Billie Eilish Shuts Down Body Shamers, Ice Cube Defends Trump Campaign Involvement | Billboard News

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In today's top stories, Ice Cube speaks out after getting backlash for working with the Trump campaign and Billie Eilish shuts down body shamers with a racy photo.
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0:00 - Billie Eilish
1:44 - Ice Cube
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Billie Eilish Shuts Down Body Shamers, Ice Cube Defends Trump Campaign Involvement | Billboard News

tahiti treat
tahiti treat 8 hari yang lalu
Billie Eilish should only sing, she was born yesterday & knows shite about politics.
JokerGamer 14 hari yang lalu
Billi Eilish te amó 🤗
Bip Bop
Bip Bop 26 hari yang lalu
I have a genuine question why do y’all preach about us not being reasonable and us trying to force our opinion on other but when it comes to shut like this it’s okay lol she spoke her mind she doesn’t like trump so y’all go as far as to body shame her
Celeste Heron
Celeste Heron Bulan Yang lalu
1:20 stop calling at her debut album OK it’s her second album no one talks about how she did the album prior to when we are fall asleep where do we go in 2017 called don’t smile at me
Paige Cole
Paige Cole 26 hari yang lalu
Don't smile at me is a ep
Celeste Heron
Celeste Heron Bulan Yang lalu
No one talked about how Sub Urban has more views then the Billie Eilish short film
Raw for Reel
Raw for Reel Bulan Yang lalu
Billie is Evil to the core
Mrs. Mobile
Mrs. Mobile Bulan Yang lalu
Lol this shit is crazy
HomeDad Vlogs
HomeDad Vlogs Bulan Yang lalu
Do Ya Thang Cube ❤ ✌
Kim taehyung bts is life
Kim taehyung bts is life Bulan Yang lalu
Billie u r just amazing Plus remember Alicia sayed u! *Don't be embarrased to be dope!* 💯
Negus Prime
Negus Prime Bulan Yang lalu
Next Ice Cube will suggest you let your children have play dates with Larry Nassar, Kevin Spacey & Stephen Collins.
ed blair
ed blair Bulan Yang lalu
She has the body of a much more matur worman unlike her charafter.
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Bulan Yang lalu
Never make deals with the Devil.
Seb R.
Seb R. Bulan Yang lalu
LOL you call that racy? Fudge out of here
Fady Shia
Fady Shia Bulan Yang lalu
What has Trump done? Prison reform, Opportunity zones, First Step Act , restored funding for black colleges , lowest black unemployment rate ever in history before the China virus hit, just to name a few.
Why you wanna know my name!?
Why you wanna know my name!? Bulan Yang lalu
You should ask the black community if they felt any impact from anything Trump has done
No Filter
No Filter Bulan Yang lalu
@Fady Shia I’m non-partisan , I have no champion. I’m a true Rebel. Not like these wanna be conspiracy theorist and right wing nuts. I I don’t agree with the left, but at least they have a plan. Obama was actually a good President so was Clinton, Bush(2), Reagan. Although I may not have agreed with all their policies. I did respect them.
Fady Shia
Fady Shia Bulan Yang lalu
@No Filter Your champion let you down just saying ..
No Filter
No Filter Bulan Yang lalu
@Fady Shia need a focus pill? We’re talking about Trump? Either you really don’t know what you’re taking about or you’ll a troll.
Fady Shia
Fady Shia Bulan Yang lalu
@No Filter and what did Obama do? The Highlight of his presidency is giving out Obama phones.
Hatice Şahin
Hatice Şahin Bulan Yang lalu
The President of United States D.J Trump
The President of United States D.J Trump Bulan Yang lalu
Dear @Billboard please also cover our favorite man sleepy Jo:)) cover up more about his son too and we would like to see you be loyal as a fake news must be :)) by the way, In my land in Iran, we renamed the title of Billboard Music Awards 2020 to “ Billboard Of @ntifa , blM and leftist communist terrorist allies in 2020” ! And shame on all these nonsense artists we the people must take action and silence them all and sanction and ban them forever by this we just simply let theme to dying in there own shits😎 from Tehran, Persia we stand by an all times President Sir. D. J Greatest #TRUMP ✌️👍❤️ Viva USA USA TRUMP
the Watcher
the Watcher Bulan Yang lalu
Ice cube, the guy who wrote fuck tha police, supports a guy who uses police violence?? He is so naive by trusting trump
Chris Tidwell
Chris Tidwell Bulan Yang lalu
Why can't liberals just let people be? That's just one of many reasons why I will never vote left.
Why you wanna know my name!?
Why you wanna know my name!? Bulan Yang lalu
When do conservatives let people be!?!? They don't even let people kneel..... the hypocrisy in this comment is absurd
No Filter
No Filter Bulan Yang lalu
And The Right lets people be? gTFo
Jesmin B
Jesmin B Bulan Yang lalu
What are cardi B and Nicki teaching kids please 🤬
Dallin Law
Dallin Law Bulan Yang lalu
Jesmin B
Jesmin B Bulan Yang lalu
Leave her alone it’s better then bloody artist who wear nothing and do dirty video for teenagers to see She is a good role model for girls to see and copy
Herobrian Bulan Yang lalu
Billie Eilish: Thank you to all the women that have come before me and paved my way Ice Cube: *I don't trust none of them*
1 Icentia
1 Icentia Bulan Yang lalu
We don't love her only because of her body but we love her for the amazing work she is doing everyday
Asmo Nymous
Asmo Nymous Bulan Yang lalu
It's almost like nationalists, no matter their skin color, are always just a bunch of ignorant conspiracy nuts. Shocker! Who would've known? ö_Ö
snow women
snow women Bulan Yang lalu
Are they serious? She is free to what she wants to wear. Maybe she wanted to change like we all do. This is her body, so do not judge her .💚
Antoliy New York
Antoliy New York Bulan Yang lalu
Trump 2020
Antoliy New York
Antoliy New York 20 hari yang lalu
@Paige Cole How do you feeling ? ;-)
Paige Cole
Paige Cole 26 hari yang lalu
In a grave
I'm Noctin
I'm Noctin Bulan Yang lalu
Idk what she meant by what she said in any major way, as usual so I cant say it matters but I agree with what Ice-Cube said.
Olasanmi Ayodele Aj Lee
Olasanmi Ayodele Aj Lee Bulan Yang lalu
Billie eilish why tf u so beautiful 😭
Angela Ann
Angela Ann Bulan Yang lalu
Billie Eilish is THAT bitch and I’m here for it!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻
sypros _
sypros _ Bulan Yang lalu
Billie eilish İ love you uuuu..
LJ22Beast Bulan Yang lalu
That ain’t racy I literally be wearing the same thing to school
Jack Climber
Jack Climber Bulan Yang lalu
Everyone acts like a Kindergartner when it comes to politics. What happens if Trump get re-elected? Ice Cube is smart enough to move ahead of the curve to help Black America move forward regardless. People need to just shut the f up about "What team are you on?" Life is way more nuanced for your dumb outlooks. Let people help people.
MMorgue Music
MMorgue Music Bulan Yang lalu
How is that photo racy get outta here
JL Bulan Yang lalu
Ice Cube never defended Trump, he just worked with him, stop the misinformation
Aliyyah Sudama
Aliyyah Sudama Bulan Yang lalu
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Bulan Yang lalu
Ice cube is a legend but he working with a fascist. Also people body shaming Billie never cease to disappoint nor surprise me.
Antoliy New York
Antoliy New York Bulan Yang lalu
fascist was Obama - Putin - Soros BLM .... they hate USA ! America fight against fascists 1941 - 1945 and we get VICTORY ! Just fascists hate America and want change USA tto Europe, Africa or Asia
Thinkfor Yourself
Thinkfor Yourself Bulan Yang lalu
The rich fascists and China which uses slave labor support biden.
Isabella Monsalles Barbosa
Isabella Monsalles Barbosa Bulan Yang lalu
Billie eilish, beautiful, perfect 😍
Michael De Santa
Michael De Santa Bulan Yang lalu
Pobody’s nerfect.(except for Billie eilish)
Raw for Reel
Raw for Reel Bulan Yang lalu
She’s evil to the core
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