Bring Me The Horizon x Jeris Johnson - Can You Feel My Heart (Remix) [Official Audio]

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tiktok made us do it. can you feel my heart @jerisjohnson remix out now
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Bring Me The Horizon x Jeris Johnson - Can You Feel My Heart (Remix)
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can you hear the silence?
can you see the dark?
can you fix the broken?
can you feel my heart?
i’ve been terrorised by a thousand ghosts
but my cry for help’s stuck in my throat
and the highest I get is the lowest I’ll know
cause I’m falling and falling
dripping and rippin asunder
bury me deep in a slumber
clouds on my head like a bummer
drown all my demons with thunder
put up a wall with no lumber
face down deep in a ditch I’m in a pit
running in circles so fast someone pull me outta this shit
can you hear the silence?
can you see the dark?
can you fix the broken?
can you heal a scar?
and has anybody noticed
my bloody sweater arm?
screaming can you feel my heart?
holding on bring me close
feel my heart
can you feel my heart?
can you help the hopeless?
well I’m begging on my knees
can you save my bastard soul?
will you wait for me?
i'm sorry, brothers, so sorry, lover
forgive me father, I love you, mother
can you hear the silence?
can you see the dark?
can you fix the broken?
can you feel my heart?
i’m scared to get close, and I hate being alone
i long for that feeling to not feel at all
the higher I get, the lower I’ll sink
i can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim

#BringMeTheHorizon #CanYouFeelMyHeart #BringMeTheHorizonCanYouFeelMyHeart #BMTHCanYouFeelMyHeartJerisJohnsonRemix #JerisJohnson #Remix

Ben Salter
Ben Salter 2 jam yang lalu
Sorry for what i did.
The Engineer
The Engineer 5 jam yang lalu
Average "Original is better" fans vs Average "It's a good remix" enjoyers
usman arbain
usman arbain 9 jam yang lalu
Mr. hahaha
Mr. hahaha 9 jam yang lalu
Its not good. But very good
Ludovico Campione
Ludovico Campione 10 jam yang lalu
This remix looks like a theme of some cartoon or anime like when they change them when the situation gets more serious. To understand us, take the acronyms of aot and give it a try.
Haradhitya Pradana
Haradhitya Pradana 15 jam yang lalu
another version of awesomeness
r/Art1st Hari Yang lalu
This is all I got to say.. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH
Ridwanul Shawrup
Ridwanul Shawrup Hari Yang lalu
Average Enjoyer Drip
Juliana Arias Peñate
Juliana Arias Peñate Hari Yang lalu
Diosss, que hermoso suena el cielo
Jakepopper01 Hari Yang lalu
Average original enjoyer vs average remix enthusiast
GodBlazerBoo Hari Yang lalu
Simply epic
Ryan Tyler
Ryan Tyler Hari Yang lalu
Nope 🙂
Zac Murphy
Zac Murphy 2 hari yang lalu
All new music is gash but this... this is mental!!! Jeris you magical bastered
Pavlos Kosmatos
Pavlos Kosmatos 2 hari yang lalu
Jesu Samtiago
Jesu Samtiago 2 hari yang lalu
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 hari yang lalu
DA MAYYA 2 hari yang lalu
Average "Original Vs Remix fan" Vs Average "I came for the thumbnail" enjoyer
KaiBoo Baby
KaiBoo Baby 2 hari yang lalu
Omg I’m glad I came back to listen to bmth. It’s been since middle school 😂 (2013)
Bryan Alexis Chávez Recinos
Bryan Alexis Chávez Recinos 3 hari yang lalu
¿¿Era necesaria esa foto??
Ocer 3 hari yang lalu
Better than the original
Akira Famicom
Akira Famicom 3 hari yang lalu
The remix of this music.
The Scarlet Cultist
The Scarlet Cultist 3 hari yang lalu
I am an average enjoyer of this song
Jacob bautista
Jacob bautista 3 hari yang lalu
Average Godzilla fan vs Kong enjoyer
Thot Annihilator
Thot Annihilator 3 hari yang lalu
Average low IQ commenters: "The original is better" Average Music Enjoyer: "Remix, not Replacement"
Moroccan Nationalist
Moroccan Nationalist 4 hari yang lalu
Average remix
Chris 4 hari yang lalu
Reminder that the original version from Sempiternal still exists
davy satria
davy satria 4 hari yang lalu
Shits changed and looks like I have to get used to it
Arrow8D 4 hari yang lalu
omgfg this is the last staw you turned REAL MUSIC INTO POP NOISE TRAITORS TO METAL
Ty 4 hari yang lalu
Wtf happen to bmth like are they running out of ideas so they make shitty remixes just to keep money in there pockets. 😒 like bring back old bmth where it was heavy and singing this new shit sucks and I'm a big fan of bmth but this is just trash.
Ferret In sweatpants
Ferret In sweatpants 4 hari yang lalu
I like the model very cool :D
Inu 4 hari yang lalu
OMG u are so great!!!
Riley Sansoucy
Riley Sansoucy 5 hari yang lalu
roses are red violets are blue I clicked because of the girl and you did too
Vegita The Simp
Vegita The Simp 3 hari yang lalu
First time? YES Second time? No
Lito 16
Lito 16 5 hari yang lalu
Eashan Shenai
Eashan Shenai 5 hari yang lalu
Average "Original was better" commentor vs Average "Its a remix not a replacement commentor"
ronnie hillard
ronnie hillard 5 hari yang lalu
This song reminds me of my big homie I was just cellies with in ross my hero
LevoNKe 5 hari yang lalu
Me likey.
Lysander 5 hari yang lalu
Does anybody know the name of the artist behind the animated background????
Machofriz 6 hari yang lalu
Why does the vocalist sound lika a korean doing english?
Dvori official
Dvori official 6 hari yang lalu
Hej jak to mixujete? Fakt to na sebe sedí jak nočník na prdel! Jestli mi neodepíšete do 10 minut, tak budu chtít vrátit to kilo co sis před rokem půjčoval na cíga.
Arthur Daniyelyan
Arthur Daniyelyan 6 hari yang lalu
I gave it a go with an open mind, and I dig metal/elecronic hybrids, Decas; an As I Lay Dying album with remixes in the same vain, as an example... but holy shit was this awful... like really fucking bad...
Living Breathing Meme
Living Breathing Meme 3 hari yang lalu
VeGohan 5 hari yang lalu
Fatima Maria
Fatima Maria 6 hari yang lalu
E nos
Skru Scudsy
Skru Scudsy 6 hari yang lalu
Brings me back to the 2010 cut up album. Fricken beautiful and sweet sound great job. And thank you
lalo franco
lalo franco 6 hari yang lalu
I did not like this version 😕
Dhamz Boomers
Dhamz Boomers 6 hari yang lalu
Luis Arnold
Luis Arnold 6 hari yang lalu
The one time tiktok did something good
Eric Hilton
Eric Hilton 6 hari yang lalu
This is a great remix! I really enjoy it!
Trent Elko
Trent Elko 6 hari yang lalu
I love it
Trent Elko
Trent Elko 6 hari yang lalu
Good shit
CoastalAlpaca 6 hari yang lalu
It sucks that I have to dislike this crazy good song cus some bmth fanatics are sad that their favorite band is popular now
Knight Igris
Knight Igris 6 hari yang lalu
The things is, why do you all have to make a CHOICE between the different version? They are BOTH masterpiece. Stop making shitty coms like "ooga booga orignial better !!!" or shits men, enjoy the songs & shut up fr
Nick 6 hari yang lalu
Super old school bmth fans can still appreciate
Liebe 7 hari yang lalu
How can I give a SÚPER like to this song?
Z1LLA 7 hari yang lalu
This remix is good jeris Johnson keep up the remixs
Muhamad rizky
Muhamad rizky 7 hari yang lalu
Amazinggg oliv
Krolshi 7 hari yang lalu
I’ve been waiting for this and yet am late, won’t stop me from blasting though ❤️🔥
VITA_Xeno 8 hari yang lalu
Def using this in the monatge
Daria Oberlander
Daria Oberlander 8 hari yang lalu
I just in love with whole thing: the remix, the art, fact she is animated. Might even love this remix more than original (!) Oh yes, how can I !?! Well it's the fact
Bastian Dharma Irawan
Bastian Dharma Irawan 8 hari yang lalu
Average remix fan vs average original enjoyer
Willian jorge
Willian jorge 8 hari yang lalu
Zubaer 8 hari yang lalu
This is a meme now 😂🤣
shivam Gupta
shivam Gupta 8 hari yang lalu
isabelle shizue
isabelle shizue 9 hari yang lalu
Average original song fan vs average remix enjoyer
Alejandro Gallegos
Alejandro Gallegos 9 hari yang lalu
Average remix fan 😡🤬😡😡🤬 Average original song enjoyer 🧔🏻
Trajik 9 hari yang lalu
I was just thinking how cool a cross between these guys would be. Good shit bro!
José Guerrero
José Guerrero 9 hari yang lalu
TikTok ruins music
Saiko 9 hari yang lalu
kurwa tłuste
壊れた - O̵̙͐u̴̻͛t̷̬̕ ̴̞̇Õ̷͈f̴̖̓ ̸̺̓Ȍ̴̘r̵͉͠d̵̲̿e̸̍r
壊れた - O̵̙͐u̴̻͛t̷̬̕ ̴̞̇Õ̷͈f̴̖̓ ̸̺̓Ȍ̴̘r̵͉͠d̵̲̿e̸̍r 9 hari yang lalu
While everyone is talking about Tik-Tok or The Choker. My question is, who the hell did this incredible art?
Swati Gupta
Swati Gupta 4 hari yang lalu
@Generic Titan you're not wrong 🤣
Generic Titan
Generic Titan 4 hari yang lalu
@Swati Gupta you know everyone is just here for the honkers
Swati Gupta
Swati Gupta 7 hari yang lalu
its hard to take your eyes off of it. its made beautifully
Alison MF
Alison MF 9 hari yang lalu
No... que le hicieron a mi canción favorita...
Daiana Lorenzo
Daiana Lorenzo 7 hari yang lalu
La arruinaron Bro :(
La arruinaron 💔🥀😭 Asta a mí me dolió ver este video es un asco
You Deadly games
You Deadly games 10 hari yang lalu
lol so bad music.
BlackGate Fox
BlackGate Fox 10 hari yang lalu
gibby 10 hari yang lalu
Kk 10 hari yang lalu
Out of everything i heard i loved the drop the most!! I just loved it!!!!
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 10 hari yang lalu
This is disgusting. Please don't play this live you'll actually ruin my night lmao
Evan Phelps
Evan Phelps 10 hari yang lalu
It’s not THAT bad
Noire Meduse
Noire Meduse 10 hari yang lalu
Sick af
Andhika Vega Rahman
Andhika Vega Rahman 10 hari yang lalu
Not avarage
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer 10 hari yang lalu
i want another call of duty trailer to use can you feel my heart
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer 10 hari yang lalu
I'm an average giga chad enjoyer
•krisa• 10 hari yang lalu
The modern version of the actual song... He just revived it
Spirit Of The Omega
Spirit Of The Omega 10 hari yang lalu
Yo Oli thanks for all your music my dude. I vibe to your music daily since I was like 15. At this point its like your family 😂. Keep it up bro. One day I wanna see you live.
Protik Saha
Protik Saha 10 hari yang lalu
Average from tiktok vs checking channel from the original video to find the latest video
Karen Restrepo Gómez
Karen Restrepo Gómez 11 hari yang lalu
This is so amazing!!! This remix is incredible!!!
_ Anthrax101_
_ Anthrax101_ 11 hari yang lalu
Average lover, average enthusiast
Pablo Molina
Pablo Molina 11 hari yang lalu
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 11 hari yang lalu
Average remix fan vs average original song enjoyer
WesternChikan 11 hari yang lalu
I miss old bmth
Pavlos Kosmatos
Pavlos Kosmatos 11 hari yang lalu
This is how many years oli sykes will live 👇
Behold the pale horse
Behold the pale horse 11 hari yang lalu
Augusto Zp
Augusto Zp 11 hari yang lalu
Where can i have this wallpaper? it´s so beautiful
Ana lidya
Ana lidya 12 hari yang lalu
Rosalia Antonella Bellante
Rosalia Antonella Bellante 12 hari yang lalu
my obsession!!!!!!!!!!
mosio. 12 hari yang lalu
This is epic
grosezero 12 hari yang lalu
Average trap remix fan vs Average Linkin Park metalcore Rip off enjoyer
Wahyu Dhio
Wahyu Dhio 12 hari yang lalu
alig alig
King Resh
King Resh 13 hari yang lalu
You lads who say, "Not as good as the original." Need to understand, this is a REMIX not a replacement.
Oskar 13 hari yang lalu
i seriously waiting till she moved the decoration :/
Nicholas Matthews
Nicholas Matthews 13 hari yang lalu
Why is she nude
Mhmmd Rifqii
Mhmmd Rifqii 13 hari yang lalu
Nah, the original 100 times better😤
Luchii Callen
Luchii Callen 13 hari yang lalu
I think is better the original song than the remix. Sorry but I too much like the original, because is rock and speed metal not electronic music:/
BATO'21 13 hari yang lalu
YvreN 13 hari yang lalu
Olivia-hye is that you?🤔🤔
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