I Spent 50 Hours Customizing The World's Largest iPhone 12

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I can't believe I did this lol...
I Customized The World's Largest iPhone 12 For 50 Hours Straight
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching :)
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ZHC 2 bulan yang lalu
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Amy Dwight
Amy Dwight 15 hari yang lalu
You are at 669k likes zhc 😍🥰🤩
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apple suello 25 hari yang lalu
Choose me🤙😁✔️
Abdullah - The Servant of Allah - Muhammad Hossain
Abdullah - The Servant of Allah - Muhammad Hossain Bulan Yang lalu
Pls can I have a custom iphone12
Rachel xxyn
Rachel xxyn Bulan Yang lalu
woah, hope I could have one 🥰
Darth Monty
Darth Monty 2 bulan yang lalu
I love your vids and that is an awesome video
Vivo Gaming
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alma Esesa
alma Esesa 49 menit yang lalu
Hi I am new hear pls shout out
Yolanda P
Yolanda P 50 menit yang lalu
How did you do that
Kyndal Miller
Kyndal Miller Jam Yang lalu
I hope you have fun giving away all those phones and I hope it makes people really happy :3
Kyndal Miller
Kyndal Miller Jam Yang lalu
Where and how did you get it
Zeena Nasser
Zeena Nasser Jam Yang lalu
you are amazing
Rafael Hendric Cubacub
Rafael Hendric Cubacub 2 jam yang lalu
Eysl room
Eysl room 2 jam yang lalu
I love your video ❤💙💚💛💜💓
Tasha 2 jam yang lalu
Me n my 6s lurking😂😂😂😂
Asain Squad
Asain Squad 3 jam yang lalu
ZHC you are the best I love your videos 😀
Emmalee Ellis
Emmalee Ellis 4 jam yang lalu
How ever dislike you are mean
I dont Know
I dont Know 4 jam yang lalu
miriam galarza
miriam galarza 5 jam yang lalu
I already subscibe
Aidan Neehuis
Aidan Neehuis 5 jam yang lalu
Only people who like this comment know what that message gun really was..
David Avram
David Avram 5 jam yang lalu
BTW tismaru is a desert
Kaiden Hood
Kaiden Hood 6 jam yang lalu
I am a big fan
Mawadda Gallow
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I subscribe and thumbs up
Mawadda Gallow
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I never won something
Nightmare _Maya
Nightmare _Maya 7 jam yang lalu
I subed
pravat rath
pravat rath 8 jam yang lalu
Zach after 100 years be like : today we are customising the whole world
GamerNitro Gx
GamerNitro Gx 8 jam yang lalu
Now i really wanna customize something with ZHC lol.
DeeKay Daily
DeeKay Daily 8 jam yang lalu
Please give me one I can't afford 😣
James McIntyre
James McIntyre 8 jam yang lalu
Aw touch less is my fav
Yassin Afghan
Yassin Afghan 9 jam yang lalu
Cerje Dale
Cerje Dale 11 jam yang lalu
ZHC IN 2070: Today im gonna make a new planet and customize it
Rajkumar S.R
Rajkumar S.R 11 jam yang lalu
HI zhc
Tommy Musitano
Tommy Musitano 12 jam yang lalu
l'italiano manca ahah
Andriana harris
Andriana harris 13 jam yang lalu
Pls give it to
رؤى صابر
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so many like
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What is your day
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What do you think
Oscar Vera
Oscar Vera 15 jam yang lalu
I sub to all of your videos and like
JUICE JUICE 16 jam yang lalu
nice vid
Anicka Tuschova
Anicka Tuschova 16 jam yang lalu
A have a broken phoun☹
geenuka omangith subasinhe
geenuka omangith subasinhe 16 jam yang lalu
We are in Sri Lankan
Eva Whistler
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I can't subscribe
Eva Whistler
Eva Whistler 18 jam yang lalu
But can I have one now 24 penzance way England
Eva Whistler
Eva Whistler 18 jam yang lalu
ZHC iam in England 🇬🇧
Allyson Loh
Allyson Loh 18 jam yang lalu
I wish I can win it but I live at Benton
aChu sMoKiES
aChu sMoKiES 18 jam yang lalu
Big fan
Angelyn Valete
Angelyn Valete 19 jam yang lalu
The heck so big
Jessa Russ
Jessa Russ 21 jam yang lalu
your good
Yazmin Tavira
Yazmin Tavira 21 jam yang lalu
airpop. rose iphoh jayden. Ramirez
Snigdha Sri
Snigdha Sri 22 jam yang lalu
ZHC is the best artist . I love his drawings . 😀😘😘
Tsuyu_ 1238
Tsuyu_ 1238 Hari Yang lalu
ummm.....you do giveaways right can i pls....join
Mace Bradley
Mace Bradley Hari Yang lalu
May I have one of the iPhones pls
Jacob Federline
Jacob Federline Hari Yang lalu
i really like your vids and i watch them all day :)
GODZILLA BOY Hari Yang lalu
What about me:D joke
M.T.B with me
M.T.B with me Hari Yang lalu
Totally awesome and if you can post more videos frequently
Ken Breyer
Ken Breyer Hari Yang lalu
Kasey See
Gianderik Hufalar
Gianderik Hufalar Hari Yang lalu
I m italian
Olivia Unboxes
Olivia Unboxes Hari Yang lalu
Good job
Alexa Avila
Alexa Avila Hari Yang lalu
Where do you live at I want to go to the Apple store and buy some stuff At yours
Fatma كندري
Fatma كندري Hari Yang lalu
سلام عليكم ماش الله
Sophia C
Sophia C Hari Yang lalu
83 cmr
Arden Kim
Arden Kim Hari Yang lalu
"Tiramisu" " *Terminasu* "
Cameron Swain
Cameron Swain Hari Yang lalu
trash2020 Hari Yang lalu
zhc in 2099: im customize a country and i will give it a way
Aubrey Drury
Aubrey Drury Hari Yang lalu
OMG that is so big
ARAFATH BAIG Hari Yang lalu
It's a used one.
ARAFATH BAIG Hari Yang lalu
I bought it from OLX.
ARAFATH BAIG Hari Yang lalu
I am literally using 1plus 3, which I bought for 7000/- rupees, in which Power button and volume up button doesn't work and I got them repaired a few days ago, for 500 rupees, but still have charging pin and earphone Jack problem, in which mic doesn't work. But, I am a trillion time unlucky that I can't win a giveaway or even few diamonds in FreeFire from youtubers. But, nice video and nice job. I wish I could win one.
Pedro Baptista
Pedro Baptista Hari Yang lalu
Michelle is strange bro
Siamnd Sido
Siamnd Sido Hari Yang lalu
There was the number from his mom
gabriela bee lyrics
gabriela bee lyrics Hari Yang lalu
U don't need TV
tahaiscool Hari Yang lalu
Me wachingin a Samsung 5
S. Kpnk
S. Kpnk Hari Yang lalu
Natia Labadze
Natia Labadze Hari Yang lalu
Pliz 1 iapon blu
Yaara ARTS
Yaara ARTS Hari Yang lalu
Omg wow :O
Banana Hari Yang lalu
22882 I will buy a skyscraper and Give it away!
Yash n n
Yash n n Hari Yang lalu
Baran Mirza
Baran Mirza Hari Yang lalu
Nobody: Zach: has a box of newest iphones
TAJ Gang
TAJ Gang Hari Yang lalu
Its weird how he gives away every video and never,not even once have i won 😣😭😭😭😭😢
zed Hari Yang lalu
This says day two where is day one?
Dupe receita facil
Dupe receita facil Hari Yang lalu
Me subscried
nandana guruge
nandana guruge Hari Yang lalu
I’m in Sri Lanka
Vaelyn Moore
Vaelyn Moore Hari Yang lalu
ZHC i love your art i look up to you with trying to pain and draw you are my favorite artist im so happy you have such a great talent with drawing and painting btw in your biggest fan! LOVE YOUR WORK
borotu naruto
borotu naruto Hari Yang lalu
ZHC has the besttttt montage
Leonna Cuaterno
Leonna Cuaterno Hari Yang lalu
Your all is so good at painting😊❤
Lanz Amiel Reyes
Lanz Amiel Reyes Hari Yang lalu
8:55 i wanna play
Lily Mai Hickey
Lily Mai Hickey Hari Yang lalu
Love it so much😇😇😙😙😘🗼
Cece Cordero
Cece Cordero Hari Yang lalu
Lowkey making tiktoks on that would be super funn!!!
MR. Destroyer
MR. Destroyer Hari Yang lalu
I am from india
MR. Destroyer
MR. Destroyer Hari Yang lalu
Can you give it to me
Jason Neal
Jason Neal Hari Yang lalu
Hello you guys are so cool
ليلى البريكي
ليلى البريكي Hari Yang lalu
BBGIRL Hari Yang lalu
did you eat?!?
Mia Luo
Mia Luo Hari Yang lalu
its cool
Rosie and gaby Rodriguez escarcega
Rosie and gaby Rodriguez escarcega Hari Yang lalu
How rich even are you!?
ZHC Hari Yang lalu
Robs Btw
Robs Btw Hari Yang lalu
Me watching this on my small tablet
Sleepy Weeb
Sleepy Weeb 2 hari yang lalu
ZHC in 2030: Okay guys! Today we will customize this 70ft turkey tower and give it away to a star bucks worker! 🤣🤣🤣
Nomin ANKHAA 2 hari yang lalu
Màasg gun me ooooof
Nomin ANKHAA 2 hari yang lalu
I loved this voide
Harry Dudfield
Harry Dudfield 2 hari yang lalu
Hi zhc
Amanda Woods
Amanda Woods 2 hari yang lalu
i love your vids
Andreas Klasson
Andreas Klasson 2 hari yang lalu
A can have a phohe 12 a from sweden
Sofia Efthimiou
Sofia Efthimiou 2 hari yang lalu
YOU HAVE to customize a skateboard
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