EP6: Riding across Canada in winter part 2. (Alaska to Argentina)

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I'm never gonna manage an adequate description for this video, it's a beast! My longest EVER!
Thanks for watching guys, and thanks for the PayPal donations to ed.march@c90adventures.co.uk
This video exists because of you! :)
Music used:
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Jason 0
Jason 0 9 jam yang lalu
Hey your Ritchie reenactment was spot on. I pictured everyone that acts like Ritchie (a stick in the mud) calling the police and complaining with a big dildo stuck on there forehead flopping around. You and your better half on a trip of a lifetime living life to your fullest. You two are fully legend in my eyes. I know this was a long time ago, but maybe ritchie or people like him will see this I can only hope and pray!!
Ben Richards
Ben Richards 18 jam yang lalu
Richie you dick head 🀣 good work guys πŸ‘
john smith
john smith 21 jam yang lalu
Ritchie Noel you are a complete douchebag. Haha. Your story is bullshit.
legend cantlose277
legend cantlose277 22 jam yang lalu
4:50 ayo! Look on the right
Alan B'Stard M P
Alan B'Stard M P 2 hari yang lalu
you see, The Canadian Policeman in Quebec considers himself French, not Canadian, and he doesn't like British Canada, never mind actual British. As soon as he knew you were from Angleterre, his mood darkened
3finnian 2 hari yang lalu
Rachel sounds just like Marks girlfriend/wife in the Peep Show.
Bob Nafzinger
Bob Nafzinger 2 hari yang lalu
OMG rachel IS the perfect woman!
pinguzoe 2 hari yang lalu
39:50 it was not a beaver lol but a MUSKRAT (i think ) yes i love your video end sorry for QuΓ©bec Ontario got lots of police as you notice
Goose 3 hari yang lalu
Hi Eddie, Been working my way through your video travels in no particular order. Your sense of adventure is addictive to watch. Spurred on by your youth and feeling of invincibility I guess. Love your commentary & tounge-in-cheek attitude as well πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‚. I'm no stranger to that love of adventure either having done military service with t htt e Irish Arky in Lebanaon, been a professional Skydiver for a number of years & yes like you, I love motorcycles (currently CBF1000FA) You give me the feeling of wanting to go on one of your 90 runs, even at the tender age of 58? Don't kick me in the balls though. How would I go about that again Ed? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™‚ Look after yourself man. Regards Niall
Brandon M
Brandon M 3 hari yang lalu
Wow. The tow truck drivers in Quebec are nicer than the cops. That says a lot.
Mike Hagan
Mike Hagan 4 hari yang lalu
I've binge watched a number of these long Journey videos from this and other channels. The Common theme Seems to be. Most of the People are Great and the Government Employees are Power Tripping A Holes. Best Wishes! M.H.
2 Feet Forward
2 Feet Forward 7 hari yang lalu
36.12 Third comment down ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jake Damian
Jake Damian 7 hari yang lalu
I got a real nice challenge that I did 1/14/21 on my 2014 Dyna low rider (your bikes might be 100 times better for it) , yes recently. It was the hardest ride I have ever done In my life and full in intense adventure. THE 101 IN JANUARY ... CAUTION VERY DANGEROUS 1,540 mi (2,478 km) in 26 HOURS. From Washington up north to California down south. Full of twisty turns and not crazy cold but still cold without the proper gear (like my super stupid ass self). If you decide to do this please know that I am warning you it is a really dangerous challenge that tests mastery riding skill (due to fog in the red woods and literally all of San Francisco ), and endurance (because it’s 26 fucking hours of riding like seriously why did I do that) but it changed my life when I had to finish my journey in Visalia which made me cry when I saw rise in the valley of California
Wade Chubb
Wade Chubb 7 hari yang lalu
Richie is a idiot if it poor visibility his wife should slow down not try to pass . Quebec police are assholes Quebec don’t want to be a part of Canada I can see why no one likes Quebec. Pricks
Skyline Painting
Skyline Painting 7 hari yang lalu
You and Rachael are so funny
Skyline Painting
Skyline Painting 7 hari yang lalu
I love all of your comments good luck
The wilderness survivors
The wilderness survivors 8 hari yang lalu
Liberals are making a joke out of Quebec! its so embarassing to us... Luckily we are back on track now.
Ken Van Barneveld
Ken Van Barneveld 8 hari yang lalu
The problem in QuΓ©bec is not the studded tires, but the lack of snow tires. Snow tires are identified by a snowflake on the sidewall of the tire.
North Pole
North Pole 8 hari yang lalu
Hard core.......
Awesome Andre
Awesome Andre 10 hari yang lalu
Umm πŸ€” leave it to humans... To make life more of a challenge. Like the pandemic wasn't enough!
Audry Lou
Audry Lou 11 hari yang lalu
You are really crazy, guys! Am sorry I hav egot not so crazy spouse as well :(. I'like to.
Stephen Andrew
Stephen Andrew 15 hari yang lalu
Ritchie Noel, superdick, obviously completely under the thumb of his girlfriend, so gutless aswell. Needless to say you have a thousand supportive and nice people, a couple of them are going to be twats, just need to ignore all fuckwits and enjoy all that is ahead.
Amazing Jepoy
Amazing Jepoy 15 hari yang lalu
Felt really bad for richie, 4 years on people is just still discovering that he is a dick.
Freddy rosenberg
Freddy rosenberg 16 hari yang lalu
I've learnt something new today. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF QUEBEC.
Vern Shein
Vern Shein 17 hari yang lalu
Quebec police........ In Montreal, the then Premier of the province, after a night of drinking, ran over a man in the street while driving his mistress home. The police did not take a breathalyzer alcohol test of the Premier but instead took a breathalyzer test from the corpse of the dead man. Quebec..........
doncarlo5 18 hari yang lalu
at 13:35 that's where I had to stop watching ... that's way beyond comprehension ! too much for me
Daniel Hollands
Daniel Hollands 18 hari yang lalu
"Humanity really, really needs a cull.....>" Haha watching this in 2021 made me chuckle. Wish granted !!!. Aparently Richie is the cause of CoVID 19!!
okrum 19 hari yang lalu
Richie is a twat
James Haynes
James Haynes 20 hari yang lalu
Just discovered and binged all your content. Excellent! Easy coast Canadian here. Your excellent Quebec police bit needs its own video!
PhuketBungalow Info
PhuketBungalow Info 20 hari yang lalu
btw, whats that road sign at39:15 ???? ATTENTION DINOSAURS??? or Massive Spiders crossing? or Nessi ?
PhuketBungalow Info
PhuketBungalow Info 20 hari yang lalu
and every time i am coming here AGAIN to tell ppl DO NOT RIDE QUEBEC i am happy to highlight it again FooCK YOU QUEBEC - FooCK THE POLICE MORONS IN FRENSH CANADA and fook you Richie, get a life :) May be 2021 a better year for all of us travelling the WORLD on motorcycles, we NEED to move on, pls open your borders
Think Like A Car
Think Like A Car 20 hari yang lalu
Police are pretty annoying
biased broadcasting co
biased broadcasting co 21 hari yang lalu
Jairus Swint
Jairus Swint 21 hari yang lalu
Watching in 2021... be careful what you wish for...
alasdair johnstone
alasdair johnstone 22 hari yang lalu
Damn ed! When I first saw ep 15 and thought id start at the start of this trip of yours I was expecting there to be a little dip in quality as you work make more and work with more professional editing software/tools but every video i great. Especially your recreations.
2adventure_oz 23 hari yang lalu
Haha 4 years too late here but this is fkn GOLD!
TheWelcome23 23 hari yang lalu
Thank god not many knob heads in Canada!! πŸ˜‚
Santo 23 hari yang lalu
One word for you lads, brave! Truly impressive. You guys are determined.. (hardheaded) and resilient! Truly demonstrate that indeed, anything is possible! This world is full of β€œRichards”... you handled the β€œRichie” (small Richard) in your journey quite splendidly. πŸ˜‚
GingerDeadMan 23 hari yang lalu
"Humanity needs a cull!" I give you sir....the Carona Virus! xD
jabberwocky413 24 hari yang lalu
Mate, your reply to Ritchie should be held up as a prime example of how to handle a oxygen thief ! Well done the pair of you, carry on.
Dave Brooks
Dave Brooks 24 hari yang lalu
You guys are incredibly awesome ! Cops, never there when you need them, always there when ya don't.
Donald McAllister
Donald McAllister 24 hari yang lalu
Love it, I've never laughed so much for ages, your worth every one of the minutes I've watched, I've now subscribed to your channel, this is the first of your videos I have watched, and now I'm gonna binge watch the rest of your videos, keep this up and you two are destined for a TV show of your own. lol by the way I've just ordered my new Honda 125cc super cub, that's what drew me to your video. Great viewing thank you for making my evening. Brillant
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 25 hari yang lalu
Ewan might have inspired us to start but you've pushed us to make no excuses.
1-800-beatdown 27 hari yang lalu
HA! I've lived in Canada my whole life and love traveling throughout our beautiful country, but I have no intention of visiting quebec, EVER! Just gonna stick to western, northern and the far east coast of Canada.
ethics3 25 hari yang lalu
Its not only Quebec
GreenFrank 29 hari yang lalu
you are talking about truckers, quebec might be one of the first 100% tesla trucks (or whatever) place in america, not because of gas or anything, but because cops and greens (SAAQ cops, comparable to state troopers) properly rape drivers and hauling companies.
GreenFrank 29 hari yang lalu
I am from, Quebec... Perfect reenactment of them f*ckers.
Annemarie 29 hari yang lalu
well said to 'Richi'. good on You, Ed
evilfrog Bulan Yang lalu
to chose to hit you, hit the ditch or head into the oncoming lane LOL there's no brakes in your car lol and yes quebec cop are almost all asshole and even if the highway say 60 to 100 its illegal for the c90 i think
RAAAJVEERE. Bulan Yang lalu
Found this channel today and have been binging the series, well it's a merry Christmas indeed.
Ryan DaVinci
Ryan DaVinci Bulan Yang lalu
Well Ed, I think you may of got your wish after Ritchie the Shlonger experience - humanity is receiving a cull! πŸ˜†
Ryan DaVinci
Ryan DaVinci Bulan Yang lalu
@c90adventures Ermmm no, not really 🀣 Don't worry, I've been saying it for years! πŸ€ͺ
c90adventures Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah that hasn't aged well has it? πŸ˜‚
Insane Rider
Insane Rider Bulan Yang lalu
I'm from quebec , montreal. So sorry for your bad experience. I know it's 4 years ago but just been watching your videos. Hope all is good
Cathoop85 Bulan Yang lalu
Richie has always been a dick, that's why the U.S. excommunicated him and his shabby lady
brandon sedgewick
brandon sedgewick Bulan Yang lalu
thats quebec
vikingbags Bulan Yang lalu
Really interesting video! We here at VikingBags really appreciate your content and your journey! Keep up the good work!
Not_Your_Usual_Username Bulan Yang lalu
Ah yes Ontario and Quebec the 2 least liked provinces in Canada now I’m not surprised you had issues
tandem compound
tandem compound Bulan Yang lalu
we have this thing in Canada called winter.
The Maverick!
The Maverick! Bulan Yang lalu
3:11 I like Rachel's thermometer! Quite accurate! πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜…
You Toober
You Toober Bulan Yang lalu
@ 25:57 - LOL!
You Toober
You Toober Bulan Yang lalu
Ha! The down votes are probably from Ritchie and the Quebec cops!
You Toober
You Toober Bulan Yang lalu
I give it to you for doing a ride like that on c90s and not on full fledged motorcycles!
Filos Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahahahahaa. Fucking Quebec. Classic idiots
Lloyd Franks
Lloyd Franks Bulan Yang lalu
I sure hope you two get paid a lot of money for this effort! My god I would have died in that cold not joking! I hate cold an cold hates me! I put a lot faith in my Honda's but not in -25 degrees. I had a stroke just watching your effort at camping in the ice! It was that cold the night I left Alaska!! It was so bad they would not risk turn the engines off to fuel up the plane!
Skip Knot
Skip Knot Bulan Yang lalu
It's not a planet. You know that. The Earth is a flat, static plane.
Robert Ray
Robert Ray Bulan Yang lalu
Richie's is a dip shit.
Fugazi Garage
Fugazi Garage Bulan Yang lalu
The words to Richie LMFAO.
Der Motorradfahrer - Roberto
Der Motorradfahrer - Roberto Bulan Yang lalu
I am also an all-season motorbike rider. But that's the hard part. Much respect for you! These temperatures are madness. Respekt πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Bartek Gorecki
Bartek Gorecki Bulan Yang lalu
12:35 xDD 24:30
Front AllRouD
Front AllRouD Bulan Yang lalu
Spitting fried eggs in a frying pan is something. Of course, I won't watch anything else.
Lived Experiences of a Human by Yavuz Candan
Lived Experiences of a Human by Yavuz Candan Bulan Yang lalu
What a great achievement
Raphael Apolinario
Raphael Apolinario Bulan Yang lalu
Brannen Thompson
Brannen Thompson Bulan Yang lalu
Just found your channel, as everyone else excellent comeback on Ritchie and his over-reactive girlfriend who can't drive on straight roads, I live in Rural N Devon where I get pissed at a tractor, what I'd give for a straight road. I bet Ritchies "Girlfriend" was impressed at him telling you "what's what" and gave him a handy. the least he deserved for serving the public safety.
C K Bulan Yang lalu
Richie... the new Karen
Daniel Nicola
Daniel Nicola Bulan Yang lalu
You guys are f* awesome! When more (and i mean way more) people were like you, the world wouldnt suck as it does! Hope you are ok this days.... Wonder why youtube didn't suggest me this masterpiece way earlier. Cheers from Germany
North East Biker
North East Biker Bulan Yang lalu
I need to do this some day.. I love Canada
chas sisom
chas sisom Bulan Yang lalu
Yup. The Canadians are lovely people but the law enforcement officers are real assholes. I'm wanted since 1984 in ontario for failure to appear. Ha ha.
James .Jong
James .Jong Bulan Yang lalu
You guys are incredible! Enjoyed your video.
mojust777 Bulan Yang lalu
I've tears in my eyes that I'm seeing this documentary so late now.. It's so beautiful to see you two absolute great human beings meeting so many other nice people and being happy all the time in the videos. I just felt the need to drop that comment and I wonder how you guys doing today and what you're doing
mojust777 Bulan Yang lalu
@c90adventures oh okay, sorry for asking that so directly.. do you have instagram oder some social network to subscrive to?
c90adventures Bulan Yang lalu
@mojust777 no we broke up once we both got back to the UK. But the final video of the series will cover that so people don't wonder why.
mojust777 Bulan Yang lalu
@c90adventures wow, sounds really amazing. I don't want to spoil myself, so I'll watch every of your videos in historical order to don't miss anything. Sounds kinda weird but I really like your style of just being a chilled and crazy dude, just like one should enjoy life. Are you and Rachel still together?
c90adventures Bulan Yang lalu
Thanks for the lovely comment πŸ™‚ I'm converting a double decker bus into a home, editing the next video, and engineering on gas tanker ships at sea. Rachel is doing well too, she's working in customer relations in the leisure industry and is looking forward to getting a cat soon.
Just make more videos and the time and efforts investment will surely return
Chat Chaweewong
Chat Chaweewong Bulan Yang lalu
sunil yadav
sunil yadav Bulan Yang lalu
Great job guys
Darren Rigby
Darren Rigby Bulan Yang lalu
...and by the way, you're both absolutely bonkers! Thanks again for some epic work!
Mark Cummings
Mark Cummings Bulan Yang lalu
Great job you two ❀️❀️❀️😎😎😎
Tyler Ardron
Tyler Ardron Bulan Yang lalu
The rant about Richie just made my day. I may listen to that once a week from now on
David Earnest
David Earnest Bulan Yang lalu
"I need you in my Life as Ballast". Too Moto Bro!
Windjammer_Harley Bulan Yang lalu
the Quebec cop working hard for the economy
A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life Bulan Yang lalu
I think you guys are more Canadian than I am. And I'm ok with that.
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy Bulan Yang lalu
I would have been surprised if your bikes were NOT impounded in Quebec.
Sammie North
Sammie North Bulan Yang lalu
Your rant at Richie was legendary. What a bell end!!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Bulan Yang lalu
you guys are nuts. and i LOVE it :)
Doug.McBeth Bulan Yang lalu
Well that was quite entertaining. I just stumbled upon your channel. I'm born and raised at the start of the Alaska Highway and can feel your pain in this video. Now I must go back and watch all your previous content. Oh and ya Richie is a dick! lol
Luke Welvaert
Luke Welvaert Bulan Yang lalu
Ed follow me on insta if you ever need a reminder of some of the best bits of Surrey UK @lambrettaluke
Luke Welvaert
Luke Welvaert Bulan Yang lalu
Mate, that's one of the greatest adventure bike riding videos I've ever watched. Love your work! Keep it up! Peace and Love from Farnham Surrey UK
John Berry
John Berry 2 bulan yang lalu
You guys must be related to Frosty the frozen bears! I am glad πŸ˜€ you 2 were able to complete your journey through the Frozen tundra! Quebec coppers reenactment was hilarious πŸ˜‚, you nailed it!
avik karmakar
avik karmakar 2 bulan yang lalu
KikΓ­sek ScΓ³termann
KikΓ­sek ScΓ³termann 2 bulan yang lalu
So i have to pay a regular technical inspection and bother to arrive at the depot every two years to have all documents nice and neat. I have to pay regular servicing to be able to get an insurance and a legal licence plate - but somebody doesnt bother is basically an anarchist and than - is super surprised when someone asks him to do all this legal stuff and fines him if he doesnt? ... where is the logic in that? :D
Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton 2 bulan yang lalu
I've lived in Canada my entire life and you pair have to be using unimaginable drugs to ride across this bleak country in winter at these temperatures. I am at an age where camping. (NOnonononopnononononononono nopity nope ) is a curse word. I'll stay in my propane heated RV with warm blankets fresh water heated shower , cooking facilities stocked refrigerator and entertainment like TV and radio. ..............I admire your tenacity!! and on a C90 to boot. BTW Here in the rest of Canada it's Queerbec
roy gordon
roy gordon 2 bulan yang lalu
Richie the dickhead perfect 😁😁, I think he should use a walker and not a car
Piotr Trocki
Piotr Trocki 2 bulan yang lalu
Rory Othen
Rory Othen 2 bulan yang lalu
One of the best presenters ever
mr T
mr T 2 bulan yang lalu
Fantastic! Wishing you all the best and leaving a comment for the IDpost algorithm (or whatnot)
T30 2 bulan yang lalu
Richie is an asshole.
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