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Sept. 21, 2020 | Stephen Thompson -- We've been trying to make a BTS Tiny Desk concert happen for years now - even gaming out ways we might move Bob Boilen's desk far enough forward to accommodate the superstar Korean boy band's dance moves.
In the end, it took a global pandemic - and the launch of Tiny Desk (home) concerts back in March - to make something happen. With BTS cooped up in Seoul, the group held true to the series's spirit by convening a live band for its Tiny Desk debut, and even arranged to perform in a workspace with a music-friendly backdrop: the record store VINYL & PLASTIC by Hyundai Card in BTS's hometown.
Opening with this summer's inescapable "Dynamite" - the group's first single to hit No. 1 in the U.S., as well as its first song to be fully recorded in English - BTS leaned hard into the new track's celebratory, "Uptown Funk"-adjacent vibes. From there, the group dipped into its back catalog, seizing on the opportunity to showcase its quieter side while (mostly) staying uncharacteristically seated. The breezily propulsive "Save ME," from 2016, ultimately gave way to a full-on power ballad in 2017's reflective "Spring Day."
The latter track seemed especially true to BTS's hopeful nature: Introduced with a few optimistic words from rapper and singer RM ("It's been the roughest summer ever, but we know that spring will come"), the song reflects on a need to wait out hard times, even as the weight of present-day pain feels oppressive.
BTS had intended to spend 2020 delighting the BTS Army in arenas around the world, only to spend these last few months performing in isolation. Released on the last day of a grim season, "Spring Day" provides a nice reminder of what awaits us on the other side. We just have to get through fall and winter first.
"Save ME"
"Spring Day"
V: vocals; Jin: vocals; Jimin: vocals; J-Hope: vocals; RM: vocals; SUGA: vocals; Jungkook: vocals; KHAN: drums; DOCSKIM: keyboard; Kim Kiwook: bass; Shyun: guitar
Video and Audio by: Big Hit Entertainment; Producer: Stephen Thompson; Audio Mastering Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.

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Susanti Yusuf
Susanti Yusuf Hari Yang lalu
Susanti Yusuf
Susanti Yusuf Hari Yang lalu
Kamala Karaca
Kamala Karaca 2 hari yang lalu
Annemay Seyfried
Annemay Seyfried 2 hari yang lalu
*●BTS-Began a hip-group>3🔥un- drground rappers, 2 street hip-hop dancrs, total 4 singers-Deep Song /Rapwriters +Producers re: social issues--Rappers have BB charted awesome solo Mixtapes!*
Rita Tresna
Rita Tresna 3 hari yang lalu
C vcvd. Vvvvhhnj
Sammy :3
Sammy :3 40 menit yang lalu
I'm so grateful for this tiny desk concert It allowed my brother to appreciate and respect the music and performances that I listen to and heal my heart ♡
kayla Jam Yang lalu
this video has been part of my daily routine. ily bangtan!!! 💜
Angela Hall
Angela Hall 3 jam yang lalu
This is amazing
BTS보라해 3 jam yang lalu
one of the best live
Together 3 jam yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2538
Mee 4 jam yang lalu
4:14 save me
Lady_Valentine 89
Lady_Valentine 89 4 jam yang lalu
Jimin = Tidus F.F *_*
loli Gonz
loli Gonz 6 jam yang lalu
Hearing them sing save me literally made me feel so wonderful and warm
Tawonga Sabwe
Tawonga Sabwe 6 jam yang lalu
If you put it on 1.24 speed its soooooo good or I think it was 1.25 speed
Alice Maciel Rodrigues
Alice Maciel Rodrigues 7 jam yang lalu
y lov bts.
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez 7 jam yang lalu
I CRIED ON SPRING DAY I CPULD NOT 😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺😩😩😩😩😣😣😫😫😫😫😵
Safia Rehman
Safia Rehman 9 jam yang lalu
Moral:never ask bts to sing dynamite just by sitting😂😂because they can't control themselves😜😂
Amrit Matharu
Amrit Matharu 10 jam yang lalu
What's with all the autotune?
Jennifer Mann
Jennifer Mann 3 jam yang lalu
Not much only on Dynamite, because they like the effects it gives to the song.
music Mozart ツ
music Mozart ツ 10 jam yang lalu
Hablando de Dynamite , algunos no me creerán , pero la magia que tiene esta canción de levantarte el ánimo sin entender su idioma es mágico . ¡Gracias BTS! 💜
Iman Naveed
Iman Naveed 10 jam yang lalu
From dynamite to spring day now i become an army. Really enjoyed this energetic home concert. Love from Pakistan💕💕
kxngx_bby kxngx_bby
kxngx_bby kxngx_bby 12 jam yang lalu
purple green
purple green 12 jam yang lalu
Esperanza Algarra
Esperanza Algarra 12 jam yang lalu
Desde Colombia ellos si son artistas! cantan y bailan increible tienen el don de un artista de verdad se nota que les gusta lo que hacen! Son muy lindos!🤗
Bom Boming
Bom Boming 12 jam yang lalu
너무 좋다 콘서트 가서 방탄이랑 놀고싶다이아이익!!!
Alberto Trigo
Alberto Trigo 12 jam yang lalu
is autotune what I hear?
Us 13 jam yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2537
Hayley Nugara
Hayley Nugara 13 jam yang lalu
I no lie cried because of how perfect and beautiful their vocals even on songs from like 3 or 4 Year’s ago they still nail the songs perfectly and I can’t even with RMs kinda intro I guess to spring day like so touching
엉클맨UNCLE MAN H 13 jam yang lalu
예거밤 14 jam yang lalu
난 이 버젼이 제일좋아~~~역시 노래는 라이브야~~ㅎㅎ
ᅳpinku lves
ᅳpinku lves 14 jam yang lalu
ᅳpinku lves
ᅳpinku lves 14 jam yang lalu
strawberry 15 jam yang lalu
4:28 Namjoon looks like he forgot that it was Jimin who starts the song :D
Mari 3 jam yang lalu
Love 15 jam yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2532
Alison Anderson
Alison Anderson 15 jam yang lalu
I love seeing BTS being happy together
Together 15 jam yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2528
Clip Mation
Clip Mation 17 jam yang lalu
Buti nalang nandiyan si jimin para kapag may high notes si jk may kakanta katulad ng DYANAMITE.
Lara Ruzol
Lara Ruzol 17 jam yang lalu
Our Namjoon-ah serving us some moves at 2:47
wnariw 18 jam yang lalu
지민목소리가 좋아요
wnariw 18 jam yang lalu
목소리가 실화 맛나.
wnariw 18 jam yang lalu
Kristina Ma
Kristina Ma 18 jam yang lalu
I just gotta have to say, seeing Jimin like this makes me so happy. Sometimes he looks a bit tired and drained when performing on stage, but in this relaxed atmosphere he seems happy, he's goofy and he's GLOWING.
BlissfulArmy2020 11 jam yang lalu
Yea IKR. We know he is happy when he is goofy.
Knight Long
Knight Long 20 jam yang lalu
Jhope ❤️
Liz 20 jam yang lalu
김정원 20 jam yang lalu
We 20 jam yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2524
Michelle Tapia
Michelle Tapia 20 jam yang lalu
The happiness I felt when I heard Hoseok, Taehyung, Seokjin, Jungkook speaking English gave me a bigass smile. They have improved so much. I’m so happy for them🥰
serendipity지민 21 jam yang lalu
my adorable jimin 🥺💜
indian 30
indian 30 21 jam yang lalu
One of the finest live performances seen so faar!!
chloé Avril
chloé Avril 21 jam yang lalu
pricll hn
pricll hn 23 jam yang lalu
i love them so much😭😭💜💜
Aygul Dowletowa
Aygul Dowletowa 23 jam yang lalu
romina peralta
romina peralta Hari Yang lalu
alegran tanto mis días, de verdad me hace muy muy feliz haberlos conocido y llevarlos en mi corazón.. son mi mundo entero, los amo eternamente
LIL MEOW MEOW Hari Yang lalu
MarzZz BuzZZ
MarzZz BuzZZ Hari Yang lalu
When they played 'Save me' I cried 😭😭 huuuu the memories just came rushing
Italiangirl27 Hari Yang lalu
That was SPECTACULAR!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌
Samara Valeska
Samara Valeska Hari Yang lalu
Loveis Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2520
yonseimagic Hari Yang lalu
1:50 good!!!! 2:5 excellent!!!
SSUNYE Hari Yang lalu
Bts such a cutie 🥰
Peace and Peace
Peace and Peace Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2516
Angel Rioboca
Angel Rioboca Hari Yang lalu
Bts is so angelic
Messi Rezki
Messi Rezki Hari Yang lalu
Masuk grup bts gk
Messi Rezki
Messi Rezki Hari Yang lalu
Masuk grup gk
Dora Bioh
Dora Bioh Hari Yang lalu
I'm an African but luckily I got to hear of this amazing boys and I've been following them and downloading their songs all day OMG They are extraordinarily amazing I just love them and Jimin's voice so smooth and cool💓🎵🌍💕
Clarence Bermundo
Clarence Bermundo Hari Yang lalu
Language barrier though but the heart they put in each word tells it all ❤️BTS🎶
Rosean Henson
Rosean Henson Hari Yang lalu
Dang they are good
kim BTS ARMY Hari Yang lalu
FROM 150 army to a billion Army'S now🙈🙈the band who conquer the WORLD no other than BTS💜💜
Vito Tzrena
Vito Tzrena Hari Yang lalu
Jungkook's intros are always perfect and right💜
S Lee
S Lee Hari Yang lalu
so true
BTS Throw
BTS Throw Hari Yang lalu
The video is crazy. Continue, may God protect you, bless you, and grant you success in your life, Lord of the worlds, and bless you
You and Me
You and Me Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2525
Flower W
Flower W Hari Yang lalu
05:02 When Jin started singing, my heart melted❤️
El Maha
El Maha Hari Yang lalu
Ana C
Ana C Hari Yang lalu
Go to an ENT
귀여운생명체 Hari Yang lalu
Nehaa Nehaa
Nehaa Nehaa Hari Yang lalu
Does anyone hear jimin's okay ,jk ,ahnn?😘😂
앙헬지셀 Hari Yang lalu
10:12 J Hope singing gives me a thousand years of life. I think I'm gonna cry :')
Kathy Hussey
Kathy Hussey Hari Yang lalu
Timestamp ; 7:00 omg WHY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH !!
CallMe JenJen
CallMe JenJen Hari Yang lalu
They're legit so cute and adorable I'm glad I've become a fan omg
M M Hari Yang lalu
I've watched this probably a million times, I love it so much but I still can't work out which one of them says 'what up, what up' during Tae's little speech to their awesome live band 🥺
Natashia Hari Yang lalu
@M M JK says "yeeah" as far as I can tell (hear)
M M Hari Yang lalu
@Natashia yh it could be, or maybe JK? 🤔
Natashia Hari Yang lalu
Think it's Hobi
Lene Costa
Lene Costa Hari Yang lalu
Eu ameiiiiiiiiiiii
Heal Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2520
Hasna Putri
Hasna Putri Hari Yang lalu
I'm still here
Imanuel Prakoso
Imanuel Prakoso Hari Yang lalu
My dad koll rm e grl jungkook v jin jimin his sodam
Sriasmi 50
Sriasmi 50 Hari Yang lalu
Sarange opah Jimin and v and Jungkook ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍🤩😚😘
ruzaki_ _
ruzaki_ _ Hari Yang lalu
До сих пор пересматриваю регулярно) Мне так нравится их выступление здесь ;)ух
Eliezer Laurinaria
Eliezer Laurinaria Hari Yang lalu
Peace Love
Peace Love Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2516
Maithili Kiran
Maithili Kiran Hari Yang lalu
Jimin,jhope & taehyung really enjoy the performance starts dancing Jimin really in a mood😁 They perform so in a joyful & with a heart Spring day is my all time fav mv this song really close to my heart❤️ We miss you & love you BTS💜 Borahae💜💜💜
vee evve
vee evve Hari Yang lalu
Nadia Olijar
Nadia Olijar Hari Yang lalu
Hobi's voice is like smooth honey
Dwi Wulandari
Dwi Wulandari Hari Yang lalu
sorry, but I watch this every day
Ryna Tv
Ryna Tv Hari Yang lalu
How do people have bias ? I just don't know who to choose . I need them all. Bts is my bias 😅
S Lee
S Lee Hari Yang lalu
Cindy Nadia Andro
Cindy Nadia Andro Hari Yang lalu
10:36 Jimin said "indonesia army"??? Really????
Cindy Nadia Andro
Cindy Nadia Andro Hari Yang lalu
Ohh sorry
장서희 Hari Yang lalu
Sorry but nope He said “we miss you army”
LoveLove Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2512
Cindy Nadia Andro
Cindy Nadia Andro Hari Yang lalu
Spring day😢😭
Erin McGill
Erin McGill Hari Yang lalu
Vocal king j hope
We Hari Yang lalu
Love yourself Relay2508
김서진 Hari Yang lalu
정국님 라이브 너무잘하신다.. 완전 안정적이고
Nicole Alohez
Nicole Alohez 2 hari yang lalu
💜Ellos son son lo más bonito que he conocido ✨
Axel Minnea
Axel Minnea 2 hari yang lalu
For me this will be the Iconic Tiny Desk ever I'm always listening to this while studying and now it's 2021 I'm still hereee...........BIGHIT we need more!!!!!!
emilly damon silva
emilly damon silva 2 hari yang lalu
I Love JK
KIM YURI 2 hari yang lalu
لما يتكلموا كوري بيكتبوا الترجمة بالانجليزي تحت طيب أنا عايزة حد يترجملي الانجليزي
Andres Mazzei
Andres Mazzei 2 hari yang lalu
that Fodera bass though...
Sheree27 Kuwait
Sheree27 Kuwait 2 hari yang lalu
BE out nov 20
BE out nov 20 2 hari yang lalu
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