BTS React To Their First Hot 100 No. 1 Hit ‘Dynamite’ and Tease What's Next | Billboard News

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Billboard caught up with BTS to discuss their first Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Dynamite,” what the recording process for the single was like, what fans can expect from their next album and more.
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BTS React To Their First Hot 100 No. 1 Hit ‘Dynamite’ and Tease What's Next | Billboard News

Bts V
Bts V Hari Yang lalu
Thanks BILLBOARD, Thanks AMERICA ..!!!! Thanks for your Supports for BTS ... dynamite is the Only one song got the "GRAMMY" ... I Love this song ... I LOVE YOU BTS .....
Thet Oo Khin Thet Oo Khin
Thet Oo Khin Thet Oo Khin 2 hari yang lalu
Con Con BTS
Somya Roy
Somya Roy 2 hari yang lalu
Omg ! Worldwide handsome !
Johnlal Valte
Johnlal Valte 3 hari yang lalu
Hi BTS love u all💜💜🇮🇳
murtale dalton
murtale dalton 5 hari yang lalu
great questions,,they were able to convey their answers by using their own language thus they were relaxed to answer questions thoroughly
Mira7 5 hari yang lalu
BTS are humble no doubt. But lowkey they like: ARMY GET THAT BB HOT 100 BABY 😘 And ARMY are like: Oh we definitely will, Baby⁷~ 💜⁷ 😂🤣😂
Aada𖧵7 5 hari yang lalu
There should be more interviews like this in America. He actually asked them good questions and not stuff like their coffee order
androeed gamer
androeed gamer 6 hari yang lalu
Renz Chloe Parungao
Renz Chloe Parungao 6 hari yang lalu
They have 2 #1 hits now, Congrats!
Princess Montalban
Princess Montalban 7 hari yang lalu
I love the interviewer. He's so humble.
Nica Valencia
Nica Valencia 10 hari yang lalu
jessica 11 hari yang lalu
this interview was so nice and refreshing omg
jessica 11 hari yang lalu
dynamite breaking records and being a stable hit
jessica 11 hari yang lalu
Erika Bentto
Erika Bentto 11 hari yang lalu
Love BTS❤❤❤
Alucard Uzumaki
Alucard Uzumaki 12 hari yang lalu
Platik bangsat
Anne Ramos
Anne Ramos 16 hari yang lalu
Tetris Kelly is a gem of an interviewer! BTS is fantastic.
2xTurboB18C1DC2's 16 hari yang lalu
This guy and Zach sang are the two best interviewers I have seen. Ultimate professionals.
Constanza oyarzo
Constanza oyarzo 19 hari yang lalu
They deserves everything
seokkrrttt 20 hari yang lalu
Tahera Begum
Tahera Begum 21 hari yang lalu
Army X Engene
Army X Engene 24 hari yang lalu
Well deserved 👏💜💛💙💚🖤💗❤️
Jolin leo
Jolin leo 25 hari yang lalu
Congrats 💜𝗕𝗧𝗦⟭⟬💜! I'M PROUD OF 💜𝗕𝗧𝗦⟭⟬💜
Kitty Shine
Kitty Shine 26 hari yang lalu
i love bts
Fabulous Fabiha
Fabulous Fabiha 26 hari yang lalu
And this is BTS, the humble kings who actually gave credits the stylist becuz they deserve it
Princes Peco
Princes Peco 28 hari yang lalu
V Never-ending baby-ing kookoo
MᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛSᴋʏYT 28 hari yang lalu
Jhope:ahhhhhhhh*shaking hahah cute
Farjana Bantanized
Farjana Bantanized 29 hari yang lalu
Legend BTS
Debszz 29 hari yang lalu
3:27 jimin looks so handsome omg
mari K
mari K 29 hari yang lalu
BTS has a very interesting balance between this free action of taehyung and the cool speech of rm😂
ʙʟᴀᴄᴋᴛᴇᴀ Bulan Yang lalu
0:47 *Jungkook practicing his boxing in the middle of an interview is mood*
Y. Alves
Y. Alves Bulan Yang lalu
i love how Namjoon is so sweet and loves to praise people...
Krishu Bulan Yang lalu
4:06 Did anyone notice jk? Aww he's so cute😍💜😘🙈
Random videos for random people
Random videos for random people Bulan Yang lalu
da-eum aelbeom-eneun paendeul-ui dayanghan chwihyang-eul manjogsikil gog-i manh-i damgil geolago anjeonhage malhal su-iss-eul geos gat-ayo. gidae haejuseyo. joh-eun teulaeg-i manh-i issseubnida! da-eum aelbeom-eneun paendeul-ui dayanghan chwihyang-eul manjogsikil gog-i manh-i damgil geolago anjeonhage malhal su-iss-eul geos gat-ayo. gidae haejuseyo. joh-eun teulaeg-i manh-i issseubnida! i think we can safely say that the next album will contain a lot of songs that will satisfy the various tastes of our fans. please look forward to it. there are lots of good tracks! i think we can safely say that the next album will contain a lot of songs that will satisfy the various tastes of our fans. please look forward to it. there are lots of good tracks 다음 앨범에는 팬들의 다양한 취향을 만족시킬 곡이 많이 담길 거라고 안전하게 말할 수있을 것 같아요. 기대 해주세요. 좋은 트랙이 많이 있습니다! 다음 앨범에는 팬들의 다양한 취향을 만족시킬 곡이 많이 담길 거라고 안전하게 말할 수있을 것 같아요. 기대 해주세요. 좋은 트랙이 많이 있습니다!F
Hameeda Asim
Hameeda Asim Bulan Yang lalu
I am 1 moth late I promise this is earliest for me to watch bts
Koya The Koala
Koya The Koala Bulan Yang lalu
When RM speaking English.. BTS:👁👄👁
Honey moon Sanchez
Honey moon Sanchez Bulan Yang lalu
Hubiera querido ser ese señor:'(
bangtan today_ ArMY
bangtan today_ ArMY Bulan Yang lalu
I felt the same as J-HOPE did......aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! WOw the boys did it
Adrija Emi
Adrija Emi Bulan Yang lalu
Jhope phone droped...... This part is so funny...
Seleniatjee xx
Seleniatjee xx Bulan Yang lalu
Geovanna Collins
Geovanna Collins Bulan Yang lalu
He is so lucky to talk to them I envy him I'm like so jealous
Meriem ARMY
Meriem ARMY Bulan Yang lalu
김아라 Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone else saw the heart that jungkook gave us at 4:06
Fazi Fazi
Fazi Fazi 17 hari yang lalu
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas Bulan Yang lalu
💜 Stan this interviewer
JUDITH MENDEZ Bulan Yang lalu
I love the interviewer 😭🖤
Valeria Marin
Valeria Marin Bulan Yang lalu
Lol V :who bought the Champagne ? Jungkook:You V :that’s right Then Jin:Who bought the food? Jungkook : You It’s always them 3 💀😭❤️
Ava Quinn
Ava Quinn Bulan Yang lalu
When taehyung teasing jungkook😌✊
Andrea S.
Andrea S. Bulan Yang lalu
Namjoon wuth black hair so damnn hot!!
Rm speak English the rast speak
jessica portero
jessica portero Bulan Yang lalu
BTS HUMBLE KINGS THIS IS SO TRUE MAN!!!! very very true and love them so much
Christina Manuel
Christina Manuel Bulan Yang lalu
I LOVE this interviewer!!!!!!
Amber Bhatia
Amber Bhatia Bulan Yang lalu
i was watching this and smiling like an idiot and my mom thought i had a bf or smth and i said no and she looked at me like i was crazy
1502pragya chaudhary
1502pragya chaudhary Bulan Yang lalu
The interviewer is so niceeeee
Lidiya Bulan Yang lalu
Screaming of jhope lol cutie😻😻😻😻
Alisson Aponte
Alisson Aponte Bulan Yang lalu
Ewerton Duarte
Ewerton Duarte Bulan Yang lalu
Creative World
Creative World Bulan Yang lalu
Any one dying over SUGA’s hair and glasses?
Creative World
Creative World Bulan Yang lalu
San Francisco tour!!! Any one else?
milling37 Bulan Yang lalu
1 of the best interviews by an American host! He seemed genuine in the interview👍❤
Monique Monica
Monique Monica Bulan Yang lalu
Um yes, Chicago wants you guys back ❤️
House of Etag
House of Etag Bulan Yang lalu
I love the interviewer. He is so nice.
Sierra Bunnell
Sierra Bunnell Bulan Yang lalu
Lol tae tae exploding his head is EVERYTHING
Abel Martinez
Abel Martinez Bulan Yang lalu
Me encanta esta cancion Que puedo decir de BTS son geniales
Maryorie Yerba
Maryorie Yerba Bulan Yang lalu
cla page spéciale pour les fans des BTS
cla page spéciale pour les fans des BTS Bulan Yang lalu
poème pour BTS love is as delicate as a flamme🔥 floating in the boast like a fine dust listen to BTS sing make us dream the sparkling star shines at night BTS lights us up this nights is all future nights BTS fills our hearts with joy they will be etched in our minds forever 'Cause we'll be together in the labyrinth of love take our hand is not let go we will be together army is BTS forever In this world we see a beautiful moon even in a dream we find ourselves attracting you our green heart you your memories of you make our hearts beat stronger we need nothing but you love has no end the light shines in our lives thanks to you you are all for us. i love you BTS 💜💜
Priyanka Srivastav
Priyanka Srivastav Bulan Yang lalu
V playing Kookie 👂😆😂
Army girl borahe
Army girl borahe Bulan Yang lalu
Bts performance at billboards hope u
Christine Dowd
Christine Dowd Bulan Yang lalu
RM is the most gracious, intelligent, respectful, open minded pop star ever! So impressive at such a young age.
Renée_J Bulan Yang lalu
Let's top it ... No1 and no 2. And no 1 Savege Love with rap in Korean. Love it!
Aida Abasta
Aida Abasta Bulan Yang lalu
Cómo me encanta suga cuando hablá
Kim Jeon
Kim Jeon Bulan Yang lalu
chrispenjose Bulan Yang lalu
Aww Billboard you gave me hope that there is still good in this world. Thank you for giving a chance to our KINGS! BTS you deserve it all🙌💜
park jimin
park jimin Bulan Yang lalu
Hahaha nterteng so cool ilove youuu Bts
SETI BANGTAN Bulan Yang lalu
Everybody enjoys being in bts atmosphere!♡
yoongicowboy Bulan Yang lalu
THANK YOU BILLBOARD for an interview that is fun, interesting; and meaningful! I’ve seen a LOT of interviews with bts flop due to either bad questions, repetitive questions, or an uninterested host, but this one was so respectful and engaged and asked great questions. I’ll be coming back to rewatch this often!
Olivia Kim
Olivia Kim Bulan Yang lalu
The interviewer seems so calm and humble and he doesn't ask BTS questions like "who do u wanna collaborate with" No wonder RM was so hyped up he seemed really happy
Farah Hossam
Farah Hossam Bulan Yang lalu
random but if somone. put link in the comments dont open then they can be hack and just dobt open
BE Bulan Yang lalu
진짜....대단한사람들...어떻게 설명해야함? ㅜㅜㅠㅠ
Veera Chandela
Veera Chandela Bulan Yang lalu
JiMin SPeakIng KoreAn
Kaira Shirodkar
Kaira Shirodkar Bulan Yang lalu
J hope's finger is so long lol
Kashfi Jerry#new
Kashfi Jerry#new Bulan Yang lalu
I love bts and blackpink but i dont know why i hate suga
Ariana Isabel Alvarado robelo
Ariana Isabel Alvarado robelo Bulan Yang lalu
THE MOST Bulan Yang lalu
Huma Khan
Huma Khan Bulan Yang lalu
omg v' s expression are ultra pro😂😂 hahahah😅💜💜
vidhika narula
vidhika narula Bulan Yang lalu
they look so comfortable!! I really like the interviewer here, thank you this
Daisy Bulan Yang lalu
JK outfit is fire
김손밍 Bulan Yang lalu
PAYALA NAVYA SRI Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone observed kookie making a heart @4:06
Sajib Hasan
Sajib Hasan Bulan Yang lalu
Jimin ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Bulan Yang lalu
I'm so proud of 💜𝗕𝗧𝗦⟭⟬💜
chimmy changa
chimmy changa Bulan Yang lalu
Hobi dropping his phone is such a mood. We did really good army :( We followed the procedure like not looping and watching other mvs in between. Now look where we got our boys. They deserve it for all the hard work they have put this year to make 2020 not so terrible. I am so proud to be an army because we ignored the hate and got our faves what they deserve. Thank you so much and dont forget to stream dynamite :)))
Parnika Bulan Yang lalu
The fact that BTS is so humble even after ruling the world.. Hats off guys! We love you! Saranghae 💜
bangtan shitu forever -.-
bangtan shitu forever -.- Bulan Yang lalu
ok out of all things in this interview, i rlly like the host and i appreciate how friendly he is with bangtan bcz like u can tell that they aren't uncomfortable and are enjoying this interview. thank you so much for treating them in this way i purple you
manoela gomes
manoela gomes Bulan Yang lalu
i had to rewatch seokjin part bc i was looking his handsome face and not the subs omg
manoela gomes
manoela gomes Bulan Yang lalu
i love how they chosed seokjin part as the intro
drop 56 bambu
drop 56 bambu Bulan Yang lalu
the host and bts resoectfull each other
Sunita Kumaru
Sunita Kumaru Bulan Yang lalu
Vratika Thakur
Vratika Thakur Bulan Yang lalu
RM is so awkward and nervous. You can see it is still hard for him to do interviews in English. All the interviews have been so superficial that when real interviewers ask genuine questions he gets a little nervous coz its hard to completely and honestly explain everything in another language. I am sure if RM chooses to answer such questions in korean we will get amazing and very deep insight. Thank God he does Vlives or Weverse live where he explains the whole song and the thought process without any language barrier.
BuSaN BuNnY Bulan Yang lalu
They said after all this pandemic will over they will go on a tour at seoul chicago or greece. Me being an indian army 😭😭😭😭why not india bts
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller Bulan Yang lalu
Very good interview. That can be rare with BTS. I love that it‘s not always all in English anymore.
Jackcelia Costa
Jackcelia Costa Bulan Yang lalu
so today i was trying to explain Dynimate to a friend and i say " its like a big tribute to 70'era and Michael Jackson" ... what the interviewer said about they being seven MJ on the perfomance ... so true dude, its like a Jackson Five but rereading to 2020 and asian, wich is perfect.
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