I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It (我多喜欢你,你会知道) - A Love So Beautiful OST [English Cover]

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I fell in love with this song and this drama. They're just so adorable, I cannot. So here you are! :)
Reminder, as with all my other English covers, the translations are not direct. It was kinda hard to understand the English translations for this one too. So I tried to rewrite it to flow but kinda still followed the overall meaning of the song. I’ve got a bit of nasal congestion going on too so sorry if I sound more nasally than usual. Haha. I hope you enjoy! Share with your friends (who are also still not over Hu Yitian, lol)
I also have songs on Spotify! Recently released my first original song so please give it a listen! Let me know what you think. Thank you! :)
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I like your eyes, you look away when you pretend not to care
I like the dimples on the corners of the smile that you wear
I like you more, the world may know but don't be scared
Coz I'm falling deeper, baby be prepared
I like your shirt, I like your fingers, love the way that you smell
to be your favorite jacket, just so I could always be near
I loved you for so long, sometimes it's hard to bear
But after all this time, I hope you wait and see
Love you every minute, every second
Love you everywhere and any moment
Always and forever I know I can't quit you
Coz baby you're the one, I don't know how
Love you til the last of snow disappears
Love you til a rainy day becomes clear
Never knew a love like this, now I can't let go
I'm in love with you, and now you know
I like the way you try so hard when you play ball with your friends,
I like the way you hit the notes, in every song you're shining
I love the little things, like when you're unaware
I catch you steal a glance and smile so perfectly
Though sometimes when life brings me down
You're the cure my love
In a bad rainy day
You take all the worries away
Love you every minute, every second
Love you everywhere and any moment
Always and forever I know I can't quit you
Coz baby you're the one, I don't know how
In a world devoid of life, you bring color
In your eyes I see the light, my future
Always and forever with you, now I can't let you go
I'm in love with you, and now you know

Gacha Saro
Gacha Saro 15 menit yang lalu
I like the dimple on the corner that the bts wear💜💜💜💜 Whos an army?👇
coreen catli
coreen catli 2 jam yang lalu
Almost everyday pinapatugtog ko ‘to 😁🥰😍
Arc Bristol
Arc Bristol 2 jam yang lalu
I'm from 2100 and I came back to find the title of this song. Nice nice lods! 😁
Angel Abitria
Angel Abitria 3 jam yang lalu
It's already 2021, but I still feel bad for Wu BoSong. Huhu.
Jazmin Centurion
Jazmin Centurion 3 jam yang lalu
Que hermosa voz en serio
Samir Oraon
Samir Oraon 5 jam yang lalu
A love so beautiful
farly abellar
farly abellar 5 jam yang lalu
Routed here because of tiktok😆
Amina Ibrahim
Amina Ibrahim 9 jam yang lalu
I love it! go on smiling and shining!!
Nazurah Nazim
Nazurah Nazim 11 jam yang lalu
Ankita Majumder
Ankita Majumder 15 jam yang lalu
I dunno why..but this song always makes me melted whenever I hear this
Kiki Chhangte
Kiki Chhangte 13 jam yang lalu
Yllyza Kim C. Martinez
Yllyza Kim C. Martinez 15 jam yang lalu
ngl, I come back here every once in a while, this song brings a lot of happy memories and I know I'm not the only one.
Benny Apl
Benny Apl 15 jam yang lalu
Beautiful song...
Niko Candra Wijaya
Niko Candra Wijaya 15 jam yang lalu
Saya sangat suka Suaramu Mba
Maple Donut
Maple Donut 16 jam yang lalu
she has braces yet her pronunciation is literally perfect .o. *how is that possible*
Hoina Achumi
Hoina Achumi 18 jam yang lalu
Butterflies in my stomach 🐝🐝
yoonqm minna
yoonqm minna 19 jam yang lalu
i watched this drama when it was released and until now i cant get over it
emmonie 20 jam yang lalu
Love the way you smile. Love the way you take a glance at me. Love the way you laugh. Love the way you play ball with your friends Love the way you blush. Love the way you pretend not to care. Love all of your imperfections. Love the way you talk. I love every each and every thing about you Piggy.
Hum ViaE
Hum ViaE 20 jam yang lalu
my crush she like your song😪
GIANT_ SOOBIN 22 jam yang lalu
This song reminds me of my crush 2 years ago and after 2 years I saw him and now my feelings for him came back (marupok)
jhaycee kaye lozada
jhaycee kaye lozada 23 jam yang lalu
january 26 2021
Bianca Cortero
Bianca Cortero 23 jam yang lalu
My cousin always sing this before she sleep ❤❤ 1 Year later My GOD 😮 I see this song then i say to my seft I miss this song. 🍀 *I miss You so Much* ❤❤🎉
Rexa Catapusan
Rexa Catapusan Hari Yang lalu
I love your angel voice ate ysabelle💓
Raditya Rakha Maulana
Raditya Rakha Maulana Hari Yang lalu
Keren bat asli👍👍🔥🔥
Jaz saracia
Jaz saracia Hari Yang lalu
2 years ago I'm still listening to these song
Can i get the permission to use this song cover for my girlfriend? Thank u
As always I purple u Ysaa 💜😆💜
Singularity Hari Yang lalu
Reminiscing a love so beautiful
Carlos Sion
Carlos Sion Hari Yang lalu
microfonnya harga 7 juta ya?
user free
user free Hari Yang lalu
who still see this video cover? 🙋
Micah Eliah Casajeros
Micah Eliah Casajeros Hari Yang lalu
Di nakakasawang pakinggan araw araw 🥰
A U Hari Yang lalu
I'm in love with you and you love me too ❤
Intan Zakaria
Intan Zakaria Hari Yang lalu
Suaranya sedap bangt...😹😻😝😋
DontKnow Hari Yang lalu
2021 25th,January
Reza Fadillah
Reza Fadillah Hari Yang lalu
Yg masih suka dengerin lagu ini di tahun 2021 angkat jempol nya..😁😁
MIRACLE TV Hari Yang lalu
2021 whos still watching?
Rome Choy Villanueva
Rome Choy Villanueva Hari Yang lalu
Reanne Perez
Reanne Perez Hari Yang lalu
Gratia Sasandara
Gratia Sasandara Hari Yang lalu
Indonesia ngumpul!!
Arif Firman
Arif Firman Hari Yang lalu
Congrats for bren e-sport PH the winnner of M2
Aizyfha chaneL yupz
Aizyfha chaneL yupz Hari Yang lalu
Kereen bgt see kak❤️😀😂 #indonesia
Kate Sahilan
Kate Sahilan Hari Yang lalu
Kate Sahilan
Kate Sahilan Hari Yang lalu
judy cañal
judy cañal Hari Yang lalu
i like your voice girl....
Aboca Cute
Aboca Cute Hari Yang lalu
Ros Alinda
Ros Alinda Hari Yang lalu
Bagus bngt kaa aku sama ka suci ku suka lagu iniiiii
Arifal Waiz
Arifal Waiz 2 hari yang lalu
2021 I'm in love this song ^-^
Anime and k drama Reviews
Anime and k drama Reviews 2 hari yang lalu
aww i love this
Lance De chavez
Lance De chavez 2 hari yang lalu
Still watching 2021? As of January 25. Anyone?
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 2 hari yang lalu
the ppl that disliked have no lovelife at all
Ovry jane Alburo
Ovry jane Alburo 2 hari yang lalu
Wow i like the song
Xyreen Pregillana
Xyreen Pregillana 2 hari yang lalu
Who is listening to this masterpiece in 2021?? 😼✋🏻
Cute Idiot
Cute Idiot 2 hari yang lalu
Sei Aledia
Sei Aledia 2 hari yang lalu
I remember listening to this when i was like 10
zeeq hs
zeeq hs 2 hari yang lalu
144M ♡
zeeq hs
zeeq hs 2 hari yang lalu
144M ♡
• Lance •
• Lance • 2 hari yang lalu
Why does she look like a boy/man to me
Tᴇᴀ 2 hari yang lalu
I’m gonna sing this on my online class wish me luck hope my voice don’t crack on the low notes
Aditya Fakhri Riansyah
Aditya Fakhri Riansyah 2 hari yang lalu
Madhav Yogi
Madhav Yogi 2 hari yang lalu
I cry on this song 😭😭😭😭 It's so sad😭😭😭
Ji Park
Ji Park 2 hari yang lalu
Who's here after driver's license cover?
Hsin-Lin Chien
Hsin-Lin Chien 2 hari yang lalu
I like this song so muchhh❤️
Ririn Riana
Ririn Riana 2 hari yang lalu
so swit ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Charming Sustioso
Charming Sustioso 2 hari yang lalu
Watching this and watching also the ALSB❤️❤️❤️
Savio Nokrek
Savio Nokrek 2 hari yang lalu
True love never end this song only for true love
CuTAE Anae.
CuTAE Anae. 2 hari yang lalu
I can't stop me from listening this !
Aedan Seth Betia
Aedan Seth Betia 2 hari yang lalu
hi if you see this comment in 2022 your a dumpie
Joefel Trazo
Joefel Trazo 2 hari yang lalu
Minato's Mark: I will be back after 10 years.
Happy Me
Happy Me 9 jam yang lalu
Why ???🙄🙄🙄
Bagus Tri
Bagus Tri 15 jam yang lalu
@Rumah Gamer lrt
NoLife People
NoLife People Hari Yang lalu
hiraisin no jutsu
Rumah Gamer
Rumah Gamer 2 hari yang lalu
it's would be a long time to wait
sara 2 hari yang lalu
ugGh my single ass is hurt, i want bf rn😭
Bia Silva
Bia Silva 2 hari yang lalu
Algum brasileiro? 🇧🇷
pıdnɔ pǝllıʞ ı
pıdnɔ pǝllıʞ ı 2 hari yang lalu
yall netflix came out with the korean version of this drama :DD
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 2 hari yang lalu
never gets old
CrisE 3 hari yang lalu
I have been here and listened to this song for 179 times today counts 180th times listening.
Michyx 3 hari yang lalu
April Espiritu
April Espiritu 3 hari yang lalu
Woo... who sang the original english version?..
Ariana gurung
Ariana gurung 3 hari yang lalu
her voice soundes like heaven and know i cnat sleep until i listen this song
Gacha Saro
Gacha Saro 13 menit yang lalu
I like how she sings❤️🤩❤️
Gacha Saro
Gacha Saro 14 menit yang lalu
Kiki Chhangte
Kiki Chhangte 13 jam yang lalu
Rose Marie Candelaslasa
Rose Marie Candelaslasa 3 hari yang lalu
i didnt your the one who covers this song...so proud of you ate
Ankita Majumder
Ankita Majumder 3 hari yang lalu
Me listening this in 2021
Ye Lwin
Ye Lwin 3 hari yang lalu
Jakeツ 3 hari yang lalu
Jan 23 2021😩❤️
Dudud Slyther
Dudud Slyther 3 hari yang lalu
best part when he sing 'cause i'm falling deeper, ❤️❤️
17990004 Edelize Nathaniella Lipin
17990004 Edelize Nathaniella Lipin 3 hari yang lalu
Your Sound Is so soft And The best sound ive Ever heard Comment Down here if You agree 👇👇!
Lil X4pNu
Lil X4pNu 3 hari yang lalu
Im still vibin,i love your voice😍
Nayra Kinanti
Nayra Kinanti 3 hari yang lalu
im indonesia im like to the songs
Serana Marie
Serana Marie 3 hari yang lalu
Jesus loves you and anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made! God bless and stay safe
Rongie 3 hari yang lalu
I really loved your music ♥️♥️♥️
kookie97 4 hari yang lalu
So is this the original english version?
Panggah Suwiadiga
Panggah Suwiadiga 4 hari yang lalu
Spongebob - Ripped Pants
Filemon Imbar
Filemon Imbar 4 hari yang lalu
Great Sis The song🥺😍❤️
Irene Ackerman
Irene Ackerman 4 hari yang lalu
this makes me in love to my non-existent boyfriend
Muanfeli 4 hari yang lalu
2021 😇😇🍼
Beatrice Faye Pacamarra
Beatrice Faye Pacamarra 4 hari yang lalu
i loved this song when i was 7 and i still love it💞
Mis Army
Mis Army 4 hari yang lalu
So you are 9 year old now?
4 hari yang lalu
2021 still watching this? 👇
The Official Onslaught
The Official Onslaught 4 hari yang lalu
18k dislikes whats wrong with you people???????? this is soo angelic voice!!! what wrong withh you all!!
Twisha Amin
Twisha Amin 4 hari yang lalu
You know what I think I am falling in love with your voice more than the song❤️😍
Twisha Amin
Twisha Amin 4 hari yang lalu
Just see how beautiful the lyrics and her voice is❤️😍
Megala Maniselvam
Megala Maniselvam 4 hari yang lalu
Anyone from 2021
Egieyyy Cañedo Maceda
Egieyyy Cañedo Maceda 4 hari yang lalu
fish freak
fish freak 4 hari yang lalu
Love you every minute every second
zeke gyl
zeke gyl 4 hari yang lalu
luhhhhh May nangangarap paring may ka date sa feb 14.
Angel 4 hari yang lalu
I have this classmate and I see the Jiang Chen character in him. I also see myself in Chen Xiao Xi. The whole class knows I like him but I didn't end up with him. Btw, Shen Yue and I have the same birthdays :))))))))))))))))) If you'll see us in person, we literally look like in this drama. :)))))))))))))) 我有這個同學,我看到了江辰的性格。我也看到自己在陳小溪。整個班級都知道我喜歡他,但我最終並沒有和他在一起。順便說一句,沉悅和我有相同的生日:)))))))))))))))))))))) 如果您親自看到我們,我們從字面上看就像這部戲一樣。 :))))))))))))))))
Mis Army
Mis Army 4 hari yang lalu
Woah! I hope you end up with him soon :-)♥
melanie samar
melanie samar 4 hari yang lalu
i like here voice. omg
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