Can You Plant 20 MILLION TREES?

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We teamed up with Mr. Beast and Mark Rober and hundreds of other IDpostrs to promote TEAMTREES a charity for the Arbor Day Foundation. Can you actually plant 20 million trees? How would you do it?
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climate change global warming #mrbeast #arborday

voie valhalla french
voie valhalla french 5 jam yang lalu
nut nnnnnuuuuuttt tun tnu donut
King Godzilla953
King Godzilla953 17 jam yang lalu
I think mrbeast is the one who started team trees
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy 5 hari yang lalu
My family owns 7500 trees
Kapilan P S
Kapilan P S 23 hari yang lalu
People who volunteered would have felt sad for their work.
Haggysack2k8 24 hari yang lalu
That squirrel must have been a descendant of Scrat from Ice Age. This really has kind of his handwriting, i mean it's almost as if the squirrel had a plan for getting all these acorns, but didn't think further then "cut off all their electricity, humans are nothing without it!"
Joshua Moreno
Joshua Moreno Bulan Yang lalu
that doesn't make sense i mean like its a tress gun?
Joshua Moreno
Joshua Moreno Bulan Yang lalu
i know right but also why a gun?
SwissBassguy Bulan Yang lalu
You look so different without beard
cryzec Bulan Yang lalu
omg it's been 1 year????? felt like it was last month
Esther Puig
Esther Puig Bulan Yang lalu
Omg I watched this exactly 1 year later!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LiL Trump
LiL Trump Bulan Yang lalu
Deez nuts
smalls390 Bulan Yang lalu
In October of 2020 when u didn’t donate and they reached it
Mr_Mango Bulan Yang lalu
Well it’s 2020 did we get 20 million trees?
_possible_ idea_
_possible_ idea_ Bulan Yang lalu
Oh boi deez nutz
Oren Moran-Kuhn
Oren Moran-Kuhn Bulan Yang lalu
If these tree planting weapons dont appear in a pumpkin destruction video this year, well dangit.
The gaming Potato
The gaming Potato Bulan Yang lalu
Thumbnail: boys on December 1st:
Whitney Gil Dion Mamaradlo
Whitney Gil Dion Mamaradlo Bulan Yang lalu
hollaback girl
Abdul Rahim Sankar
Abdul Rahim Sankar Bulan Yang lalu
Your basically wasting seeds. I love it 🥰
177A TONY Bulan Yang lalu
I used sponsor to donate the sponsor was best
177A TONY Bulan Yang lalu
Thank-you HS😍😍🤘🤘🔥
Control Chaos
Control Chaos 2 bulan yang lalu
Why not use A10 warhog
michaelthomson123543 2 bulan yang lalu
Late to the video on this one, but I did a science project like this in HS. The DOD was interested in more environmentally friendly practice ammunition, so I designed and printed (using copper infused filament) 12 gauge shotgun slugs with compartments inside containing plant seeds!
Geoffrey Gwin
Geoffrey Gwin 2 bulan yang lalu
You messed with Squirrels Morty!
Tech Vlogs
Tech Vlogs 3 bulan yang lalu
7:17 see who made it on the the bottom left of the screen spoiler: A guy who has master in faliors (Mehdi)
Phillips_offroad_2 4 bulan yang lalu
you could clean the shop that giant leaf blower
RightCtrl 4 bulan yang lalu
wow he grew a beard just for the sponsorship
Itz_Ninja_Playz UwU
Itz_Ninja_Playz UwU 4 bulan yang lalu
An acorn gun????
The black Mamba
The black Mamba 4 bulan yang lalu
I feel bad for the cleaners
Jonathan Paynter
Jonathan Paynter 4 bulan yang lalu
That is very good of you
Phoenix Constellation
Phoenix Constellation 4 bulan yang lalu
🌲🌱🍀petition for a new day called "plant day" in which everyone in the world has to grow a tree in their front or backyard. im reposting this because for mother earth!🌲🌱🍀
Omar Zuraiqi
Omar Zuraiqi 5 bulan yang lalu
I was thinking if u were in a plane at least 3,000 ft high and u used that giant 50 Ib leafblower thing will help spread all the acorns out and give each enough room to grow bc ur so high the wind blows in different direction
John C.K. Philistine
John C.K. Philistine 5 bulan yang lalu
Practically Americans already
No Regrets
No Regrets 5 bulan yang lalu
Nobody: The hacksmith: give child enormous sword that can break cinder blocks
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 6 bulan yang lalu
Squirrel soilder:men we have lost all of our nuts and we must take revenge and... Random squirrel:sir we found the nuts the humans have collected them and are keeping them in a building Squirrel soilder:men we take our revenge today we attack NOW!
moses stubbs
moses stubbs 6 bulan yang lalu
mr beast is from the future bc he knew the forest would get burned down in january and he knew if it wasnt done by then the air would be gone and wede be dead
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 6 bulan yang lalu
Barely any of the 20M trees have been planted yet... it'll be over the next 5 years or something
Model.Paradise.I. -2020
Model.Paradise.I. -2020 6 bulan yang lalu
10:15 Hey, Bogdan! U doing some barrel Rolls? 👀
Alex Duckworth
Alex Duckworth 6 bulan yang lalu
Couldent you have just done this outside...
András Ékes
András Ékes 6 bulan yang lalu
4:00 all deez nuts
Mateeioop 123
Mateeioop 123 6 bulan yang lalu
This video is nuts
Jade cheetah 6865
Jade cheetah 6865 6 bulan yang lalu
The hack smith: *gets 20m acorns* Squirrels: so you take our source of power. How about we get rid of yours?
Harsh Katiyar
Harsh Katiyar 6 bulan yang lalu
HEY!! Hacksmith bring your tree weapons in INDIA too.
Sum Demon
Sum Demon 6 bulan yang lalu
40 million trees chopped down last Christmas
Cubegamer -reviews tutoriales de cubos y juegos
Cubegamer -reviews tutoriales de cubos y juegos 7 bulan yang lalu
And how earth congrats? Yes the answer is coronavirus
Florian Excoffier
Florian Excoffier 7 bulan yang lalu
do a barrel roll
Grover Bundy
Grover Bundy 7 bulan yang lalu
James you are nuts
Alex Ting
Alex Ting 7 bulan yang lalu
Mitchell Conant
Mitchell Conant 7 bulan yang lalu
Damn, that's nuts.
Игорь Сафаров
Игорь Сафаров 7 bulan yang lalu
Ты как-то много балтаешь
Johnny Wang
Johnny Wang 7 bulan yang lalu
Can you plant 2 lips ?
Itz_Ninja_Playz UwU
Itz_Ninja_Playz UwU 7 bulan yang lalu
Dude wheres your beard
The Dragonites
The Dragonites 7 bulan yang lalu
Where's the beard!
enoch mundall
enoch mundall 8 bulan yang lalu
Wait... did you guys actually plant any trees?
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 8 bulan yang lalu
We planted 2500!
Blackout_Fox 8 bulan yang lalu
The question is how much millions they get in theyr pocket
GANGSTE PLAYZ 8 bulan yang lalu
They are wasting seeds
Yogurtsnipe 05
Yogurtsnipe 05 8 bulan yang lalu
It’s Corona time.
Suheb movie clips and games
Suheb movie clips and games 8 bulan yang lalu
2:02 dantdm
andy parry
andy parry 9 bulan yang lalu
Looks less like planting trees and more like spreading squirrel food.
Nicholas Thorp
Nicholas Thorp 9 bulan yang lalu
His beard keeps coming and going, what is reality.
Smittenwhale Yt
Smittenwhale Yt 9 bulan yang lalu
Somebody donate 20 million $
Jaime The One
Jaime The One 9 bulan yang lalu
Plant trees or destroy seeds?
Wolf Voids
Wolf Voids 10 bulan yang lalu
Sorry but, most of the animals will dog up the acorns, so it won’t be 20,000,000 acorns
Pacific national Trains
Pacific national Trains 10 bulan yang lalu
Can I have the exit sign pis live your channel
Haitham Rabah
Haitham Rabah 10 bulan yang lalu
These nuts:😤 Deez nuts:😃 Deez nuts ha gotem:🤩
ПИРОЖОК 10 bulan yang lalu
Sorry i cant donate in my country
G Man 542
G Man 542 10 bulan yang lalu
U guys should so black Panthers claws
Faze_ Denzel
Faze_ Denzel 10 bulan yang lalu
I give million dollars
Jett Schwaier
Jett Schwaier 10 bulan yang lalu
James making almost every practical Marvel weapon and defeated by a squirrel😀
Le Choro
Le Choro 10 bulan yang lalu
You look so beautiful shaved:0
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 10 bulan yang lalu
GREAT JOB now the wild life that needed that to survive the winter are going to DIE way to go guys that's why you do it over time not all at once
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 10 bulan yang lalu
To be fair we didn't ask for as much as that was brought. And we donated $2500 to team trees for it.
W.D gaster
W.D gaster 10 bulan yang lalu
sorry to say but, it's 2020
kiwi 825
kiwi 825 10 bulan yang lalu
If we donnate u use the seeds to make your invention
Leonidas Hill
Leonidas Hill 11 bulan yang lalu
I’m watching this in 2020 and we did it
Gun Mob
Gun Mob 11 bulan yang lalu
No no it’s not team trees it’s nut gang
Gun Mob
Gun Mob 11 bulan yang lalu
are you planting trees or feeding squirrels or sniping squirrels
Shadowkey392 11 bulan yang lalu
Funny thought, but this might work better if you did it outdoors.
Caoutchouc Infernal
Caoutchouc Infernal 11 bulan yang lalu
Where is your barb?
Harrison Ahmad
Harrison Ahmad 11 bulan yang lalu
Me Beast told me to tel you thank you
Dlissi Ahmed
Dlissi Ahmed 11 bulan yang lalu
Who is here from the mr beast hitting 20 million trees vidéo
LEO Senpai
LEO Senpai 11 bulan yang lalu
Thanks for helping us plant 20 m trees.
minediamonds69 11 bulan yang lalu
Thanks for promoting TT!
Joshua Sabbagh
Joshua Sabbagh 11 bulan yang lalu
Thank you
Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch 11 bulan yang lalu
thank yoiu
nds wrold
nds wrold 11 bulan yang lalu
Thank you for promoting teamtrees
Rami Sawaed
Rami Sawaed 11 bulan yang lalu
thank you from .Mr beast
Ethan Poulsen
Ethan Poulsen 11 bulan yang lalu
Thank you sooooo much for spreading team trees the community and mrbeast are thankful
John Chen
John Chen 11 bulan yang lalu
How did he get in the barrel and how is he gonna get out of the barrel?
shajan gaming
shajan gaming 11 bulan yang lalu
They already have 20,000,000 trees
SHIDO 11 bulan yang lalu
ARBOLES, ese 20 debe convertirse en 2000 para tener efecto
quigon mat
quigon mat 11 bulan yang lalu
20 Million trees are a great addition but every christmas 350 Million people want a real one in their living room.
ƧᄃӨЯᄃΉ _
ƧᄃӨЯᄃΉ _ 11 bulan yang lalu
And I wondered how you did the thumbnail
fluffyx29 11 bulan yang lalu
He looks like wolverine
Xx VolAce xX
Xx VolAce xX 11 bulan yang lalu
Mission complete
Anonym Unsichtbar
Anonym Unsichtbar 11 bulan yang lalu
Hacksmiths solves Klimate Change (if it can be changed by human)
chintan bhatt
chintan bhatt 11 bulan yang lalu
mustard only grows to 4-6 feet long
Lord Sans Sans Warudo
Lord Sans Sans Warudo 11 bulan yang lalu
We did itttttttt
DJ Paiya
DJ Paiya 11 bulan yang lalu
can't donate from india
Rannel Mananguit
Rannel Mananguit 11 bulan yang lalu
Or you can use Mortars and lunch them further and further away. (while having a Acorn War)
Charlie 11 bulan yang lalu
This is a dispatch from the future. We did it.
Kevin Kawahara
Kevin Kawahara 11 bulan yang lalu
Do any of you know why he shaved
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 11 bulan yang lalu
Save the planet!
Nico 11 bulan yang lalu
*oxygen taking over the world*
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