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Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | In Istanbul, we'll lose our way in the Grand Bazaar and munch our way through the famously fragrant Spice Market. We'll follow the fall of the ancient capital of Byzantium and the rise of Islam at the city's ancient wall, and wander among the treasures of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapı Palace. To escape the city bustle, we'll cruise the churning waters of the Bosphorus, make friends over backgammon, and try a traditional Turkish bath.
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Hasmik Khatchatourians
Hasmik Khatchatourians 18 jam yang lalu
You didn't explained about Armenian Genoside it is shame.
Hasmik Khatchatourians
Hasmik Khatchatourians 19 jam yang lalu
I can't imagine they distroy the church , it is shame .
Anıl Uner
Anıl Uner Hari Yang lalu
Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I love Istanbul so much.
Samina Afzal
Samina Afzal Hari Yang lalu
Simply amazing
Fahad Burhan
Fahad Burhan 5 hari yang lalu
I’ve been in Istanbul
Julio’s Music
Julio’s Music 8 hari yang lalu
The Turkish baths sound great
A black
A black 9 hari yang lalu
beautifullll city..............
Md Mohib
Md Mohib 11 hari yang lalu
Do You See Hajal Kaya🦧
Nahida Akter khushi
Nahida Akter khushi 15 hari yang lalu
most beautiful &historical place... I just fall in love again &again when i read books & watch vedios about Istanbul& turkey 😍😍
Yulma Cordero
Yulma Cordero 18 hari yang lalu
My best wishes from Mexico
Yulma Cordero
Yulma Cordero 18 hari yang lalu
Great information
Emmanuel Ndow
Emmanuel Ndow 19 hari yang lalu
Rick your interviews are full of enjoyments
Asmaa Sayed
Asmaa Sayed 20 hari yang lalu
Love from Egypt ❤❤
Emmanuel Quiros
Emmanuel Quiros 20 hari yang lalu
beautiful people ...........salude from texas
Joyce Young
Joyce Young 23 hari yang lalu
I cannot wait to visit Turkey. Planning on a 2022 visit. Definitely when Covid 19 dies down
Wulan WR
Wulan WR 24 hari yang lalu
not singing.. but reciting al Qur'an
Lukael Lach
Lukael Lach 25 hari yang lalu
Constantinopol is nice
Teresa niumata
Teresa niumata 26 hari yang lalu
Thank you for sharing.
Manlim Naga
Manlim Naga 29 hari yang lalu
Turkish movies are one of my favourite show.
Josh Edenfield
Josh Edenfield Bulan Yang lalu
I am going to Istanbul next month, I am so stoked!
mtuggle1184 Bulan Yang lalu
My father lived in Turkey for many years. He always spoke so highly of the people there and how he enjoyed living there. He brought us up on Mediterranean foods and teaching us about Turkey. He has passed now but I wish to one day visit the country he loved so much!
Lo. Fr.
Lo. Fr. Bulan Yang lalu
FYI: "HARAM" means forbidden. But "HAREM" means a sacred inviolable place; female members of the family. You got that wrong at 15:20. Other than that great travel documentary.
pengamat amatir
pengamat amatir Bulan Yang lalu
Doner kebab, baklava 😋
BD Walker
BD Walker Bulan Yang lalu
Jamil Hasan
Jamil Hasan Bulan Yang lalu
🌺🌺🌺thanks for giving us a nice travel video.🌺🌺🌺 There was a lot of love for you.🌺🌺🌺
Miki981 Bulan Yang lalu
I love Istanbul, I would move there in a minute! One tip, if You get to visit the Blue mosque during the noon prayer time, they sometimes organize the lecture in the mosques cultural center. I would advise visiting, as You can ask all the questions You had but had no one to ask...
Diana Gillen
Diana Gillen Bulan Yang lalu
This is Great. Thanks. I bet You wish You were still doing this. U always have Fun 😍 1/26/21✨ Stay Well
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Bulan Yang lalu
I believe I remember seeing Rick Steves on PBS when I was younger. It really is something nice to see wonderful places during COVID lockdown. Even a moment of travel media escapism is okay and the beauty, even if vicarious, is a balm to the soul in a way that other media are not. I'm reminded that the world is as you make it, and there are ways to viscerally change your mood and outlook for life even as you are in the comforts of your home.
Old Games Gold Games
Old Games Gold Games Bulan Yang lalu
Don't forget to follow my channel for the best games on You Tube :)
greego saju
greego saju Bulan Yang lalu
Turkish romantic dramas good and their culture,food,tea i want visit turki 1 day..❤️
Jack Lane
Jack Lane Bulan Yang lalu
I want to experience hammam in there
Jack Lane
Jack Lane Bulan Yang lalu
I really want to visit this someday. I am from philippines who is an avid fan of magnificent century series.
kültürr sanatt
kültürr sanatt Bulan Yang lalu
Istanbul Turkey ❤❤🇹🇷🇹🇷 my heart
rnstoo1 Bulan Yang lalu
Had a wonderful visit there 3 years ago. I found it a safe and friendly city with wonderful food (and wine) with super stores and markets
Radoslav Sharapanov
Radoslav Sharapanov Bulan Yang lalu
Crossing the Bosphorus is one of the most amazing experiences in the world, and there is so much more... Thanks for the video!
Sindo T J
Sindo T J Bulan Yang lalu
Why is he bathing from toilet water?
Umair Usman
Umair Usman Bulan Yang lalu
corruption and medieval structure ended the ottoman empire..ok...but funny he doesn't mention EUROPE ATTACKING THE OTTOMANS!!!
sutats Bulan Yang lalu
I will be visiting it soon.
Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens Bulan Yang lalu
Turkey ain't a communist nation is it
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan Bulan Yang lalu
Turkey doesn't look like Islamic
İnsansız Yer Aracı
İnsansız Yer Aracı Bulan Yang lalu
Turkey is not an islamic state. It's a secular country
başım ağrıyor
başım ağrıyor Bulan Yang lalu
are you ignorant or ignorant?
Dilara Mutlu
Dilara Mutlu Bulan Yang lalu
I know we have borders, gates, fences and doors but the most beautiful planet doesn’t and whenever I call home is your home. Welcome anytime, hello to everyone from Çanakkale (Troy)...
Vladimir Etuş
Vladimir Etuş Bulan Yang lalu
Geçmişe gitmek bi garip oldu be
Sk Hamza
Sk Hamza Bulan Yang lalu
blackl1steddrums Bulan Yang lalu
Amazingly done show, so impressed
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Why the ladys has to cover their head
İnsansız Yer Aracı
İnsansız Yer Aracı Bulan Yang lalu
They don't have to !!. It's a secular country, NOT AN ISLAMIC STATE.
Sabir Bulan Yang lalu
Cover their chests mainly. And their hair. It's called modesty
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Thumbs up for the video
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful place you really knows how to put your videos together
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Love all your videos
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Hope you can visit at my channel my friends
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
The more I see you the more you look good 🌹
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful place
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Look at you really you are having fun my friend
praveen burdak
praveen burdak Bulan Yang lalu
cia @23:55
Yunus Kardes
Yunus Kardes Bulan Yang lalu
You put many things about İstanbul in 25 minutes. But of course it is not all, probably you can not tell even about individual best of Istanbul in 24 hours. I am a Turk, I ve been in İstanbul many times and I couldn't visit everywhere... Anyway, it was a good video, thank you.
Friady GSCC
Friady GSCC Bulan Yang lalu
why the Video of The Best Israel column is Banned. I just wanna comment by my sentence of my expression from the heart: .............................. I was crying and moved. because remember Jesus. remember Abraham in the Bible thankyou. GBU Rick Steves
Odalys Martinez
Odalys Martinez Bulan Yang lalu
That balcony where the men is talking look like the El Sultan Series was film, ❤🔱
CoolVision 4K
CoolVision 4K Bulan Yang lalu
I pray who ever sees this be successful in life
CoolVision 4K
CoolVision 4K Bulan Yang lalu
I pray who ever sees this be successful in life
steak stoop
steak stoop Bulan Yang lalu
this was Constantinople
Spectator Bulan Yang lalu
18:01 The quran is not being sang! It's being recited!!!
The most iconic scenes in movies
The most iconic scenes in movies Bulan Yang lalu
I wish to know what citizens of Istanbul really think about their city.
Handan Bulan Yang lalu
@The most iconic scenes in movies you too dear
The most iconic scenes in movies
The most iconic scenes in movies Bulan Yang lalu
@Handan Thank you for nice reply. Have a lovely day!
Handan Bulan Yang lalu
Born and raised here, I find it exhausting really. It's a cosmopolis with all kinds of people and lots of traffic. However the culture is so distinct I would never consider living somewhere else. Just couldn't get used to it
HHH son
HHH son Bulan Yang lalu
Well, Turkey is not a secular country yet. That woman is a typical secularist one and she calls it the way she wants, ignoring facts.
David kaminsky
David kaminsky Bulan Yang lalu
Much respect to Turkey from Israel. The Ottomans treated Jews very well. Istanbul is a gorgeous city. Hopefully our political relations improve soon 🙏
Mehmet Yüksel
Mehmet Yüksel Bulan Yang lalu
Where can you find so many cultures and history in one City ?
I love Istanbul and Turkey from Algeria⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦🇹🇷⁩
Jake Welch
Jake Welch Bulan Yang lalu
i liked seeing rick get all scrubbed
Zach Porter
Zach Porter Bulan Yang lalu
The stereotyped size periodically avoid because pound superiorly compare athwart a callous date. perfect, tasteless neck
Art Artist & Literature
Art Artist & Literature Bulan Yang lalu
Emre aksakallı
Emre aksakallı Bulan Yang lalu
Türkiyede çekilen videolara beğeni atalım. Milli değerlerimiz artar
Cameron Gates
Cameron Gates Bulan Yang lalu
Istanbul is at the top of my list of all places to visit. It’s a true meting pot. So much history and culture! Can’t wait to visit.
Benjaminjudah Leviticusisrael
Benjaminjudah Leviticusisrael Bulan Yang lalu
kantono norah
kantono norah Bulan Yang lalu
Wow, beautiful Istanbul. It's one of the most beautiful places I would want to visit.
hüseyin ergin
hüseyin ergin Bulan Yang lalu
iki balık ekmek 8 lira hahahsfasfas. şaka gibi :(
Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson Bulan Yang lalu
I could have lived without the first scene..good vid tho...I`m hoping to see it for the 1`st time next year
Eagle Khan
Eagle Khan 2 bulan yang lalu
i love turki آئی لو ترکی
geo8658333 2 bulan yang lalu
Fast food in Istanbul, Turkey: fresh fish. Fast food in the States: McDonald's.
İnsansız Yer Aracı
İnsansız Yer Aracı Bulan Yang lalu
We have also "Doner", wich is seasoned meat stacked in bread
Madewithloveby Estilla
Madewithloveby Estilla 2 bulan yang lalu
That scrub a dub dub can be uncomfortable.
Yeezy 700
Yeezy 700 2 bulan yang lalu
The scattered cyclone orally greet because deodorant orally reach concerning a fine shape. null, finicky christmas
AndreJ HD
AndreJ HD 2 bulan yang lalu
Selam Aleykum
AndreJ HD
AndreJ HD 2 bulan yang lalu
Istanbul 3.8M People : Interesting
Umesh 2 bulan yang lalu
turkey ? Rick did you mean that fanatic nation which turned age old hagia sophia church into mosque ?
A Bulan Yang lalu
Aren't you a Hindu fanatic you look like one
Marilyn Rose
Marilyn Rose 2 bulan yang lalu
Emrah Kepez
Emrah Kepez 2 bulan yang lalu
If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital. - Napoleon Bonaparte
Jimmy York
Jimmy York 21 hari yang lalu
Constantinople would be capital not istanbul
Ayşe Nur Uçar
Ayşe Nur Uçar 2 bulan yang lalu
lale surmen aran " the real virtue is not to show it off " why we don't show that?
Bcn Fashion
Bcn Fashion 2 bulan yang lalu
I have been to 9 european countries (visited cities like paris,rome,london...)and nothing can compare to istanbul,greetins from Spain🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
E. K.
E. K. 2 bulan yang lalu
Nice to hear that my friend. Greetings from Turkey to our Spanish friends. Happy new year. 💕
Maide T
Maide T 2 bulan yang lalu
Istanbul larger than this. There is always somewhere to taste to see to love in ISTANBUL
Stefanos Georgakopoulos
Stefanos Georgakopoulos 2 bulan yang lalu
Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world❤️Love from Greece🇬🇷🇹🇷🇬🇷🇹🇷
Stefanos Georgakopoulos
Stefanos Georgakopoulos Bulan Yang lalu
@Gizem ❤️❤️❤️
Gizem Bulan Yang lalu
Love from Turkey ❤️
Stefanos Georgakopoulos
Stefanos Georgakopoulos 2 bulan yang lalu
@E. K. happy new year❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇬🇷🇹🇷
E. K.
E. K. 2 bulan yang lalu
Love and respects from Turkey to our neighbors. Happy new year. ❤
Simonds Sabin
Simonds Sabin 2 bulan yang lalu
The busy postbox annually whirl because daffodil lately sack at a hard pilot. curly, reflective temper
Jaber Sollah
Jaber Sollah 2 bulan yang lalu
Love u so much steve
ch m
ch m 2 bulan yang lalu
It was still called Constantinople until the 1930's when the name officially changed to Istanbul, which itself is derived from the Greek phrase " To the City" = Εις την πόλη = Is tin poli = Istanbul. Upto the 1930's the city's industry was run by Greeks.
Gordy Gibson
Gordy Gibson 2 bulan yang lalu
Time to put your horse blinkers on as President for Life Erdogan rounds up thousands of the opposition journalists academics and takes them to remote jails. Anyone who travels to Turkey has blood on their hands
Samije Grossmann-Devolli
Samije Grossmann-Devolli 2 bulan yang lalu
Erdocan ish top terorist,
SHIVARAMAN NAIR 2 bulan yang lalu
the hagia is now a mosque
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal 2 bulan yang lalu
Very beautiful indeed.
Sunshine Seoul
Sunshine Seoul 2 bulan yang lalu
Turkey was the best country I've ever been to.
Christiano José
Christiano José 2 bulan yang lalu
Yorumları okuyup gurur duyanlar burda mı :))
Sweet Mine
Sweet Mine 2 bulan yang lalu
Niki M
Niki M 2 bulan yang lalu
And prior to Constantinople, the city was called Byzantium. The founder of the city was, reportedly, a man named King Byzas, who in 658 BCE came from Megara (Greece) with settlers from his own town, supplemented with people from Corinth, Argos, and Boeotia.
Md Kudduc
Md Kudduc 2 bulan yang lalu
johra hibah
johra hibah 2 bulan yang lalu
ive been to turkey its still my favorite.
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