang lalu
Lolll nate goes ko on his head literally ON HIS HEAD LMAO
Tonton Gipou
Tonton Gipou 42 menit yang lalu
Winzsz 42 menit yang lalu
You’ve improved since you fought Deji now fight someone with experience
Jayden Cope
Jayden Cope 42 menit yang lalu
lit_royson3 42 menit yang lalu
"Oahh laardd"
juan seven TV
juan seven TV 42 menit yang lalu
Nate got paid
JoshGen 42 menit yang lalu
I feel like we just experienced racism
Abdullah Abdullsh
Abdullah Abdullsh 42 menit yang lalu
Einfach gebähbät😂
Iori Hoang
Iori Hoang 42 menit yang lalu
Fucking garbage music in the background, other than that good performance by Jake.
James Osburn
James Osburn 42 menit yang lalu
Wtf is playing in the background
Little Bit of Everything
Little Bit of Everything 42 menit yang lalu
Good job Jake!
أمجد قاسم Parkour sport
أمجد قاسم Parkour sport 42 menit yang lalu
I am a Parkour player. 😻 I hope you will subscribe to my channel to post more videos for you💕💋❤ Thank you💪💝
Michael Simon
Michael Simon 43 menit yang lalu
This a joke or what the fuck I wanna see him fight the light weight guy that came too his house
James Gurung
James Gurung 43 menit yang lalu
If Nate had more fight iq he might of had a chance, but Good Fight Jake
Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke 43 menit yang lalu
Yikes, I’m an amateur and I’ve fought guys more impressive than Nate. He’s sooooo bad.
Enrique Villa
Enrique Villa 43 menit yang lalu
Garbage music makes it unwatchable
Kushy Punch214
Kushy Punch214 43 menit yang lalu
Nate Robinson ain’t invited to the cookout no moe
Mohammed Safdar
Mohammed Safdar 43 menit yang lalu
WTF.! BOTH OF THEM TRASH AFF. Y'all hyping this for nothing.🥴😵
Deuce Foster
Deuce Foster 43 menit yang lalu
jake paul trash still gtfoh
Young Vibez #_#
Young Vibez #_# 43 menit yang lalu
Jake cant fight he won't fight anyone that he knows is gonna win hes just like Mayweather
Aisha almohannadi
Aisha almohannadi 43 menit yang lalu
W-what I only didn’t watch a few videos than were here?!
Willie Craig
Willie Craig 43 menit yang lalu
Nate Robinson better hook with Warren g and regulate
jesse oppong
jesse oppong 43 menit yang lalu
disappointed :(
lit_royson3 43 menit yang lalu
Who else watched on youtube With some random ass titles
Knifer J
Knifer J 43 menit yang lalu
I didn't see a fight, I saw a high school kids punching and hugging.
Thomas Mikaelson
Thomas Mikaelson 43 menit yang lalu
Music too loud cant here the commentary on whether the punch behind the ear was fair.
A9five 43 menit yang lalu
Bro I thought Jake was older. I'm 25 and this dude looks older than me.
Bacon MANN
Bacon MANN 44 menit yang lalu
8:48 now that’s a lot of damage
ItzSmerf 44 menit yang lalu
I get so jelly that celebs can so easily get a fight thrown together. As a fat 34 year old asthmatic, I would jump at the opportunity to get in the ring. Somebody make me famous.
Arieon Blud
Arieon Blud 44 menit yang lalu
The fucking clenches..
Andres Echeverria
Andres Echeverria 44 menit yang lalu
i fuck with the music and everything 🔥 🔥🔥
Getrekt-at1-800 44 menit yang lalu
Nate fights like a bit
N.A.N.A Life
N.A.N.A Life 44 menit yang lalu
I knew Jane was going to win yessir you got to fight ksi
Bellanira Agramonte
Bellanira Agramonte 44 menit yang lalu
Las mujeres encuera la mujer encuera
gang sama
gang sama 44 menit yang lalu
Bro are this is boxing game wtf event that
qt hunter
qt hunter 44 menit yang lalu
Round one every 2 seconds they would lock up
juice nasty770
juice nasty770 44 menit yang lalu
Jake Paul! I'm calling you out! I will gladly fight you for a much cheaper purse. Comment back if you want smoke bring it I give you the fight of your life
Marty Versitti
Marty Versitti 44 menit yang lalu
That music in the background was so annoying
potte 44 menit yang lalu
The music is horrible
Dustin Shepard
Dustin Shepard 44 menit yang lalu
The worst fight I have ever seen
Kiri_024 44 menit yang lalu
Poor Mauro Ranallo went from being WWEs best commentator to calling a Jake Paul fight. You have to feel for him really
Dio .M
Dio .M 44 menit yang lalu
No clean punches , 90% of the time they hugging, this fight was wack.
Alaqmar Chawalwala
Alaqmar Chawalwala 45 menit yang lalu
i feel like nate literally had no defense knowledge he just kept aimlessly running at jake
FlareBoy R35
FlareBoy R35 45 menit yang lalu
Lol his fall tho 😂
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