(Hot Debut) aespa - Black Mamba [Music Bank / 2020.11.20]

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Nata Hadi
Nata Hadi 5 jam yang lalu
i think they dont need more member, they can make more reveue if they dont add member
MonMashups 5 jam yang lalu
Ningning kinda looks like Jennie
Araz Nirfa
Araz Nirfa 5 jam yang lalu
love Nignig and Winter
Cynthia Zain
Cynthia Zain 5 jam yang lalu
M K 6 jam yang lalu
카리나 = 우주소녀 여름 닝닝 = 블랙핑크 제니 윈터 = 소녀시대 태연 지젤 = 러블리즈 베이비소울 + 함소원 느낌적인 느낌?
Dianne Ri
Dianne Ri 6 jam yang lalu
Their outfits should've been darker icbrjxbd idk if someone will agree but yeah
xiuwiu 6 jam yang lalu
me : why is everyone hyping up winter? winter flashes me a 0.01 second smile me : so im in love
Muhamad Ridho
Muhamad Ridho 6 jam yang lalu
Anastasia Filias
Anastasia Filias 6 jam yang lalu
ning ning resemble Jennie alot isnt it?
Hannah Grace Makiling
Hannah Grace Makiling 6 jam yang lalu
G i s e l l e !
SMTOWN is Trash
SMTOWN is Trash 6 jam yang lalu
The most iconic debut stage in 2020 👑
Yan Shen
Yan Shen 6 jam yang lalu
Love ningning
MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr. 6 jam yang lalu
The one with ponytail 🤩
AU 6 jam yang lalu
So far, this is still my fav stage performance
Iris RatinELF
Iris RatinELF 7 jam yang lalu
Korean Netizens are so pissed with their own lifes that call Ningning "fat"! Like, come on! What do you have on your brain people!!
Irish D.
Irish D. 7 jam yang lalu
karina and ningning biased here
채론 7 jam yang lalu
윈터♡♡ 닝닝♡
Amanda Maharani
Amanda Maharani 7 jam yang lalu
네, 블랙 맘바
y a
y a 7 jam yang lalu
5 jeti menanti buat aespa
juanita 7 jam yang lalu
I think Ning Ning is similar with jennie and victoria from Fx. But Charisma of Karina is no joke
Loraine Escaros
Loraine Escaros 7 jam yang lalu
I think Ningning’s knee is bleeding
Zahrotun Mirna Nisa
Zahrotun Mirna Nisa 7 jam yang lalu
Ningning's voice so beautiful, Karina and winter are bias wreker, Giselle is charismatic
sisii.artiniaa 8 jam yang lalu
The best vocal Winter Ningning Giselle The best visual Karina Winter The best swag voice Ningning Karina
caddy thanks
caddy thanks 8 jam yang lalu
i dont know why i move my head at the ayayayayayayaaa
Hesti-Chii 8 jam yang lalu
The stage is amazing
Christ Diaz
Christ Diaz 8 jam yang lalu
@3:39 that girl ear is so weird...
Velight 8 jam yang lalu
Winter ♡♡♡♡♡
YOUhere _
YOUhere _ 8 jam yang lalu
Cameramen, I need more Giselle's frame
MP4 kaleng kaleng
MP4 kaleng kaleng 8 jam yang lalu
when I first saw you I immediately fell in love ,,!!?❤️❤️❤️❤️
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 8 jam yang lalu
I don't understand those people who are hating on Karina. Like ghurllll, she's serving looks and talent. ♥️
Anim Siregar
Anim Siregar 8 jam yang lalu
Keren sih parah
Tea plus Art
Tea plus Art 9 jam yang lalu
Dont you guys think that Giselle gives off SNSD Yuri’s aura?
Erza Diprima
Erza Diprima 9 jam yang lalu
Erza Diprima
Erza Diprima 9 jam yang lalu
@Sefty W 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Sefty W
Sefty W 9 jam yang lalu
Gajelas bgt lu
Rah_s :v
Rah_s :v 9 jam yang lalu
Nada openingnya terngiang-ngiang:)
diska juliana
diska juliana 9 jam yang lalu
Aespa looks like Barbie in real life. Karina, gurl you are so charming.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 8 jam yang lalu
I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️
Juhyeok Jang
Juhyeok Jang 9 jam yang lalu
데뷔한지 며칠이나 됐다고 립싱크냐..
아롸 9 jam yang lalu
원래 첫주는 립싱.....
29.refaline tiardi
29.refaline tiardi 10 jam yang lalu
5M today!
orange flower
orange flower 10 jam yang lalu
i am 100% sure that haters will gonna compare aespa w/blackpink. bro , don't
뷔아 미
뷔아 미 10 jam yang lalu
Just give them some time, I think they are all talented and beautiful, cheer up!!
Danny Sullivan Music
Danny Sullivan Music 10 jam yang lalu
Exo Weareone
Exo Weareone 10 jam yang lalu
Exo Weareone
Exo Weareone 10 jam yang lalu
pink spider
pink spider 10 jam yang lalu
카리나 진짜 말이 안된다.. 와...
Sefty W
Sefty W 10 jam yang lalu
4.880.614 M
Naimah Paraiso
Naimah Paraiso 10 jam yang lalu
Am I the only one who gets Itzy Lia vibes from Ningning here?
Ayshe Djamilova
Ayshe Djamilova 10 jam yang lalu
0:22 She's look like Jenny(BP)
deadpancake 11 jam yang lalu
Ningning’s eyes kinda resembles Jennie’s eyes tho..no hate btw
Esfa Paul
Esfa Paul 11 jam yang lalu
This is my first time watching aespa performance bcos it appears on my YT recommendation list, i can say that their visuals are WOW! SM INDEED. VOCAL & VISUALS both are daebak! U can go far AESPA!
Idos Maricar
Idos Maricar 11 jam yang lalu
Ya why nobody talking about nining I'm a big fan of yours
EDDIE PRIMA 7 11 jam yang lalu
Ha Hakdog
Ha Hakdog 11 jam yang lalu
Bakit kaya ningning pinangalan sakanya
yaya yeah
yaya yeah 11 jam yang lalu
Are they chinese? Who is the black haired girl in white dress
bae Oosij
bae Oosij 11 jam yang lalu
Aespa Can i get at least 100 likes😭
Ghewel D
Ghewel D 11 jam yang lalu
Alt. slmyh
Alt. slmyh 11 jam yang lalu
Karina ❤
Nun Mohamed Abbas
Nun Mohamed Abbas 11 jam yang lalu
Ningning’s hight note at the end?????
Ririn Andriani
Ririn Andriani 11 jam yang lalu
i can't take my eyes from winter, her charisma on another level
Bengek Chanel
Bengek Chanel 11 jam yang lalu
What the meaning of Black Mamba?
뒤집어! 12 jam yang lalu
평균비율 오진다 ㄷㄷ
Jungyeon P
Jungyeon P 12 jam yang lalu
The dress really beautiful
Shaista Enam
Shaista Enam 12 jam yang lalu
NINGNING is my bias!!
royalehighcollecter 12 jam yang lalu
Winter reminds me a girl's generation member maybe taeyeon
Sri Winani
Sri Winani 12 jam yang lalu
Ko ada yg mirip jennie ya
Muniasamy S
Muniasamy S 12 jam yang lalu
Can anyone tell me what is aespa fandom name
Jungyeon P
Jungyeon P 12 jam yang lalu
it’s called MY
minty sherbet
minty sherbet 12 jam yang lalu
winter and ning ning OMG YES GURLS
Khalesa Andhamari
Khalesa Andhamari 12 jam yang lalu
æspa 짱!!!
Naruto Boom
Naruto Boom 12 jam yang lalu
Love this song💚💚
Naruto Boom
Naruto Boom 12 jam yang lalu
Love this song💚💚
Ah 13 jam yang lalu
zhong lele
zhong lele 13 jam yang lalu
i feel like a proud mom seeing ningning debut
nurvi 1994
nurvi 1994 13 jam yang lalu
Ningning so beautifful
Sonia Zuleyka
Sonia Zuleyka 13 jam yang lalu
Winter yeppo
Jowairia Dy
Jowairia Dy 13 jam yang lalu
BB KARINA to 2366
Annisa Delvia Nasya
Annisa Delvia Nasya 13 jam yang lalu
i love everything about aespa
Regina Puspita
Regina Puspita 13 jam yang lalu
She lv
She lv 13 jam yang lalu
Ervina Andriani
Ervina Andriani 14 jam yang lalu
beautyfullllllll bodyyy
Ahudha Taehberries
Ahudha Taehberries 14 jam yang lalu
There was nothing interesting about this
go심플 14 jam yang lalu
요즘..일본 극우, 중국 극민족주의 세력들이..한국인인척 한글 댓글 달며, 거짓 루머 퍼트리며~울 kpop어린 애들, 방탄, 블핑 등 쥑이려 엄청 공격한다고함.. 악플 공격보이면..바로 신고ㄱㄱㄱㄱㄱ
네버랜드엘프이너서클위즈원 9 jam yang lalu
홍유진 14 jam yang lalu
그룹으로 연습생들 왕따시키고 자살하게까지 만든 그룹인데 생각보다 빨아주는 사람들이 많네,,,연습생들한테도 안좋게 대했는데 아이린처럼 스탭들한테도 무대 뒤에서 문제있을꺼같은데,,,,
pink spider
pink spider 10 jam yang lalu
어휴 이런 루머 쓰면 창피하지도 않나
Dianty • 9-4
Dianty • 9-4 14 jam yang lalu
Rara Fahira An Nuur
Rara Fahira An Nuur 14 jam yang lalu
Okay this is clearly addicted
Fariha Batrisyah
Fariha Batrisyah 14 jam yang lalu
ningning lowkey reminds me of lee hi
Fajar Ibnu
Fajar Ibnu 14 jam yang lalu
Mantap masih masuk 10 besar tranding yt ..
Emily Ho
Emily Ho 14 jam yang lalu
I kinda wish Giselle and Ningning‘s outfit color was the same as Karina and Winter, from afar they don’t stand out as much :-((
김소미 14 jam yang lalu
닝닝 귀엽닝..♡
Hot Choco
Hot Choco 15 jam yang lalu
Tataba nyo bigat ng puso
Hot Choco
Hot Choco 15 jam yang lalu
Bobo animal
Dinia Dwim
Dinia Dwim 15 jam yang lalu
Ningning is so damn beautiful! Her voice is AMAZING!
Aiyukahan 15 jam yang lalu
When Winter smiles, she looks a bit like Sandara to me..
nicholsen calope
nicholsen calope 15 jam yang lalu
this really sound like KDA popstar like its strikingly the same no offense i stan them thoooo 💚💚
Junel Divine Bacho
Junel Divine Bacho 15 jam yang lalu
Jihyo + Jennie = Ningning
agustiana anha
agustiana anha 15 jam yang lalu
Omg ...!!! I like it karina so beautifull and cool ❤
Miro Vio
Miro Vio 15 jam yang lalu
budi marwanto
budi marwanto 15 jam yang lalu
My str3@m 5M, watch Gfriend Mago mv
kkura blossom
kkura blossom 15 jam yang lalu
Giselle!!!! T_T
Story sholawat TV
Story sholawat TV 15 jam yang lalu
Gaes jangan lupa subscribe channel aku ya video sholawat
haura zabrina
haura zabrina 16 jam yang lalu
Ning ning kaya dinda hauw fix no debat
Indah Indriani
Indah Indriani 16 jam yang lalu
Panggung ny keren ya The stage is awesome...
Ly On Rics
Ly On Rics 16 jam yang lalu
Gini kan enek liatnya ♥️♥️
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