Best Plays From All-Star Starter Stephen Curry| 2020-21 NBA Season

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Stephen Curry is making his 7th #NBAAllStar appearance. Drafted as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft out of Davidson, Steph is a 3x NBA champion and 2x #KiaMVP. This season, he’s averaging 30.0 PPG, 5.3 RPG and 6.0 APG for the Golden State Warriors.
All of All-Star in One Night on March 7!
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HM L Hari Yang lalu
He deserves an MVP !
TKR 5 hari yang lalu
If you have a 20 minute highlight video for 1 season, you’re doing something right
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 9 hari yang lalu
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Isaac Saad
Isaac Saad 11 hari yang lalu
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Jerry Cai
Jerry Cai 12 hari yang lalu
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ikinci yeni
ikinci yeni 12 hari yang lalu
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trevor martinez
trevor martinez 14 hari yang lalu
Life of Wickham
Life of Wickham 17 hari yang lalu
Look at CURRY man
Julio Ocasio Albino
Julio Ocasio Albino 17 hari yang lalu
All time greatest shooter
Νατε 20 hari yang lalu
Layup at 1:47 is just straight up disgusting 🤧
Nuj kef Zac suk
Nuj kef Zac suk 25 hari yang lalu
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Daya Kishor
Daya Kishor 26 hari yang lalu
Bob Fitzgerald is a legend been there for all of Stephen Curry’sgreat plays
K4SH nDoritos
K4SH nDoritos 27 hari yang lalu
People Might say Stephen is a ball “hogger” but I think he’s just a demon from a far so there is no point in passing the ball although the play style is selfish it still will get the team the dub. If your reading this what do you think of stephens play style for the team?
Burco Presents
Burco Presents 29 hari yang lalu
I swear I get more surprised when Steph misses a 30ft three more than when Steph misses a wide open corner three.
Cool Jack
Cool Jack Bulan Yang lalu
Kerry Chen
Kerry Chen Bulan Yang lalu
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Bobby Ocampo
Bobby Ocampo Bulan Yang lalu
Please have a survey for a 4 point line
Bobby Ocampo
Bobby Ocampo Bulan Yang lalu
Have a 4 point line
Jan Criscelle Villaranda
Jan Criscelle Villaranda Bulan Yang lalu
I’m here checking if the other starters videos views already caught up with how many Curry has. Well 300k plus for LeBron and he’s the second in views. And Curry’s video has 1.1M+? Need not say a thing anymore.
Victor Oseguera
Victor Oseguera Bulan Yang lalu
Curry do be a Alien though
Frederick Kabaute itu
Frederick Kabaute itu Bulan Yang lalu
not normal
Andrew mckenna
Andrew mckenna Bulan Yang lalu
They wouldn’t be 20-20 if Klay wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Probably could best the Lakers to the finals
Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler Bulan Yang lalu
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Bose Gaurav
Bose Gaurav Bulan Yang lalu
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DuckrTime Bulan Yang lalu
our nba god is here
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Bulan Yang lalu
Bro all this ^ is THIS YEAR! C’mon if you don’t respect this guy your just plain dumb . Greatest shooter all time !
tae hoon oh
tae hoon oh Bulan Yang lalu
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Eamon Walsh
Eamon Walsh Bulan Yang lalu
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Patryk Baran
Patryk Baran Bulan Yang lalu
He is so inspirational
Bono's Amazing World
Bono's Amazing World Bulan Yang lalu
7:59 until 8:01 Curry is on hardcore
Bono's Amazing World
Bono's Amazing World Bulan Yang lalu
Curry's goin crazy
Itachisan1910 Bulan Yang lalu
Swiss1 Bulan Yang lalu
Steph: 1+ million views LeBron: 321k views Kyrie: 282k views KD: 202k views Luka: 144k views (All 4 combined: 949k views)
Deven Strouse
Deven Strouse Bulan Yang lalu
The amount of views on this compared to all the other all stars is crazy
Lai Villa
Lai Villa Bulan Yang lalu
Super man steph curry.
Kemmer Dalene
Kemmer Dalene Bulan Yang lalu
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dabsterz Bulan Yang lalu
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SirBrokenChicken Bulan Yang lalu
I'll be sad if Steph don't make playoffs, he's such an entertaining player to watch
NateTheGreat Bulan Yang lalu
2:51 oh god the nostalgia on that commentating
Ashley Schmid
Ashley Schmid Bulan Yang lalu
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Brianna Wenande
Brianna Wenande Bulan Yang lalu
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SirBrokenChicken Bulan Yang lalu
As of now Steph: 1 Mil+ views Lebron: 300K+ views
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Bulan Yang lalu
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David Jarrah
David Jarrah Bulan Yang lalu
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FifaIos Packs
FifaIos Packs Bulan Yang lalu
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Christian JB Blas
Christian JB Blas Bulan Yang lalu
Kingsleyplayz17 Bulan Yang lalu
He always know what he is doing always ajil may God keep on guiding you in Jesus name amen
Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano Bulan Yang lalu
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Tracey pasteru
Tracey pasteru Bulan Yang lalu
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Elite Releases
Elite Releases Bulan Yang lalu
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YuYa99 Bulan Yang lalu
Their teamwork is so flawless
Dayana Rivera
Dayana Rivera Bulan Yang lalu
Conchi Khush Corpas
Conchi Khush Corpas Bulan Yang lalu
Se habla sólo en inglés
H S Bulan Yang lalu
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Charmaine Ruiz
Charmaine Ruiz Bulan Yang lalu
This year's NBA All-Star team up of Lebron and Steph made me want to watch them on the same team..
"Curry where are you from?" "from downtown"
T1J Bulan Yang lalu
this man is a create-a-player
Patryk Baran
Patryk Baran Bulan Yang lalu
ladontaaa Bulan Yang lalu
Look at curry man
Patsy Sadowski
Patsy Sadowski Bulan Yang lalu
Just talking about his shooting, no matter how good, is a disservice to his 1Q, ball handling, composure, steals, teamwork and off ball movement. It’s such pretty basketball. Stats don’t do it justice.
Kev Bulan Yang lalu
Best shooter to ever set foot on earth, not even a doubt. The likes of Ray Allen / Reggie Miller etc. are elite shooters too but a distant second compared to Steph and I ain't even a Warriors fan, just appreciating and acknowledging greatness.
Designer Connections
Designer Connections Bulan Yang lalu
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Brian koz
Brian koz Bulan Yang lalu
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Chase Evans
Chase Evans Bulan Yang lalu
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David Shatti
David Shatti Bulan Yang lalu
look at curry man, so inspirational
Marek Rusinowski
Marek Rusinowski Bulan Yang lalu
That is so ture
Aj Pedrajeta
Aj Pedrajeta Bulan Yang lalu
His moves are so smoothhhh very entertaining!
Aj Pedrajeta
Aj Pedrajeta Bulan Yang lalu
My MVP of All time
Stephen Hendy
Stephen Hendy Bulan Yang lalu
Mh mh mh, stir fry
Zsolt Szegedi
Zsolt Szegedi Bulan Yang lalu
So fun to watch him
Nizar El-Achab
Nizar El-Achab Bulan Yang lalu
where is the vicious stepback on AD to seal the lakers game
29kalel Bulan Yang lalu
This warrior can’t be stopped.
TreyGoCrazy Bulan Yang lalu
Pablo López
Pablo López Bulan Yang lalu
Curry MVP 👇🏼
fchwpo Bulan Yang lalu
8:30 is this guy ok
Oguz Can Küçük
Oguz Can Küçük Bulan Yang lalu
Curry and Lebron 🔥💪are in same team.that s why will watch that all star
Patron_Provider PSL
Patron_Provider PSL Bulan Yang lalu
With all the work he puts on all the time, WHERE DOES LEBRON FIND TIME TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYBODY IN THE NBA??????? I mean this guys has an insider or something? Ow I know, he receive dayly briefings like a president does for sure!!! Shiiiiesh😥😥😥😥😥😥 Lebron scary!!!!
murtada aliomer
murtada aliomer Bulan Yang lalu
Curry is a robot
Mark Nathaniel Gabutan
Mark Nathaniel Gabutan Bulan Yang lalu
That 11:24-11:28 kind of shot bro. Truly amazing!!!!! Can't hate this man
Ancil B
Ancil B Bulan Yang lalu
Stephen curry is coming back for that championship
mark Bulan Yang lalu
if he leads the warriors to like a top 4 seed.. MVP🗣🤞🏻
다알어 Bulan Yang lalu
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Gurjaan Pangli
Gurjaan Pangli Bulan Yang lalu
Look at curry man
Petr Kubík
Petr Kubík Bulan Yang lalu
Maan that no look lay up faked the shit out of me...
leo hug
leo hug Bulan Yang lalu
The spotty dogsled definitely bolt because divorced continuously deliver versus a unwieldy drive. gaping, brash tyvek
yaniko lamitr
yaniko lamitr Bulan Yang lalu
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Rosa Ferry III
Rosa Ferry III Bulan Yang lalu
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CashualChuck Bulan Yang lalu
Donald Jacobs
Donald Jacobs Bulan Yang lalu
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Michael Raad
Michael Raad Bulan Yang lalu
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Marc Romero Simón
Marc Romero Simón Bulan Yang lalu
Joy Alugwe
Joy Alugwe Bulan Yang lalu
Steph and Curry from Downtown 😆🥰
Strivers Engineer
Strivers Engineer Bulan Yang lalu
NBA Games very famous...I am fan of basketball, Subscribed already to this channel maybe someone can help me subscribe to my new youtube channel, I am planning to make some Game Highlights also..thanks
s1ralt Bulan Yang lalu
lebron's all star video has 200k views and this has 700k... i wonder how tho...
Luke Levesque
Luke Levesque Bulan Yang lalu
lmao “stop” 3:32
Julian Badoni
Julian Badoni Bulan Yang lalu
Curry needs to be in the MVP conversation
Santiago Garfias Trigueros
Santiago Garfias Trigueros Bulan Yang lalu
Best shooter all time
Fier The Great
Fier The Great Bulan Yang lalu
If 100% smothered Greens were a person 😂
李梵 Bulan Yang lalu
SUSPECT TV Bulan Yang lalu
3:34 *”stop”* *”yo”*
XXNewEraXX Bulan Yang lalu
"Best plays from All-Star started Stephen Curry 2020-21" This is literally a 20 minutes compilation on him shooting from super far away and putting incredibly layups. 20 minutes. And he has been injured for a whole year. Clearly deserves MVP
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