Building An Electric Streetfighter Motorcycle - Complete Build & Test Ride!

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James Biggar

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In this video I build a custom electric streetfighter motorcycle. Plans for this project are available at the following link:
This aggressive looking streetfighter uses the same 24 kW (32 hp) drive train as the previous Cyber Trike project. Though equivalent to most 300cc street bikes in overall power, this little monster boasts a massive 250 ft-lb of max starting torque and over 100 ft-lb of mid-range torque, and only weighs 300 lbs. Top speed is limited to 115-150 kph depending on the system voltage, but it boasts more torque than most 1000cc bikes to produce white knuckle acceleration at legal speeds, so you can still have fun without the risk of getting a speeding ticket, or worse. In fact, unless you're a pro rider with great throttle control on one wheel then you'll probably want to use the controller program to lower the torque to 25-50% for the first few rides.
Specs and links for electrical components can be found below.
Bike specs:
Power: 12 kw/ 24 kWp, 32 hp gross
Motor: QS273 70H brushless hub motor
Battery: 74V/4.3 kWh Li-Po
Range: up to 100 km's
Top speed: ~115 kph (71 mph) @ 72V, 150 kph (93 mph) @ 120V
Max torque: 350 Nm (258 ft-lb)
Controller: Kelly KLS72601
Wheelbase: 55" (140 cm)
Rake angle: 26°
Trail: 4.9" (124.5 mm)
Turning radius: 72" (183 cm)
Weight: 300 lb (136 kg)
Front suspension travel: 5" (130 mm)
Rear suspension travel: 8" (203 mm)
Front tire: 120/70-17 Shinko 705
Rear tire: 180/55-17 Metzler Karoo Street
Electrical components:
72V motor
KLS72501 controller
72V/400A contactor
LiPoFe4 cells
24S (72V) LiFePo4 BMS
72V-12V Converter
12V horn
12V turn indicators
12V/18W LED bar lights
12V LED brake light
Sicass Racing handlebar switch
Music: 'Dark Epic Hybrid Rock' by Pegasus Music Studio
ROI breakdown:
Cost of electric bike build = ~$5000 total
Nominal battery capacity = 4.3 kWh
Life span of LiFePo4 cells = 3000-5000 cycles
Range per charge = ~80km @ 80% DOD (up to 100 km @ 100% DOD)
Grid energy cost = $0.12/kWh
Cost per charge (100 km) = 0.12 * 4.3 = $0.52
Cost per km for energy = 0.52 / 100 = $0.005
Avg price of gasoline in Canada = ~$1.00/ liter
Energy in 1L of gasoline = 8.9 kWh
Fuel economy of the most efficient petrol bikes = ~60 miles per gallon, or 25.5 km per liter
Cost per km for fuel = 1 / 25.5 = $0.04
Electric bike energy cost savings per km = $0.04 - $0.005 = $0.035
Savings per charge/cycle (80 km) = $0.035 * 80 km = $2.80
Payback period based on full cycle charges = $5000 / $2.80 =
1785 cycles
Savings per day based on driving an avg 40 km per day as a daily commuter = $2.80 / 2 = $1.40
Payback period = $5000 / $1.40 = 3572 days, or 10 years. 5 years if driven 80 km per day.
It's clear to see that an electric bike like this is a sound investment for nearly anyone who can build and ride (provided laws in your area allow it). Based on battery cycles - which is the most important thing because it will need to be replaced eventually and it is the most expensive component by far - this bike will pay for itself entirely nearly twice in fuel cost savings before the battery needs to be replaced, provided that it's maintained and charged properly (ie don't discharge below 80% DOD, don't store, operate or charge above or below the manufacturer's recommended temp., etc).
Most people only travel an avg of 45 km's per day back and forth to work or school, so as a daily commuter a person can expect a bike like this to pay for itself in 10 years or less. But the great thing is, the more you drive it, the shorter the payback period. Those who travel farther will get a better return on their investment.
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James Biggar
James Biggar 2 bulan yang lalu
I'm getting a lot of comments about how to register a custom built vehicle, so I'll address it here as best as I can. The answer is, it depends where you live. It's definitely possible in most of North America, but not everywhere and it can be more difficult in some places than others. But to give you an idea, here's a link explaining the process in my home province Ontario (Canada): Specs for the bike are in the description as well as a detailed CBA outlining the return on my investment in this project. Plans are available for those who are interested at the following link: Time stamps: Building the chassis - 0:00 Making the fairing - 10:16 Installing the electric drive system - 18:28 Test ride - 26:28
How much this bike costs
Z.M.S.C Modell Works
Z.M.S.C Modell Works 3 hari yang lalu
@James Biggar Sent you an email inquiring about having one built.
Sebastian Anthony
Sebastian Anthony 5 hari yang lalu
Hai sir..quick question???where is your dc motor again???
Евгений 5 hari yang lalu
what is the maximum speed of this motorcycle ?
URK LMG 10 hari yang lalu
Velocidade máxima?
Vanilton Junior
Vanilton Junior 8 menit yang lalu
Se eu tivesse dinheiro,era vc que eu ia implorar para fazer uma pra mim,seria a melhor já vista aqui no Brasil. Incrível.
সোহেল রানা sohelrana1232
সোহেল রানা sohelrana1232 Jam Yang lalu
এটা কি কেনা যাবে
Vitor Andrade
Vitor Andrade Jam Yang lalu
Well done, well done.
Tech Android
Tech Android 2 jam yang lalu
Cyberpunk jadi gadi hai
Ayubkhan Zarifov
Ayubkhan Zarifov 2 jam yang lalu
What about the maximum speed ?
jose rafael guzman ramos
jose rafael guzman ramos 8 jam yang lalu
Saludos desde Venezuela, Maracay, que brutal ingeniería de esa moto, ideal para Venezuela que no hay combustible, estoy maravillado con la tecnología y planeación de tan magnífica maquina, lo felicito y muchos exitos.
Fab Hicks -Thx428-
Fab Hicks -Thx428- 9 jam yang lalu
He looks like a "Velocifero Beach Mad" (Lem motor), so wonderful !
Tim Lui
Tim Lui 10 jam yang lalu
Ditch Dairy
Ditch Dairy 11 jam yang lalu
Wow .. Some awesome skills you got there James Biggar!
Akash Mali
Akash Mali 12 jam yang lalu
awesome dude fabulous job 👏👏👏
Ashraf Shaikh
Ashraf Shaikh 12 jam yang lalu
Wow amazing
Chr Azer
Chr Azer 13 jam yang lalu
Was expecting a cyberpunk 2020 them song n title at the end, but nvmd
Chr Azer
Chr Azer 8 jam yang lalu
Didn't mean anything, i mean if there's a cyberpunk theme, it will be a plotwist, n just make it even more epic
James Biggar
James Biggar 10 jam yang lalu
You mean 2077? This was published before that game was even released lol
Sarwar Kalim
Sarwar Kalim 14 jam yang lalu
I need this bike pls pls
PURNA TALUKDAR 14 jam yang lalu
How much km it can goes
Invasion 17 jam yang lalu
Unbefuckinglivable. This is amazing
a d
a d 17 jam yang lalu
I'm wordless, this guy ade a whole build process of an Electric Motorcycle! Gotta be a fan of his work, God bless you man, i appreciate your work an i'm dreaming to drive one motorcycle like yours and made by your hand!
pervez khan
pervez khan 17 jam yang lalu
Awesome 🥰👍
Stivie Mshuza
Stivie Mshuza 17 jam yang lalu
This is incredible
Kristaps Dinsbergs
Kristaps Dinsbergs 20 jam yang lalu
This Dudes Straight From "Cyberpunk 2077" Holly Molly, this should go to production line my man.! You have blessings from me, huge fan of your work man.😎🤙
AWPromotion AW
AWPromotion AW 20 jam yang lalu
Very very nice 8)
wsz 20 jam yang lalu
The real DIY, danm...
Mario Stoica
Mario Stoica 22 jam yang lalu
Did you sell it?
Amit Vishvakarma
Amit Vishvakarma 23 jam yang lalu
Sir please make electric car please sir please
Rajendra 23 jam yang lalu
this man made the whole build process look like it was as easy as building lego sets
Animo Entertain
Animo Entertain Hari Yang lalu
I hats off you bro..i cant anymore imagine to make a bike. I dont know how to fix the disc break of my cycle. The last part is like seeing a movie trailer..superbb...
ODRISHO ALO -অদৃশ্য আলো
ODRISHO ALO -অদৃশ্য আলো Hari Yang lalu
Totaly ossum
Gary for now
Gary for now Hari Yang lalu
Just awesome! Very inspiring and motivating.
W A R I T H A B D U L L A H Hari Yang lalu
Love your creativity man full credit to you!!
Kuncham Yaswantth
Kuncham Yaswantth Hari Yang lalu
Woow awesome bike😱
Eduardo Montiel
Eduardo Montiel Hari Yang lalu
“I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle…”
Rene Molina
Rene Molina 19 jam yang lalu
and your glasses...hasta la vista baby.
Jackson Fernandes
Jackson Fernandes Hari Yang lalu
You make this look easy broh
Maxim Tretyakov
Maxim Tretyakov Hari Yang lalu
perfect job!
blaue Alternative
blaue Alternative Hari Yang lalu
Very good Job ,all Hand Made.👍👍👍👍👍👍 how long are you working on this Bike?
Oualid Barrouh
Oualid Barrouh Hari Yang lalu
Where do I get the rear wheel from?
Fadi Sayed
Fadi Sayed Hari Yang lalu
Fadi Sayed
Fadi Sayed Hari Yang lalu
‏I like your videos and a subscriber to your page is a very wonderful job. I wish you good luck and please subscribe with me and all your friends as long as you are all healthy and well
Martin Berger
Martin Berger Hari Yang lalu
Very detailed description and a very nice bike indeed....congrats!
Tamim Hossan
Tamim Hossan Hari Yang lalu
It’s my dream bike
Muddy Gamer
Muddy Gamer Hari Yang lalu
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furious k
furious k Hari Yang lalu
what an awesome bike and what a talented man you are bro. I appreciate your work
Bona bhuvanesh
Bona bhuvanesh Hari Yang lalu
Hi bro I need this bike how much Indian money cost
Ajay Mohan
Ajay Mohan Hari Yang lalu
If you want one, build one.
Viktor Shalak
Viktor Shalak Hari Yang lalu
Game changer 🤩
eleazar narciso
eleazar narciso Hari Yang lalu
How it cost u to accomplish this project?
U r great man , can u please tell how long it would take you to build this bike Alone.
Pritam Jaiswar
Pritam Jaiswar 2 hari yang lalu
You accidentally created music with that fast-forward saw in action 👍👍
BAOQIANG Li 2 hari yang lalu
The quixotic name randomly dare because crush acutely scribble up a safe respect. breezy, frantic heron
James Biggar
James Biggar 2 hari yang lalu
Rusted slam donkey rocket boosters, cheesy pizza dough
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UndergroundInk 47
UndergroundInk 47 2 hari yang lalu
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Bảo Anh Cover Music
Bảo Anh Cover Music 2 hari yang lalu
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Nic Rolland
Nic Rolland 2 hari yang lalu
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mobile labe
mobile labe 2 hari yang lalu
Rob Lamb
Rob Lamb 2 hari yang lalu
I reckon . . if you took the 'whizzz' of the motor, fed it into a guitar/stomp pedal, say tube screamer or Bass of Doom then into a speaker under the tank say . . you could make it sound like some filthy Black Metal gnarly bass thing . . . or some slide guitar or keyboards .....
Filip Reinhardt
Filip Reinhardt 3 hari yang lalu
Dang man! Great job! Such a professional!
حسنين محسن هادي
حسنين محسن هادي 3 hari yang lalu
Goode very goode
\\\P3D Tesla
\\\P3D Tesla 3 hari yang lalu
Looks like this is teasing only , He is not selling anything I sent him a serious emails about buying his bike and he never respond :(
Mizan Qistina
Mizan Qistina 2 hari yang lalu
@James Biggar You could be a millionaire starting your own electric motorcycle company. The world need clean air now. You could build simple electric vehicles for mass and commercial.
James Biggar
James Biggar 2 hari yang lalu
It's a build video bro, not a product commercial lol. I'm not a manufacturer, just a IDpostr. Manufacturing these to sell would take a lot more $ to get started than what I have or am willing to borrow (ie for things like tooling, inventory, payroll, testing and certifications, liability insurance, etc). That's why I provide the plans on my website for anyone who might want to build this for themselves or have a local custom builder build it for them ;)
Joseph Palaca
Joseph Palaca 3 hari yang lalu
Nice work picked up a lot of good stuff thanks...lets see you make some tires next time...jk...awesome really though!
B Elite Rider
B Elite Rider 3 hari yang lalu
What’s your Instagram
Luis Blanco
Luis Blanco 3 hari yang lalu
El hacerlo uno mismo llevado a la máxima expresión! Felicitaciones quedó hermosa!!!
TtotheP 3 hari yang lalu
Damn now thats a cool ride
Spooky Zooki
Spooky Zooki 3 hari yang lalu
Ok. Time to put it into production. Awesome job!
Dmitriy Belousov
Dmitriy Belousov 3 hari yang lalu
Just a brilliant work !
ホアンボ ミン
ホアンボ ミン 3 hari yang lalu
amazing... great jobs
The Hacker
The Hacker 3 hari yang lalu
how the charging is done?
James Biggar
James Biggar 3 hari yang lalu
With bacon
birdy naan naan
birdy naan naan 3 hari yang lalu
better than tron, sick machine
TP BOBO 3 hari yang lalu
You're idea is the next generation
MSA MSA 3 hari yang lalu
I want to know....
MSA MSA 3 hari yang lalu
How to made this bike... Tell me
The Kim
The Kim 3 hari yang lalu
You done super great job... amazing video to..! 👍👍👍👍👍
zux 3 hari yang lalu
Nice video
Mohammad Mizan
Mohammad Mizan 3 hari yang lalu
Paint it Shiny Black and with some Orange color, that will look more beautiful.
RetroNUB 2 hari yang lalu
To colonies like u
jblue jblue
jblue jblue 4 hari yang lalu
La moto está espectacular!!! Es el mejor video que e visto!!👍👏👏
pablo rages
pablo rages 4 hari yang lalu
It's a bit small ... you should have made it biggar !
Boy Saging
Boy Saging 4 hari yang lalu
i wish i can also do that! From the Philippines
henry vs gaming
henry vs gaming 4 hari yang lalu
Man I kinda want an electric motorcycle like this guys
Eric Wunder
Eric Wunder 4 hari yang lalu
I'll take one 😳
okolekahuna 4 hari yang lalu
This was one of the most impressive, entertaining build vlogs I have ever seen. Well done! Makes me feel so inadequate. LOL
Will Survive
Will Survive 4 hari yang lalu
the ULTIMATE ninja bugout stealth bike. make a trailer for it to carry gear, spare electronics and a big flexible lightweight solar panel & yer good to go. you can move around & no one hear you. they just need to make all terrain no-flat tires for bikes.
Khan Nawab
Khan Nawab 4 hari yang lalu
Electric bikes are on the road in pakistan already.
_____________ 4 hari yang lalu
Can i upload on my facebook page( 30 k followers) with full credit?
P L 4 hari yang lalu
Pretty dam good!! Congratulations!!!
simon vez
simon vez 4 hari yang lalu
sick man !!! wow what a lot hard work on this project.. but the result is phenomenal
HellFire350 4 hari yang lalu
lol i liked the burnout's they were cool good job on the bike
Tactical Professor
Tactical Professor 4 hari yang lalu
I need this
Mỹ Motor
Mỹ Motor 4 hari yang lalu
Bạn chế tạo thật chuyen nghiệp...!👍
anmol chandel
anmol chandel 4 hari yang lalu
How can I buy this battery give me answer and I want to talk you
TWA 4 hari yang lalu
Super Awesome 🔥🔥❤️
Vultea Khawlhring
Vultea Khawlhring 4 hari yang lalu
Very nice bro😱😱😱
moin pasha
moin pasha 4 hari yang lalu
Exalent suparrr
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
If I will do mechanical engineering I will be able do make bikes like you please tell?
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
Sir if you know how to make it why you don't open your brand and sell it like other companies?
ごとうさちひろ 4 hari yang lalu
Great! amazing!
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
Sir if you know how to make it why you don't open your brand and sell it like other companies?
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
Can a transportation designer can do it or mechanical engineering will be best for making this things ???
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
@James Biggar thank you
James Biggar
James Biggar 4 hari yang lalu
Mechanical engineering. This would give you knowledge and ability that's applicable in many industries.
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 5 hari yang lalu
What course you did to learn this things? please tell
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
@James Biggar thanks
James Biggar
James Biggar 4 hari yang lalu
I learned on my own, ie: autodidact.
Zan Qui
Zan Qui 4 hari yang lalu
@James Biggar means you had taken some education for this or by your own
James Biggar
James Biggar 4 hari yang lalu
Life experience.
Tejinder Pal Singh
Tejinder Pal Singh 5 hari yang lalu
Well the quick ride turned out to be the part of a clip from a movie
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique 5 hari yang lalu
Sensacional ,vou fazer
Dr Dead Gaming
Dr Dead Gaming 5 hari yang lalu
I was thinking why the car was following him but after few minutes I understood that it was the person in the car who was recording the bike from behind. Sometimes I become idiot😅😅😂😂😂
Dr Dead Gaming
Dr Dead Gaming 5 hari yang lalu
@James BiggarQuarantine still not over, so you can make it too,😆😁
James Biggar
James Biggar 5 hari yang lalu
Lol, I need a drone
Ulisses DaMT03
Ulisses DaMT03 5 hari yang lalu
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