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Gather around all ninjas! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Opening 8 - Baku by Ikimonogakari is here! 👊
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The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!
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vizmedia 7 hari yang lalu
Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:
Sylvia George
Sylvia George Hari Yang lalu
Dalihan Nainggolan
Dalihan Nainggolan 2 hari yang lalu
@UZUMAKI BORUTO indo kah mamank
saiko wix
saiko wix 2 hari yang lalu
You are straique shinobi life 2 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Armaan Gupta
Armaan Gupta 3 hari yang lalu
@Andrew Faure Anime canon is not filler :/ also they could have a lot of opportunities with (minor spoilers) Kawaki in the village
Lopez Logan
Lopez Logan 3 hari yang lalu
Where's the English Credits.
Raizel Estrama
Raizel Estrama Jam Yang lalu
●Boruto:Naruto Next Generation Reality:Boruto: Sasuke Next Generation
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 2 jam yang lalu
What an absolute banger! I'd expect no less from Ikimono-gakari
らる。 2 jam yang lalu
Yusuf 2 jam yang lalu
Should've made it seasonal as Attack On Titan did.
Oby Light
Oby Light 3 jam yang lalu
Boruto more more filler. Honestly boring anime...
Sayyed Makhdoom
Sayyed Makhdoom 57 menit yang lalu
Just bcuz you stopped watching the show thinks it's filler it's your Mistake ...!!
toto gamer
toto gamer 2 jam yang lalu
manga 100%
toto gamer
toto gamer 2 jam yang lalu
NO boruto 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190##$#@$#@ no filler
Captain Unique
Captain Unique 4 jam yang lalu
アラケン 4 jam yang lalu
アラケン 32 menit yang lalu
@あいうえお そうです!
あいうえお 43 menit yang lalu
Mohd Razzie
Mohd Razzie 5 jam yang lalu
Kawaki like sasuke
Chef Kage
Chef Kage 6 jam yang lalu
We can just wish if all boruto eps could look this pretty
Jared Marco Antonis
Jared Marco Antonis 6 jam yang lalu
Is this Boruto turn to shippuden
神Devil 5 jam yang lalu
Zedric Canicon
Zedric Canicon 6 jam yang lalu
Please make Boruto the Antagonist. To have the perspective of an antagonist in his journey of redemption.
19UEI050_ Shivankitsingh
19UEI050_ Shivankitsingh 6 jam yang lalu
Best is yet to come.
samuel gaming YT
samuel gaming YT 7 jam yang lalu
if you watch carefully boruto and kawaki will be naruto and sasuke of next genaration maybe ewho knows?
samuel gaming YT
samuel gaming YT 5 jam yang lalu
@神Devil oh
神Devil 6 jam yang lalu
Won't happen Burrito is gonna end after 30 volumes or 40
Shankar V
Shankar V 8 jam yang lalu
Kawaki: Aight Mitsuki: My time has come
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 8 jam yang lalu
Boruto series: Do you hate me now?!
fadia haroon
fadia haroon 8 jam yang lalu
i love boryto
otak lu
otak lu 8 jam yang lalu
Finally new opening song♥️
Big Cali
Big Cali 9 jam yang lalu
It's weird seeing those jutsu's getting cast without the signs
Rayyan! 10 jam yang lalu
GAMING BY A GAMER 11 jam yang lalu
Don't say me That Kawaki Will become Boruto's Best Friend And Then He will live in konoha and after that he will leave the village And Then Boruto Will Make Kawaki Return back to Konoha and then he will at last fight and then live happily
Sukuna Akuma
Sukuna Akuma 9 jam yang lalu
Its the opposite actually
Ps1 Hagrid
Ps1 Hagrid 12 jam yang lalu
I didn't watched boruto from episode 1 but skipped episode 1 and started from episode 2 Bizzare isn't it for a guy who has a habit of watching anime at the speed of archie sonic
JB BALLARES 12 jam yang lalu
I watch a one video it's like compilation of opening in Naruto the red blue scene is like op 3 in Naruto am i right?
?Chika Senpai¿
?Chika Senpai¿ 14 jam yang lalu
This gives me a Kaguya Sama Love Is War vibes but 10/10 well done
AG blue metal
AG blue metal 10 jam yang lalu
Belsink lokatara
Belsink lokatara 14 jam yang lalu
come on i cant find it at spotify
Olli Love
Olli Love 17 jam yang lalu
Haters 2020: I only watch Boruto to see Naruto and Sasuke . Haters 2021: Loyal fans since the first episode, gather around! Me: Y'all trash, Boruto still sucks. Song is lit though..
Kendrell Mills
Kendrell Mills 12 jam yang lalu
You don’t have to call other people trash for enjoying something just because you don’t like it
悲しいIhateubrian 18 jam yang lalu
Mark my comment I have been waiting for this Arc😭
21st Century MadMad
21st Century MadMad 18 jam yang lalu
We made it through the long filler boys and girls
Jordan 18 jam yang lalu
Our Anime worlds
Our Anime worlds 19 jam yang lalu
Don't choke On your aspirations director
Don't choke On your aspirations director 20 jam yang lalu
A opening that gives me the same level of excitement and hypeness that a decent amount of shippuden openings did love this boruto opening from the song to the quality of it finally the anime is taking a BIG step in the right direction I’ve been reading the manga mostly can’t wait to see these fight scenes animated
Letas Broccoli
Letas Broccoli 21 jam yang lalu
The woman singing this song is singing NARUTO's bluebird
Devyansh Razdan
Devyansh Razdan 23 jam yang lalu
After long wait of 5 year. we reached to the point where all the boruto fans become one with boruto😉
Bingung Tutorial
Bingung Tutorial 23 jam yang lalu
Sekarang gambarnya agak mirip sama Atack on titan
Unwanted criminal
Unwanted criminal 23 jam yang lalu
Man, there really taking the training wheels off with this arc
Joseph Benedict Paginag
Joseph Benedict Paginag 23 jam yang lalu
What happened to this op in episode 182 it has no sound
MOHAMMED HILAL 23 jam yang lalu
naruto is 100000+ better than boruto.. if something interesting happens then only i am watching boruto
神Devil 6 jam yang lalu
It's better you never watch Narutard
Tareq 21 jam yang lalu
Naruto part 1 boring
KARRA 13 23 jam yang lalu
Persembahan ikimono gakari
RICKY MORTY 23 jam yang lalu
"Iconic opening music of the year" predicted
kn rbx
kn rbx Hari Yang lalu
Naruto be like
RAYYAN IOS Hari Yang lalu
Why is kawaki story sad 😔
RAYYAN IOS Hari Yang lalu
I watched boruto from ep 56 till ep 182 and I watched those previous eps but very late after ep 56 I watched them
RAYYAN IOS Hari Yang lalu
Let’s be honest u watched this more then 100 times like me
RAYYAN IOS Hari Yang lalu
After ep 182 came out I think borusara has 1% chance and mitsusara has 99%chance Edit:I ship borusara no MAtER
Herman Hari Yang lalu
I swear, this is the only boruto opening that gives us naruto nostalgia.
Justine Rizardo
Justine Rizardo Hari Yang lalu
For me.. opening no 7 is better
Angelina Wiatmoko
Angelina Wiatmoko Hari Yang lalu
Kawaki is so handsome ya know?! ❤️❤️ I really like this visual...
Feyniron Dairen
Feyniron Dairen Hari Yang lalu
Getting better
Mark Talaguit
Mark Talaguit Hari Yang lalu
Man...Ikimonogakari Really Delivers
Chainsaw Sasageyo
Chainsaw Sasageyo Hari Yang lalu
Boruto episode 2 is finally starting guys! XD
Kuhu Hari Yang lalu
I completed watching all 720 episodes of naruto (and the movies) I think in november 2020 then started watching boruto from December 2020 even tho my brother told me not to and here I am in 17jan 2021 I just finished ep 181 which is the latest episode and now I'll be in track with the new episodes without being left behind lol. The deepa fight was by far the best imo.
神Devil Hari Yang lalu
3 big coming So just can't Waite This is not much spoiler But if you don't want to read then ok anyway 1:Jigen Vs Naruto and sasuke 2: Delta Vs Naruto 3:Naruto and sasuke Vs ?
tw. japan
tw. japan Hari Yang lalu
0:59~NARUTO sippuuden op NARUTO&SASUKE Music ikimonogakari 🔥🔥🔥
Aliya Ali
Aliya Ali Hari Yang lalu
What is great about opening is that the creator did a great job with their mind . If you realize that it somehow matches , You are right . The soundtrack " Blue Bird " also performed by ikimonogakari , Appears in Naruto shippudden . The fun fact ? It show Naruto in Red color , and in 0:59 it shows kawaki in it . Same goes to Sasuke and boruto . Get it ? Naruto made Kawaki his dosciple and Sasuke Boruto . Thank you VIZ Media for adding this in your IDpost channel . I just like the clip ! Arigato Gonzaimus ! Please be sure to like it if you considered the answer , Dattebayo !
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Hari Yang lalu
Jigen looks scary
Yato Hari Yang lalu
boys we did it
JustEye 18
JustEye 18 Hari Yang lalu
I don't know man why but im feeling proud that i didn't hate on boruto
Muhd Hamdani
Muhd Hamdani Hari Yang lalu
To those who did not watching naruto and just watching boruto.. I suggest to these people that you must watching naruto first!!!
Dishant Hari Yang lalu
I m kinda getting "Another OP" vibes
sky per
sky per Hari Yang lalu
I love boruto
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam Hari Yang lalu
. .
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam Hari Yang lalu
. . . .
Legendary Warrior
Legendary Warrior Hari Yang lalu
pretty bangar opening for boruto and to congratucate us that we made it this far
frog Hari Yang lalu
The opening is hot
deadwzzd Hari Yang lalu
Claim your "Here before a million views" ticket here!
Extreme X Gaming
Extreme X Gaming 2 jam yang lalu
GAMING WITH M Hari Yang lalu
I watched boruto from day 1 and I don't feel down anymore Borutos one fireeeeeeeeeee
마늘 Hari Yang lalu
it reminds naruto op 6
レイン・レイン Hari Yang lalu
Cow Cow
Cow Cow Hari Yang lalu
The Urashiki scene reminds me of people who used to say Boruto should be 100% like Naruto who loves Ramen Ichiraku
Shogukizuka Hari Yang lalu
Manga readers are finally so happy.!!!!
Darker Alchemist
Darker Alchemist Hari Yang lalu
Kawaki best boy
killua zoldyck
killua zoldyck Hari Yang lalu
Boruto doesn't have it's own powers it's all thanks to pure eye and momoshiki
Fábio Hari Yang lalu
Boruto has suiton, fuuton, raiton
Fábio Hari Yang lalu
The pure eye is his power, he was born with it.
Luigi Villacorta
Luigi Villacorta Hari Yang lalu
Same artist as Blue Bird OP3. No wonder its a hit.
Samuel Hari Yang lalu
So boruto is going to be a villian,hmmmmm
18-20-04 Varunmuniganti
18-20-04 Varunmuniganti Hari Yang lalu
Is this song available on Spotify if yes pls tell me
•BI GIRL• Hari Yang lalu
I’m I the only one that got goosebumps when watching it
Naail Harry
Naail Harry Hari Yang lalu
as a manga reader im so happy for this! :D
Jj _Ravioly
Jj _Ravioly Hari Yang lalu
Nobody: 12 year old kids: I oNlY wAtCh BoRuTO BeCauSE NaRutO aNd SaSuKE iS tHerE
Acikz Hari Yang lalu
Speed 1.25x that’s gonna hype you🔥😍
Rama Muhammad Fauzan
Rama Muhammad Fauzan Hari Yang lalu
The Truth is i only watch Boruto for the Main Arc, i just skip all Optional Filler Episode
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Hari Yang lalu
Is better naruto what boruto
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter Hari Yang lalu
Finally! We’ve made it
fairuzzamif Hari Yang lalu
Kawaki cool
Shahzeb Nawab
Shahzeb Nawab Hari Yang lalu
It's a pretty Mediocre anime I dunno why the comment section is acting like it's masterpiece. Power scaling went in the trash with the kids beating enemies who Solo Naruto & sasuke. Mc and side characters have the personality of coming of age hollywood movie teens instead of shounen characters. This anime is both milking the dead cow and standing on the shoulders of giants at once. The only thing praiseworthy is the art/animation
Ken Railey Limbaco
Ken Railey Limbaco 22 jam yang lalu
@Kuhu exactly
Ken Railey Limbaco
Ken Railey Limbaco 22 jam yang lalu
Bruh we have different taste in watching anime if you don't like boruto then don't watch it. Go watch other anime that makes you happy. We boruto fans appreciate the anime and make us happy by watching this anime. Btw i respect your opinion
Kuhu Hari Yang lalu
Dont hate appreciate.
Divyanshu Rajput7yellow
Divyanshu Rajput7yellow Hari Yang lalu
One piece and boruto on the line
Cyanlaser X
Cyanlaser X Hari Yang lalu
Does anyone know what the bpm is for this op Edit: I tried to measure it and got 114 bpm but please correct me if im wrong
Abhijeet Tripathi
Abhijeet Tripathi Hari Yang lalu
Ikimono Gakari never disappoints🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏻
Vishesh Gautam
Vishesh Gautam Hari Yang lalu
All In One
All In One Hari Yang lalu
1:00 they had copied from Naruto shipendure 3rd opening
Kendrell Mills
Kendrell Mills Hari Yang lalu
Since this op is sung by the same singer and since boruto and kawaki have a similar relationship to Naruto and sasuke (kinda) the decided to reference that scene from blue bird
riduyan Hari Yang lalu
Close to 1m
Harshwardhan Patil
Harshwardhan Patil 2 hari yang lalu
Can he beat Goku tho
panda s. o. s.
panda s. o. s. 2 hari yang lalu
And in general, if someone is a look
Arno Dorian
Arno Dorian 2 hari yang lalu
Isshiki:- comes Everybody in konoha:- Ah S#!t, here we go again, another destruction in konoha
Adrian Jay L. Colimbo
Adrian Jay L. Colimbo 5 jam yang lalu
@Taro Zibrael He's jiraiya after all
Taro Zibrael
Taro Zibrael 12 jam yang lalu
@Arno Dorian yaa but then pain almighty push the entire konoha while Isshiki does not
Arno Dorian
Arno Dorian 13 jam yang lalu
@Taro Zibrael the guy who summoned the big pain (idk his name) asked everybody where naruto is tho
Taro Zibrael
Taro Zibrael Hari Yang lalu
But unlike pain, Isshiki being gentleman just ask random shinobi where is kawaki xD
Arno Dorian
Arno Dorian 2 hari yang lalu
sorry to probably dampen ur mood, but i guess they will stall a bit again, coz i can't see (SPOILER:-Baryon mode) anywhere.....
Arno Dorian
Arno Dorian 13 jam yang lalu
@KiLLBiLL well, i guessed that if we saw boruto and kawaki fighting him in a place that matched the description in the manga, baryon mode coudn't be far away. (P.S.:- it's the first time i commented)
KiLLBiLL Hari Yang lalu
Baryon mode is way too far dumbo
Kendrell Mills
Kendrell Mills Hari Yang lalu
That’s not even in this arc so even if they don’t stall it makes sense it wasn’t in the op. Especially for spoiler reasons
ITachi Uchiha
ITachi Uchiha 2 hari yang lalu
0:58 just like blue bird but it replace of naruto and sasuke
oldwreker 2 hari yang lalu
I will never forgive those who said boruto is trash and now theyre switching up
Vibhor Silewar
Vibhor Silewar 23 jam yang lalu
Well it did start slow and was amongst the most anticipated sequels
DevouReR Hari Yang lalu
ya they are mind less idiots
Abhinav Sinha
Abhinav Sinha 2 hari yang lalu
0:27 manga readers on their way to meet BORUTO haters
Spoiler 1:15 that cube thing is jigen (isshiki) jutsu,the name is *daikokuten* and that jutsu made sasuke and naruto struggled in their fight
sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀɢɪツ 2 hari yang lalu
No no no no no i can already fell naruto well die 😟😟😰😰😫😫
Rezakiri TV
Rezakiri TV 2 hari yang lalu
Ahh the crown of shounen goes to boruto
姫川レオナ姫 2 hari yang lalu
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