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BTS is in the house!! Jimin, j-hope, SUGA, V, Jung Kook, Jin, and RM sit down with Cosmo to share their thoughts on the best and worst fashion statements in our brand new series, ‘Drip or Drop?’ More k-pop, right this way →
The guys immediately crowned the most-fashionable member (can you guess who?)-and they answered a bunch of rapid-fire questions about their favorite styles through the years. While they all agreed that long hair is way better than bowl cuts, and that purple (💜 ) is the best, the group could *not* decide on leather vs. denim!! 🤣 Let us know in the comments what your fave BTS style moments are, and of course, stream their latest album “BE” over and over again because it is truly a bright spot in this stressful year!
Singing in the Shower 🛁
Expensive Taste Test 💅
Turn the Beat Around 💄
Cosmo Queens! 👑
That Feeling When 🔥
Stir Crazy 🍸
Through My Queue! 📺
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Cosmopolitan Bulan Yang lalu
Play along with the boys! 💜 Pink or Purple? Red or Green? Yellow or Blue? Plaid or Camo? Cotton or Linen? Pastels or Jewel Tones? Animal print or Floral? Metallics or Matte? Sequins or Stripes? Beanie or Ball Cap? Highlights or Fully Bleached? Bowl Cut or Long Hair? Aviators or Wraparounds? Briefcase or Messenger? Backpack or Fanny Pack? Skinny tie or Bowtie? Chain or Choker? Bucket hat or Beret? Trench coat or Bomber jacket? Earbuds or Headphones? Sweatsuit or Silk PJs? Converse or Combat Boots? Roller-skates or Skateboard? Leather or Denim? Skinny jeans or Bell bottoms? T-shirt or Button-up? Comfortable or Cool?
Janine_ARMY Hari Yang lalu
Zinat Sultana
Zinat Sultana Hari Yang lalu
Purple Red Blue Plaid Linen Jewel Tones Floral Matte Sequins Beanie Full bleached Long hair Wraparounds Briefcase Backpack No tie cause I’m a girl Choker Beret Bomber Jacket Earbuds Sweatsuit Converse RollerSkates Denim Bell bottoms T-Shirt Cool
Nimi Gurung
Nimi Gurung Hari Yang lalu
I will choose what Yoongi chose 🙂
taecloud 2 hari yang lalu
Pink Green Blue Plaid Linen Jewel Tones Animal print Matte Sequins Ball Cap Highlights Long Hair Aviators Briefcase Backpack Skinny Tie Choker Bucket Hat Trench Coat Headphones Sweatsuit Converse Skateboard Leather Bell Bottoms T-Shirt Comfortable
Salma Omar
Salma Omar 3 hari yang lalu
Actually what hii chooses
laachi ningthwja
laachi ningthwja 50 menit yang lalu
Y'all aren't talking bout jimin? He looks so handsome and hshshshsssss a gentleman look I'ma just dead over him
Shaik Asra
Shaik Asra 5 jam yang lalu
J-hope fashion hits different😳
ena,enna Begic
ena,enna Begic 9 jam yang lalu
jimin your my bro
Res Bee
Res Bee 21 jam yang lalu
Jhope please grow your hair
Julie. Hari Yang lalu
Demn i had to rewatch this a couple of times the time I try to read comments were on the next question 😄
Saisha Hari Yang lalu
I wanna talk about Jhope's noise count 😂😂
Colleen Kirwan
Colleen Kirwan Hari Yang lalu
Dinah Brown
Dinah Brown Hari Yang lalu
the end. V NUGA NARUEL MAGADO kills me
• ɴɪᴋᴏʟ •
• ɴɪᴋᴏʟ • Hari Yang lalu
6:30 not JK saying "V" and singing his part in jump 😭
chani don hevavitarana
chani don hevavitarana Hari Yang lalu
Luiza Mamajonova
Luiza Mamajonova 2 hari yang lalu
I think I know why yoongi said C O M F O R T. So he can sleep ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
Irenee Wu
Irenee Wu 2 hari yang lalu
Vmin yaaaaaaaa
Shamma Ahmes
Shamma Ahmes 2 hari yang lalu
the way suga said leather yes I agree sir 🧎🏻‍♀️
bts army forever
bts army forever 2 hari yang lalu
No one Literally no one Jungkook:No TiE
Talisa Soto
Talisa Soto 2 hari yang lalu
Wait- STOP namjoon 1:49
អ៊ួង គីមអុី
អ៊ួង គីមអុី 2 hari yang lalu
Jimin with this hairstyle 🔥🔥
Anugya Jha
Anugya Jha 3 hari yang lalu
Jhope you are sooooo bright ! Can I call you my sunshine💜
Jae K
Jae K 3 hari yang lalu
So cute
정은btsbcbs 3 hari yang lalu
0:55 the colors are like : 💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚
Unicorn world
Unicorn world 3 hari yang lalu
I've gotta be honest,they're english [excluding RM] has improved pretty much
David Ali
David Ali 3 hari yang lalu
I'm not insulting but giving credit to the fact that they learnt english pretty well and one of them learning it mostly from a tv show o get that they won't know how to pronounce everything but I wish I was there or atleast someone would correct them for educational sake of course but again they surprise me with their english skills when speaking or singing
Jaylen HAIMONA 3 hari yang lalu
Lucía Ávila Sandoval
Lucía Ávila Sandoval 3 hari yang lalu
Khloe Allen
Khloe Allen 4 hari yang lalu
✨oH yOuR aNiMaR✨😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
S Lee
S Lee 4 hari yang lalu
this is so cute
Doggos Rule
Doggos Rule 5 hari yang lalu
2:30 RM: 12. Highlight or fully bleached BTS: Fully Bleecheed
Raj Sharma
Raj Sharma 5 hari yang lalu
I needed someone to ask V bandana or beret!!
Blassom Empress
Blassom Empress 5 hari yang lalu
Jin English is so funny
poojaaa real army
poojaaa real army 5 hari yang lalu
Only indian army can understand there outfit 😂😂😁😁
livvy bug
livvy bug 5 hari yang lalu
Whoever edited this is so great I loved it
guadalupe herrera quan
guadalupe herrera quan 5 hari yang lalu
Im so in love w Jin and Tae someone help meee
라하프아 5 hari yang lalu
Please host Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), they have a comeback soon and have a wide global fanbase
라하프아 5 hari yang lalu
Please host Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), they have a comeback soon and have a wide global fanbase
라하프아 5 hari yang lalu
Please host Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), they have a comeback soon and have a wide global fanbase
Jace Mirasol Vlogs
Jace Mirasol Vlogs 5 hari yang lalu
3:35 did taehyung just say "ang hirap"
Stephanie Perez
Stephanie Perez 5 hari yang lalu
These vmin moments were so cute 🥺
Crystal play
Crystal play 5 hari yang lalu
Bts is the best!!!
ü got me jungshook
ü got me jungshook 5 hari yang lalu
HANAN - 6 hari yang lalu
هوبيي كيوووتتتت😍😍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Leni Landerl
Leni Landerl 6 hari yang lalu
jimin is perfekt!
Nurih 6 hari yang lalu
I love Min Yoongi🥺🤎🤎.
Ella Porter
Ella Porter 6 hari yang lalu
omg their english is so cute uwu
미아 6 hari yang lalu
I can't believe yoongi chose beret over bucket hat
Shree Banerjee
Shree Banerjee 6 hari yang lalu
4:23 Suga !! You lied you said you really hate Converse Caught in a lieeeeeee~
COMIA ARNIE NICOLE G. 6 hari yang lalu
Anyone wanna talk about chain or choker?
joya oktania
joya oktania 6 hari yang lalu
JY S 6 hari yang lalu
5:55 As what SUGA and JK said in the interview, hanbok is Korean traditional clothes. Hope everyone watching this video keep this fact in mind. If you are an army, you should know JK likes to wear modernized hanbok in daily life. He has no reason to wear it if it's not traditional clothes of Korea.
Adriel Green
Adriel Green 6 hari yang lalu
When they all started to speak in tiny English except for Namjoon I just stopped working
CDR R 6 hari yang lalu
RM : 1:47 🤨
shelby stepler
shelby stepler 6 hari yang lalu
vmin literally chose the same answer the whole time lawls
JK 7 hari yang lalu
That noise count be so adorable
im not scary _
im not scary _ 7 hari yang lalu
BTS: talking about their fashions Meanwhile Me: Drip Drop, Drip Drop (inthetuneofmicdrop)
Krisha Regmi
Krisha Regmi 7 hari yang lalu
Namjoon chose headphones cause he easily loses his earpods.
indhu s
indhu s 7 hari yang lalu
Same days they gives interview on ndtv (Indian channel) coustims r same. Sarangea 💜 bts from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Mang Tari
Mang Tari 7 hari yang lalu
why tho u have to count the hobi's noise ahahaha
Gracie Tuck
Gracie Tuck 7 hari yang lalu
Namjoon said headphones because he always drops his airpods
patrick yuro
patrick yuro 7 hari yang lalu
My boyssss
aj hop7
aj hop7 7 hari yang lalu
aj hop7
aj hop7 7 hari yang lalu
Meher Nesa
Meher Nesa 7 hari yang lalu
This video is one month ago where does it was shoot
Meher Nesa
Meher Nesa 7 hari yang lalu
The way our monchi says Chain And When jimin says to v THANKU
Cris Loves BTS
Cris Loves BTS 7 hari yang lalu
Jhope's noise count be like: 123456783456784324567854324567812453627182534536278
Archita N
Archita N 8 hari yang lalu
I love the editor for counting JHOPE sounds
MJ Gacha
MJ Gacha 8 hari yang lalu
I will never forget the day Jungkook tried to wipe us out with his outfit from My Time 😭😭 It was our time
Sofia S.
Sofia S. 8 hari yang lalu
Ergen Kola
Ergen Kola 8 hari yang lalu
Ergen Kola
Ergen Kola 8 hari yang lalu
I love you BTS
AYAT MULIA CHANNEL 8 hari yang lalu
Question : Pink or Purple? Bts : Purple Me : 🤩
Minh Thy
Minh Thy 8 hari yang lalu
Literally love jhope so much
a#1bbhotsingerfan 8 hari yang lalu
but the way they counted Jhope's noise 😭
riddhima bhowmick
riddhima bhowmick 8 hari yang lalu
jhope noise count is really very cute. cosmopolitan deserves oscar for the editing
Eliyah Soriano
Eliyah Soriano 8 hari yang lalu
Is it just me or jimin is wearing the shoes wrong at 6:01
Beth Rivera
Beth Rivera 8 hari yang lalu
I feel straight up BETRAYED by Jimin choosing chains over chokers 😤 Has that man seen himself in chokers?
Trendy Golbin247
Trendy Golbin247 8 hari yang lalu
Everyone: SKINNY TIE!! V: no tie
Jashmika Govender
Jashmika Govender 5 hari yang lalu
That was jungkook who said it. Not v
Pearly Mikaele
Pearly Mikaele 8 hari yang lalu
"What's Your favourite look you wear in concert" Jimin:
Trendy Golbin247
Trendy Golbin247 8 hari yang lalu
Nobody: ANIMAL PRINT ☺️ floral... jung
Lydia Petruso
Lydia Petruso 8 hari yang lalu
I think jimin is the best dresser
Celine Tcha
Celine Tcha 8 hari yang lalu
V: “t-shirts aren’t my thing” Also V: wears the same Celine T-shirt everyday lol
satish adiga
satish adiga 8 hari yang lalu
4:48.... LEATHER 😏
Neon Beige
Neon Beige 9 hari yang lalu
I was surprised when Suga chose Converse. If you know you know.
tjweky 9 hari yang lalu
Im glad that BTS talked about hanbok.These days,many Chinese insist that hanbok is their own and they are mad about BTS mentioning about hanbok.Its being a big problem in Korea.I hope that BTS will not be conscious about this..
А Ш 9 hari yang lalu
whoever counted Hobi's happy noises sorry u miscounted :D it is 12 anddd editor's bias is Jhope sure for 1billiooon %%%%
Ruth Barjo
Ruth Barjo 9 hari yang lalu
I think they had interview with NDTV on the same day . But they were so serious in NDTV interview. Just my opinion. 🤭🤭
Itz•Rhasya_ Alycia•
Itz•Rhasya_ Alycia• 9 hari yang lalu
I hope BTS doesn't disband in 2027:)
Sharika 9 hari yang lalu
Can I just say that they did 3 interviews back to back First they were on NDTV Ik because of the same clothes
Maria Jesus
Maria Jesus 9 hari yang lalu
Staybylaw 9 hari yang lalu
Namjoon losses air pods so headphones lol
Genna Paige
Genna Paige 9 hari yang lalu
i love how v said secins instead for sequins 💞😭
FML Fml 10 hari yang lalu
did RM said be us in 6:35 ghjgjhih is the new album called us
Kshetragyaa S. Thakur 8th C
Kshetragyaa S. Thakur 8th C 10 hari yang lalu
Can any indian a.r.m.y notice Same place same outfits In bts interview on ndtv
Jannah Ashraf
Jannah Ashraf 10 hari yang lalu
When u answer all the same as your bias 👁 👄 👁
아로하 미노즈
아로하 미노즈 10 hari yang lalu
Sana parween
Sana parween 10 hari yang lalu
4:47 i think yoongi has a hickey i don't know it just looks like it If it is then we are happy for him
Madhurima Mondal
Madhurima Mondal 10 hari yang lalu
3:20 RM: skinny tie or bowtie 3:25 Jungkook: "No tie!" Me: Why's he so adorable! 😂
Jackie SMASH
Jackie SMASH 10 hari yang lalu
I wish BTS loved animals more no more leather or meat!
Alexis Wenham
Alexis Wenham 10 hari yang lalu
no one absolutely no one not even 6 members of bts jungkook: skinny tie!! "no tie" :] bow tie!! "no tie" :]
hao mei
hao mei 10 hari yang lalu
is that after life goes on era??
7starsthatshine bright
7starsthatshine bright 4 hari yang lalu
Hm I Dont know how you calculate eras but as they used the Awardshow /Year end show season to promote/perform Life goes on and the pre-recorded Video was posted at the beginning of Dec. so practically at the beginning of Awardshow /Year end season... I would say it's during Liefe Goes on era... Also like I pointed out it was pre-recorded and than later just posted at the beginning of Dec. They shooted it before Yoongis (Suga's) shoulder surgery...but the exact date not sure lol you can go by their hairstyles/look a bit to pinpoint it. I think it wasn't to far ahead pre-recorded. Don't know if this was helpful to you.
Meriem Trifa
Meriem Trifa 10 hari yang lalu
Ofc they had to sing tae’s chant when they said v at the end 😂😂
Martha cynthia Jauregui ramirez
Martha cynthia Jauregui ramirez 11 hari yang lalu
No hablo doble Nintendo xd pero los quiero
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