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Is This Contestant Really Lip Syncing? Judges stop contestant Aida Nikolaychuk from The X Factor Ukraine... wait until you see why!
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Mitchell Lawlor
Mitchell Lawlor 4 jam yang lalu
They have ruined her I used to her chills when listening now she’s just an average singer
Magma 5 jam yang lalu
The judges staged their suspicion - the show has to stay exciting right? I am just amazed of the many naive people who fell for it. Hey, but there is pleasure in being hooked right? - but, at the price of clarity...
Jane Regan
Jane Regan 5 jam yang lalu
Did she win? She is amazing
Habib Daulay
Habib Daulay 10 jam yang lalu
Luar biasa
Crunchy Roll
Crunchy Roll 12 jam yang lalu
this is what will happen if the bully in the class got a perfect result in the exam then the teacher just accused him of cheating... ps the bully didn't cheat...
Crib Rebo
Crib Rebo 19 jam yang lalu
Idiot judges personified.
Miss Devil
Miss Devil 19 jam yang lalu
The sky was moaning 😭🔫👈
Peljon Navarro
Peljon Navarro 20 jam yang lalu
Jang 7457
Jang 7457 21 jam yang lalu
The judges deserves to be replaced they just think that they can just go away with that
Dragon Ball Dimension
Dragon Ball Dimension 21 jam yang lalu
The 21K dislikes are for the judges suspecting her cheating
Yonas Nahom
Yonas Nahom 22 jam yang lalu
The judges said " it is too good to be true" and they were all speechless, later.
Sherwin Gazor
Sherwin Gazor 22 jam yang lalu
She actually went on to become a singer. Very taleneted.
sufi miah
sufi miah Hari Yang lalu
A panel of hateful jealous judges. Period
Me Bob
Me Bob Hari Yang lalu
She’s so good tho omg
lost identity
lost identity Hari Yang lalu
Dislike for click Baiting
itsjonathanku Hari Yang lalu
Look how salty the judges look after she sings acapella
Emahly Raymond
Emahly Raymond Hari Yang lalu
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy Hari Yang lalu
The judges should at least have apologised to the contestant and I feel they were completely jealous of how she sings better than the judges. The only thing is they were not accepting that there are people who can be better than the famous celebrities we see on the TV.
Annah Sialsa
Annah Sialsa Hari Yang lalu
My voice would never😂
Y Kiran Kumar
Y Kiran Kumar Hari Yang lalu
3:09 that reaction was fantastic 👌
Michael Apostol
Michael Apostol Hari Yang lalu
Nga bobong judges...Tang Ina nyo
Cecil Rephung
Cecil Rephung Hari Yang lalu
Those judges are not fit to take part on this ...hopeless they couldn't even be able to compete that very contestant who is more genius...
Jay Torres
Jay Torres Hari Yang lalu
I heard the original song she REALLY sounds like the singer. No wonder they were shocked... I don’t think they apologized because they were not sure and the singer wasn’t aware they said I think there’s a sound affect on the voice or we must be listening to something wrong ... they didn’t insult her they admitted they were wrong by saying hey we thought it was a recording and now we see it wasn’t. So basically they had to humble themselves which is bigger than an apology in this situation.
shikha A
shikha A Hari Yang lalu
She has the beauty of miss universe title. Love from india🇮🇳♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gellert Grindelwald
Gellert Grindelwald Hari Yang lalu
Idiotic judges
Darth Maul
Darth Maul Hari Yang lalu
@5:00 mans straight up hitting on her lmao
Prinz Ice
Prinz Ice Hari Yang lalu
She looks like Winona Ryder 😍
Yuko Nakano
Yuko Nakano Hari Yang lalu
If I had been in the girl's shoes I would have called the judges an idiot who made her feel like it was her fake voice. I would throw the microphone at him and walk away
Marc Ouellette
Marc Ouellette Hari Yang lalu
Mind blowing voice!
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 2 hari yang lalu
How could they suspect her of lip syncing don't they control the music? I thought you told them what you were singing and they sorted that out for you not that you brought your own recording in am I wrong
Haukur Eiriksson
Haukur Eiriksson 2 hari yang lalu
Is there a version of that with more than 1/2 a channel at a better rate than 0.1 kbps? ..I gather it's from Eastern Europe but still.. Come on people.. You know we're driving cars now right?
Sublime •••
Sublime ••• 2 hari yang lalu
I know everyone in the comments says the judges should apologise and I don’t disagree but this is the Russian X Factor, and in Russia a lot of people lip sync. Trust me, Im from a Russian speaking country and most people assume that any singing Russian is lip syncing as it’s normality there. Hope this clears it up a little!
Janine Mills
Janine Mills 2 hari yang lalu
I never doubted her. She has a beautiful voice.
KING RAGAV 2 hari yang lalu
Did anyone know the girl Judge name? Pls reply to me
Gamer Aadvik gamer Rana
Gamer Aadvik gamer Rana 2 hari yang lalu
Wow amazing voice beautiful ❤️
Random Kicks ASMR
Random Kicks ASMR 2 hari yang lalu
Which song she is singing?
Sinedstro Cythan
Sinedstro Cythan 2 hari yang lalu
It's like some unrealistic anime
Zeivaschan Mardo Consorte
Zeivaschan Mardo Consorte 2 hari yang lalu
I think this is lip syncing ummm maybe.......
Rinhlua Zuala
Rinhlua Zuala 2 hari yang lalu
She is not lip synced i have seen her in judjes biggest mistake
Shreeman Ghatane
Shreeman Ghatane 2 hari yang lalu
Zoran Milisic
Zoran Milisic 2 hari yang lalu
That voice is insane. its just WOW. And where is she now?
Дима Хоггарт
Дима Хоггарт 3 hari yang lalu
Bruh what judges should apologize for? They didn’t even accuse her directly, just asked to sing a capella
Lakshay Sahay
Lakshay Sahay 3 hari yang lalu
Good one bro
Dark Vador
Dark Vador 3 hari yang lalu
Judges should’ve said sorry give her standing ovations then golden buzzer
Dark Vador
Dark Vador 3 hari yang lalu
Even I thought she was lip syncing initially wow ❤️❤️
Swarnajit Roy
Swarnajit Roy 3 hari yang lalu
Cam anyone give me the link of the original song
Dondon Cabansag
Dondon Cabansag 3 hari yang lalu
russian judges no talents 🤣😂
Sharon McDuffie Alabama
Sharon McDuffie Alabama 3 hari yang lalu
Beautiful voice and girl!
Cechare Zega
Cechare Zega 3 hari yang lalu
0:46 02:47
Moon Panda
Moon Panda 4 hari yang lalu
I don't get it why is there a string around the girl judge's head
CIS Loop
CIS Loop 4 hari yang lalu
What is her name
Sibulele Ntsonkota
Sibulele Ntsonkota 4 hari yang lalu
She's amazing 👌🎼🎶🎵her voice does sounds manufactured but it's all natural. The best type of voices
091 Aesthetic_Bear 190
091 Aesthetic_Bear 190 4 hari yang lalu
JAAN GAMING JAAN GAMING 4 hari yang lalu
My first time to see full vedio before going to comment s
Kalpana Gurung
Kalpana Gurung 4 hari yang lalu
Thank god after a capella they didnt told her to sing without microphone😂.How would it have been?÷÷Two judges have a doubt that the mic has a chip in it that is playing the music and she is just lipsyncing.
STEPHZ SCREAMO 4 hari yang lalu
Gay.. I mentioned that judges
Krishnan Narayanan
Krishnan Narayanan 4 hari yang lalu
She is the saithama of singing
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 4 hari yang lalu
She has amazing voice
akesh mirdha
akesh mirdha 4 hari yang lalu
Singer is more beautiful than red lipstick judges
KINGDOM of AU 4 hari yang lalu
issue she kept putting her mic far away and they could still hear audio
Bill 4 hari yang lalu
She is so beautiful! Her voice is amazing! I want to re populate the Earth with her!!!
Roger Waihaperoger.
Roger Waihaperoger. 4 hari yang lalu
A golden voice -Record companies should sign her up this instant..**AMAZIMG**...
Nathan Masso
Nathan Masso 4 hari yang lalu
Didn’t understand a word.But girl can sing
Maria Berez
Maria Berez 4 hari yang lalu
Pahiya kayoo noh?
Maria Berez
Maria Berez 4 hari yang lalu
Maria Berez
Maria Berez 4 hari yang lalu
Kababayan niyo di niyo sinusuportahan mga walang utak
Celio Sousa
Celio Sousa 4 hari yang lalu
Not even Polina Gagarina has ever sung her own song like Aida did.
Comic maker Advit 123
Comic maker Advit 123 5 hari yang lalu
what song is that, helppp meeeee
Amira Jibin
Amira Jibin 5 hari yang lalu
She is talented person... That's it...♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️what a voice... But incomplete 😒😒😒😒
Super Cali
Super Cali 5 hari yang lalu
Her voice is amazing and real!
Aryan Bhandari
Aryan Bhandari 5 hari yang lalu
Come on man this girl has pure talent why are you showing her as a cheating contestant
Fry Chicken
Fry Chicken 5 hari yang lalu
Omg I searched her up she’s a famous singer now 🤭
SAUSY NUT FF 19 jam yang lalu
Fry chicken ur name lmao
Andrew Chi Osbourne
Andrew Chi Osbourne 5 hari yang lalu
I can’t believe those judges thought that she was lip syncing to that song,they also should apologise to her too.
Mark Savage
Mark Savage 5 hari yang lalu
this is more of a reflection on the judges judging abilities
Just A Fan Of Katrina's Vocals
Just A Fan Of Katrina's Vocals 5 hari yang lalu
What country is this and what's their language
Deependra Lama
Deependra Lama 5 hari yang lalu
Even Simon would have said sorry after that
Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima 5 hari yang lalu
Fun fact :she is the winner of Russian got talent
John Jhared
John Jhared 5 hari yang lalu
No her mic have auto tune. like kz tandingan mic when she performed in china she changed her mic.
Eustace 5 hari yang lalu
her voice is magic
Alister Sarut'z
Alister Sarut'z 5 hari yang lalu
I wish I can sing like her too. Able to control low and high pitch. She's just AMAZING.
Chenula Sanchitha Bandara
Chenula Sanchitha Bandara 5 hari yang lalu
whats this song?
Sam Rizk
Sam Rizk 5 hari yang lalu
Codey Laurenti
Codey Laurenti 5 hari yang lalu
I literally got goose bumps al over my body when she sang without backing music🥰😳 absolutely amazing
Saliha A S
Saliha A S 5 hari yang lalu
Dimanlang nag sorry
pengeLana 6 hari yang lalu
She already won the contest when she sang this.
Victor Mendes
Victor Mendes 6 hari yang lalu
Is there a way to know if she won? She deserves it.
nikhil v
nikhil v 6 hari yang lalu
Love from India ❤️❤️❤️
Koushik Bandopadhyay
Koushik Bandopadhyay 6 hari yang lalu
She's the best.
Ace Portgas
Ace Portgas 6 hari yang lalu
Those Judges are MORONS. Singing contest and your doing lip sync?
Sonam Damdul
Sonam Damdul 6 hari yang lalu
How can the judges didn’t know it wasn’t a lip synchronised. Because there wasn’t like that before.
RAMBO INGAN-O 6 hari yang lalu
It's normal to judges not all is perfect..sometimes in our lives we do respect
Glady Lang
Glady Lang 6 hari yang lalu
Plot twist : Both performance and acapella version are lip sync. She has been ready for this.
C L A R K 9
C L A R K 9 6 hari yang lalu
She kinda looks like Madonna during her Confessions on a dance floor era
Jesica Meyer
Jesica Meyer 7 hari yang lalu
Zero 7 hari yang lalu
One of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard of not the most
phoebs - signs keyboard
phoebs - signs keyboard 7 hari yang lalu
(for personal use) zaglyani ty serdechko mne, i skazhi, uhodi, zime oh yeah, oh-oh yeah, veter voet, a ti grej menya nebo stonet, a u nas vesna oh woah oh-a *poprosi u oblakov, podarit, nam belyh snov. noch plyvyot i mi za nej mir tainstvennyh ognej.*
surjeet paik
surjeet paik 7 hari yang lalu
cant understand what she is singing but her voice feels angelic to me
Joanna Blake
Joanna Blake 7 hari yang lalu
Don't judge a book by its cover I guess
Viktoria 7 hari yang lalu
Georg Tolksdorf(Osnabrück) --> Knast!
lαвyяιηтн回 7 hari yang lalu
3:28 ,,, Lag 😅
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